• Me:fuck you, you don't know my life
  • Crae:your name is karly engelhard you're 18 from Tom's River NJ you recently worked at McDonalds until quitting and then starting work at a group home where you undergo training on the weekends and hate the random scheduling throughout the week you are in love with Degrassi, Fall Out Boy, and One Direction you're going to attend Tom's River Community College for an undecided major and your dog's name is Angie
  • Me:... how do you know all of that

gigol0 said: I don’t know what he plays! He’s tall, short hair, ugh he’s like super attractive. I know he doesn’t play percussion or french horn though obvs

i saw one decent kid playing clarinet, idk.. i dont remember shirt colors. maybe trumpet? does he have really short hair? i think i know… 

newsflash: crae is no longer gay
  • [9/10/12 9:29:34 PM] 666princess cocaina666: penises dont like u
  • [9/10/12 10:18:16 PM] Crae Wilkins: and i don't like penises???