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Can I have an continuation to "Someone from our world who knew of KHR getting reincarnated into it & has to deal with a slightly darker Tsuna who's very attracted to her and she him ! Bonus if you make her an un-activated Sky! (obviously this take place in the future)!"


Its been months since Tsuna forced asked her to join the Vongola to protect his and his family’s secrets. The past few months have literally felt like a dream and each day, she woke up hoping that it was. That she didn’t meet Tsuna, that she hadn’t joined the Vongola for protections, and that she was back home safe and sound ready to print off a new volume for the manga.

“Good morning, Name. Did you have a nice sleep?” Tsuna asked her from across the table where they were eating breakfast. He gave her what could have been an innocent smile if it weren’t for the obvious interest dancing in his eyes. “The weather for the rest of the week is supposed to be just as cold as last night. If you want, I wouldn’t mind helping you warm up if you need help.”

That was another thing she wasn’t used to. Tsuna was not supposed to be this suave mafia boss, he was supposed to be, well, Tsuna. Of course, she wasn’t complaining either. This Tsuna was just as attractive as the Tsuna she knew from the original works, just a different type of attractive. Finishing her bite of breakfast muffin, she sipped at her coffee before answering him with a polite smile,

“I slept wonderfully, actually. The staff here were nice enough to give me a thick blanket so there’s no need for you to do so.”

Tsuna hummed as he drank his coffee as well, looking at the newspaper in his other hand. “The offer stands regardless, Name.” He moved his hand as the kitchen staff began to clean up the table around them.

As the staff members came towards her, she smiled politely at them as well. “Thank you for the meal.” The smile returned made her feel a little better about the situation. Just a smidge.

“Uni wants to meet you,” Tsuna stated as her flipped the page of the newspaper. The woman nursed the cup of coffee in her hands, leeching off of the warmth for strength to deal with this different Tsuna. “She wants to talk about your situation-”

“And to tell me to keep mum about anything related to her right?” She grimaced, remembering the same conversations she had with Dino, Enma, and Byakuran. She was a tightly kept secret in the Vongola, only shared with people Tsuna trusted the most.

Each meeting was the same - “What do you know? How much? Are you lying?” And her personal favorite - “Don’t tell anyone anything” followed by a vague and thinly hidden threat.

The mafia boss put the paper down and looked at her. “Yes and no, she wants to see if she can figure out what you can do.”

Eyes wide, she realized what he meant. “You want to use me? For what? I only know the past and bits of the future. Hell, even the current future right now is different from what I know. I’d be useless.”

“Too late, Uni is arriving in an hour or two. And you’re not useless, I think we can use your manga to our advantage.” Tsuna grinned, predatory and dangerous. It was hallow and almost self-serving, as if he didn’t care about what she felt.

Of course he doesn’t. She’s just a so-called seer who just so happens to be very intimate with the Tsuna-that-was. The Tsuna-that-is is planning something big. Something that required Uni to come and see and honestly, she had no idea what was coming.

Tsuna looked at her, cocking his head a little as a curious look took over his face. “I wonder,” he mumbled, “what kind of flame are you? Sun? Rain?”

“Sky,” came a feminine voice from across the room. Uni stood there, big hat and all with a gentle smile on her face. “She’s a sky.” Uni walked over to the older woman’s seat and sat down next to her. “Hello, I’m sure you know this but my name is Uni. I’m from the Giglio Nero famiglia.”

Stunned, the woman stared the the female sky. “Bullshit.” She backtracked, realizing her mistake and babbled, “I mean the sky flame part, not the Giglio Nero part. Of course you’re from the Giglio Nero, you’re the only Uni in the mafia world.”

The babble was interrupted by periods of stuttering as she more or less had a mental breakdown at the idea of even being a sky flame. It got worse when she realized exactly who she was breaking down in front of.

Uni smiled serenely at her, waiting for her to finish. Tsuna only watched, a thoughtful look on his face as he seemed to re-evaluate just exactly who he managed to find.

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What's something that annoys you most in the KHR-fandom?

Okay, I’m going to have to make a list. Only 10 because if I do more, I’m going to be too angry.

I could easily do more. Disagree if you want to but yeah, this stuff annoys me. Some more than others.

1. General ignorance.

Yes, the Vongola is the oldest and most powerful mafia famiglia in the KHR-verse.

There’s no way it is around 400 years old. Look at how Giotto dresses, the fact that G had a pistol and so on. If you’re going to do the 400-year thing, have a reason for it beyond ‘I want to’ as based on when the mafia first started.

I think the main issue here is that people think established family = stays until everyone is killed/famiglia is destroy. When really they should be thinking more GoT type thoughts. But worse as GoT has more honor, traditionally.

Mafia-life is violent, there’s crime, honor and so on all tied up in the murder business. Succession should be considered a time of crises.

Lots of famiglias don’t survive their first succession, especially if it’s not blood-bound. Because then you get different factions supporting different people and someone is going to get betrayed. And then people and the famiglia die.

It can still happen in famiglias that have bloodline bound succession, but at least no outsider can go and take it over.

Which means that most mafia famiglias tend to die, dissolve or are taken over in the first three generations; potentially through marriage and potentially through violence. That is if in-fighting doesn’t get them first.

That’s human nature, sadly.

2. Geographical ignorance

This is not my best subject, but a flight from Italy to Japan doesn’t take 30 hours. You could have a trip take that long, switching planes and all that but you’ve got layover. Not a flight. Please state the difference.

That said people tend to forget that both Italy and Japan are mountainous countries. Which means winding mountain roads at best and goat-forsaken mountain trails at worst. Namimori’s at least mostly urban/suburban but it’s got rural mountains and a beach nearby. The Iron Fort/the Varia’s Castle are clearly somewhere rural.

Getting from place to place takes time. Not just from Italy to Japan but the Iron Fort to the airport to Japan to Namimori.

3. Character bashing

It happens in every fandom, but some are more prone to being bashed than others.

There is however a difference in bashing and pointing out a character’s flaws.

Everyone is flawed, but some flaws are worse than others.

Even if they’re not really flaws so much as their personality. The difference in bashing is in the evidence and how it is presented.

Is it from a biased character with minimal knowledge/experience? Probably bashing.

Is it from a professional assessment? Probably not bashing and something to worry about.

Is it from a character with moderate knowledge? It’s an educated opinion and everyone character has their own opinions.

I don’t as an author bash characters. It’s bad writing. Allowing my characters to have opinions however is good writing, no matter how or what those opinions are.

4. Giotto the saint, the dork, the Vigilante aka fandom has it all wrong

Giotto was born to well-off folks. He’s the one that went and gave money to that one guy, not Cozart. Which as a teenager and during the time period would have been really precious and a huge deal if there wasn’t more of it available to him.

So Giotto, he’s not nobility but he’s still a lot more rich than the average peasant of the time. He somehow feels enough responsibility that when his town is under threat by bandits and so on that he and his friends form the Vongola.

Also given the time period, the ruling body and so on… I want to know when Vigilante became synonymous with hero without involving comic book super heroes. Because that’s a delusion and a misunderstanding of the word. A vigilante is not a hero. A hero upholds the law; a vigilante takes it in their own hands.

Most vigilantes of that time were more like a posse hunting down criminals. Criminals by their definition.

And Giotto led them.

Giotto is not a saint, is not a harmless dork. He’s a murderer.

Because most of the time, being a vigilante is illegal. Of the ‘being executed’ kind of illegal. Because a vigilante can’t just ask the police to put this person in jail. Vigilantes happen because authority fails to do what they’re supposed to. They’re pissed, want revenge justice, and decide that they don’t care what they’re doing is illegal.

The Vongola became his little murder club that no one wanted to rat on because of reasons. Mostly in that the government was ineffective, nothing was being done and they were fed up with it. And then Giotto solved their bandit problems with murder and then no one wanted to cross the guy who massacred problems.

Because that’s what they did when protecting his home town and other towns as the Vongola grew.

History became a lot warped and Giotto deciding to disarm/dismiss part of his forces, plus the fact that Giotto did something first and was always nice which colored his reputation as a good guy… still a mass murderer.

‘Saint’ and ‘Dork’ Giotto is not.

Giottto was a cocky little shit who grew into an unconsciously arrogant lord who later became horrified by his subjects doing what he saw as crimes, decided that disarming was a good idea, leading towards Elena dying, and all of it being all of Giotto’s fault because hindsight and guilt as Giotto had caused it all by founding the Vongola. Then he left Italy for Japan.

Which is not dealing with the problem he created, okay?

5. Ricardo is the source of all the Vongola’s Sins

Um, Ricardo is related to Giotto. So reasonably well off. Also presumably younger but may not have been.

He did probably spent some years with the Vongola back when it was a little murder club. However as Giotto wined, dined and wooed nobles and so on to sponsor his murder club someone was probably managing the murder club and you know, killing the trouble-makers as promised.

This was probably Ricardo as G and Deamon were with Giotto, hob-nobbing. Alaude might be there but he might not be. Knuckle swore not to kill. Asari might have been back in Japan. Lampo was a coward.

So Ricardo spent a lot more time among the bloodshed than Giotto did. More to the point, when Giotto went to Japan he left Ricardo with the Vongola problem and Daemon.

By this point the Vongola murder club has imitators and targets alike. All of which are fighting it out.

It’s a very bloody time period we really now nothing about. Other than Ricardo pissed off the Tomaso and there was a fight between them. And that Ricardo terrified the underworld so much that he was legend.

It’s just rather hard to find time for decadence and being hedonistic when slaughter enemies. Or greed that’s not loot.

Ricardo probably added to the Vongola’s sins, but mostly through murder, intimidation and a touch of blackmail.

Because the Vongola became financially independant somehow and somewhen and you need time to grow money enough for a criminal empire. So here is is probably the best starting point for that.

6. Tsuna the Saint

Tsuna’s not a saint. He’s a thoughtless, naive and whimpy teenager.

Being fanfiction, this isn’t always true. However somehow making him stronger and smart makes him a saint.

Tsuna’s got ethics and morals and is horrified by seeing the Vongola’s sins.

He still blasted Byakuran out of existence once. A version of him also brought back unprepared teenagers and children -including his then clueless love-interests- into a war-torn future they had no idea about.

Ethics are the limits of the loser.

And Tsuna’s being taught not to lose.

Which shows when Tsuna manages to break the Arcobaleno Curse.

7. Yuni the Saint

Yuni is raised outside the mafia. Probably by some sort of sworn servant of the Giglio Nero that’s not Gamma.

Yuni is also a child when she takes control of the Giglio Nero famiglia. One that sees the future.

It’s also said that the inherited power of seeing the future grows stronger with age. It is also said that bearing the Sky Pacifier weakens said power.

Yuni makes mistakes. She doesn’t say anything when Genkishi throws the fight. She doesn’t when Genkishi steals the Mare Rings to give to Byakuran. She doesn’t when she’s about to meet Byakuran.

Instead she gets drugged and manipulated like a puppet, effectively losing her famiglia in addition to her free-will to Byakuran. It’s implied that at least several thousand people in the mafia have been killed by Byakuran and his forces. It’s also stated that Byakuran will destroy the world, like he has multiple times in the future’s future.

Yuni says that while drugged she did something like Byakuran does when traveling to parallel worlds. She knows and has known for at least months what Byakuran’s done, is doing and plans to do.

She doesn’t start doing anything until about a month after future Tsuna has launched his time-travel scheme.

She knows how Byakuran’s powers work, knows about the Tri-ni-Sette and how to work it.

She doesn’t seal the Mare Ring despite having the ability to do so as Boss of the Arcobaleno. The revived Arcobaleno in the future do that.

It can be argued that Yuni was too young to know or too innocent but… you only have to look at her grandmother and what she did with the Arcobaleno to realize that Yuni is not a saint.

8. Spanner the Flameless

Spanner has a Flame. It’s not a fancy A-rank Flame like Shoichi, Gamma or presumably most everyone else shown using Flames except for the minions of Gamma and the minions of the Millefiore.

It’s mentioned he has a B-rank Flame.

No specific type is mentioned though. Spanner could have Earth Flames for all we know.

9. Nono Vongola

He’s a mafia don. Has been for most of his life when he wasn’t being groomed for it.

He’s sinned and smiled. He’s had children and raised them to be fine men. By mafia standards.

He’s also still on the proverbial throne despite being of retirement age and having grown successors. Who at the time were alive and capable if not great at what they’d do.

Nono also keeps secrets, even those that probably shouldn’t be secrets, like that entire mess with Xanxus.

Who despite being his adopted son that he loved, he left frozen for eight years.

Oh and who knows what happened to Xanxus’ mother. He could have had her shot or something.

10. Xanxus the rage monster

Xanxus is introduced as the villain. As the Varia Arc progresses, he’s shown as more of a monster, eventually resulting in the revelation of Nono in the Gola Mosca and using Tsuna’s attack on Nono as a method to force the Sky Battle to happen.

He’s bashed Squalo’s head into a table, thrown glass, threatened eradication of Tsuna’s family and all he cares for. He laughs at Squalo’s ‘death’ and kept Mammon in a birdcage nearby after Mammon lost against Mukuro. He even injured one of the Cervello to the point that she switched out of judging!

All of that points to him being an evil, irredeemable person beyond the whole leading the best assassination squad in the business and launching the coup in the first palce. Still as Basil mentions, in terms of ability and leadership, none of Nono’s sons could compare which is why so many people were for Xanxus being Decimo.

Xanxus kills people. It’s his job and he’s very good at it.

He doesn’t kill Tsuna and his Guardians. He doesn’t leave the Ninth to die of dehydration/exhaustion when Nono had been in the Gola Mosca for over a week.

He still arranges for transportation to Japan for him and the Varia. He acquires Nono somehow. How Xanxus gets the Gola Mosca is explained in X-fiamma but it involves stealing the plans from military turncoats that were pissed that Ottabio who was Xanxus’ Cloud Officer and Nono’s plant in the Varia had double-crossed them. Xanxus promptly murders Ottabio. He arranges for a body double of the Ninth to be brought in, for the Ninth’s Guardians to be elsewhere. For the CEDEF to do things that culminate in Iemitsu getting shot,

I should point out that Squalo wins most injured in the Varia arc, followed by Lussuria who is going to be bedridden for some time, Lambo, Nono who’s in the same boat as Luss but with less bloodloss and more exhaustion, Bel with the leg in a cast, Basil who heals up in a few days, then it’s Gokudera who pretty much is all self-inflicted during training and then Iemitsu who got shot. After him is Ryohei’s broken arm and Yama getting a few cuts.

Xanxus does terrible things but he’s strategic about it and knows how to manipulate things to his advantage.

The lack of death is pretty much why I say that the Varia Arc while awesome is almost completely contrived and not what it appears. Again, I iterate Bel deciding not to kill Gokudera during the Sky Battle. Gokudera was still poisoned at the time and helpless. Very easy prey but Bel’s like no, I’m gonna get to Mammon and take the mist-girl hostage when I already have the Smoking Bomb here.

From Tsuna’s perspective the Varia are there for Xanxus and the Rings.

From a wider perspective, the Varia Arc doesn’t make a lot of sense as some details are… off. Like Bel not killing Gokudera when Bel purposely goes hunting hitmen for fun. 

Gokudera has plot-armor.