I have survived a month living on my own! Idk how… Well I had tons of help from Josiel, he’s great. I’m still a little homesick, I’m missing my family so much. My job is great! My feet hurt because Disney provides uncomfortable shoes… And after 2 hours my feet are swollen. Eww… I know. But besides that I have amazing coworkers and great managers. I feel so lucky, because a lot of my room mates are afraid of their managers and hate their jobs. So I’m good. I start school on Wednesday… I’m nervous.. I need to order my book too… My birthday is next week! I turn 20!!! Idk what I’m going to do yet… I want to go to dinner with people lol I guess. February is going to be great, I hope. I’m so tired though… I just want to sleep. But I always want to sleep. Lol well byeeee!!!!


I’m into my third month at Disney and boyyy am I broke! I mean… I’m broke to the point where I don’t have disposal money to spend for fun. My next paycheck is going to be 72 dollars… But that was my fault since I took an extra day off and I er’d (asked for an early release) last Monday. So yeah, I mean I need to buy groceries so that’s where my next paycheck going too. No more eating out. Lol butttttttt…. I’ve never been so happy. Like idc about money.mim doing this for fun. Money ain’t the importance. I mean having money is niceeee, but oh welll… I’m just happy, I’m glad my program is going great. I’m enjoying it so much. I didn’t come here to make money anyway

Oh Tranny… It’s been a love/hate relationship these past 5 months. But as much as I hate to admit I’ll miss our times together. I’ll miss riding the D… Bus all day everyday. #transtar #dcp2014 #gigisdisneyadventure (at Chatham Square - Bus Stop)