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i got sucked into your blog and now i'm on page three million of your "long live seabiscuit" tag (i wish i could say that i regret this but i really, really don't) BUT my burning question is: is sidney crosby actually attractive or are we all just stockholm syndromed into thinking that his bone structure is literally perfect?

i think the internet’s attraction to sidney crosby is a precarious balance of various factors:

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The best thing that could happen! My new roommates could be awesome, unlike my old roommates that moved out and were horrible, terrible people that made me feel bad about myself and sad. I could be friends with my new roommates! We could marathon Netflix while eating ice cream! I could get that job that I applied for, and I could ace my summer classes. My professor could say, "hey, you know what? You're really good at this! Here are opportunities to do this forever!" That would be the best.

oh my gosh, your new roommates turn out to be THE COOLEST PEOPLE YOU’VE EVER MET!!! you are robin from how i met your mother!! you are jess in the new girl!!! you are whichever was your favorite friend on friends!!!!

you guys watch so much netflix that netflix CALLS YOU UP and is like, “hey we heard you liked netflix so we put some netflix on your netflix here’s a two-year free subscription AND we’re going to pay for all the pizza and ice cream you order for the next six months, ENJOY” and you’re like sweet!!! thanks netflix!!! 

not only do you get that job, you get that job and it is AWESOME. your new boss? LOVES YOU. wants to mentor you and promote you to his/her network and help you achieve your dreams!!! your new boss gives you paid days off, unlimited!!! your new boss understands when you’re like “Man, new boss, i can’t come in today because i am sTRESSIN about school & netflix bought me like 4 pizzas last night so i’m a lil tired from food marathoning." 

BUT ALSO THAT RARELY HAPPENS BECAUSE: you are SO GOOD at school this summer!!!! easy breezy beautiful academic girl!!! your classes and your job are challenging but also ENERGIZING, and even though you still watch a shit ton of netflix with your awesome new roommates/best friends, you find yourself being more creative and energetic than ever before!!! your boss notices, your professor notices, your roommates notice. YOU’VE GOT A GLOW TO YOU, and all the doors in all the fields you might possibly want to go into open for you. congrats!!!! you deserve it!!!!! walk into any one of those doors or like taste test all of them, the WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER AND NETFLIX IS PAYING THE EXPENSES.