-dark green green hair parted down the middle
-raw crystal crown with plants*
-elf ears*
-swampy blue / green eyes
-pudgy belly and round face*
-long lashes*
-rosy cheeks*
-funky patterned earthy knit sweater 
-blue and green plaid skirt
-brown tights with beige stars 
-brown loafers

* not in game

- lon lon (milk mustaches) 
- love letters 
- giggling 
- pascal’s advice

- waiting for coffee to cool 
- villagers falling into pitfall seeds
- sleeping through the sunrise 

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MC having cute aggression towards the RFA member they're with. (Cute aggression {or its at least what I like to call it} is when you just find your significant other so cute you just wanna bite them... Or eat them up *wink wonk*)

OH THATS AN AWESOME NAME FOR IT, in Tagalog “Gigil” is the closest term, like you want to put your hands or teeth into something because it’s so damn cute… and trying to hold back… but let’s be honest… who holds back? *chomps on Nonny-Chan’s arm… oops… perhaps some restraint is best*

*MC bites Yoosung on the arm* 

Yoosung: “H-Hey! Ow! That h-hurts! W-why did you do that?”
MC:” If it hurts so much… why are you blushing? Did you, did you like that it hurt?”
Yoosung (blushing intensifies): “No… I mean… maybe?”
MC: “Would you like me to try again?”
Yoosung (offering his arm): “I… if you want?”
MC bites his neck instead
Yoosung: “Oh!”

*grabs Zen by the arms and squeezes*
Zen: “Jagi! If you wanted a gun show you only had to ask!” (flexes)
MC: “N-no that’s not it, I just couldn’t hold back my affection for you and I had to squeeze you!”
Zen (smiling fondly): Awww Jagi, you’re too perfect for words!
MC:”… I didn’t tell you to stop the gun show though.”
Zen continues flexing.

*pinches Jaehee’s cheeks*

Jaehee: “MC we’re at work! This isn’t appropriate!”
MC (now draped over Jaehee’s shoulders and hugging her in front of customers) “Awww but honey you’re so damn pretty! I can’t help it! Every time i see you I just wanna smoosh that lovely face of yours and hug you and pinch you and love you-”
Jaehee (blushing and smiling apologetically): “Yes, Yes okay fine- continue pinching my cheeks.” 
MC squeals and continues to pinch, Jaehee sighs just happy her girlfriend has stopped nauseating their customers with her affection. Just wait until they got out the back… then HER pinching would begin.

hugs Jumin around the waist and starts aggressively swinging him side to side*
Jumin: “I… as… uh… sweet as all this… is… MC… why are you… shaking… me?”
MC: “Because I love you and I can’t get enough of you and I just want you all to myself and I can’t take it!!!”
Jumin (dialling a number): “Yes, Assistant Kang. Cancel all meetings for today- MC is in dire need of help… well if you must know Assistant Kang, in dire need of me… Assistant Kang? Hello? Hmm… I think we lost connection. Now where were we? Ahhh yes… continue heaving me about as you will my dear.” 
Jumin smiles as he sways along in his wife’s embrace, can’t get over how cute she’s being… thinks perhaps this could be a new natural therapy they could introduce at C & R- Hug it out… hmm… 

*bites Saeyoung on the earlobe*
Saeyoung: “MC… don’t start a game you can’t win.” 
*bites Saeyoung on the jaw*
Saeyoung: “I’m giving you fair warning here MC.” 
*bites Saeyoung on the collarbone as she slides to sit on his lap*
Saeyoung (dramatically sighing): “It seems we are at an impasse my dear. I’m trying to work and you’re sitting there giggling while biting me… There’s only one thing to do- bite you back until your giggling stops and your begging begins…”
MC: “Saeyoung!”
Saeyoung: “Yes, a marvellous start. Now just add… please at the end!”

*aggressively massages at Saeran’s cheeks*
Saeran: What are you doing woman? 
Saeran: “Is that why you’re trying to rearrange my face with your incessant pawing?”
MC: “YES!”
Saeran: “Is it helping… this… whatever this is?” 
Saeran (sighing): “Okay then. But when you’re done, it’s my turn.”
MC:”Sure Saeran, you can play with my face!”
Saeran: “Wrong cheeks MC.” 

*nuzzles into V’s neck and bites his shoulder*
V: “A-Ah! Is there a reason why you suddenly want to eat me?”
MC: “I always want to eat you, today however- you’re just ridiculously adorable and I had to have a taste!”
V (blushing): “You are welcome to MC, anytime.” 
MC (blushing right back): “I… I meant that in a non-sexual way…”
V (blushing intensifies): “M-me too.” 
MC: “But… if the offer is on the table…”
Bites V’s neck hard enough to leave a mark. 
MC: “Hmmmm, delicious.” 

The Five Times You Caught Bucky Blushing (5/5)

Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Prompt - Gigil (Filipino) - A physical response - like trembling, or blushing - to a situation that overwhelms your self-control. For @howlingbarnes Languages of Love challenge.

Summary - Bucky was never the type to let his emotions show but when it comes to you he just can’t help himself.

Warnings - n/a, just lots of adorable fluff

Word Count - 722

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3     Part 4     My Masterlist

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The fifth time you saw it you never wanted it to stop.

You woke to the strangest sensation. It took you a minute to realize that Bucky was gently kissing your stomach but then also… ”James Buchanan Barnes, are you pinching me?”

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Hatinya sudah terlampau dingin, bila saja engkau ingin tahu. Seseorang telah memadamkan bara terakhir di sana, lalu ikut menjadi angin.

Memesraimu kemarin adalah usahanya kembali memupuk api. Namun lacur, takmudah baginya menghalau gigil. Dia dilingkupi kegelisahan, takyakin mampu menghangatkan; tubuhnya, tubuhmu.

Cerita ini kembali dia buat menderita. Munafik, kala ujaran tentang benci pada kehangatan dia ucapkan. Dia hanya kesulitan membendung beku yang kadung. Sedang, jauh sekali di dalam nalurinya, dia mendamba dan ingin kembali menyala-nyala.

There’s a word.

There’s a word that’s not English, that’s just on the tip of Bucky’s polyglot tongue. 

He needs this word to describe that shivery feeling that goes up his spine and makes him grit his teeth and clench his fists whenever Steve does something unbearably, unspeakably adorable.

All right, so Natasha would say that Steve only needed to breathe in his direction and Bucky would think it was unspeakably adorable. 

She’s wrong. 


It’s the way Steve’s new, modern haircut turns his hair into floofy baby chick down when he removes his helmet. 

(Bucky has to repress the urge to grab him so he can bury his nose into it, press kisses behind that spot behind Steve’s ear that makes him shiver delightedly in his arms, the first step on a familiar trail leading to that luscious cherry-pink mouth.)

It’s the way Steve can still blush and try to shrink back to being five foot precious and smile shy and sweet in thanks at unexpected praise. 

(He’s never been good at accepting compliments and kind words.  They’re still a gift to him, still startle him at times - especially when it’s for his art.)

It’s the way Steve gives him that mischievous, naughty look with that little shit grin of his. 

(I know what you’re thinking and I like it - is what he’s really saying.  And Bucky gets a lot of Those Looks.  Which usually lead to very interesting pleasurable things that were best kept to private spaces.  Nope - that does not include the pantry closet, according to a very much Brain Bleached Tony Stark.)

It’s the fact that Bucky oftentimes has to physically restrain himself from laying hands on Steve’s ass, especially when it looks so good in Bucky’s jeans. 

(He gets his own back by borrowing Steve’s shirts, raises a brow when Steve gives him a heated look for getting the one with that specific shade of blue.)

There’s a word.  There’s a word for this, when Bucky can’t stand it anymore and he just grabs his punk and hoists him over his shoulder, ignoring any and all yelps and protests, tosses him on the bed, watches him go from indignant to breathless, pink-cheeked and hot-eyed and Bucky dives right into his arms, snuggles and nuzzles giggles out of him and later things turn much more heated and the giggling turns into gasps and moans and pleas for more. 

(Clothing may or may not get torn up in the proceedings.   This makes both of them insufferably smug at that.)

There’s a word and it’s right on the tip of Bucky’s polyglot tongue.


It’s gigil. 

So much gigil.

—  Gigil, a Blanket Fort Headcanon because Bucko is hopelessly gone on his Steeb

Ada satu hal yang ingin kusampaikan
Kepada jendela-jendela yang tertutup embun
Kepada udara gigil yang meramu rindu menjadi candu

Ada satu hal yang ingin kusampaikan
Kepada semesta yang membatasi kita dengan jarak
Kepada semesta yang meniadakan hadir dengan kenang yang betah bersandar dalam ingatan

Ada satu hal yang ingin kusampaikan
Kepada langit mendung
Dan hujan yang turun

Kita terbelah dengan perasaan yang terbang tiada tujuan
Tidakkah perasaan saling merindukan adanya pertemuan?
Atau hanya perasaanku saja yang menginginkanmu kembali datang?

Terkadang aku ingin menari dalam keramaian hujan
Kemudian memeluk hangat diriku di persimpangan kedai kopi
atau menelan aroma dingin dalam-dalam

Dan terkadang aku ingin tertawa dan menangis dalam satu waktu
Aku bahagia kau ada
Meski dalam imajinasi yang tertelan nyata

Kendal, 5 September 2017

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The Five Times You Caught Bucky Blushing (2/5)

Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Prompt - Gigil (Filipino) - A physical response - like trembling, or blushing - to a situation that overwhelms your self-control. For @howlingbarnes​ Languages of Love challenge.

Summary - Bucky was never the type to let his emotions show but when it comes to you he just can’t help himself.

Warnings - n/a, just lots of adorable fluff

Word Count - 508

Part 1     My Masterlist

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The second time you saw it was because you decided to put your theory to the test.

You’d only been working with the Avengers for a couple of months. A former agent, you were seriously injured when SHIELD fell and had been reassigned to non-combat work. Lucky for you, Fury was looking for someone to be the “man in the chair” so to speak, coordinating tech support during missions, and you with your hacking background and intuitive computer skills were perfect for the job.

You loved getting to know the team, quickly realizing that under all those powers and personas were real people, people who were just as friendly and scattered and funny and broken as anyone else, including yourself. You took it upon yourself to be the team’s unofficial morale booster, knowing that the only way the Avengers were gonna continue to be successful in the field would be to build their morale and sense of community here at home.  

Sunday morning breakfast was the first tradition you had initiated. The only rules were that everyone had to attend and everyone had to contribute somehow. Several members of the team were reluctant until you lured them in with the promise of bottomless stacks of your Nana’s famous buttermilk pancakes and before long you had them all, hook, line, and sinker.

As you gathered your ingredients and waited for the rest of the team to wake up you couldn’t stop thinking about the other morning on the balcony with Bucky. The more you pictured it in your mind the more you were sure that a certain stoic super soldier had definitely blushed because of you, something you never would have expected but were pleasantly surprised by. You just needed to be absolutely certain…

As luck would have it the man in question chose that moment to round the corner into the kitchen. “Hey Bucky, can you help me out with something?” He came over and leaned against the counter next to you.

“Whatcha need, doll?”

You pointed towards the top of the open cabinet. “Somebody put the mixing bowl I need all the way up there… care to help a gal out?”

“Sure thing,” he said with a smile reaching up to grab it.

Time to put the plan in motion. “Oh wait, not that one,” you stepped up right behind Bucky, placing your left hand on his shoulder and brushing your right arm against his as you pointed out the correct bowl, “it’s that red one, right there.”

You felt Bucky tense under your touch, almost dropping the bowl in the process. You quickly stepped back, paying close attention as your suspicions were confirmed. A deep crimson blush bloomed over his neck, all the way up to the tips of his ears. He turned, basically pushing the bowl into your arms and muttering about forgetting something in his room before hightailing it out of the kitchen.

“Gotcha,” you smiled to yourself as you worked your ingredients into a batter, pondering what to do with this new information…

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Part 3

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Kisahku 1: Sauna ****2

Sbnarnya abg da lama nk g sauna ni. Sepanjang abg stay KL dlu, abg x pnah sekali pn pegi. Dgr mmber2 cite mcm best. Tp abg still x berani nk pegi. Skrg abg da pndah ke negeri lain baru terhegeh2 nk pegi. Hahaha….

Kisah bermula msa bln May ari tu, bos abg anta abg outstation ke KL. Keesokan harinya abg xthu nk wt pe. Jadi abg roger mmber lme abg kt kl ni ajk lepak. Kire lame la abg x jmpe dy ni. Dah jumpe tu abg luahkan hasrat abg sruh dy bwk abg ke sna. Mule2 tu dy tolak sbb dy ckp dy x suke ke tmpat mcm tu. Lg pn dy mmg x pnah pegi. Abg pn memujuk rayu dy siap janji yg abg akn jga dy kt sna. Patu abg ckp kt dy klau rasa x selesa kita cabut je. Hehehe.

Kite org smpai sne dlm pkul 6ptg. Smpai tu kite org duduk je dlm kete smbil tgk tmpat tu dr jauh. Smbil tu smpat gk kite menganalisis tgk org2 yg dtg tmpat tu. Ade mcm2 ragam, ade yg tua, ade foreigner, ade sotong celup tepung… isk3… dlm setengah jam mengumpul kekuatan tu baru kiteorg melangkah keluar ke tmpat tu. Mse naik tgga pegi ke reception tu mmg gigil gile… maklum la 1st time. Pas bayar semua uncle tu bg kunci loker. Pegi je loker ade la 4 5 org jantan tgh tuko baju. Rasa sedikit akward sbb mmg x pnah dtg. Buke je loker kteorg ambil towel dan tuko pkai towel tu. Tnpa menoleh kiri dan kanan terus abg ngn mmber naik tgga ke tgkt ats. Smpai ats kire trkejut la sbb ramai rupanya kt ats tu. Kwn abg dr tdi mmg berkepit non stop la ngn abg. Abg yg pd mulanya ketakutan tu da mula rasa ok. Prasaan horny da mengusai ketakutan abg. Hahaha. Dlm byk2 jntan dlm tu ade la sorg mamat melayu ensem yg menjadi buruan semua jantan2 keparat dlm tu. Kire mmg hot la.. even kemetot sikit dr abg, tp body mmg sedap la. Dgn sixpaxnye, kulit cerah, muke ensem, mmg semua org kejar la… then ade 1 mse tu, mamat tu tgh mandi kt shower, smua org kerumun dpn pntu shower tu.. mne xnye, semua trpegun tgk mamat tu bogel. Abg pn x trkecuali la prgi cuci mate.. mmg x d nafikan, abg pn stim tgk bubble butt dy… alahai…

Dlm pkui 7.30 mlm cmtu, tmpat tu da mule crowd. Mkin ramai dtg. Jantan2 sado pn makin byk. So mmg byk choice la. Mmber abg dr tdi dh ilang. Pas tgk jntan2 sado, trus ilang takut. Lahanat punye mmber. So abg pn mulakan lgkah la mencuci mata. Msa abg masuk 1 blk gelap berselekoh dlm tu, ade 1 kmpulan jantan keparat block jln abg. Abg x thu la brp org tp rasa dlm 4 5 org. D kepungnye abg, mule2 tu panik la gk. Then dorg trus raba2 abg smpai terlucut towel. D ramas nya bontot abg yg bulat ni. Abg jadi rimas terus abg tolak n slmtkan dri. Hehehe

Dlm pkul 9, bru abg perasan yg dlm tmpat tu ade jakuzi and mmg buka pkul 9. Abg pn pegi la buat lawatan sosial kt sna. Kt situ ade dua jakuzi, 1 yg kluar2 buih, 1 lg yg air nya yg tenang jgn di sangka tiada buaya… hahaha… dlm kolam buih tu mmg crowd la… ade dlm 4 5 org.. kolam yg biasa tu ade 4 org, trmasuk mamat hot yg mula2 abg jmpa tdi tu. Smua pkat keliling dy. Kesian abg yg x ensem ni, sapa pn x serbu. Hahaha… so abg ambk keputusan pegi jejln dlu. 15 mnt lpas tu abg tgk kolam yg berbuih tu cuma ada 2 org je. Abg tgglkan towel, cekup konek abg dgn tgn dan trus masuk dlm kolam tu. Smbil tu abg perhatikan 2 mamat sekolam dgn abg tu. Boleh tahan orgnya. Yg sorg kulit sdikit gelap tp muke mmg jntan abis. Yg sorg plak kulit cerah, tp tgk dr gaya mcm askar. Ape yg abg bley agk dorg mgkin bru knal sbb masing2 msih dok berkenalan. Abg stim plak tgk dorg main raba2 konek dlm air tu. Then abg dgr yg si gelap tu ajk couple dy pegi tmpat lain. Keluar je mamat gelap tu dr kolam, tenganga mulot abg. Pergh… perfect gile body dy. Dgn tgginye, bdan sado, bontot bulat, konek besar siot. Abg trus jadi x keruan. Then pastu si cerah tu pn ikot sama, bdan si cerah tu x la sado, tp ade shape. Btg pn sama besar siot dgn mamat gelap tu. Cuma melengkung ke ats. Pas dorg belah abg pn belah gk follow dorg. Abg perasaan dorg masuk steam room….

Masa dlm steam room tu tercari2 gk abg kt mna dorg lepak. Rupanya dorg ade lepak kt 1 ruang yg mmg bley masuk fit2 2 org je. Abg pn intai2 la ape dorg buat. Abg bley dgr dorg tgh mengerang2 sedap. Then abg curi2 tgk, nmpak la si gelap tgh kulom btg si cerah… abg mmg stim gile. Nk je abg terkam dua2. Grrrr….. tetiba ade mamat mne ntah sibok je nk ngintai gk.. then mamat berdua tu mgkin sedar then dorg trus blah. Tp abg masih x berputus asa. Abg still follow dorg. Abg nmpak dorg masuk lorong gelap. Dlm tu mmg abg x nmpk apa2. Smbil teraba2 jln tu abg dgr suara mengerang lg. Abg mmg yakin 100 persen tu dorg. Abg try jln2 dpn dorg smbil raba2 dorg. Then slh sorg tu tarik tgn abg n mntak abg isap konek. Abg pn apa lg, terus trkam la… abg bley rasa yg konek abg isap tu milik si cerah sbb bengkok ke ats. Abg trus la bukak skill hisapan maut abg. Hahaha… abg buat deeptroat n mgharap dy cpt pancut. Tp hampeh.. mulot abg yg lenguh sbb konek dy trlmpau tebal. Dlm tgh isap tu abg prasan yg si mamat gelap ade kt sebelah, n somebody sesapa tgh blowjob gk. Then abg nyebok2 rebut konek dy dr somebody tu… tamak kan abg… abg time tu mmg bernafsu abis la.. tp tu la, mkin lama abg bley rasa mkin ramai jantan lahanat yg menghimpit kite bertiga.. then mamat berdua tu ckp dorg kna chow… sedey btol abg x smpat nk rasa air nikmat dorg… abg pn akur dgn permintaan dorg. Then abg biar dorg kluar dlu, abg lap2 mulot then abg kluar trus pegi shower. Sblh abg, abg bley prasan ade mamat chinese sado tgh usha2 abg mndi.. abg pn buat2 x prasaan dy, smbil main2 sabun gosok bontot abg yg bulat tu. Dari ank mata abg, abg bley nmpak dy tgh main konek dy smbil tgk abg. Tp maaf la, time tu abg mmg da xde mood. Pas abg brsihkan dri semua, abg trus kluar. Nk d jadikan cerita berselisih dgn mmber abg. Trus di soal siasat abg. Hahaha… d tnya nya abg melacur kt mna… hahah… abg ckp abg x g mna pn… just lepak kt jakuzi je… hahha… then kiteorg trus trun ke loker dan tukar pakaian…


*ni 1st time abg karang cerita abg. Maaf la kalau ada kesalahan kosa kata atau tatabahasa yg keterlaluan. Abg masih baru. Nnt abg akan ceritakan lg pengalaman yg abg pnah lalui spnjg jadi PLu keparat ni.. hahaa

Languages of Love

Those of you that know me from the SPN fandom, know that I’m no stranger to unique writing challenges. Many of you also know that I am a complete sucker for untranslatable words.

I love words that have their own meaning in a specific language that other’s don’t have a word for. Since my birthday is just around the corner, I figured that now would be the perfect time to host my first Marvel writing challenge!

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  • Must be following this summer soldier
  • You can write for any Marvel character or actor (comics, movies, Netflix shows…go for it)
  • You may do any pairing (be sure to tag ships, if any)
  • You may post 7 August - 24 August, not a day earlier or later. That’s plenty of time, I will not be accepting late entries or chasing anyone around (my birthday is 7 August, so bonus points if you post then)
  • Be sure to use your given prompt as the base for your story and not just the title
  • Tag me in your A/N when you post so I can add you to the masterlist post
  • Tag your fic or anything having to do with this project as “howlingb lol august
  • Don’t join if you’re not going to follow through!
  • Have fun with this and make it yours! You can write any category (fluff, smut, angst, etc.), canon or au is fine, and it can be anywhere from 500 words and up
  • You must be 18 or older to write smut! Peter Parker smut is not allowed

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Beautiful Words

Not enough people give credit to language. I am going to write here a hundered words that I find beautiful or funny or interesting. Pick one. Use one. Language is so important.

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