My Fic Masterlist!

I’ve been asked to create a list with all of my pics on it so far! I’ll have a master list that will be updated regularly as a link in my description soon! I really hope I got all of them; I’ve been quite the busy bee lately! (I also only talk in all exclamation points apparently, sorry!) 

NOTE: I only write fluff, so these are all fluffy!!!!


This Kind of Relationship 

He Isn’t That Scary At All

He Had His Moments 

Oceans and Sunsets

I Want to Have This Forever

The Date in Notting Hill

Simon’s Favorite Thing 












Fics with Natasha Snow-Pitch + my OCs!

Pretty. Sweet. Kind. Perfect.

This is What Magic Is

My Lovely Little Sprite

Of First Christmases and Priceless Gifts

I Knew You’d Have Loved Her

Of Babysitting and Storytelling

Of Thunder and Little Puffs

The Day We Brought Her Home

Of Grey Eyes and Magical Little Girls

Last Call For a Natasha Snow-Pitch?

Natasha’s First Day 

Normal!AU oneshots!

I Love You, Frat Boy

There’s a word.

There’s a word that’s not English, that’s just on the tip of Bucky’s polyglot tongue. 

He needs this word to describe that shivery feeling that goes up his spine and makes him grit his teeth and clench his fists whenever Steve does something unbearably, unspeakably adorable.

All right, so Natasha would say that Steve only needed to breathe in his direction and Bucky would think it was unspeakably adorable. 

She’s wrong. 


It’s the way Steve’s new, modern haircut turns his hair into floofy baby chick down when he removes his helmet. 

(Bucky has to repress the urge to grab him so he can bury his nose into it, press kisses behind that spot behind Steve’s ear that makes him shiver delightedly in his arms, the first step on a familiar trail leading to that luscious cherry-pink mouth.)

It’s the way Steve can still blush and try to shrink back to being five foot precious and smile shy and sweet in thanks at unexpected praise. 

(He’s never been good at accepting compliments and kind words.  They’re still a gift to him, still startle him at times - especially when it’s for his art.)

It’s the way Steve gives him that mischievous, naughty look with that little shit grin of his. 

(I know what you’re thinking and I like it - is what he’s really saying.  And Bucky gets a lot of Those Looks.  Which usually lead to very interesting pleasurable things that were best kept to private spaces.  Nope - that does not include the pantry closet, according to a very much Brain Bleached Tony Stark.)

It’s the fact that Bucky oftentimes has to physically restrain himself from laying hands on Steve’s ass, especially when it looks so good in Bucky’s jeans. 

(He gets his own back by borrowing Steve’s shirts, raises a brow when Steve gives him a heated look for getting the one with that specific shade of blue.)

There’s a word.  There’s a word for this, when Bucky can’t stand it anymore and he just grabs his punk and hoists him over his shoulder, ignoring any and all yelps and protests, tosses him on the bed, watches him go from indignant to breathless, pink-cheeked and hot-eyed and Bucky dives right into his arms, snuggles and nuzzles giggles out of him and later things turn much more heated and the giggling turns into gasps and moans and pleas for more. 

(Clothing may or may not get torn up in the proceedings.   This makes both of them insufferably smug at that.)

There’s a word and it’s right on the tip of Bucky’s polyglot tongue.


It’s gigil. 

So much gigil.

—  Gigil, a Blanket Fort Headcanon because Bucko is hopelessly gone on his Steeb
Boyfriend Diaries: Gigil

Gigil (Tagalog), n.:  That shivery, teeth-gritting thrill that accompanies a strong urge to lay your hands on something (while possibly holding yourself back from doing so). It usually happens when you see something super adorable (ex. wanting to pinch a baby’s cheek), but can also be caused by something that makes you gut-wrenchingly angry (ex. wanting to punch someone). (source: Quora)

Me: *imitates the jazz music that’s being played in Gab’s car* tututurrruuurooooo prapapooorarrooooo tanannuuunnn tunnnn–
Gab: *slaps my thigh*
Me: What the – What was that for?!
Me: Well, violence is never the answer.