gigi blue nyc


These are three different mini cupcakes that I made for a bridal shower which are garnished with gold-dusted white chocolate initials of the bride and groom.

1.  Mini coconut cupcakes with lemon zest buttercream

2.  Mini chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream

3.  Mini vanilla cupcakes with chocolate sour cream-cream cheese frosting


Rubber-stamped Bells.  I mixed some silver dust with a little bit of alcohol, dipped the rubber stamp into the mixture, and then stamped the top of each Bell.  I wanted to try a different embossing method for the Bells besides the stenciling method I had been using.  The rubber stamp method requires some trial and error–figuring out the amount of silver dust mixture to put on the stamp, making sure the top of the Bells have a smooth and even coating of chocolate.  I think this method works best when the design is very simple.