okay so February 24th is when the Brit awards are

- ot4 is going
- little mix is going
- naughty boy is going
- ZAYN and Gigi are

ZAYN will be around
- his girlfriend
- his boyfriend (Liam ofc ziam)
- his ex fiancée
- her band who hate him
- his ex band
- his ex best friend Louis
- naughty boy

one direction and naughty boy are up for the same award (Naughty boy and Louis!!!!!!!!!)


little mix are performing Secret Love Song
- zayn will be fucking there (not saying it’s about him but after like 3 year it’ll be awkward as fuck)
- they’ll sing it in front of Larry and the lyrics relate to a hidden relationship

and probably denial rumours because

1. Louis will be “due” to pay his first month of child support
2. but he won’t want to pay it unless he knows the child is his
3. Freddie = 21st Jan
Brits = 24th Feb