giggly cutie pie

BTS’ reaction to you randomly licking their face / playfully biting them

Jin: okay, Princess Jin would be grossed out about you licking his face. Like SERIOUSLY grossed out, he’ll be judging you for the rest of the day. 

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Rap Monster: ‘’Oh, so kitty likes to play rough huh?’’ 

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Suga: could care less honestly, well unless you go overboard that is.

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J-Hope: he’ll find your little soft bites cute, he’ll be cooing and cuddling you tightly ‘’It feels like a little kitten is biting me~’’ 

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look how adorable Hobie issss~

Jimin: okay there are 2 ways this could go down with Jimin her

he’ll be a shy giggly little cutie pie ~

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or ….well…..THIS

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V: well honestly if you were in a relationship with him then you should have KNOW HE’LL BE DOING IT ALL THE TIME, I mean what did you expect from this cute little alien piece of ladybug ?

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Jungkook: *gif* 

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this gif just cracks me up I just can’t XD