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prompt from @onefootone: I lowkey want superfamily goes paint balling or something of the like, and it’s decided alex and maggie aren’t allowed on the same team, but it’s lowkey ike vasquez who kicks everyones ass.

You got it buddy.

So for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with a brain, the DEO has its own paintball facility for training and stress relief purposes. While billed to the government for training new agents, team building, and new weapons training, Director not-Henshaw often made the grounds available to agents looking to let loose a little, provided they brought their own ammo and filed the proper waivers with Pam in HR.

Both Maggie and Alex have an unhealthy obsession with firearms, and while Lucy can hold her own, the firing range isn’t exactly her preferred form of foreplay. But for Maggie’s birthday, Lucy could make an exception. She planned it on her own because Alex was a useless lesbian who, badass as she was in the field, caved at the slightest hint of dimples and big starry brown eyes. Lucy would have caved too, to be honest, but she’d spent the last two weeks in DC and emailed the forms back and forth with Pam.

Lucy even managed to line up some decent players. James convinced Winn to come. J’onn’s reluctance was always more about image, he was thrilled to spend time with his kids. Kara, of course, had to be reminded repeatedly that her powers were not allowed.

When Kara mentioned Lena was coming, Lucy had to scramble to find someone to balance out the teams, and Vasquez was the solution. Easy-peasy. At least she knew Vasquez wouldn’t accidentally shoot someone in the throat, which is more than she could say for Winn.

Weeks of preparation, and a freak snow storm in Ohio nearly ruined everything. But Lucy was a planner with Supergirl on speed dial, so she and her gear were on site with minutes to spare. Exhausted, and not nearly as paintball-chic as intended, but whatever, her girlfriends knew she was hot.

Alex pulls up with Maggie in a DEO SUV, Vasquez in the back, ready for the cross training exercise J’onn had ordered them to, completely surprised to see their friends geared up and ready to go. Vas takes their time getting out, gathering up everyone’s gear and all the extra ammo they had snuck in when Alex and Maggie were busy making out. Maggie and Alex hurried out, but made sure to throw an extra swing into their hips to greet Lucy.

James may have had to clear his throat to get their attention. May have.

It didn’t really work. Space Dad’s “Ladies, please,” had a little more effect.

They stepped apart anyway. Inches was apart, right?

Lucy smiled. “Happy birthday, Sawyer.”

“Wait, seriously?” Maggie narrowed her eyes. “You hate shooting things with us.”

“Yes, everyone here is aware you two are weird. That’s why rule number one is you two aren’t allowed to pair up. Rule number two is no alien super powers, Kara.”

“Hey! J’onn has powers!”

Lucy quirked an eyebrow and looked back over her shoulder, “J’onn doesn’t use them to check and see how far away his pizza guy is. No powers.”

“Any more rules?” Alex asked.

“No headshots, no throat shots, and no leaving the boundaries. Teams of two, last man or team standing wins.”

“Dibs on James,” said Maggie.

“Kara,” called Alex.

Lucy frowned, she had hoped Alex would be willing to protect Winn. “Winn.”

Vasquez looked a little peeved to have been left with their boss. Oh well, at least Vas wasn’t getting stuck with Winn, J’onn could at least shoot.

Pam was in the camera room with playback and the counter, because of course she wasn’t missing this. She had also come with the waiver Winn hadn’t signed because, face it, Schott, it’s your choice to come out here and get obliviated.

She wasn’t wrong. Kara knocked out Winn second after J’onn, who hadn’t put up much of a fight when Alex cornered him. Poor Vasquez.

Lucy, half up a tree and relying on her small stature to hide her, managed to nab a hulking James, who was not able to hide too easily amongst the smaller obstacles. She never saw the shot that took her out, or where it came from, but she certainly cursed loudly when it knocked her ten feet to the ground, paint staining the back of her black tee. Dutifully, Lucy raised her gun above her head and marched back to the hut where Pam and the rest of the losers kept watch on the cameras.

Lucy was stunned to see Kara go down next. There was no way she was abiding by the rules, her superhearing was second nature. Alex, creeping through the brush was next, getting clipped as she stepped out to take a shot at Maggie’s unprotected back.

Maggie turned at Alex’s cursing, diving just in time to avoid Vasquez’s shot. No matter what Winn and Pam did with the cameras, they couldn’t seem to find Vasquez on the map, even calculating possibly trajectories based off of Alex’s kill shot.

Maggie only lasted another five minutes, and Vas was already outside of the hut, cleaning their gear when she arrived and everyone piled out.

“What the fuck, Vas?”

“Sorry, birthday girl.” Vas smirked. “Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to pick the former sniper last?”

That one morning argument which they don't speak of:
  • Prompto: Noctis, shut that sexy face of yours, or I will seriously slap you!
  • Noctis: Wait did you say "sexy"?
  • Prompto: What did I just fucking tell you??
  • Prompto: *Slaps Noctis's ass* you know it
Things Said In My Household but with Fairy Tail Pt.7
  • <p> <b></b> *Natsu's Birthday When he was younger** Its morning*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLUMBAG.<p/><b>Gray:</b> *tackles Natsu in his sleep* WAKE UPPP<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *appears from underneath the covers and smacks Natsu* WAKEY WAKEY.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *wakes up and slaps Gajeel* WHAT.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> YOU SON OF A GUN.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *blindfolded* Gray, why do i have to be blindfolded?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Because you are trying to pin the tail on the donkey.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> but the pin could hurt the donkey. I might trip and get hurt.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Stop being such a baby<p/><b>Wendy:</b> I am a baby. Im 6.<p/><b>Gray:</b> Just do it.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *pouts and walks the opposite direction of the board*<p/><b>Gray:</b> Wendy you are going the w--*sees her heading towards Gajeel* You're doing great.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *pats Gajeels butt* I think i found it ..*pins*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Wha--*yelps in pain*<p/><b>Gray:</b> *on the ground laughing*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> AHAHAHA.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *still blindfolded* did i do it?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Natsu! Happy birthday to you!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *comes in with the cake* I have the ca-- *trips and the cake lands on Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ...<p/><b>Natsu:</b> CAKE FIGHT! *throws cake at Erza*<p/><b>Erza:</b> You PUNK! *throws it back*<p/><b>Laxus:</b> wth**gets hit with cake*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> FOR SPARTA.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> *is hiding underneath the table eating cake* im suppose to be the child here.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Natsu:</b> im doing it..*scrolling through playlist*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> natsu pls..<p/><b>Gray:</b> DO IT.<p/><b></b> *plays harlem shake*<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *bursts in "dancing"*<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *walking into school*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> If anyone has trouble with Wendy you have trouble with ME.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> YEAH DONT MESS WITH HER<p/><b>Gray:</b> all you heartbreakers back the fuck off.<p/><b>Erza:</b> guys wendy doesnt even go here.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Cobra:</b> Man it's so peaceful<p/><b>Cobra:</b> ...<p/><b>Cobra:</b> HOLY SHIT WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU 5 IDIOTS.<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *And this is the story of how Natsu met Lucy*<p/><b></b> *School Fair*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> DUDE LOOK. *points to a pig pen*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I DARE YOU TO GO IN AND JOIN YOUR FAMILY NATSU.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Wow, shady. And No fucking way--*sees Lucy staring his way*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> hey you two<p/><b>Gajeel&Gray:</b> Hey Lucy<p/><b>Natsu:</b> whaa...<p/><b>Lucy:</b> Is this your brother?<p/><b>Gray:</b> Yup he's the idiot<p/><b>Natsu:</b> HEY!<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> We just dared natsu to go into the pig pen<p/><b>Lucy:</b> there's no way he's gonna do it<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ill do it.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *jumps into pig pen* Easy there piggy<p/><b>Pig:</b> *looks pissed off*<p/><b>Gray:</b> uh natsu..i think you should..<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *starts getting chased by pig*W-OAH . HELLLPPPP ME! *runs around but trips straight into the mud*<p/><b>Gajeel&Gray:</b> *burst out laughing*<p/><b>Lucy:</b> *giggles at Natsu*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *cheeky smile* I guess it was worth it .<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Wendy:</b> One<p/><b>Wendy:</b> two<p/><b>Wendy:</b> three<p/><b>Wendy:</b> ten! ready or not here i come<p/><b></b> __<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *singing Bad by Michael Jackson* Well they say the sky's the limit!<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *slides into the room with sunglasses on* And to me that's really true!<p/><b>Gray:</b> *appears with a hat* But my friend you have seen nothin'!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> *appears from behind couch* Just wait 'til I get through!<p/><b>Everyone:</b> Because I'm bad, I'm bad come on!!!<p/><b>Cobra:</b> You know I'm bad, I'm bad come on, you know!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> And the whole world has to<p/><b></b> Answer right now!!<p/><b>Gray:</b> Just to tell you once again!!<p/><b>Erza:</b> *appears from behind everyone and strikes a pose* Who's bad?<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b></b> *doorbell*<p/><b>Gray:</b> I GOT ITT-- *opens it* HEY-- oh? Hi?<p/><b>Romeo:</b> Uh..h-hi.. is wendy home?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *appears out of nowhere* yes, why u ask?<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Hey who's at the do--*sees romeo* ..hmm.<p/><b>Wendy:</b> Guys leave romeo alone. *pulls him in* Dont mind them, they're stupid.<p/><b>Romeo:</b> Oh. O-okay!<p/><b>Gray:</b> *glare*<p/><b>Natsu:</b> *soft growl*<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> *cracking knuckles*<p/><b>Romeo:</b> *gulps* ^__;;;;;;;;;<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>Mira:</b> *helping make turkey*<p/><b></b> *stuffs hand inside the you know what*<p/><b></b> Ahahaha, look, Im Turkey Woman *pretends to shoot with the turkey* Pew pew pew!<p/><b>Laxus:</b> *facepalm*<p/><b>Erza:</b> Turkey Woman sounds great and all, but you can never surpass, *shows hands covered in Mash potato* MASH WOMAN<p/><b>Cobra:</b> what the hell are you two doing<p/><b>Erza:</b> making turkey with a side of fuck off.<p/><b>Mira:</b> Actually it's potato.<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b>:</b> D<p/><b></b> Pt 8 if you want?<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> Here are a Few Words from my brothers!!<p/><b>Natsu:</b> Hey<p/><b>Gray:</b> that's just one word.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> IT COUNTS.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> honestly i thought we would scare everyone away especially how our family is.<p/><b>Natsu:</b> ^^<p/><b>Gray:</b> Who could resist someone like me?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> everyone in the universe that's who.<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> How do we end this?<p/><b>Gray:</b> do we just say bye?<p/><b>Natsu:</b> AHA. SEE YA SUCKERS.<p/><b>Gray:</b> natsu i dont think that's how you--<p/><b>Gajeel:</b> Peace.<p/><b>Gray:</b> seriously is no one gonna--<p/><b>Erza:</b> what are you idiots doing with wendy's phone<p/><b>Gray:</b> Bye!!<p/><b></b> ____<p/><b>:</b> o i got my phone back.<p/><b></b> Here is a sneak peek at the first chapter of "If My House Were Fairy Tail."<p/><b></b> ___<p/><b></b> It was the morning of a day I clearly don’t remember and have no intentions of trying to remember.<p/><b></b> This day marked the day that my family and I started to question my dear brother’s sexuality. And here is why.<p/><b></b> “Gray, STOP EATING ALL THE FUCKING POPTARTS.” Natsu yelled from downstairs. Wendy was awoken from her sleep by all the ruckus, which honestly wasnt a surprise to her at this point.<p/><b></b> She forced herself up and began to walk down the stairs. Unfortunetly, someone had left his trousers in the middle of the way. Wendy of course didn't see it coming. Poor Wendy, if anyone had been watching her, they would think for even the slightest second that she was flying.<p/></p>
Dating Peter Pevensie Would Include

A/N: I promised I’d give you all Peter Pevensie fanfiction and I will, I promise! I just have a little time to kill today so I thought I’d give you this to keep you going.

Originally posted by writingissatansworstnightmare

  • Him staring at you when he doesn’t think you’re looking. He can’t keep his gaze off you; and you notice him out of the corner of your eye, his eyes shining. Sometimes he’ll pretend he was staring at something behind you and flush bright pink, which makes you laugh and makes him turn even redder.

  • When walking with you, he puts his hand on your lower back softly to keep you close. He does this when others are nearby; Lucy has giggled about it more than once, which make him pull away quickly, before slowly resuming again.

  • He’s always surprising you with gifts. You’d never have taken Peter for a gift-giver; but he loves it, and he’s amazing at it. Sometimes he’ll leave flowers on your doorstep without a word; other times, it’ll be a pretty scarf or a basket of bread from the baker.

  • You both venting about your struggles. You both need a shoulder to cry on sometimes; Peter’s got the weight of a whole kingdom on his shoulders. Luckily for you, he’s also fantastic at advice, and can just sit and listen if it makes you feel better - it almost always does.

  • Having to convince Peter you’ll be fine in any given situation. Peter’s anxious temperament comes out when he’s worried you’ll be in any trouble; he knows you’re capable, he just couldn’t bare to lose you.

  • Watching Peter swordfighting. There’s nothing more sexy to you than when Peter is in his element, reeking of confidence. In the mornings when the sun is rising, he’ll be out practicing; you like to watch from your balcony, staring down. It’s practically routine at this point.

  • Being close friends with Lucy. Peter feels like he needs to take care of his younger siblings; because of that, you’ve gotten close to his entire family, but Lucy definitely took a shine to you. She loves going for horseback rides or walks with you and playfully teases you about her brother.

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r requests allowed?? for the uni au fic prompts you reblogged with @papalogia??? the #14 one??? :)

Meet Cute Reality

Word Count; 1096

A/N; Hey guys! Finally catching up on all the prompts in my inbox! This is from @papalogia ‘s prompt list !

14)  “I come to the library every day to ‘study’ but really I’m just watching Netflix over your shoulder and I’m really invested in this series and the day we’re supposed to be watching the season finale you’re not there and I??? Feel personally betrayed??”

Lucy sat down at her desk, flipped open her 17th-century literature notes, sat her triple shot extra vanilla caramel macchiato on the table, her textbook beside her, and finally looked up. 

He wasn’t there. 

Where the hell was he?

It was 5:30, Lucy was settled into her spot at the last table between Row Ba and Bu, and yet the table in front of her was glaring empty. 

How the fuck was she going to find out how this season of White Collar ended? 

Honestly, it wasn’t even Lucy’s fault she was addicted to that show. She had been sitting innocently in the library two weeks ago when she noticed the guy in front of her, not studying. Even if Lucy hadn’t done a double take on his neon pink hair and double bars in his left ear she would have noticed his screen playing the show just in front of him. It’s not like Lucy had been staring at him, it’s just that she had to look past him to watch his stupid laptop. 

Look, Lucy couldn’t afford Netflix and she wasn’t about to risk her own laptop going on one of those shady sites just so she could find out if Niel managed to pull the scam or if he’d stay on the good side with the agent. 

But God did she want to find out. Lucy looked down, worrying her lip. She probably could study like she had meant to every time she came here, but after the let down of mystery-boy not showing up Lucy just didn’t have the energy to do it. Dejected, she packed up her notes and textbook, putting in her headphones as she headed to the doors. 

Lucy was halfway back to her dorm when something hard slammed into her shoulder, sending her sprawling on her ass in the grass beside the sidewalk. She rubbed her back, scowling at the boy who had caused her fall. He sat across from her, also having fallen from the collision. Her drink coated the pavement beside, thankfully missing her clothes. 

The boy however, was not so lucky with his own drink. 

“Aw, fuck,” he complained, arms cast to the side as he tried to keep himself from touching the red stain the was dripping down his front. And making his tank top cling to his defined muscles. Damn. It was like one of those meet cutes she read online.

Lucy’s bad mood was starting to ebb away until she looked at his face. It was a very good face, but Lucy’s attention was stolen from looking at it more closely by the bright pink colour of his hair. And the piercings in his ear, two bars on the left and smaller plugs in his lobes. And another two in his lip and eyebrow.


Lucy pointed her finger at him, clambering onto her knees. The boy blinked at her in confusion, bright eyes green and wide as his gaze flicked between her finger and her face. 

“Uh, do I know you?” he asked, lips thinning when Lucy huffed.

“You weren’t in the library! Where were you? I waited for like ten minutes to watch the stupid season finale and you never showed up!” She said hotly. Lucy pouted when the boy started to laugh.

“You’re the weirdo who always watches my laptop with me!” 

“Uh,” Lucy mumbled, flushing harder. 

“Was wondering if you’d just stop eventually,” he grinned at her, no malice and a light teasing dancing in his forest green colouring.

“Well then why did you have the subtitles on?” Lucy asked hotly. Honestly, if he had noticed and thought she was weird then why wouldn’t he have just turned them off?

The boy gave her a knowing grin before moving his hands. Realization dawned on Lucy and she felt heat creep up her neck in shame. 

“Oh my God he’s deaf,” she whispered to himself. 

“And his name is Natsu,” the boy grinned at her, laughing at Lucy jolting and her high squeak. “I can read lips, Weirdo.” Lucy covered her mouth, stopping herself from saying anything else that might offend Natsu. They sat in silence, Lucy worrying her lip. She stood up finally, gathering her bag and offering her hand to Natsu. He gave her an odd look, taking it anyway and smiling at her easily when she helped him up. 

“I have a laundry machine in my dorm,” she said slowly, looking at his lip ring pointedly. 

“Ya don’t have to,” Natsu started, shocked at her offer. Lucy shrugged, blushing as she realized they were still holding hands. 

“Its my fault you spilled your drink all over yourself,” Lucy mumbled, blushing when she realized that Natsu probably couldn’t understand her. She shrugged anyway, pulling Natsu with her. Why’d he have to be so cute though? Ugh, Lucy just wanted to bury herself in her blankets and sleep for a week. 

“You know I didn’t hate sharing my laptop with ya. Thought it was a little weird, but I mean look at me. Deaf punk college chem student. I ain’t exactly gonna judge ya for it.” Natsu shrugged, giving her another easy smile. Lucy smiled back, watching the concrete in front of them for a couple seconds. Steeling herself, she tapped on his arm, turning to face him but still only looking at his lip ring. It was silver with a red jewel in the middle, and Lucy thought it stood out nicely against his skin.

“I don’t think you’re weird.” She said, picking up the pace as she pulled Natsu along behind her. 

“You don’t even know me yet! What’s your name anyway, Weirdo?” 

Lucy pouted at the reoccurring nickname. “It’s Lucy,” She grumbled. 

“Lushi?” Natsu sounded out. 

“No,” Lucy said, meeting Natsu’s eyes. “Lu-see.” She over-pronounced it, trying her best to make it easier for Natsu to understand. 

“Lu-shi,” Natsu sang, slinging his arm over her shoulder. Lucy scoffed as she realized he was making fun of her, elbowing him in the side. She was vindicated when he grunted, his sniggers cut off as she caught his kidney. “So violent,” he mumbled, and Lucy looked at him as she worked out if he had meant for her to hear or not. Deciding he hadn’t meant to speak out loud she let it go, fishing for her key in her bag. 

“Uh,” Natsu said, Lucy looking up at him as he scratched the side of his face awkwardly. “We can finish watching White Collar while my shirt’s in the wash?” Natsu offered. Lucy smiled, nodding slightly as she bit her lip to stop it from getting too large. “Cool,” Natsu said, a little loudly. Lucy giggled, ducking her head. Looks like Lucy might be getting her meet-cute anyway.

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Director sanvers prompt - Lois comes to town

Major Lucy Lane didn’t get nervous. She faced down Washington, faced down her father, faced down aliens and apocalypses, and Danvers on her period. She did it all unflinchingly, chin held high, staring them down.

It made Alex uncomfortable to watch Lucy this out of sorts. Maggie, on the couch, watches with equal concern as Lucy fluffs the pillows for the thirty-second time in the last ten minutes. Lucy called her Agent Anxious with that slow, red painted smile, anxious wasn’t a good look for Lucy. An anxious Lucy cleaned Alex’s apartment to military precision, sheets with hospital corners, hell, Lucy even gave all their motorcycle boots by the front door a spit shine. Alex liked things neat and tidy, but Maggie needed a little clutter and this was probably setting her on edge as much as it calmed Lucy.

Lois was coming for dinner. Clark, he was off with Kara saving puppies from trees or whatever they did when their bonding didn’t include pizza and potstickers, Lois knew Lucy was bisexual, had taken that well, been encouraging and loving and everything Lucy needed before that final fight with their father and basically disappearing from her sister’s life too. Alex wasn’t sure she could forgive that even if Maggie was pushing for Lois’ side of the story.

Lois was coming to dinner to be introduced to Lucy’s best friends, to mend some fences, and to learn that Lucy was dating not one, but two women. Alex knew Lucy was jealous of what she and Kara had. She wanted the sister nights, the phone calls and texts, the running to each other’s side at the slightest sign of danger. She had had that, once. Maggie never really had, she didn’t know what she was missing, even as supportive as she was of the Danvers sisters’ relationship. But Lucy had it once, wanted it once again, and was terrified her relationship with Alex and Maggie would be the scissors that cut the last string tying her to her sister.

Alex knew the feeling. The dinner with her mother had cost her seven months of sobriety.

Alex approached Lucy carefully, hands out and open. “Luce, c’mon, everything’s clean. Maggie’s gonna have the food ready in a minute, Lois will be here, everything will be fine.”

Lucy sank into her arms.

A buzzer dinged, and Maggie kissed Lucy’s head as she went to check the oven.

Alex wrapped her arms tightly around Lucy, breathing in the flowery perfume. “It’ll be fine, Luce. She’ll take it well.”

“She’s not Kara.”

Alex laughed, “No, your sister is human and can’t throw me into space.”

Lucy snickered. They turned to watch Maggie, who had frozen when Alex spoke. Maggie’s eyes were wide, dinner held inches above the counter. Lucy stepped free from Alex’s arms and walked the fourteen steps Major Tiny needed to reach the island.


“Your sister is dating Superman. He can throw us into space.”

Lucy’s lips twitched, “Okay, yes, technically, but let’s be real, Kara is the only super who would actually consider throwing someone into space.”

“That’s not helpful, Lane, speaking as the only person in this room who isn’t related to a Super!”

Alex had never considered that.

Maggie was with them anyway. Maggie has the biggest set of ovaries between them.

Alex shared a look with Lucy, a smirk. That was hot.

Maggie sets the food down, recognizing the look in her girlfriends’ eyes. :We don’t have time, ladies.”

Lucy jumped when the doorbell rang. Years from now, Maggie and Alex would tease her about it. Not today though. Today Maggie and Alex lean against the counter providing solid support while Lucy opens the door.

And when the first thing Lois does is throw her arms around her little sister’s neck, so much force behind the hug that Lucy stumbles backwards into the apartment, door wide open behind them, Alex and Maggie nudged each other’s shoulders knowingly.

Everything would be fine. Three broken women had a found family better than anything they came from. They had their Space Dad, their idiot brothers, Kara, they had each other. And Alex was willing to bet that they had just found a new annoying big sister.

She was okay with that.

A short one-shot inspired by Hiro Mashima’s art.

Summary: Sorcerer Weekly wants to do a spread over the wizards at Fairy Tail. Lucy’s looking forward to the simple photo shoot, but with Fairy Tail, is anything simple? (Canon verse)

Pairing: Natsu x Lucy

Genre: Humor, Friendship, slight Romance

Word Count: 2,133

A picture’s worth a thousand words

Lucy couldn’t help but scoff when she came out of her bathroom, seeing the fire dragon slayer sprawled out on her bed. “Are you really wearing that?”

Snapping out of his daze, Natsu glanced at his outfit, smiling when he turned back to his partner. “Of course! Don'tcha think it looks nice?”

Shaking her head, Lucy ignored the question. Today Fairy Tail was doing a photo shoot for Sorcerer Weekly, and everyone was asked to dress up for the occasion. Lucy sported a little black dress that hugged her curves comfortably and matching black boots while Natsu… Well, he went in a different direction.

Dark green pants tucked into black rain boots, his blue shirt matching nothing while his scaly white scarf hung loosely around his neck. Add that to his pink hair and Natsu equaled a fashion disaster.

Still, she had to admit it looked exactly like what someone would expect him to wear. He was always pushing the boundaries with his outfits. She had a feeling he was competing with Gray and his wild fashion sense, but she dismissed the thought in favor of fixing her hair.

Natsu raided her kitchen while she pulled her long blonde hair into two pig tails with black bows. She left a lock of hair free on both sides of her face to frame it. Smiling, she thought she did pretty well considering she didn’t ask Cancer for any help.

“How do I look?” Lucy asked when she walked into the kitchen, paling when she saw Natsu shoving a whole turkey leg into his mouth, bones and all.

“Hmfph?” he asked, green eyes flitting until they landed on the form of the celestial wizard. Choking, Natsu pounded his fist against his chest until his airway was clear. “Damn! Why are you dressed like that?”

Under his intense gaze, she blushed. “Master told us to look our best… Why? Do you think it’s too much?”

Realizing she misunderstood, Natsu shook his head. “It’s not that, it’s just…” He didn’t know how to say every guy -and probably a few girls- wouldn’t be able to keep their eyes off her. He always knew his partner was beautiful, but today she looked drop dead gorgeous.

He had half a mind to kidnap her and keep her all to himself instead of going to that photo shoot, but he knew Lucy was looking forward to it. Why? He didn’t know. Sorcerer Weekly always printed articles about him, but he never felt flattered or thankful.

Of course his articles covered a lot of the damage he did to cities while on missions, but that was another story.

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Playing for Keeps

Rugby!Natsu commission for @hellojawsie! Thank you so much for being so patient, Katie! You are so kind ^^

pairing: nalu, mentions of gajevy

characters: natsu, lucy, levy, mentions of gajeel

word count: 2,015

type: fluffy fluff

Lucy knew next to nothing about rugby. She knew that people could get easily injured while playing the sport: their arms could get broken or their faces badly beaten. She even knew someone who had their foot in a cast after all the bones in their foot were crushed. If she was honest, she cared little about the sport.

But she cared so much about one person that played it.

Natsu Dragneel had been her one and only crush all throughout high school. She entered into class one day like normal, and during a boring lecture she peered out the window and saw him throwing around a ball with his teammates. His rose colored hair shone in the sunlight and stood out against the rest of the hues of brown and black, catching her attention right away. After he tossed the ball to a teammate, Natsu looked up and saw her staring at him. He waved and smiled, which stole her heart and further took her attention away from class.

From that moment on, Natsu knew that they were destined to be friends. Yelling a quick goodbye to his friends, he bounded up the steps and began to search for her classroom. After a few moments of hunting, he burst into the room and asked who the ‘weird blonde girl who was starin’ at me,’ was. Natsu’s green eyes stared into hers when the entire class turned and gaped at Lucy, and a grin spread across his face as he strode toward her quickly and stood above her with his fists on his hips.

“Weirdo,” he began, leaning over and picking her up out of her chair, “you’re comin’ with me.”

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Irish Coffee

Hey guys! Long time no see. Working my way back into writing by doing a little drabble or two. For those of you who remember I did a thank you poll when I hit 500 followers and A LOT of people voted to have me try writing outside gajevy…upon another poll the most requested pair was lelu brotp! So here we are. Don’t worry, the gajevy is still strong, but this was a nice little way to get back into the groove. Lots of fun fluff ahead, and maybe a quick appearance by some of our favorite dragonslayers! I hope yall enjoy. As always, leave me a comment, reblog, tag, whatever you want to interact so I know what yall like! Get ready for more fic soon…I have ideas…many, many ideas :)

Pairing: Lelu brotp

Prompt: Sleepover

Length: 1.1k

Irish Coffee

Eighteen hours until the wedding. Levy clutched her stomach, laughing, as she snuggled against the fluffy pillow resting on her best friend. Sweet alcohol tickled her tongue, and she finished the last sip of her drink.

“I miss times like this,” she sighed, “When was our last sleepover?”

“Not since you moved out of Fairy Hills,” Lucy replied. A smile crept across her face as she thought back on countless nights huddled under blankets, watching movies, and joking about books and boys. Those nights were when Lucy realized she’d found a friend to lean on; in good times and bad, she’d always be able to count on Levy. A loud chime came from the microwave, and both girls jumped up from the couch, falling into their designated snack preparation roles like no time had passed. Lucy grabbed the popcorn, adding an extra dusting of salt, while Levy carefully walked back with their drinks. Reaching for her mug, the one covered in constellations, Lucy took a sip of Levy’s latest concoction. Alcohol burned her throat unexpectedly, forcing her to gasp. “What is this?”

“Irish coffee,” Levy giggled, “Gajeel taught me. Once you have a little whiskey in your coffee you’ll never go back to just cream.” Her face was tinged pink by laughter and drink.

Lucy put down her mug and eyed her friend. “I think he’s rubbing off on you a little too much.”

Levy sighed, letting her head fall onto the pillow. “Not tonight he’s not.” A brief moment passed in silence before both girls exploded in laughter, blushing even more. Innuendos went out the door during girls’ night.

“It’s a tradition,” Lucy chided.

“A stupid tradition,” Levy grumbled back, fisting another handful of popcorn into her mouth.

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I walked into a pillar at work today and gave myself a mild concussion. A colleague had to take care of me cause I was really dazed. Now that I feel better I'm sure this can become a good prompt for a fluffy Nalu oneshot! xD

Mid-Day Concussions

Word Count; 1849

I know you prob didn’t mean this, but all I can think of is in my deaf!Natsu au bcus I love it! Also, adorable scenario, I hope you’re alright, and I’m SO SORRY this is so late <3<3

Lucy couldn’t tell if she wanted to laugh or to cry.

On the one hand, Natsu was currently laying in her small dorm room, in her bed, half unconscious and Lucy had no clue how to help him. On the other hand, he was in this state because he had walked into a pole. An honest to god, cartoon-like scenario, pole. 

Lucy made calming noises when Natsu shifted, scowling to herself when she remembered how stupid that reflex was in her current situation seeing how he was deaf, and nothing Lucy could do could be helpful. He made a noise, low and distressed, and Lucy wanted to scream. She tapped his shoulder, urging him to look at her. After several tries he finally did, emerald gaze unfocused and a large and angry looking knot forming dead center on his forehead. 

“Are you okay?” Lucy signed, speaking out loud as well. Natsu blinked once, nodding as he curled onto his other side so he was closer to Lucy. She smiled as she ran a hand through his hair, Natsu pushing slightly into the touches. They had only been friends for a few months, dating for a week and a half, but Lucy knew how physical he was. Cuddles, casual hand-holding, and resting his chin on top of her head were all daily expectations at this point, and Lucy loved it.

“M’fine,” Natsu mumbled. And Lucy was back to freaking out because she couldn’t tell if he was slurring from his injury or just not concentrating as he spoke.  

Lucy ran her hand along the side of his face, brushing his bangs from his face and tracing an eyebrow piercing with one finger. Natsu cracked his eye open, and Lucy smiled at him. “Spell your name for me,” she signed. Natsu frowned at her, and Lucy made a low sound of irritation while keeping her expression the same. She repeated the phrase, slower. Natsu cocked his head, more confused. He tried to sit up, paling quickly and sweat beading on his temples. Lucy rushed as she pushed him back into her bed, worrying her lip at his whine. 

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Wait, WHAT did I do on Snapchat?

Hey guys, this is just something silly I thought of, I hope you like it!  

Rated T for language and implied scenarios.  Nalu one shot! :)

Lucy’s head was pounding, her mouth tasted like something unholy crawled up her throat and died, and she was fairly sure that her mascara had glued her eyelashes shut.  She shifted around on the soft material that was under her and roughly scrubbed at her eyes in effort to regain her eyesight.  Finally, she was able to crack open her eyes and take a slit-eyed look at her surroundings.  She was in an unfamiliar apartment- great.  She knew that she shouldn’t have gone out with Cana and the other girls; she rarely got drunk, let alone drunk enough to not even remember what she did the previous night.  It didn’t help that Cana had practically been pouring alcohol down her throat.  Ugh, Lucy was in for a long morning.  Or was it afternoon by now?  Either way, Lucy was tangled in the covers of someone else’s bed, and apparently about a million notifications lighting up her phone- no wait, make that a million and one.  Her phone chimed and it was a text from her friend Levy.

Please tell me where you are!  I’m worried sick!’  Levy was the responsible one, Cana was the one to laugh at you as you drunkenly fall off your barstool.  Lucy’s head felt like an ice pick was being driven into her brain as she looked at the bright screen of her phone and mentally promised to text Levy back after she was done sorting out the mess she was in.  She started to swing her legs out of the empty bed, noting that the curtains of the room were drawn tightly, and suddenly felt a wave of nausea hit her.  Shit, shit, shit, bathroom NOW.  

Lucy ran blinding around the room- where the hell were the people that lived here?  Lucy ran towards a small room, grateful to see a sink just beyond the doorway; she had found the bathroom.  She sprinted through the opening and turned her attention to the toilet only to halt, and quickly puke into the sink instead.  

Quadruple shit.  Hunched over the toilet was a man with only long pajama bottoms on.  Fuck.  The man just groaned in response to her expelling the previous night’s regrets into his sink.  She quickly washed it down the drain and straightened back up.  She could only see his back, his incredibly muscular back- but that wasn’t the point.

“I-I am so sorry about that.”  Lucy stammered and the man’s head shot up quickly as if something at jolted him awake.

“What the fuck?”  He stated in a haze, apparently having fallen asleep on the toilet.  The first thing Lucy noticed was his pink hair, yes, pink.  Was it dyed?  Was he born with natural freakishly pink hair?  The second thing Lucy noticed was that it was not just his back that was muscular, everything was muscular and he was hot.  Too hot.  Too much for Lucy to even believe that she ended up in this guy’s apartment.

“Oh, hello.”  The guy’s hair was messy and it hung in his eyes.  He swept his fingers through his hair in effort to pull it out of his sight, but it was futile. 

“H-hi.  Sorry for puking in your sink.  Do you know what happened last night?” Lucy questioned quickly and then a blush crept up her face.  “Oh shit, did we…?”

“I’m sorry hold on-” He immediately threw up into the toilet- no wonder why he fell asleep on the toilet.  Lucy thought she was the only one who didn’t handle her alcohol well.

“Don’t drink often?”  Lucy guessed.

“Nope.”  Came a pained response.  “Sorry you have to see me like this.  No, I dunno what happened last night, but I’m…  Sorry?  Probably.  I probably need to apologize for whatever happened.”  Lucy giggled at the guy’s response, but her breath quickly caught in her throat as she glimpsed herself in the mirror.

“Oh my fucking god!”  She looked like a monster, her eyeliner looked like an oil spill under her eyes, her eyelashes were still stuck together in tight clumps that would probably require a jackhammer to break them apart, and her lipstick was smeared around her mouth making her take on the appearance of a clown.

“What the hell’s wrong?”  He suddenly whipped around in panic and Lucy then noticed her deep red lipstick, in the form of kiss marks, dotting his face, neck, and chest- god knows where else.  

“Oh my god…”  Lucy put her head in her hands and choked back the urge to shed a few self pitying tears.  “I’m a mess.”

“H-hey, it’s okay, don’t cry!”  He dragged himself off the floor and attempted to console her by rubbing her shoulders.  The smell of whiskey and vomit radiated from him, but she knew she didn’t smell much better after all the margaritas Cana had pushed at her.  

“Oh god…  I’m sorry I’m here, sorry I look like shit.  I’m Lucy by the way.” Lucy greeted him lamely and slowly removed her hands from her face and met the gaze of the man in front of her.  “Sorry for all of that.”  Lucy gestured to the lipstick stains scattered across his skin.  “And I’m also sorry for not remembering a single thing about you or last night or how I even ended up in your apartment.”

“S’all good, neither do I.  My name’s Natsu.  My friends made me go out last night to celebrate one of em’ getting engaged.  To tell you the truth, I’m so happy to see you rather than what I imagined you might look like.”  Natsu gave a sheepish grin. “You look pretty good as a clown.”  Had he read her mind?  Lucy felt her blush returning and let out a small laugh.

“Good to know I’ve still got it after looking like this and puking in your sink.”  Suddenly, her phone started vibrating violently in her pocket.  She quickly swiped the call open and pressed it to her ear with an apologetic smile at Natsu.

“Lucy!  Thank god I have a hold of you now!  I was so worried, all Cana kept saying was ‘she’s having a good time, if you know what I mean’, and I could only keep thinking about all the crime shows we watch and you being snatched away to some pervert’s basement, and-!”

“Levy, Levy, I’m okay.  I promise.  I don’t know where I am exactly, but I’m safe.  I’ll talk to you soon, okay?”  Lucy promised her worried friend and was about to hang up when Levy stopped her.

“Wait!  Y-you might want to check snapchat…  Y-you’re not gonna like it, but I wanted to give you a full heads up.  Also, I’m sorry.  Kay bye!”  Click.  The call ended as quickly as it began and Lucy felt a new wave of remorse course through her.  While Lucy had been on the phone, Natsu too opened his phone and was intensely staring at his screen, an embarrassed look on his face.

“What is it?” Lucy questioned as she scrolled through her phone’s pages and tapped the little ghost icon and opened snapchat.

“N-nothing!” Natsu quickly clicked his phone off and looked up at her sheepishly.  Lucy shrugged it off and focused on her screen.  She had a few snapchats from Levy wondering where she was, and some from Cana from the night before that were of the brunette and various different guys or her taking shots.  It was when she made her way to her friend’s stories that she became completely mortified.  Clicking on Cana’s story, she flipped through her friend’s snaps that consisted of Lucy and Levy smiling at the bar, Cana taking more shots, Cana dancing with some guys she met, more snaps of Levy and Lucy as they got more drunk, Cana doing a body shot off of Lucy’s belly- much to Lucy’s embarrassment, but it wasn’t those snaps that got to Lucy, no.  No, it was when she started getting to Cana’s snaps from later in the night.  When she started seeing herself on a leather couch in the lounge of the bar with someone who was becoming all too familiar. 

“Oh my god.”  Lucy’s breath hitched and her heart beat in her chest.  There she was, in multiple snaps from Cana, hardcore making out with Natsu.  It started off with some making out, Lucy could have lived with that, but it was as she started watching more and more that she basically felt like her face was on fire.  As they progressed, so did Natsu and Lucy’s ‘acquaintanceship’.  She ended up straddling Natsu’s lap while making out with him.  He held nothing back either by trailing his fingers from her ass to her hips to under her shirt.  “Holy shit.  Oh my fucking god.  Holy shit.”

“I knew I needed to apologize.”  Natsu squeaked out and Lucy clicked her phone off finally.  “M-my friend’s may have posted something similar, though I didn’t see the one with you on my lap…”  Natsu mused and Lucy gasped slightly.

“This is the single most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me ever.” Lucy sat on the floor in defeat.  

“I’m sorry if I was that horrible.”  Natsu said quietly and Lucy’s eyes shot up to him.

“What?  No!  Oh my gosh, I’m sorry.  No, trust me, you are not bad.” Lucy chuckled as she eyed him and then ripped her eyes away from his abs.  “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, you can flirt if ya want.  I think we’re already acquainted.” Natsu smirked leaning his weight against his counter.

“I’m sure that it’s not very flattering to have me flirting with you right now.”

“I really wouldn’t say that.  I see why I was making out with you last night.” Natsu stated bluntly, eyeing her.  “Uh, sorry.”

“I-it’s fine…”  Just then, a boy with dark hair quickly walked past the door and then slowly backed up and stopped in the doorway.

“Ah, the puking shit head is awake.” He smirked at Natsu who just glared at him.  Lucy felt even more mortified having someone else see her in the state that she was in.  “See your snapchat?” He stifled a chuckle and Natsu’s scowl deepened.

“What do your want Gray?  Come to make fun of me some more, or have you come to tell me we’re going to have another great night of drinking?” 

“No, no…  I figured I’d come by to ease your minds.  Well, mostly yours,” The guy named Gray aimed his statement at Lucy.  “I figure you’re probably freaking out at the thought of actually having sex with this dipshit- I just wanna let you know that nothing happened other than what happened at the bar.”  Gray laughed a little and Lucy folded her arms across her chest in annoyance.  “Sorry.  But you two came back, started making out, again, and then Natsu ran to the bathroom like a little bitch and puked, and you passed out on the bed.”  Lucy heaved out a sigh of relief.  Gray practically skipped out of the bathroom and Natsu joined her on the floor.

“That’s a relief then.”

“Would it be so bad to have been with me?” Natsu looked like he was almost pouting and a slight smile played on Lucy’s lips.

“I’d much rather get to know you before that.  Preferably when sober.  I’m not usually like that, trust me.”  Lucy sighed and Natsu smirked.

“That’s a shame, I wouldn’t mind a kiss that I could actually remember.”  Lucy’s face heated up and Natsu looked surprised that he had even said that.  “U-um, but we can part ways though.”  Lucy felt a pang of sadness spark in her and she shook her head.

“I’m glad I ended up here.”  Lucy smiled at him.  “Let’s do it again sometime- I-I mean hang out!”  Natsu gave a cocky grin, though his ears were a bit red in embarrassment.

“Hey, want my snapchat?” Natsu teased and Lucy rolled her eyes.

“I’d much rather prefer a simple text.  I think I’m done with snapchat for the time being.  And drinking.”  Lucy handed her phone to Natsu so he could put his number in her phone.

“Sounds like a deal.” Natsu chuckled and handed her his phone in return. 

Just Friends (epilogue) - Stiles Stilinski

“Lucy you get off the coffee table this instant!” You used your sternest voice without yelling at the five year old.  “It is time for bed, now come upstairs with me so we can put your pajamas on” You said, and she pouted.

“But momma I wanna watch Beauty n’ Beast” She said, using big golden brown puppy dog eyes.  You gave her a look, and slowly put your hands on your hips.

“Well if we go up get ready for night night now, then I promise, we can watch Beauty n’ Beast tomorrow” You said, and you saw the hesitation in your daughter’s expression.  “Come on” You said in a softer tone, approaching her with open arms, and wrapping them around her middle, holding her up on your hip.

“Okay” She sighed, leaning her weight against your chest and shoulder.  You smiled a victorious smile.

“Come on baby, let’s go get some sleep.  And tomorrow, we can watch your movie and maybe if it’s nice out we can go to the park together” You told her, and she nodded her head sleepily on your shoulder while you went up the steps.  When you entered her room, you flicked the light on the lowest setting, really just enough for the room to be dimly lit.

“Mommy?” Lucy called as you were tucking her into bed.

“Yes sweetie?” You asked, brushing her hair back

“Can daddy read me a bedtime story?” She asked, and you gave half a smile.

“Could I do it tonight? Daddy’s real busy with work downstairs right now” You asked, but she frowned, and you sighed.  Of course she wanted her father to tell her a story.  His were much more creative and drawn out.

“Please?” Lucy asked in a begging voice, and she batter her puppy dog eyes again.

“I’ll go see” You breathed, but gave her a small smile.  “Be right back” You got up, walking to the hall and back down the stairs to where your husband was working at the kitchen table.  He had all his papers across the tabletop, pens and pencils, colored highlighters scattered everywhere.  He was intently staring down at a file folder that had to have five hundred papers in it.  But when you walked in, he looked right up to you.

“Hey baby” He smiled a tired, and worn out smile, standing up to embrace you.

“Stiles, she’s only going to go to sleep if you read to her” You told him as his arms encircled your waist.

“Then I’ll read to her” He smiled, pecking your nose quickly.

“I don’t want to interrupt your case-”

“I promise, you’re not interrupting anything” He said, and released you.  “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a unicorn wedding story to attend to” Stiles grinned, kissing you chastely before heading up the stairs.  You sat on the couch, going back to the book you’d been attempting to read before Lucy decided to be queen of the coffee table.

The girl smiled as soon as her father entered the room.


“Sh sh sh.. don’t get us in trouble with your mother” Stiles said quietly, pulling a chair up next to Lucy’s bed.  “Now, what will be the story request tonight?”

“Are you the beauty or the beast?” Stiles chuckled at the way his daughter was obsessed with the Disney film.

“Well, let’s say your mom is definitely the beauty” He said.  “She’s always been”

“You love each other?”

“Well of course we do, and we love you kiddo” Stiles ruffled Lucy’s hair, the same color as yours.

“So you always loved each other?” Stiles chuckled.

“You’d be surprised.  Your mom chased me around for a while” He said through a long breath, rubbing the slight scruff on his chin as he leaned back in the chair.  “I’d say she was quite the stalker, chasing me down and begging me to go out with her” Lucy giggled.

“Well I sure don’t remember it that way” Stiles turned to see you standing in the doorway, leaning against it.  “In fact… I think it may be the total opposite” Lucy fell into a fit of laughter again.

“So did you do true loves kiss?” Lucy asked, and you smiled, sitting on her bed, knees brushing Stiles’.

“Oh yeah” You said with a big grin.  “And we still do” 

“So you’re soulmates?” Lucy asked, and you giggled, adjusting the blankets to fit around her body.

“I’d certainly say so” Stiles spoke up, and you gave him a smile.

“Yeah me too” You added.  “And some day, in a distant future from now, you will too” You told your daughter.

“Very distant” Stiles piped.  “Like… sixty years distant”


“Daddy!” You both scolded Stiles, and he gave a nonchalant shrug.

“Alright alright, time for mom to go to bed” You yawned, and stood up with a stretch.

“Okay kid, time for sleep” Stiles said, leaning over and kissing her forehead.  “Sweet dreams princess” 

“Goodnight daddy” Lucy said tiredly before he left and went to the bedroom.  You smiled at your daughter, pressing a long kiss to her forehead, and closing your eyes.

“I love you baby girl” 

“I love you too mommy” Lucy giggled.  You caressed her soft cheek, kissing her forehead once more.

“Goodnight sweetheart.  I’ll make you pancakes in the morning, okay?” Lucy nodded.

“Okay” She yawned.  “Goodnight mama”

“Goodnight baby” You whispered, and walked to the door, flicking off the light.  You smiled at your little girl for a moment, then closed the door, and walked into yours and Stiles’ bedroom.  You found him sitting on the edge of the mattress, in sweatpants for bed, and no shirt.  Which you smiled at.  You closed the door, and padded to the dresser, taking one of his shirts out, and stripping out of your jeans and shirt.  

“How’re you feeling?” Stiles asked as you pulled the long tee shirt over your body.  You smiled at him, and walked over to him, sitting on his lap.

“Pretty wonderful Mr Stilinski” He grinned crookedly at you, and brought your lips to his in a long kiss.

“Barely saw you all day” He mumbled against your mouth, and you stroked your fingers against his cheek.

“Yeah, that’s the thing about you having a job” You giggled softly, and kissed him again.

“Well then maybe I need to quit” Stiles murmured, winding his arms around your waist.  

“That’s not funny” You said, pulling your lips abruptly away from his.

“Hey-” Stiles furrowed his brow in a pout.

“And speaking of not funny” You said sliding off his lap, and making his expression more permanent.  “I know you taught Lucy how to use those stupid puppy eyes” You scolded, sliding into the blankets.

“Did she rat me out?” He asked, flopping down next to you, and pulling the covers over him as well.

“Stiles, just because you’re the fancy dancy FBI Agent, doesn’t mean I can’t figure things out” You chuckled, and he smiled innocently at you.  “What? What’s that look for?”

“You’d be a sexy cop” He said, shrugging nonchalantly, and making you giggle.  You rolled onto your side, still smiling big at him.

“I’m happy” You said aloud, and he rolled to his back, opening up his arms.

“Come ‘mere” He whispered, and you easily snuggled against his side, head lying on his chest.  “Did you know, that I love you so much, I would burn every existing Star Wars film on this planet, if it meant you’d smile for a few seconds?” You laughed softly, laying your hand on his chest and tracing patterns on his skin.

“I’d do anything for you too Stiles” You whispered, and he kissed your forehead, causing your eyes to fall shut.  “I love you” Stiles wrapped his arms around you again, holding you tightly against him.

“Love you too” It was quiet for a bit, neither of you sleeping, just cuddling and enjoying the other’s presence.

“Hey Stiles?” You called quietly, setting your chin on his collarbone to look at him.

“Yeah babe?” He mumbled back, opening his eyes to look at you.  You smiled slyly.  “Oh, and I’m the one dishing out looks.  What’s that?” You scooted up closer.

“We never did have Prom sex” You hummed, and Stiles grinned eagerly.  Before you knew it, you were being flipped over on the mattress.

“Guess we can make up for it then”

buuuuut again, thanks to everyone and shout out to @failingmemequeen for inspiring me to make this epilogue a thing

and omg shout out to @writing-obrien for niticing and complimeting my lame ass BIG thanks to her xx

(and shout out to @taegdcl1018 bc i mean.  she’s my bean.)

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lots of love and hugs sweet dreams don’t do drugs stay in school have safe sex and don’t hug any cactuses, no matter how cute they are.
xoxo ~ jordie

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15) a I hope we don't get caught kiss- Nalu

Lucy giggles as Natsu’s lips trail along her neck, mouth slow and deliberate as he works his way from her collarbone to her jaw line, nipping and pulling at her skin as he goes. Fingers slip beneath the hem of her shirt, teasing the soft skin of her sides with his thumbs. She wiggles against him, biting her lip to keep from laughing, and feels him smile against her throat. His fingers slide higher, palms pressed flat against her ribs as he drags her shirt upwards.

She squirms, the cold wall biting into her skin. She leans further into Natsu’s chest, arms winding tightly around his shoulders. Natsu nips at her and Lucy inhales sharply, arching into him. Her gaze slides to the side as his lips work along her throat, mindful of their position and location. The guildhall, while large, is not the best place for them to be doing this, not when they’re just barely hidden in one of the many halls. They’ll be found easily, should someone come looking for them.

Always a definite possibility, given the team they’re on.

Natsu bites down roughly on the side of her neck, drawing a gasp from her. Fingers thread through his hair and pull. He growls against her, groaning as her nails rake along his skin.

“Someone might see us,” she breathes, eyes squeezing shut as his fingers drag over each of her ribs slowly.

He trails butterfly kisses along her jaw. “That’s half the fun,” he growls back, hands dropping to her thighs a moment before he lifts her clear of the ground. Lucy yelps, gasping his name as her legs wind around his hips. “Tell me to stop,” he whispers against her cheek, drawing nonsensical shapes against her bare skin. When she doesn’t speak he smiles, grinning against her so she can feel his teeth against her skin.

Snarling at him, Lucy yanks his lips up to meet hers, pulling at his hair harshly and drawing a ragged moan from deep in his chest.

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Director Sanvers prompt: one of them is recovering from knee surgery and is also v unlikely to sit still etc so the others try and take their mind off it in ways including but not limited to googly eyes on the knee and blanket forts

Well this doesn’t seem targeted straight for @onefootone at all, does it?

As many times as Agent Danvers had taken a hit and kept on trucking, Dr. Hamilton had warned her that the damage was only compounding, that things would only get worse as she got older, that things were no longer healing like they had fresh out of grad school and eventually something would break that could not be fixed. Dr. Hamilton was hopeful that the surgery went well, that Alex would be back on her feet soon enough, but she was still confined to at least a weekend of bed rest, several weeks of leave, and, at bare minimum, eight weeks of physical therapy before she could even be considered for fitness trials to get back in the field.

The worst part though, was that her knee hadn’t torn during some daring rescue of her idiot Kryptonian sister or the adopted little brother with horrible taste in women, or even a motorcycle accident, no, Alex Danvers, professional badass, tore her ACL at the NCSPCA Puppy Run when she was tackled by an excitable Newfoundland.

Dangerous hadn’t looked so cute since the Sawyer took a pipe to an Infernian.

She hadn’t even been home for three hours before the boredom set in, not that anyone was surprised. Anyone being the unfortunate Lucy Lane and Maggie Sawyer, purveyors of distractions and babysitters of injured girlfriends.

“I don’t need a babysitter.”

Lucy snorted. “You literally just tried to walk to the kitchen without your crutches.”

“It’s like five feet from the couch.”

“Hamilton said bedrest, Danvers, you’re lucky we haven’t handcuffed you to the headboard.”

“I’d be luckier if you did.”

“Ha! You’d be whining even more, Danvers, be real.” Maggie laughed. “You’d be all pretty and tied down and you aren’t cleared for anything fun.”

Alex threw her head back against the couch, letting her neck curve over the back so Maggie, in the kitchen, could sort of be in her range of vision again. “Please, Sawyer, you two have proven time and again we can have plenty of fun when I can’t move.”

Maggie walked back over and dropped a plate of food gently in Alex’s lap, giving her a kiss to the forehead before settling in next to Lucy. “Be that as it may, the answer is no. Not until the stitches aren’t at risk of tearing.”

“Even then, you’re definitely getting tied down,” Lucy promised. “I wouldn’t want you undoing all of Hamilton’s hard work.”

“You’re no fun.”

Lucy reached up to twirl a lock of Maggie’s hair, smiling devilishly at her injured girlfriend, almost purring as she said, “Oh you know that’s not true.”

“But I’m bored.”

“Eat your food.”

“Eating is boring.”

“That’s not what you before.”

“Eating food is boring.”

“Read your weird science journals.”

“The new one hasn’t come yet.”

“Turn on Netflix.”

“TV is boring.”

Maggie watched the two smartest women she knew argue like kindergartners, They were both ridiculous. And they would continue to be ridiculous, she knew, until they found something appropriately distracting. She got up from the couch, first stopping by the bed to grab pillows and blankets, dumping them by the still arguing children, before hitting up the linen closet for all of the spare pillows and blankets Alex kept in what was quickly becoming their apartment. From the utility closet she grabbed the ladder that James had gotten her as a joke (so you can reach the top shelf in the kitchen, Sawyer) because he was an asshole just like the rest of her friends, and that was set up near Alex’s side of the couch. She pulled the lamp off the end table and stacked a dining chair on top, shoving a throw pillow in between its legs for stability.

Her girlfriends had stopped arguing, instead watching Maggie move Alex’s furniture around like Legos, content to watch her work. When Maggie was sure the chair wasn’t going to fall, she took another two chairs to stack behind the couch, one inverted over the other. Only then did she move for the comforter, thankful for yet another reason that Alex had such a ridiculously large bed, because it never worked quite right when the blankets weren’t long enough. Very carefully, she draped one end over the edge of the ladder, tying a corner around it and securing the knot with a hair tie. Then, she paced carefully around the back of the couch, dragging the blanket over the stacked chairs, to the far end of the couch. Over the top of that chair, there was just enough to secure that end to the leg of the end table.

Her girlfriends’ heads barely had clearance, but Maggie was satisfied the construction of her little love tent. Next came the mountains of pillows, some shoved from the ground to just under Alex’s massive knee brace, her leg suspended on the coffee table. Others, she tucked around her girlfriends, saving a few for herself.

“Maggie, what are you doing?” asked Alex.

“Entertaining you.”

“Well it’s entertaining to watch at any rate, but what is the plan here?” continued Lucy.

Maggie rolled her eyes, still roaming around the apartment. In the coat closet she found the box of kids’ art supplies that she regularly used to entertain the younger Danvers on bad days, complete with coloring books, glitter, and googly eyes. That too, joined the couch party, as did the remote. Maggie turned on Netflix and set phasers to gay (this week that meant Wynonna Earp).

Finally content with her work, she once again settled in between her favorite girls, box of art supplies in her lap. “While Danvers finishes her food and takes her pills, we’re going to watch some un-apologetically queer Supernatural. And then we’re going to color, because if you two are going to act like you’re five we might as well relive the fun parts.”

Alex grinned. “Pillow forts and coloring?”

Maggie nodded decisively, “Yes. And if you’re good maybe we’ll try fingerpainting in a few days.”

Lucy snickered, “Hamilton has to clear her first.”

Maggie smacked a coloring book into Lucy’s hands, “Shut up and color, Lane.”

It wouldn’t last forever, but it would last until the painkillers kicked in. And maybe Lucy and Alex would fall asleep to the dulcet tones of hell reclaiming its own, and maybe they may have found themselves with googly eyes stuck to their closed eyelids. There was a chance that photographic proof may have been sent to the Space Fam, and possibly posted to Maggie’s Instagram.

But for now, Alex was happily asleep with a coloring book held loose in her hands, Lucy’s head was pillowed in Maggie’s lap, and she could finally watch a healthy queer relationship where nobody dies and her girlfriends can’t talk through all the good parts.

Voice in the Suit of Wands

Soulmate AU where you don’t know who your soulmate is until you hear them speak.


Rated T for language.


“Ugh…”   Lucy groaned into her folded arms while Mirajane and Cana, who had fast become her friends in the wake of the past few months, respectively patted her head and stared at her exasperatedly. 

“Lucy, this is your fourth time this month that you’ve been here…  You know you can’t push these kinds of things.”  Mira told her gently and Lucy felt her throat clench.  

“You need to get a grip, girl.  We can only do so much.”  Cana sighed and Lucy eyed her scornfully from behind her hair that had fallen over her face.  Cana’s gaze softened a bit and she continued.  “Besides, Mira is right, you really can’t rush this process.  We can only help a little, this is a natural thing.”

“I know, but…”  Lucy groaned again and sighed in defeat.  There she was, in all her hopeless romantic glory, at the ‘Soul’s Destiny’ soulmate locater.  How lame is that?

Soulmates were of prevalence in the world that Lucy lived in.  Lucy spent most of her adult life watching her friends find their soulmates while she was left cheering them lamely on and biting her tongue to keep herself from cursing the ground that her soulmate stood on.  She was twenty three and already decided that she was, in fact, going to die alone.

The only way to know if you have found your soulmate was to hear them speak; it was a different reaction for each pair, so Lucy didn’t entirely know what to expect.  She talked to a lot of people because of this, she was a natural chatter box in the right setting, but still she sat there, alone, in the agency once more. 

She knew that Cana and Mira were just being polite, but she pestered them an awful lot.  The three had become close friends, it was actually one of Lucy’s other friends, Erza, who had introduced her to the duo that ran the agency. Since she had an in, Lucy took full advantage of it and ended up really clicking with the two older girls.

“Trust me on this one, you’ve just got to give it some time.  If you keep thinking about it, it’s going to consume your brain, and that’s not healthy.”  Mira fretted and Lucy lifted her head up to meet their gaze.

“I know, I know, but it’s so hard seeing everyone so happy.  I mean, you have Laxus!  And Cana has Bacchus no matter the fact that their relationship is fueled by alcohol.”

“Hey!  It’s fueled by the love of alcohol.”  Cana intervened and Mira gave her a patronizing glance.  “And the love we have for each other.”

“Either way, I think that it’s just not going to happen.”  Lucy threw her hands up, “Whoever my soulmate is can choke on it.”  Lucy glared at the mahogany desk the two girls were sitting behind.

“You don’t mean that…”  Mira soothed her and Lucy felt like throwing herself on the ground and having an adult fit.

“You’re only twenty three, Lucy, chill.”  Cana pointed out and Lucy felt panic rise in her chest.

Only?!  That’s practically thirty and then I’ll be expected to have kids!  But if I don’t have my soulmate by then, I won’t be able to have kids unless I adopt or have artificial insemination!  And if I don’t do any of that, I’m bound to die an old hag!  I am screwed.”

“Geez, are all writers this dramatic?”  Cana scoffed and Mira looked as though she were biting back a laugh of her own.

“Lucy, Lucy, calm down.  You are not going to die an old hag, you’re way too pretty to be a hag anyways, but that’s not the point.”  Mira patted Lucy’s hands and Lucy tried to steady her breathing.  “Why doesn’t Cana read your cards once more?”

“Aw hell…”  Cana groaned and Lucy started to feel terrible.

“N-no, it’s fine.  I’m just going to go home now.”  Lucy sighed and smiled at the girls.  “You two are great, thanks.”

“Wait!  Let me do one more reading…”  Cana shrugged and pulled out her tarot cards.  There was some magic behind what Mira and Cana did to help people find their soulmates.  Cana had a natural gift for tarot card readings, but she strictly stuck with being a matchmaker.  She didn’t do readings outside of that, like telling people the goods and the bads about their lives.  She didn’t want people to blame her for anything terrible that happened to them, and she also didn’t like seeing something terrible in the cards for someone.  Mira used a special lacrima orb that helped her catch glimpses of what people’s soulmates may look like.  Sometimes it was the color of their eyes or hair, what gender they were, and even what they smelled like, but it was never what their voices sounded like.

“Huh, that’s weird.”  Cana muttered as she flipped over her cards.  It startled Lucy’s thoughts and she quickly flicked her gaze over to the brunette.

“What is it?”  Lucy asked eagerly and Cana frowned down at her cards.

“Well,”  She began, fixing the cards so they were perfectly lined up with one another, “You’ve conjured the ‘Suit of Wands’.”  

“And that means..?”

“It represents the element of fire.  The Suit of Wands tarot is associated with primal energy, much like fire, spirituality, inspiration, that’s good for your writing, determination, strength, intuition, creativity, ambition, and expansion.  The wands can represent the times in your life when things just seem to fit together perfectly, almost uncannily.”  Cana stared down at her cards in wonder, she always looked so full of mystery when she did a reading.  “I think this is an extremely fantastic reading, Lucy.  It’s hard to get the full Suit of Wands to come up in a reading.  I think this is very good.”  

“R-really?”  Lucy’s heart fluttered and Cana broke into a broad smile, nodding. “That’s great!”

“That sounds wonderful, Lucy!  Thank you Cana.”  Mira clasped her hands over her chest and then stood up, disappearing in their back room through the tapestry that hung in the doorway.  “I’d like to take a look in my orb one more time to see if anything ties with Cana’s reading.”  She called and Lucy smiled softly; this was why she came to the girls, they were an amazing team.

Mira hastily returned, biting her bottom lip, her brow creased.  “Well, I did get something.”  Mira started and Lucy found herself leaning in in anticipation.  “I get the feeling that there is a strong relation between your soulmate and one or two people that you know in your life…  But that’s all that I really was able to see.”  Lucy pondered the thought for a moment, she’d need more time to think that part of it over.

“That’s great, thank you both!”  Lucy hugged the girls tightly before setting out to leave.

“Don’t come back here anytime soon!”  Cana waved and Lucy giggled.

“I hope I won’t have to!”

“We’ll see you next weekend, right?”  Mira questioned and Lucy nodded not forgetting the plans that they had made with everyone.

“Of course!”

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anonymous asked:

hey not sure if you're taking prompts rn, but could we get more of the nb!alex college fic pleasee, it's amazingg

(A follow-up to this fic:

Alex manages to make it to the pizza place without tripping over themself, and Maggie manages to make it to the pizza place without bolting out of fear.

Fear that Alex’s arm is too gentle around her shoulder; that Alex is too careful to keep checking in with Maggie to make sure it’s alright that their arm is there; that Alex looks at her too genuinely, makes her laugh too easily.

Fear that she can get lost in Alex’s eyes, in Alex’s smile, in Alex’s body.

God, Alex’s body.

Fear that she can get lost in Alex, and interweave them into the fiber of her being, and when they leave – and why wouldn’t they leave? they only just met, for crying out loud – Maggie will shatter into irreparable pieces. 

“So you never said,” Alex breaks an easy silence – a silence that scares Maggie with how comfortable it feels – “if you um… if you’ve only dated girls before. I mean, not that I’m – not that – I mean I know you said this can be a date. That this is a date. But I’m not trying to say that means we’re dating, that’ll be up to you, I mean, I only meant – “

“Whoa, hey, hey, Danvers, breathe. You’re okay. It’s okay.” Maggie leans into their body slightly as they walk, as Alex tugs open the door to the pizza place and steps back for Maggie to walk through.

Maggie arches an eyebrow, purses her lips, tilts her head, and bows her head slightly in thanks.

Alex gulps.

“Yeah, only girls. But uh…” Maggie looks over her shoulder and Alex melts at her smile. “I have no problem making an exception for someone as charming as you.”

Alex practically giggles. “Lucy says I have about as much charm as a horse’s ass.”

“Lucy must have terrible taste,” Maggie grins, slipping her hand into her jacket pocket for a thin, black wallet. She orders to cheeseless slices and motions for Alex to get whatever they want.

“No, no, you don’t have to pay – “

“I asked you out, I’ll grab it, no problem. If that’s okay? I figure you can, uh…” Maggie glances at Alex’s lips and blushes, suddenly breathless. “I figure you can get next time.”

Alex nearly chokes on air, and Maggie revels in the strength of their reaction to her flirtation.

“So you’ve got an overly demanding mom. Any siblings?” Maggie asks as she hands over cash to the curious-looking boy at the register.

Alex beams suddenly. “One. A little sister. Kara. She’s everything, she’s my… she’s my everything. She’s a genius at physics, but it’s not her thing, she likes painting better. She’s a senior in high school, she wants to come here in the fall, and she – I’m sorry. Rambling about my little sister, I – “

“No, it’s cute,” Maggie laughs genuinely, lowering her eyes.

Lowering her eyes, because god if she keeps looking at Alex, she’ll kiss them.

She’ll kiss them and she’ll beg them to screw the pizza and take her home and make love to her, because god, it doesn’t matter that they just met, they seem perfect, perfect, perfect, and Maggie hasn’t felt like this since…

“Anyway,” she clears her throat. “I asked. About siblings.” 

Alex blushes at her generosity and thanks the boy at the register – his name tag says Jessy – for passing them their slices and cans of root beer and seltzer.

“What about you?” Alex asks as they maneuver to a plastic table, grabbing napkins and red pepper flakes and oregano along the way. “Siblings?”

The ghost of agony flits across Maggie’s face, but she wipes it away so quickly Alex thinks for a moment they imagined it.

“Nope. No family, really. I mean, they’re alive, just not… it’s whatever. But I’ve got this kid – I mean, not my kid, just, this friend, who’s younger, he’s a sophomore in high school right now – Adrian, his name is – he’s like my little brother. So actually, I take it back. Yeah. One. A brother. Ade. He’s a total nerd, he…” Her eyes flit down to Alex’s flattened chest, up to their undercut. “I think you two would get along.”

Alex chuckles and lets grease slip off the end of her pizza. “What makes you say that?”

Maggie shrugs. “You two might have a lot to talk about, gender-wise. He uh… he transitioned last year.”

Alex sits up a little straighter. “Is that why you know… about binding and stuff?”

Maggie takes a bite of her slice that leaves sauce on the side of her mouth. Alex grins and holds their hand out, hesitating before touching Maggie’s face. Maggie nods, her eyes wide, her chewing paused, and Alex swipes the sauce into Maggie’s lips with baited breath and eyes like they’re intently studying a work of art. Maggie’s tongue flits out of her mouth and their eyes lock. Alex brings their trembling hand back to their side of the table, bringing their finger to their mouth and absently licking it clean of sauce. Maggie’s breath hitches at the motion.

They both gulp, Maggie painfully, because her pizza was mostly unchewed. They both giggle slightly. Maggie clears her throat.

“Thank you. For… thanks. And yeah, partially. Adrian, I mean. And binding. But also, you know.” She shrugs. “I feel like it’s our job to learn about each other. Look out for each other.”

Her pupils dilate at the statement – Alex just met her, sure, but they’ve already said they want to look out for her; Maggie’s still getting her head around why – and Alex misses their mouth with their pizza.

“Nice to have people looking out for you.” 

Maggie shrugs. “I wouldn’t really know.”

“Yeah, you said. What uh… what’s up with that? How could someone not want to look out for you?”

Maggie laughs ruefully. “Easily enough, apparently. But hey, less depressing topic for a hot minute – what classes have you got this term? You said you’re not doing so great – maybe I could uh… help you out with some?”

Alex chuckles. “Not unless you’ve taken biochem and have the patience to deal with my depressed, anxious, perfectionist ass.”

“I have, and I do, actually.”

Their eyes lock, hard, and Maggie suddenly wishes they’d gone back to her dorm room instead of to a pizza place, because Alex’s eyes are suddenly flooded with tears.

“I’m sorry, we just met, I shouldn’t – “

“No, no, no, hey. Maggie. You’re okay, I just… I like this. Spending time with you. Getting to know you.”



“Keep doing it then, Danvers.”

Alex licks their lips and gulps nervously, happily. Hopefully. “If you want me to, I definitely I will.”

lumpyqueen97  asked:

Hi are you still doing imagines ? If you are can you write 17 please?

17. And now you’re naked. Okay.

Always! I hope you don’t mind, I made Y/N famous as well! 


Text Conversation bwtn Harry and Y/N

Harry, Y/N

Love, meet me in my dressing room after I get done performing?

That sounds a bit raunchy, don’t you think?

Shut up, I meant for us to catch up.

Yeah yeah. See you soon, and break a leg performing :)

Thanks x


The break was almost over, meaning the award ceremony would resume at any given moment. You had just said goodbye to Rihanna, an old friend of yours you had met in the entertainment industry when you were barely fourteen years old, and headed back to your seat. Y/N made it back to her seat just in time as the cameras began rolling.

Lucy Hale, who was the host for this years award show, appeared on stage. The cameras were now focused on the beautiful actress as she spoke. Y/N was listening intently until a slight nudge drifted her attention away from the stage. Y/N looked down at her famous friend Lorde, better known as Ella.

“Your boyfriend is about to perform.” She snickered.

Y/N playfully bumped shoulders with her, “he’s not my boyfriend.”

Ella casually shrugged her shoulders and focused her attention back to Lucy, as Y/N did too.

“And it is my honor to welcome,” before she could even finish her sentence, the entire crowd began screaming at the top of their lungs. Lucy giggled before continuing, “…Harry Styles!” Everyone then stood up in unison from their seats, celebrities included, getting ready for Harry’s performance.

Harry had killed it as usual. Fans were seen crying tears of joy after his magical performance he delivered of Sign of the Times. He casually waved at the crowd, mouthing incoherent ‘thank yous’ before exiting the stage. Y/N waited ten minutes before she left her seat to see Harry, not wanting anyone getting ideas that she was possibly in a relationship with the young rockstar.

Y/N made her way backstage until she reached Harry’s dressing room. She raised her hand to knock but paused in midair once she realized people around her were already sending her questioning looks. She silently cursed at herself knowing she should have waited until the room was clear. Y/N sighed and proceeded to knock anyway, knowing the damage was already done.

“Who is it?” came a deep voice from the other side of the door.

“Y/N” she spoke softly.

Harry didn’t waste another minute keeping her outside as he swung the door open immediately to Y/N’s familiar voice. She was greeted with a warm smile.

He held the door open for her to walk in, “come on in!”

As she walked in, Harry closed the door and followed behind. She turned around to congratulate him on his performance when she realized he was in nothing but a white robe.

Her cheeks began to heat up at the sight, “I-I- H-harry!” Y/N quickly covered her eyes and turned around. Harry let out a deep chuckle before he gently turned her around to face him once again.

“Calm down, love.”

Y/N slowly let her hands fall to her side, “how are you so comfortabl-” she stopped herself midsentence when Harry nonchalantly let his robe fall to the ground, leaving him in nothing but his black Calvin Klein boxers.

“And now you’re naked. Okay.”

Harry smirked, shaking his head while reaching down to grab his shirt on the floor.

“Don’t worry, this isn’ my way of seducing you.” He spoke unconcernedly. He began dressing himself without a care in the world knowing you were standing right there in front of him.

“Does anything phase you, Styles?” Y/N questioned at his odd behavior.

Harry let out a chuckle and offered out his hand, now fully clothed, “how about we skip the rest of the award ceremony and grab some dinna’?”

Without wasting another second, Y/N immediately grabbed his hand and nodded her head, “thought you’d never ask.”

Imagine being possessed by Dagon whilst being Lucifer’s girlfriend

Word count: 870

Request by: anon

A/N: Hey guys, sorry it took so long for this to come out but better late than never right? (I have no excuse other than I found a podcast called ‘The Adventure Zone’ and I have just been binge listening to it for the past few days). Anyway, sorry that this is really bad, I kinda rushed it and forced myself to get it done today so that’s why it’s hot trash. 

“You have to go Luci,” you giggled out as Lucifer wrapped his arms more tightly around you to pull you closer into him causing him to nuzzle his head deeper into your neck.

“Just five more minutes in bed with the most beautiful human ever,” he whispered placing a light kiss on your forehead.

“You’re only saying that because I’m your soulmate Luci. Now I’m not even joking, you have about 10 seconds to be out of this room or you can find somewhere else to sleep tonight, you have hell to run.”

“It’s not as if I do anything whilst I’m there anyway. It’s chaotic whilst I’m away, I like it.” he placed a long final kiss on your lips before reluctantly pulling his arms away from your waist,

“See you tonight, Y/N,” he spoke out slightly smiling at how beautiful you looked even when you had just woken up and clicking his fingers taking him to ‘work’.

You sighed out happily into the empty room, taking in how content you felt in that moment. You had never loved someone as much as you had done with Lucifer, he was your soulmate after all, you were physically made for each other.

Everything about him from his icy blue eyes to his fluffy blonde hair attracted you to him and the same went for him whilst he was thinking about you.

The door to the room slowly creaked open.

“Back so soon?” you joked out looking over to the door.

Shock filled your body as Dagon walked into the room wielding a knife.

“D-Dagon?” you wearily spoke, shuffling as far away as you could from her.

Murmuring ‘weak’, Dagon simply walked over to your body, clicking her fingers. You felt invisible ropes restrain both your arms and legs. You tried to scream out but all that escaped your mouth was a muffled sob and tears fell rapidly down your cheeks as she moved away your shirt and brought down the knife onto your chest, right where your anti possession symbol was tattooed.

Pain flowed through your body making you scream in pain as she dragged the knife across the tattoo. Not a second after your mark was completely destroyed, Dagon exited her body suit and the black smoke forcefully rammed its way down your throat.

Involuntarily, with no control of your body, you stood up. Trying your hardest, you screamed out to Dagon for your body back.

“We are going to have so much fun,” you heard her speak before a darkness overtook you.

 Slowly, you came back to consciousness.

“Y/N, are you sure you are okay, you haven’t been acting normal all day,” Lucifer’s voice spoke out.

You tried to scream out to Lucifer that it wasn’t you but all that escaped your mouth was a ‘yes, I’m sure’.

Lucifer gave a look which any normal person would dismiss yet you knew Lucifer, and you knew that look, Lucifer knew that something wasn’t quite right but he couldn’t figure it out.

You tried again to scream out and all you could feel was Dagon beginning to get angry before blacking out.

It felt as if weeks had passed until you regained consciousness once again.

Suddenly you felt your stomach rumble and you could feel that Dagon was slightly startled, she looked up at Lucifer confusingly.

You sighed seeing Lucifer once again, your panicked state slightly calmed as you looked into his deep icy blue eyes. No matter what situation you were in, thinking about or seeing Lucifer would never fail to calm you down.

“Y/N, you’re hungry…” Lucifer spoke, his voice slightly wavered when saying your name.

“Ah yes, hungry.”

Dagon walked over to the fridge, she kept looking at Lucifer to see if she was doing things correctly. You couldn’t help but laugh at how obviously unhuman she was being. You were surprised at how long it was taking for Lucifer to figure out that it wasn’t you.

Slowly, she reached into the fridge and pulled out your least favourite food. Oh this is priceless.

Suddenly, your body was thrown against the wall as Lucifer put his arm tightly across your chest and looked extremely angry.

“Who are you?” He spat. Finally, you got there in the end Luci.

“I er-I don’t know what you me-“

Before Dagon could finish her sentence, she quickly smoked out leaving you to weakly fall onto the floor. Before you could hit the floor you felt Lucifer’s cool arms wrap protectively around your waist and pull you tightly into his chest.

“L-Luci,” you spoke out, slightly stuttering due to the long amount of time you had spent not being in control of your own body.

“Shh,” he spoke picking you up and carrying you over to your bed, “I’m so, so sorry Y/N. I should have noticed it was you sooner, I can’t believe that demon was inside you for so long.”

He placed you down on the bed and climbed in after you.

“I-I love you Luci,” you whispered out quietly whilst your eyes slightly began to close.

Before you fully fell asleep you heard Lucifer whisper a little ‘I love you too’ and place a light kiss on your forehead.

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