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Running Flat

*kicks down fandom door* I’M COMIN’ IN! 

Lance, like all the other paladins, is finally getting used to the “mind meld” they all have to indulge in when controlling their lions. Until someone’s uncontrollable crush comes in and knocks them all back in surprise. It’s a crush that circles persistently through their thoughts and only gets stronger as time goes on, until they begin to realize this might be a bit more serious than the term “crush” implies. 

Meanwhile, the unfortunate paladin behind it all is trying desperately to bury the feelings away, yet failing at every turn. 


Part 2

Part 1

The mind meld, as Lance (because he was a genius) had deemed it, that the five paladins were quite forced into when they were in their lions was something they’d all been initially uncomfortable with. But as their battles with the Galra and practice days had worn on, they’d grown quite accustomed to the whole thing. The mental connection wasn’t overly invasive, after all. More or less, it was about intention.

Not intention as in they could control what was projected and what wasn’t, but more as though their thoughts and feelings had to be intentionally severe. For example, Pidge’s irritation when they were cornered by the Galra was always very obvious, or Shiro’s deep desire that they all stay calm and collected. Hunk was known for, well, panic, but that usually faded pretty quickly in favor a deep thrumming determination and focus (as well as hunger when they were practicing boring formations). Keith had less constant interjections and was more inclined to shoot them up with irritation or rage (depending on the situation) for short bursts of seconds. Lance was also pretty sure that, when things were dire, the fierce desire to protect came from Keith too. He’d thought it was Shiro at first, until their head’s steady kind of acute protectiveness had come to the surface.

Though everyone was flattered at these rare displays by Keith, no one said anything. Probably wouldn’t have gone over too well and, honestly, making Keith feel embarrassed by the bonds he’d formed with them probably wasn’t a good idea when considering how he kept to himself most of the time.

Because, yes, even Lance knew when there was potential to go a step too far. He liked to bicker and poke and prod at Keith, and be a general annoyance to everyone, but he wasn’t out to hurt feelings. Not intentionally anyway. He was a people person, after all, and spent a great deal of energy feeling others out and learning their boundaries. Sure, his fellow paladins probably didn’t realize as much (he knew they thought he was slightly ridiculous and maybe even a little stupid—most people did), but it was true. He was generally thoughtful and only pushed as far as he was sure someone could take.

His supposed intellect (or assumed lack) and knack for being annoying aside, he brought his own degree of Lance to the mind meld mud pile of feelings. Optimism, that was what he generally projected in battle or practice. After all, they had to have faith they were going to succeed in order to do so. Maybe optimism wasn’t as important as Hunk’s determination, Shiro’s steady hand, Pidge’s irritated analyses, or Kieth’s adrenaline inducing rage, but it must have been good for something. Otherwise there’d be problems. Allura was always going on about how they had to be balanced, how it was important that their own thoughts work well with everyone else’s.

And since no one had been complaining, Lance could only come to so many conclusions. Either his optimism was useful or, well, simply wasn’t a hindrance, worst case scenario. Not like they really talked about each other’s mental brain waves, after all. They’d all pretty much deduced who was who—it was pretty obvious—but so long as things were going smoothly, there was no need to call any of it to attention.

That was what Lance told himself anyway. Even if his fluffy, hovering over their heads optimism was as much use as a lawnmower in space, at least he wasn’t causing problems. That in and of itself was enough to keep him positive.

Maybe he was a fifth wheel, but at least he wasn’t running flat.

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Chloe/Bobby Oneshot

@spitblaze @kibasniper I’m tagging you two for this post just because you are fellow Bobby/Chloe fans :P

So, I was just sitting around the other day, thinking to myself, “You know, I could totally picture Bobby blushing and giggling like a school girl if Chloe was to ever kiss him on the cheek,” and so I made a quick oneshot about it …. Enjoy!

P.S: I personally believe that Chloe really IS an alien, thus why certain qualities I decided to give her for the oneshot.

Title: Customary

Pairings: Bobby Zilch/Chloe Barge

Rating: K+

Remaining seated on his roughed-up green steamer trunk bag full of essentials he needed for camp, Bobby Zilch impatiently waited for a certain someone to meet him in the Parking Lot.

This year’s Psychic Summer Camp had concluded, and absolutely none of the campers appeared to be crushed or upset from the event … what with the kidnapping and all. The only campers that actually seemed to be genuinely disappointed about camp drawing to a close were Lili Zanotto and that new kid with the goggles. That circus freak being upset about the situation did not surprise the former camp bully in the slightest, but the usual isolated Lili Zanotto DID surprise him. However, he quickly reminded himself, “Probably cuz she’s got that show-off new kid as a boyfriend.”

Abruptly, Bobby’s posture improved as he straightened his back up, and his mis-matched eyes contained a genuine light twinkle in then when he saw HER walking towards him.

“Hello, Bobby,” the helmeted girl greeted, stopping right in front of him.

“H-H-Hey, Chloe,” the red-head replied timidly, rubbing the back of his head.

“Interesting. You appear to be resuming with your constant falters while in my presence,” Chloe stated. “There is no need for your neuroticism.”

“Right. Sorry,” Bobby apologized, barely comprehending what was just said to him, but believing he got the gist.

“I accept your apology, although it wasn’t necessarily warranted,” Chloe said.

Right away, Chloe mimicked Bobby by letting go of her own luggage and taking a seat on the top — placed right next to his. Her dark-green eyes met with the cloudless bright morning sky, but all Bobby could do was curiously glance over at her.

“My goal of reaching my people in space has been unsuccessful. I’ll must test out many other ways to get higher up so I could hear them better,” Chloe said.

“Yer pretty smart, Chloe. I’m sure ya will find a way,” Bobby said.

“I am thankful for your assurance,” Chloe said, her attention returning to the pronounced-haired preteen.

Interrupting their brief conversation, the Whispering Rock transit bus parked itself in the lot.

It was at that very moment when Bobby realized that he didn’t know where his stand was about this adventurous summer ending, it was like having to choose between two hellholes. Only one of them had Chloe for an advantage.

“Guess we better be goin’,” Bobby said, not hiding his disappointment very well.

“You can go ahead. I will join you in a short amount of time,” Chloe said.

“Ok,” Bobby said, standing up and grabbing the handle of his bag. “I can brin’ your bag in, if ya want.”

“Hmm, what a polite gesture,” Chloe declared, also standing up to allow the preteen to take her luggage.

While bending down to reach the handle of the other’s bag, Bobby could vaguely see Chloe’s small light-skinned hands rising up to her bulbous helmet.

When standing up, the seven-year-old’s headgear was fully removed. For the first time, Bobby could see her mouth, as well as two curled antennas underneath her special pink bow.

Before he could take a moment to preserve what was happening, Chloe leaned her face forward and the very lips he had never seen until now came in contact with his pink freckled cheek. The touch was soft, sweet, and quick — although in Bobby’s mind it seemed to last much longer.

After putting her helmet back on, she explained, “Judging by our current relationship status, it is customary for us to share a kiss of some sort. Is this correct?”

Still feeling the warm print on his cheek from which her lips just touched, Bobby’s usual unpleasant facial expression was replaced with a grin so wide it stretched to reach his ears. This frightened his peers around him, causing their speed of running towards the bus to pick up.

Bobby started to giggle, but then he lost his balance he didn’t realize he was holding back and fell backwards to the cemented ground.

“Bobby, are you feeling alright?” Chloe questioned, approaching her boyfriend and leaning down to his current level. “The blood in your face is dangerously elevated, and you appear to be dumbfounded. At least, more than usual.”

Bobby only mustered more high-pitched giggles and stutters rather than an appropriate response. Ultimately, he lifted himself up from the hard and cold ground and composed himself by straightening his posture and dusting off his jersey.

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Bobby finally replied, picking up the luggage yet again and heading towards the vehicle; nearly tripping on the way.

Chloe only stood there, thoughtfully pondering how anyone could find this earthling intimidating.

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Prompt: Post Season 3 - Bellarke from the POV of different characters. Plot whatever you think best! :)

The Eye of the Beholder

Also on ao3!

Whenever Raven needs help moving parts for the rover, she goes to Bellamy because he’s the only one who knows what he’s doing. Plus, he usually hangs around long enough to give her a hand with the actual work. Without Sinclair, she’s been kind of lonely working on the rover. Having Bellamy around helps ease that until he gets called off by Kane or Abby or, more likely, by Clarke.

Raven can’t find Bellamy anywhere, though, and she knows he’s not on duty because she can see Miller, Bryan, and Harper watching the gate and walls. Monty and Jasper are free, but they aren’t much help when it comes to moving large rover parts, so she goes to his quarters. Nothing. She checks Kane’s office, but he and Abby haven’t seen him in hours. She even checks Clarke’s quarters, but it looks untouched, which doesn’t surprise her one bit. Either Clarke hasn’t been sleeping, or she’s spending her nights in someone else’s bed.

Raven’s last stop is the mess hall and she sees Bellamy in the far corner, sitting next to Clarke. They’re passing a flask back and forth and going over a map on the table, their heads bowed closely together and she’s pretty sure her hand is around his knee underneath the table.

If she went up to him and asked for help, she knows he’d do it. Maybe not right away, but he’d find her within the hour. But Raven doesn’t want to ask him for help. She wants to leave him and Clarke alone because she’s certain she hasn’t seen either of them look so calm or at ease in months. They deserve a little peace before the world ends again.

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Originally posted by moan-s

Requested by anonymous:

“Hey can I request a Stiles imagine where everyone thinks you like Scott because your heart beat always speeds up around him but you actually like Stiles and just don’t want anyone to know? Stiles gets really salty about the whole thing when the pack tells them what they think and he can’t figure out why he’s so grumpy until he realizes he has feelings for you. Then some cute fluff pls. Thanks so much ♡”

Warnings: Swearing, salty!stiles, fluff

Note: this request is so freaking cute, and I’m so happy with this gif cause I feel like it just fits in perfectly with the story :)))) 

It had started around a month ago. Whenever he was around you would find yourself smiling and laughing more. Your heart rate would increase, you would sweat more and you found yourself more worried about how you looked and if you were saying anything stupid.

It took you a while to realise it, but you liked Stiles Stilinski.

The kid who you had known since middle school, the kid you knew like the back of your hand, the kid who you would always confide in about boys and him in turn girls (basically just Lydia Martin). That kid, your best friend, had found a spot in the part of your heart reserved only for romantic feelings.

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Why! Is! He! So! Breathtaking!? I will never stop being amazed by how awesome Chris is and how he effortlessly managed to tilt my world with just a look. He and Frank need to take a break before I pass out from gasping and giggling like a school girl
@whostheblondegirl, I thought I’d tag you because you always tag me in such wonderful Frank photos. Thank you, Love ❤️

I’ll Wait

Hey love ur writing was wondering if you could possibly do an Andy one shot where u are the dancer in Ed sheerans thinking out loud music video but you are also Ashley’s sister and Andy doesn’t realize he likes you but the whole band does and they get invited to see the filming and tge whole band teases him during filming Andy is there fuming and talks to you after because he think you like Ed but you don’t

Y/N’S P.O.V.

Screw my short ass arms.

“I need help!” I say as I walk out of the dressing room holding up my top, the back of my dress still open seeing as I can’t zip it.

I look around, see the camera man, the lighting guys, the girls that do hair and makeup and finally, Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx.

From what I can see is that they’re kind of playfully shoving Andy who has a smile on his face, yet shaking his head as if denying something.

I saunter over to them, practicing the walk I do in the beginning of the video we’re suppose to film as I do so.

“Hey guys!” I say, catching their attention as I walk up to them.

“Andy, can you zip up my dress for me? My short ass arms can’t reach.” I ask. I specifically asked hi to though because I may be slightly rushing on him.

“Yeah sure, I got it.” Andy says and I smile at him, turning around as I hold up the front of my dress.

I hear snickering and some whispering as the zipper is finally tugged into place, my dress fitting snugly now.

“Thank you, Andy.” I tell him as I turn around, standing on my tip-toes and placing a kiss on his cheek.

It’s always something I do when I say thank you, or when I’m meeting someone for the first time. Call it weird, it’s a habit.

I can barely make-out the blush on his cheeks before someone grips my arm, pulling me away a few feet.

I see it’s Ed and I’s choreographer. He twirls his finger, signaling me to spin in my outfit.

I roll my eyes playfully before doing the spin in the beginning where I get to whip my hair around.

“Marvelous!” The director calls out before clapping his hands, “okay places everyone!”

I turn towards Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx, smiling so wide my cheeks hurt.

“Wish me luck, guys!” I say excitedly.

Ashley wraps his arms around me, going to ruffle my hair playfully but pulls back knowing that he almost got an ass whopping by my hairstylist the first time he did it.

“Good luck baby sis.” He says, going for pinching my cheek lightly instead of ruffling my hair.

“I’m not that much younger!” I protest before I get pulled away onto the set.

I don’t even know how much time had gone by until we were done.

Ed was an amazing dance partner for this, and we had to listen to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ the entire time we were dancing.

My feet hurt know and I’m dizzy from all the spinning we’ve been doing.

I did notice though that the entire time I was dancing with, especially when the more… intimate, dance moves were going on that CC, Ashley, Jake and Jinxx were smiling like idiots, saying things that I could tell made Andy annoyed and irritated.

I wonder what that’s about…

“Okay that’s a wrap you guys!” The director calls out and we all cheer, papers being thrown everywhere.

I give Ed one last hug, “Thanks for choosing me to dance with you.”

“I’ll let you know if we have any other music videos where we need dancing, because you were amazing.” He compliments me.

I blush and smile before saying goodbye and sauntering back over to the guys. But before I make it over there, Andy stomps away and out the back door.

“What was that all about?” I ask Ashley, referring to Andy’s small tantrum.

“Maybe you should ask him about it.” He says, giggling to himself like a school girl. CC, Jake and Jinxx all have grins on their face and I narrow my eyes at them.

“What do you know that I don’t?” I ask suspiciously.

They shrug it off, acting like they don’t know.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, go talk to Andy!” CC exclaims, shoving me lightly towards the door Andy went out of.

I look them over one last time, trying to think what they know but I ignore it eventually, walking out the back door.

I see Andy leaned against the brick wall with a cigarette in-between his fingers, the end between his lips.

“So what was that about?” I ask him, startling him.

“What was what about?” He retorts, tossing the cigarette to the ground and stomping it out, blowing out the smile that he inhaled.

“You know. The stomping out of the room with a pissed off expression on your face.” I say in an obvious voice.

He shakes his head, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “it wasn’t anything.”

I look at him doubtfully, “Andy. I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re lying. You can tell me.”

He looks down, seeming to have an internal debate with himself.

I sigh, “fine I’ll wait.” I say, leaning against the wall besides him.

Time ticks by and I start to hum to make it go by faster. Andy then chuckles shaking his head.

“You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

I shake my head, “nope.” I say, popping the 'p’.

He laughs lightly and I smile, knowing he’s going to confess.

“You really want to know? Fine. I was jealous.”

Oop. There it is.

“Seeing you get so lovey dicey with Ed in there, it made me realize something. It made me realize, that I like yet I can’t have because you like Ed. I knew deep down I never would have had a chance with anyway. I mean, you’re Ashley’s sister and although he did say he’d set us up I could never to that to him. I mean, if I ever accidentally hurt you he’d never let it go and I-”

“Oh my god just shut up and kiss me.”

Before he can respond to that I rest my hands on his cheeks, standing on my tiptoes just so I can kiss his lips.

His arms wrap around my waist immediately, pulling me closer to him as our lips move in sync.

I don’t know how but I ended up against the walk, my legs wrapped around his waist with my hands in his hair while he was holding me up by placing his hands on my ass.

I really like this position.

We both pull away from each other, breathing heavily. His lips were red and swollen from the kissing, and I bet my lips looked the same.

Only one word escaped from both of our mouths at the same time.




What I love you means in terms of Cory and Topanga AND WHY I AM CONFIDENT THAT LUCAYA AND RIARKLE ARE GOANNA WORK IT OUT 

“I have always been able to talk to you, I have always been able to make you laugh, And I have always been able and want to care for you) 


Lucas’s point of view 

I have always been able to talk to you - People will claim that Rilucas fall into this description, but what really have Lucas been able to talk about with Riley apart from the fact that he wants to be a vet (The reason is explained in Lucas why he told her this) or the perfect fake image about him self. Lucas has been able to have deeper CONVERSATIONS with Maya, because she can see right through his facade and she can accept him for who he is, these have been shown by the off camera hints that they may have talked about family, religion, and is shown by their deep conversation in Texas. And also season 3 starts to show how DEEP their conversations are 

have always been able to make you laugh - I don’t know about you, but there is no argument that the person who makes Lucas laugh like an idiot always is Maya and she’s not even trying, whether it’s the classroom conversations where he laughs behind her secretly, or a serious conversation about religion where she casually drops a joke or two and he giggles like a school girl. Sure Riley makes him laugh because she’s goofy or what not (i.e the thing everybody laughs at her for) but with Maya anything she does just makes this boy the happiest person around 

, And I have always been able and want to care for you -Again another one that needs no explanation. Protecting Maya is like Lucas’s job or something, whether is not letting her hit her head on the desk, or protecting her eyes from seeing pain, or protecting her from being made fun of in high school, or ensuring she’s happy. Or the fact that He JUST CAN’T HURT her because that breaks him too, or the fact that her HE WANTS HER TO BE HAPPY, or the fact that he pulls her away when he thinks something is about to go down (Texas) or the fact that in season 3 he acts like an over protective BOYFRIEND when he finally sees she’s hurt etc etc….

 Maya’s point of view 

I have always been able to talk to you -The results of Maya’s conversation with Lucas are what makes it even more SPECIAL, his words hold such a SPECIAL meaning to her, the trust she has in his advices, whether it convinces her to try to forgive her father, to listen to her heart and believe again (BELIEF), to teach her to dream and hope for her art (MONEY AND CREATIVITY) or the Trust she holds for him above other people (NEW YEARS) these 2 can actually change each other and grow from their conversations. That’s what makes their bond even more special.

Have always been able to make you laugh- Lucas makes Maya laugh just by being near her, the idea that he lets her tease him to make her happy makes her so giddy and full of joy when they tease each other, the fact her face lights up after she hahurrs him each time, and he smiles back makes them so special together. 

I have always been able to care for you-I love that Maya accepts Lucas for who he is, and she knows when he’s hurt, everytime, she knows how to stop him from going to far because she cares for him, She TRIES to protect  him and because if he got hurt SHE DIDN’T KNOW WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE DONE, or the fact that seeing him HAPPY causes her face to LIGHT UP (Friendship) etc These 2 are made for each other and sadly this makes SKILODGE so much more painful. 


Riley’s point of view 

I have always been able to talk to you- Again another pair that can have the deepest conversations but you know why Farkle and Riley’s conversations are so much more important. Because of how it AFFECTS them both. Riley breaks out of her naivety and GROWS when she speaks to Farkle whether its the realisation that she wants to be a FEMINIST, or the ability to STAND UP FOR HER SELF (HIGH SCHOOL)  or the ability to confess unconditional LOVE to each other, The ability to GET each other. They have always been able to talk to each other and not just talk but have DEEP conversations Cue season 3 Permanent record, etc…

I have always been able to make you laugh-  I know people were creeped out a bit by season 1 Farkle but you know what made it interesting, was that Riley always laughed at his antics whenever he was chasing her, or he could make her laugh by HAHHING in her face (New years) or he can make her smile even when she’s trying to be dark (YEARBOOK) etc… 

I have always been able to care for you- Just like her “boyfriend” LUCAS towards Maya, Riley just cant hurt Farkle, “I could never hurt you” She can’t make fun of his name because she knows it annoys him, she HAS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for him no matter hat situation they are in, She strives to make him accept who he is (Yearbook, I am Farkle) She bets that he’s a real boy, she makes sure he knows she’ll always be there or him, His happiness means the world to her, and when she finds out he could leave her SHE GETS SCARED (HIGH SCHOOL) , she’s able to always comfort him, so much that she’d break her own RULES for him (TRUTH) Their bond is so much deeper than that of hers and Lucas and SHE FIGHTS FOR HIS HAPPINESS NO MATTER WHAT (Farkle’s choice) He’s one of the first thing on her mind and the only one apart from MAYA who makes her broken with the thought of him not believing her. (HIGH SCHOOL)

Farkle’s point of view

I have always been able to talk to you- Riley makes Farkle ponder the other parts of the unknown. From their conversations Farkle struggles with Feelings he doesn’t understand whether its empathy (FRIENDSHIP), the lack of logic (PLUTO), love (FARKLE),, growth (YEARBOOK), etc… and the idea of SCIENCE AND LOGIC explaining everything. Riley shows Farkle to look outside the microscope leading him to believe in the UNKNOWN something he claimed he didn’t, Farkle’s growth mostly stems from conversations with Riley which help him see the world, and its beautiful. This is what Talking should happen, this is what conversations are supposed to do for a relationship

I have always been able to make you laugh- Everything about Rileuy makes Farkle smile don’t forget she’s the SUN to his world, with her everything seems wonderful, you catch him sneaking looks at her in season 2 laughing at whatever thing she does, giggling or chuckling to him self because she said something. When she’s being her  her GIGGLE is his favourite sound in the world. They both want the other to smile, they both want the other to be happy. That’s what love means in Jacobs world

I have always been able to care for you- Riley being hurt breaks Farkle, he cares so much about her that seeing her hurt makes him strive to protect her with howevermeans so much that it causes him forget about other things whether its LOGIC and SCIENCE something he always follows (HIGH SCHOOL) he still shows up even though he thinks she;s wrong because he knows she’’s counting on him to show up, seeing her sad makes his face fall, he gets stonefaced at others who hurt her eg Lucas saying Riley is too much for him just like Lucas who gets stone faced when Cory makes fun of Maya, he knows when shes sad and it bothers him more than anything (RILEY TOWN) his faith in her is the one thing she counts on (RAH RAH) and when he doesn’t have it it breaks her and he also becomes broken too with guilt (HIGH SCHOOL PART 1 and 2 spoilers) or it leads him to break his PROMISE//LOYALTY to others (TEXAS) even though he promised he’’d love Maya the same, he still only thinks about Riley’s happiness, or Lucas etc… I just don’t know how No one sees who’s truly in love with each other but are getting distracted from everything else. 

That’s why I’m not worried about skilodge 

Title: Oh Waiter!
Rating: PG
Fandom: Bangtan Boys
Pairing: Jikook (Jimin/Jungkook)
Summary: non-idol!au, Jungkook finds the cafe waiter very cute and very distracting, based off this picture by @jamkook !!!

      Jeongguk ducked his head slightly as one of his friends held the cafe door open, putting his hand out to keep it open long enough for himself to go through so his friend could go on ahead.

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anonymous asked:

Can you write something about how you're sick and the boys take care of you and their babies, too? Please and thank you ♡♡

(daddy!sos is bae)

ashton: ash is the definition of daddy can we just start with that like you’d be in your bed hardly able to get up but you’d be so stubborn about it you’d be like ‘no it’s okay i can take care of the kids you go to work’ but he would refuse to and he’d make food for you all day and go grocery shopping with the kids and get you some trashy magazines for you to read in bed and he’d come in like every half hour and be like ‘you want anything, how are you feeling babe?’ and he’d take your temperature and make sure you were comfortable all day

michael: mikey totally wouldn’t know what to do at first because you were usually the one who told him what to do when one of the girls were sick so he’d just come in with every single over the counter medication the two of you owned and he’d be like ‘which one do you want? or, uh, need, I guess?’ and you’d pick it out and ask him for an ice pack and once you were settled he’d take care of the girls and get them ready for school and you’d just hear him from the kitchen ‘oh, you want a braid like mommy does it? uh… this is a braid, right?’ and hear the kids giggling and you’d laugh too and he’d call ‘don’t laugh babe, it hurts your throat’ but really just because he was embarrassed

luke: he’d be soo worried about you when you wake up all hot and with a sore throat and he’d pull out all the health books and make sure it wasn’t something really really bad and once he realized it was just the flu he’d make you some toast and get some ice packs. your 5 year old son would be outside the room like ‘what’s wrong with mom?’ and luke would say ‘mommy’s not feeling too good today, she needs some space little guy.’ and carry him out to the kitchen and make him some breakfast. he’d come check up on you and sit next to you feeling your forehead asking if you were sure you didn’t want anything else, and your little boy would come in with a ‘get well soon’ card telling you that ‘him and daddy signed it’

calum: calum would be the best like he’d totally poke fun at you for your stuffy nose and when you’d ask him for tissues he’d be like ‘what? a tiddue? darling, i don’t know what a tiddue is’ with a big grin on his face and you’d roll your eyes but he would get them for you and make sure you had the medicine you needed and you had enough blankets and shows to watch and he’d let you be, every so often you’d hear the baby act up and he’d go into her room and coo her until she fell asleep again 

send me blurb requests!