This is the tattoo I have on my left arm. My bestfriiend has the same one on her left arm. This tattoo has saved me in so many more ways than one. She thinks that I don’t want or need her around anymore. She doesn’t realize that without her I wouldn’t be here. I got it on my left arm because I use to cut my wrist. All the scars have gone away except one. I cut my thighs. I crave the razor against my skin. I will admit it. I haven’t cut in almost a month. I feel like breaking down and cutting. Cutting and destroying my legs until I can’t feel the pain anymore. But I know that if I do than my bestfriiend will never forgive me. It will break her. I would loose her. I wouldn’t be able to loose her. She may think that I don't need her but I do more than she realizes. I’m sorry bestfriiend. I wish that you knew how much I need you and how many times you have saved me. One day you will, I hope. One day I hope that we will be closer than close again. I hope that one day you will forgive me for all the thoughts I have about harming myself. I love you and I’m sorry.