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I'm so sad to hear you're still sick. I jope you get better soon!

aw, thank you friend! i went back to the doctor and basically told them they weren’t taking me seriously enough (like… i’m not the type to go to the doc unless i actually really have to) and am on antibiotics now and drinking tea with fresh lemon like it’s my fuckin job so hopefully i’ll be better super soon

Hands are really squishy aren’t they?
Like kinda bumpy I suppose, but mostly rather squish!
And I’m a super tactile person so I can imagine just messing about with a tiny friend who trusted me enough, laying my hand on them or gently pressing a finger to them- it’s not enough to even remotely hurt or even discomfort but the pressure is almost all surrounding, like the warmest, tightest hug all over!

I like the idea of squeezing their face lightly between a finger and thumb so their cheeks go a lil squish and their face looks kinda funny- it’d probably make them giggle which would be lovely!
Pinching their tiny hands in my grasp too so we can hold hands, or just….feeling them but not in a nasty or perverse way or anything?
Just understanding them I guess, nothing more to it- no motive or anything just…..holding them and feeling their weight in my hand and how they feel to touch, letting them lie in my hand while I pay attention to every slight movement because I’m just so fascinated by them!!

Also I’ve seen designs for goo or slime tinies before and they’re just twice as good because like, they’re so tactile and lovely to hold- not to mention you can still play about the ways I mentioned before, but there’s absolutely no danger of hurting them even by accident!!
And they must feel so calm and cool to the touch, kinda oozy and nice!

Idk I think with my hands sometimes, it’s hard to put into words properly!
I just like the idea of knowing a tiny comfortably enough for us both to explore and mess about like this, with them climbing about me and being as tactile as they want and me able to hold and handle them without fear!

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If you think for a single second that Harry won't dress up his offspring as a bunch of bananas, I'm afraid I just can't support you anymore.

BAHH! YES! (So far, all the life-ruining suggestions have been a form of food…interesting.)

Just imagine his little one in a banana outfit and, to tease him or her, he pretends to take a bite out of their fingers because it makes them giggle.

Oh lord…

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Headcanons for how Undertaker is with a small shy s/o who tells him the weirdest jokes???

Undertaker Headcanons #1

  • He always has time for their jokes. Always! They could whisper a joke in his ear while he’s in the middle of dealing with a customer and he wouldn’t stop them.
  • Even if he’s not quite grasped the humor of the joke, they’re still going to get a laugh from him. This is different from the way he treats other people who are trying to make him laugh; the thing that makes all the difference is that he really cares for his S/O and doesn’t want them to feel like they’re not funny.
  • If for some reason he can’t sleep, he’ll ask his S/O to tell him one of their jokes. Giggling at it and cuddling them will help put him right out.
  • They’re not the only one who tells weird jokes, either. More than once, Undertaker hasn’t been able to help himself, and blurts out a joke before they can even say theirs. (It surprises him when they laugh as hard at that joke as he does at theirs.)

the holy trinity of jimin’s precious laugh “Haha, Hehehehe, Heh heh heh heh” [Bon Voyage ep.7]