the holy trinity of jimin’s precious laugh “Haha, Hehehehe, Heh heh heh heh” [Bon Voyage ep.7]

Lou Pearlman, the impresario behind boy band giants such as the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC, has died in prison where he is serving a 25-year sentence tied to a $300 million Ponzi scheme.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons said 62-year-old Pearlman died on Friday, without specifying a cause of death.

Along with the Ponzi scheme allegations, Pearlman has also faced accusations of sexual misconduct against numerous young boy band members, first detailed in a 2007 Vanity Fair article.

“Some, especially the teenagers, shrugged and giggled when he showed them pornographic movies or jumped naked on their beds in the morning to wrestle and play. Other, it appears, didn’t get off so easily,” the article read. “For any number of young men who sought to join the world’s greatest boy bands, Big Poppa’s attentions were an open secret, the price some paid for fame.”

Pearlman had denied the allegations.

Lou Pearlman, Boy Band Manager And Ponzi Schemer, Dies In Prison

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Okay so we all have that one friend where you’re so close that people sometimes mistake you for a couple right? Right. (@radicalgarbage hey best friend winkwink you need to watch Voltron if you haven’t already)

Obviously after fuck knows how long of fighting aliens and living together, Voltron gang is gonna end up that close friends, whether or not any of them are actually gay for each other. They’re all constantly touching each other, making terrible inside jokes, getting up in each other’s faces to make weird faces, like they surpassed all bounds of awkwardness years ago.

So one day they land on an alien planet to restock on food. And they’re in the market together and Lance is making rude jokes about phallic looking vegetables while Pidge ponders if there are any alien fruits here that have the same electricity-carrying properties as Earth citrus and Shiro is trying to wrangle these four rowdy children while Allura tries to make sound bartering decisions with these vendors who just will not stop giggling at them. 

Eventually someone, probably Hunk, asks an alien what’s so funny. Turns out, on this planet polyamory is a thing and healthy group relationships where everybody’s all over each other and loving and happy is The Ideal, and literally every single person on this entire planet is convinced that they’re all mutually in love with each other. 

Allura and Coran immediately start to die laughing because they should have expected this. 

Lance and Keith flip shit and start loudly insisting that they are Not A Thing No Siree (even though it’s obvious to a baby that they’re madly in love with each other). Shiro starts praying to any god that will listen that Lance will leave the Daddy memes on Earth because by this point all of his rowdy children have called him Dad at least once and please I don’t need this. Pidge just kinda holds their face in their hands because they haven’t gotten around to sorting out their feelings for Hunk (admiration of his intelligence? his face is really cute? protect the other not-obnoxious one?) and they Don’t Need This.

Hunk: [blinks a couple times] Oh. I guess that makes sense, I mean Lance and Keith bicker like an old married couple.
(Klance look offended in the background)
Hunk: And Shiro and Allura are an old married couple.
(Shiro blushes like a space tomato and Allura squawks indignantly)
Hunk: And we’re all really close to each other from years of having each other’s backs so yeah I totally get where you’d see that it’s just not a thing.

The aliens all look at each other like yeah sure they’re not all in a relationship totes my space goats. And then maybe they get invited to a fancy dinner at some royal’s place and somebody important gives a great speech about how they know that the universe is in good hands because the Paladins of Voltron are in the strongest and most ideal relationship seven people could possibly have. 

They all blush furiously and are caught between flattery and guilt because it’s not like that guys we swear

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How would Junkrat, McCree, Hanzo, Genji, 76, and Roadhog react to getting kisses on their noses from their s/o?

* Doesn’t protest when his s/o does it.
* Always allows them to
* If his s/o wants to kiss his nose he’ll pick them up so they can reach

* Chuckled when his s/o kisses his nose.
* Kisses theirs back.
* Hugs them and tells them they’re adorable.
* If he’s having a bad day nose kisses are always welcome.

* Giggles so much
* Does it back
* If it’s a surprise one he’ll jump but smile
* Always gets a goofy smile when his s/o kisses his nose
* Uses them as a form of currency between himself and his s/o.

Soldier 76:
* Is really confused at first.
* Smiles at his s/o
* Kisses their nose back
* Sometimes their lips
* Thanks them
* Sometimes asks for nose kisses
* Or he’ll tease them and say they missed before pointing to his lips.

* Was usually asleep when his s/o did it
* The first time they kiss his nose when he’s awake he blushes
* But lets them do it whenever they want
* Chuckled if his s/o gets giggly
* Kisses their forehead

* loves it when his s/o kisses his nose
* Doesn’t care if they do it in front of people
* Always pulls them into a hug after
* If he wants to tease them he’ll pat their head

I went to a dinner at the cat sanctuary tonight with my mom and sister and even tho there were TONS of people it was still pretty enjoyable :) there was so. much. really yummy food and now Im super full and actually not feeling too sick which is rad bc I’m pretty sure the ratio of junk food to healthy food I ate was 50:50

they let the cats walk on the tables as we were eating and it was surreal because nobody was mad or annoyed we were just petting them as we ate and giggling whenever one of them tried to steal food off our plate it was amazing. I love cats

I love someone who loves someone else.
It was wrong, I know. I’m aware of it.
I knew it the moment I saw them giggling
in a bench together and I thought — 
“how can I make myself wish to destroy
something so pure and innocent?”.
I never acted on my feelings,
And I probably never will.

This is more than just one-sided love.
It feels like being born like this
is a curse in itself, being a she.
It was expected of me to just wait
and let the bees come to the flowers.
But never in my whole life
did I felt like a lovely flower.
In most cases, I felt like a dung.
That kind that only ugly beetles
seem to have interest in.

Now don’t get me wrong,
I didn’t mean that literally.
Nevertheless, they are still beetles.
Self-centered, worthless beetles.
They will just used you for themselves
and roll you over for their own amusement.
And there’s nothing flowery-like in that.

For quite some time now, I already
submitted to quit wishing for
prince charmings or romeos or peter pans.
They are just not that reassuring anymore.
And seems like age, if not time, has
already proven a lot of things to me.
That life is no where near what is
being told in fairy tales and that if you
want something, you should strive to get it.

But a part of me still wishes that one day,
I hope I will be proven wrong.
Not that I wish for a prince to save me,
but a wish for a happily ever after.
Give or take a few fireworks!
—  hishiddenletters, A confession of a girl

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Tyde tell me your fave Vriska headcanons

my favorite vriska headcanon is that she’s a lesbian :-PPP

  • She is. awful about getting enough sleep. she thinks sleeping is a waste of time and avoids it as much as possible. (definitely not for any reason like bad dreams or anything. she would just rather do something more important. definitely)
  • she specifically scanned all the pages of mindfang’s journal (which is canon!) with the express purpose of sending passages to terezi so they could giggle about them. (a few pages may have gotten sent to eridan at some point too, but he wasn’t as fun about it)
  • she would never admit it but she loves having her hair brushed and played with and she actually keeps it pretty well kept
  • she owns 8^8 button-up overshirts 
It’s not a little thing you do

I’m nearly half-asleep as I do this, so I’m sorry if a) it’s weird, b) I miss anyone, and c)…well that it’s late. My nap turned into a sleep @_@

Fanfic fills the spaces that series don’t–it illustrates and illuminates the little things that we need to see, whether they’re silly, sweet, smutty, or simply more of the same that the series provides, but that we just haven’t had enough of. It destresses, it helps us cope, it gives us something to look forward to… It’s a special thing to make someone all-out grin and giggle into their pillow because they got a message on their phone saying you’ve published, and to have them tearing up because that One Scene finally, FINALLY happened. It’s even more special to make them grin when they’re on hour ten of a long shift–to help them giggle when they haven’t felt like things are funny for a while–to stop up the tears when shit’s finally cracked. 

Yeah, it’s fan art. No, you can’t sell it. And fuck all of that, it’s still very much something that’s worth while. You’re perfecting your art; you’re creating, which is so, SO frickin’ important; and you’re sparking a bright spot in lives, both yours and the people reading what you make. You cannot underestimate the power to make people smile, and to bring a bit of goodness into their day-to-day when otherwise it might not be there.

You write, you create, you shine. It’s not a little thing you do–it’s a very big thing, and it’s incredibly special, and don’t ever stop doing it.

Shout outs to:

@vote-sensei . I AM SO INCREDIBLY BEHIND BUT LISTEN I STILL READ AND I AM FLIPPING MY SHIT. This is probably one of the best written, sneakiest fucking slow-burn fics around, because it’s an ask blog, but HOLY SHIT. HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS. YOU JUST DON’T…..IT’S SO GOOD. I have had customers ask me what was wrong ON SEVERAL OCCASIONS because I read a post at work and literally started screaming about it.

@empanadadooblez / Empanadadrabblez on Ao3. YOU. ARE. THE. INTIMACY. GOAL. Your stuff is so sweet and so sexy and how DARE YOU make fucking daddy kink EMOTIONAL AND DEPRESSING AND STILL SOMEHOW TOUCHING HOLY SHIT. HOW.

@i-d-k-man / i_dont_know_man on Ao3 Your voice is INSTANTLY recognizable and I fucking love your Genos like oh my goodness I can’t i can’t i CAN’T. I love everything you do, ALL of it (yes, I’ll even throw in frickin’ Saitake Mushroom….oh my gosh I’m still in shock XD)

@bloodsbane / bloodsbane on Ao3. YOUR SITUATIONAL SHIT IS SPOT-ON. I love it SO MUCH. And your writing has this….I don’t know, it’s this sort of dreamy quality and it’s just so GOOD. I’ll find you before the stars do is STILL one of my favorite things ever, and you are going to give me a heart attack with Pretty Mouth Full .


@ramblingcoyote You. YOUUU. YOUUUUU. Your chats and fics are life-giving, and THAT FRICKIN’ MECHANIC AU. HOLY FUCK. I LOVE IT SO MUCH CODY. Do you know how many times I’ve scoured through your blog just to reread them? I mean I won’t say because it’s embarrassing but I LOVE IT MORE THAN I CAN SAY.

@konorai (DO YOU HAVE AN AO3?!!) I know you’re going to argue with me on this, but your musings and ideas are so incredibly inspiring, and i LOVE HEARING THEM. Seriously Kono, PLEASE DON’T EVER BE AFRAID TO SPEAK UP AND SAY THEM THEY’RE AMAZING. 

I DON’T KNOW THEIR NAME ON HERE BUT GUYS. OldBeginningNewEnding on Ao3 is SO FRICKIN’ GOOD. When I tell you that I think about Sweets for the Sweet? and Epsilon almost daily, I AM NOT LYING. SO. SO. SO. SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD. They’re….they’re….AAAAAHHHH.

And fucking @chibimoonart / ChibiMoon on Ao3. You and Steam are the reason I started writing fanfic, and really the reason I started seriously writing in a long fucking time. I….don’t really have the right words to thank you, but just know that I’m really, deeply, super fucking thankful for you and what you do >/////////<

And I just have to give a shout-out to two of my biggest muses for my own work: @furaitsu, just as you are, and your asks, and your incredibly gorgeous work….I…JLASDKL!!!!!!!!!! 
And @washuuchan , washuuuu, washuu my looovvee, holy shiiiitt, a third, you are the reason almost a frickin’ THIRD of my fic exists, I love you so much, I really…I LOVE YOU PLEASE CONTINUE BEING AMAZING.

I am almost positive I’m forgetting people, and i’m really sorry…I am so tired @_@ BUT SERIOUSLY. THANK YOU. ALL OF YOU. ALL OF YOU. For EVERYTHING that you do. It really does mean a lot, to a lot of different people @////////@

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I have this idea in my head that if you know her very well, you’ll know that Narcissa Malfoy loves to talk. If you’re fortunate enough to listen to her enough, you realize that she’s a brilliant woman, if not a bit odd.

Now just think about the countless nights that Narcissa starts squirming around in bed at three in the morning, mumbling to herself as she looks for her wand to turn a light on. She then abruptly begins to shake Lucius’ shoulders. 

“Lucius, darling, love, sweet heart, I must tell you about this bizarre dream I had.”
And all she hears is this very annoyed groan and a salty little mutter, “Narcissa! This is the third time this week! For the love of Merlin, if you love me, let me sleep.

And she just goes right into it, “Right, well, anyways, so it started off with Rita Skeeter and I in the Department of Mysteries-”
Whack! “Are you listening to me!?”

Early in their marriage, Kristoff and Anna start a tradition of taking huge bowls of ice cream to bed and laugh and giggle as they eat them. When they are done they inevitably slip into love making.

They should have known that when they took Mocha Butter Rum Chip to bed they would end up with such a feisty child in their firstborn Joseff. Their French Vanilla baby, Heidi, is sweet and mild.

“We may be playing with fire.” Kristoff says as he balances a heaping bowl of Rocky Road ice cream on his lap.

Anna grins. “We could always just eat the ice cream and go to sleep.”

He catches the ornery wink in her eye. “Well where’s the fun in that?”

Nine months later Petter makes his entrance into the world and while he gives his parents his share of headaches it is nothing they cannot handle because they have each other.

Listen, I’m not saying that Steve and Peggy fooled around on the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, and one of them made a crack about good relations between their two countries, which led to them giggling breathlessly while half-clothed, two pairs of shoes in the middle of the Presidential Seal rug.

But, I’m not not saying it, either.


be bold and wild and wonderful!

this bunch of little girls passed us and cut across country 
on their little ponies, chattering and giggling.

i loved to see them so wild and carefree, it reminded me of the adventurous (legal and illegal) horseback rides of my childhood a lot.

i can tell bebe is a rascal and wild tomboy just like her mama already,
and i hope i’ll be as confident, brave and encouraging as my parents were,
to give her space and let her develop and roam freely.