“So.. is Gramps going to get here before or after you suck each others faces off?” 

Monroe and Stitch stifled a giggle between them as they remembered the low mumble from the telly was Cupid playing games and not just a cooking program in the background.

“He should be here soon Cupi, don’t worry” Monroe managed, after composing himself and ignoring Stitch next to him, silently giggling as his face flushed even pinker than usual.

“Well I sure hope so! I need you two out of here as soon as. That surprise isn’t going to make itself!”

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sometimes, a lot of times, kookie sounds like a chill af middle aged trot loving busan uncle at a loud family gathering. everyone's shouting abt everything while stuffing 500 different dishes in their faces and he just sits there all laid back n chill and interjects with unfunny bad jokes from 20 yrs ago in his raspy trot uncle voice. giggles at them by himself. sometimes he points at the tv like 'love that song, old sport. pass some kkakdugi please, kid'. lowkey sings along munching on a pickle

zhe y r u accurate af?

this is my son completely

Symptoms of reading good fanfic

~ Bloodshot eyes from staying up until 3am (it was just getting good around midnight!)

~ Uncontrollable smiling in public while thinking of your OTP (these dorks. I love them)

~ Giggling (sometimes cackling) at the most inopportune times. (Bus, class, church, bathroom…)

~ A desire to hide somewhere at work or school just to keep reading. (Oh, hi… I was just looking for some staples… For the last hour)

~ Forgetting that this isn’t how it actually happened in cannon… (What do you mean he’s dead? He’s not dead! *hysterical laughter*)

~ Loud sighing once finished with a fic. Followed by immediately looking for another fic.

Can we all imagine for a moment, the epic level of awesome which would have occurred if we had ever had an episode where Cooper comes to visit Blaine and they all go out to diner and then the bar with Elliott. Why is this not a thing that happened????

Picture it: Matt Bomer, Darren Criss, Chris Colfer, and Adam Lambert. Together. In one scene. Sassing, casting shade, one-upping each other, and then going out and getting loose and crazy on the dance floor… The Anderson boys being goofballs together to 80′s pop songs while Kurt and Elliott giggle and watch them fondly, Kurt and Cooper dancing as Kurt makes faces at Blaine because he now realizes that Cooper may be pretty but OH MY GOD will he stop stepping on his toes and WHO SAID it was okay to do the Macarena to Sia’s Chandelier????? Kurt and Elliott dancing together as half the bar watches discreetly (because HELL that’s hot) and Cooper tries to talk to his brother about his new almost-maybe role but Blaine has stopped listening and is staring at the two men on the dance floor with a gaze that gets more intent as he loosens his bowtie before getting up (cutting Cooper off mid-sentence) and sliding in behind the entwined pair to hook his fingers possessively into the loops of Kurt’s pants and whisper promises into the shell of his ear, and then Elliott and Cooper indiscriminately chatting up men and women alike as Kurt and Blaine dash for their cab because home is where the bed is and this is not time for a quickie in an alleyway, no, tonight is the night to finally christen their new king-sized bed which they bought when their structurally unsound bed (seriously, it must have been a flaw in the solid oak frame) cracked after their last night out with Elliott…. Besides, maybe the king-size is better if Elliott ever stays over again…

Waking Up To A Winchester

Summery: Waking up next to Dean Winchester was suppose to be amazing, the night you two had sure was, but Bobby’s nosey and you’re in trouble. [Second part to Practically naked Encounters.] 

Dean x Reader

Warning: Implied smut. Some swearing (not much, probably like, one or two curse words) kinda fluffy. Dean being a cutie (it’s a dangerous thing when Dean gets cute)

Word count: 950

A/N: I couldn’t write smut, I’m sorry! I couldn’t do it, my face went red and I giggled every time I made them kiss. Sorry if you wanted smut. I really just couldn’t do it.

Read part one here

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reaction to when you ask the shinhwa boys to ride the scariest and highest roller coaster (and when you ride it)? BTW i love your blog and the reactions always make me giggle!

Andy (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

“On a scale from 1 to 10 how scary is scary?”

*during the ride*

Dongwan (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

“Ok, but first let me bid farewell to this beautiful world.”

*during the ride*

*cries as his spirit leaves him*

Eric (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

“Is there a trick to this whole thing?”

*after the ride*

*brags about how the wind blew in his mouth during the ride*

Minwoo (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

*holds a press conference* “I HATE, HATE, ABSOLUTELY HATE rollercoasters!”

*during the ride*

*after realizing it’s not THAT bad*

Junjin (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

*when you’re explaining which one you want to ride* “Oh, no,nope, I’m not getting anywhere near that!”

*during the ride*

*continuously hits your leg until it’s numb*

Hyesung (when you ask them to ride the roller coaster)

“Darling, the exit is THAT way!”

*after the ride*

*when you come to him and point to another ride* *sends a text message to 911*

Baby Shower! ll F2F ll Dantana

Dani finished getting both of the girls dressed before laying them both on the bed side to side, snapping a picture of them she leaned down and peppered kisses all over their faces, making them giggle. She was so excited for their baby shower today. She had invited her aunt and a few of her friends that she had met at the rehab centre and she was excited to be showing her girls off. 

This pic is from yesterday, but I have a happy story to tell: Someone in my slam poetry class announced me as Mister, but when I stood up, he corrected himself by calling me Miss. I told him that either was fine, and somebody giggled– so he called them out: “Hey, Alex can be a boy or a girl if she wants to.”

He didn’t even know that I’m bigender, and he still defended me. That made me really happy. ^_^

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Can you do Gom+ Kagami+ Kiyoshi + Hanamiya + kasamatsu reactions when dancing with their little girl on their feet?

So cute!! Love it <3

Kuroko: A soft smile donned his features as he and his daughter danced slowly around their living room, blue eyes looking into blue eyes. His feet may end up sore after a while, but that pretty smile is all worth it.

Kise: He plays one of their favorite, playful songs and the two of them do the silliest little dance - both of them giggling and smiling the entire time. It is definitely a moment to remember, though something they do often!

Aomine: After having his rap song changed to something more child friendly by the more responsible parent, Aomine found himself no longer annoyed by it once he was looking down at his daughter so happily standing on his feet.

Midorima: He would make sure that no one was watching before doing such a “childish” thing. Nevertheless, he and his daughter danced together, her little hands wrapped around his fingers. He wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Murasakibara: Murasakibara didn’t realize how small his little daughter’s feet were until he saw them atop his own - and it was quite cute in his opinion! There would be no complaints coming from the giant at this fun, childish little activity.

Akashi: These two would dance ballroom style to a beautiful piece that the both of them love. Akashi may call it “practice” but everyone, including her, knows just how much he loves the little activity with his little one.

Kagami: Kagami stands a little dumbfounded as his daughter positions herself on his feet, grabs his hands and looks up at him expectantly. It takes a “dance with me daddy!” for him to get what she is wanting. They were both all smiles after that!

Kiyoshi:  He helps his daughter dress up in her favorite princess dress before she excitedly stands on his feet and makes him dance with her. He wasn’t expecting it, but there is no way he’s turning down a dance with his favorite girl.

Hanamiya: That usual smirk of his melted into a soft smile as his daughter stood on his feet and they danced together. Who would have thought that something as small as this little girl in a pretty dress could melt his heart…

Kasamatsu: Perhaps begrudgingly, he let his daughter stand on his feet, but was confused as to what the purpose was until she commands him to dance. With a grunt, he does as he is told, but it is soon followed by a chuckle and a loving smile.