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She told me that she wrote about her life; about me; about us. I laughed it off, I didn’t believe her and she didn’t mind. She always said,‘Sometimes memories are the only things that help us differentiate between now and then.’ I finally understand what she was saying. She talked so much, but I fell in love with every single word she uttered, every single one of them. I was never a great listener but when she spoke, I felt like these are the words that people thrive for, the quotes people keep on reposting, repeating and memorizing. When she spoke, it was exhilarating to me, her words are pure bliss. She is a fantastic writer, to me even her ramblings are perfection. Even the way she gave witty replies, cracked jokes, and went along with our banters; she always did those with such passion and zeal - her infectious laughter induces giggles all around the area. She truly is mystical, not just to me, but to the world.
—  fahimamahin
Gettin’ Fat

Roadhog watched you and Jamie as you walked ahead of him, your petite body tucked under the lanky Junker’s arm. Jamison was telling the tale of how the three of you had gone to Disneyland, waxing on and on about how perfectly disguised you were and how he had been on his best behavior and didn’t blow up a single thing that day. Lucio and Hana listened and giggled, tossing questions around all while you giggled and pressed yourself closer to the demolitionist’s side. Mako, however, wasn’t focused on the story his lanky boyfriend was telling. His eyes were fixated on you. On your hips and how your hip bones no longer seemed to jut out, your jean shorts clinging to your slowly rounding hips rather than slipping from them. Your thighs were filling out, the gap that had existed when things were at their hardest now filled, your ass growing rounder, fatter. A hearty layer of fat covered your entire body; cheeks fuller, belly softer, arms no longer twiggy. You looked healthy.

“You’re gettin’ fat Gadge”, Mako stated simply, his gravelly voice filled with affection and warmth.

Hana and Lucio froze in place, you and Junkrat running into them as they exchanged a shocked look. Your eyes dropped to your belly, the crop top you wore showing off a good amount of skin, your hands running over your tummy appraisingly. Junkrat giggled wildly as his gaze jumped between Hana and Lucio, the two stars both trying to comfort you after the ‘offensive’ comment.

“Woah woah”, Lucio hummed, waving his hands expressively, motioning up and down. “You definitely aren’t fat!”

“Yeah”, Hana jumped in, placing a hand on her hips as she glared up at Roadhog. She had never blanched at either of the Junkers, quick to jump to their defense or call them out if need be. “How could you just say that about her? That is tot–”

“Really”, you squeaked out, a sheepish grin growing on your lips as you turned around to look up at the older man. A giddy, pleased giggle bubbled up from your chest, your hands still rubbing your softer stomach. Roadhog grunted in affirmation, his hand running over your cheek, finger lightly poking at your the ‘baby fat’ there. “Am I really really?”

“Oh definitely Gadget”, Junkrat said with a impish giggle, his metal hand dropping to your rear and giving a hearty grope. You squealed, shooting the man a weak admonishing glare before dissolving into a fit of giddy laughter. “Specially right here. Ain’t that right Hog? Gadge is nice’n’soft. Our darl’s even cuter now now than she was before!”

“Mhmm”, Roadhog hummed, pinching your cheek gently before ruffling your wild hair beneath his large hand. “Food’s doing ya good, yeah.”

Pleased warmth poured through you as both your boyfriends showered you in compliments, a bashful blush burning at your cheek as Junkrat’s hands roved over your skin to point at specific areas. Hana and Lucio exchanged a look before backing away from the obviously intimate scene, confusion written on their faces.

“They are so weird”, Hana exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

“Tell me about it”, Lucio agreed.

Facing the future

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Part one- Just one look
Part two - Learning to trust
Part three - Living with the bond
Part Four - A new wolf
Part Five - This is part five
Part Six - The promise

Embry Call x Reader
Words: 3,299 

GIF not mine but the readers big bro and wolf together <3
No idea what happened to the format but I think I fixed it.

“It’s all my fault.” Leah whimpered.
Cade sat against the wall with her and pulled her into his arms, “No, no baby, I should have got to you. This is my fault.”“Shut up.” Sam boomed making you jump further into Embry’s chest as you curled up in his lap on Billy Black’s sofa. Embry kissed your forehead before resting his head on yours and running his warm hands up and down your back reassuringly. 

Sam continued, “You can’t start to think like that, I know it’s hard because you’re imprinted to each other but this wasn’t any one person’s fault. We live as a pack, we fight as a pack. We look out for one another, Jake got hurt helping a member of his pack, it’s what we do.”A chorus of mumbled and hoarse agreement came from the boys, all of whom were scattered around the front room of the Black household. Leah buried her head in her knees as not to let them see the tears swelling in her eyes from receiving the acceptance that she had always sought from her clawed family.

Everyone fell into silence as you waited for news from Carlisle of Jacob’s condition, you snuggled into Embry’s chest, listening to the steady drum of his heart. It could have easily been the other way around with Embry hurt and Jacob carrying him back to the reservation.  This wasn’t supposed to happen, no one on your side was supposed to be hurt.You felt numb, you barely registered that Carlisle consulting Billy and Sam, nor did you hear the Alpha order for the pack to go home and rest.
 But you felt Embry hook his arms under you and carry you out to the truck, he took you back to his house and curled up with you in bed, thankful that his mum was away for the weekend. You sighed as he pulled the thin blanket up over you; you never needed much to keep you warm when lying next to your radiator-boyfriend. 

“That could have been you.” You whispered into the darkness on the room and gently cupped his cheek with you hand.
He moved his head to press a kiss to the inside of your palm, “Don’t think like that please, Y/N.”
From what the pack had told you they had enhanced vision even at night, so you squeezed your eyes tight so he didn’t see the tears swelling, “I can’t help it, I can’t lose you Embry.”
He shushed you, took your face in his large hands and kissed where your tears had spilled free, “You never have to worry about that. Do you understand me?”
He brushed his lips over yours and, not trusting your voice, you simply nodded.

“Is this a good idea?” You asked smoothing down your dress, the one that Embry liked to paw at when he saw you in it.
Embry shook his head as buttoned up his shirt, “Of course not, it’s an awful idea, but its better if we’re there if Jake loses it.”
You checked that your hair was styled as you wanted it and sighed, the last place you wanted to spend your whole night was with the Cullen’s at Bella and Edward’s engagement party, especially since Bella had told Jacob that she had chosen Edward.
“I still don’t like her.” You pouted.

Embry shook his head at you and grinned, “Okay street fighter, just remember that we both promised Sam to behave so no starting any fights.”
“Well, if she starts anything, I’m going to finish it.” You promised.
He clicked his tongue in amusement and stepped over to you and put his hands on your waist, he kissed the tip of your nose, “I don’t doubt it. You look beautiful by the way.”
He held his hand up so that you could spin around, giggling, “All for you handsome.”
“How’d I get so lucky?” He grinned and leaned down to kiss you.
“It’s probably something to do with those cute dimples.” You teased, smiling against his lips.

He tucked some hair behind your ear before whispering into it, “If Leah is to be believed, it’s because you like my bum.”Then he laughed and blew a raspberry against your reddening check before bolting down the stairs laughing. You covered your red face with your hands and shouted, “Leah!” 

Laughter erupted downstairs.

Pretentious was the words that sprung to mind when you got to the Cullen’s party. Embry’s arm found your waist and pulled your to his side so he could kiss the side of your head. You glanced around at the pack, “Are you all okay?”
Quil’s face was scrunched in discomfort as he answered, “It reeks of leech in here.”

Cade appeared with his arm around Leah, who looked stupid happily for the first time in a long time, “The rest of the party guests masks it a bit, but it’s still there.”

“Luckily I have you.” Embry mumbled to you before pushing his nose into your hair and inhaling.
“I’m not a scented candle.” You pushed his chest playfully.
“I can deal with the smell.” Paul announced happily, “There are other things to focus on.” He gave you an exaggerated wink before making his way over to a group of pretty girls.
Jared clicked his tongue, “He might be my best friend but honestly that boy only ever follows his di-”

“Woah lets it PG-13!” A booming voice interrupted and the pack turned to see Emmett and Rosalie. The pack acknowledged them but then dispersed quickly, leaving the vampire couple and you and Embry. 

  “How’s Jacob recovering?” Emmett asked.
“Okay, he’s around her somewhere.” Embry answered tightly.
“Clinging to Bella somewhere I’m sure.” Rosalie said and you nodded in agreement.

Your boyfriend cleared his throat, “Look, er, I just wanted to say sorry for last time. I would never usually let myself get worked up like that, especially not surrounded by all those people but I thought my imprint was in trouble.. well I’m sure you understand. And thank you, for making sure that she got home safe and looking after her when I couldn’t.”

Emmett just offered him a big grin, “Don’t worry about it, dog breath. I mean you saved Alice out there in the battle, call us equal. But just so you know, I only let it look like you were winning so that you could impress your imprint.”

Cue the collective eye roll of you, Embry and Rosalie.  You parted and enjoyed the party with your boyfriend, who it seemed could drink as much as he wanted and it didn’t seem to touch him.
Stupid wolf metabolism.
You were enjoying a dance with Embry when he stopped dead and looked off into the woods. He cursed and shook his head, “I’ve got to go help the guys with Jacob.” He looked around awkwardly, he didn’t want to leave you, knowing that you’d drank more than usual and the alcohol was effecting you.

“I’ll go find Carlisle or Esme.” You promised him, the older vampires always seemed more favourable to the pack.
“Stay out of trouble, okay beautiful?” He waited until you nodded before kissing your forehead and running off. You stayed for a moment watching where he’d left when Rosalie found you and together you watched as the pack dragged Jacob out of the woods with Bella trailing behind.

You finished your drink in one long swig and passed Rosalie your empty glass, who surprisingly took it from you with no fuss.
“Y/N,” The blonde caught your attention before nodding towards Bella, “Give her hell.”
You gave her a drunken grin, you intended too. 

ake and his escorts were way out of view by the time you reached Bella. She spotted you and narrowed her eyes and you matched her glare, “What are you doing here?”

“I came with the pack.” You responded, “What have you said to Jake? You need to stop messing with him, you’ve already chosen Edward.”
As you approached her eyes rapidly glanced around behind you, no doubt looking for a Vampire shield like the last time you’d seen her. She crossed her arms and raised her nose in the air, “I didn’t choose Edward, fate chose us for each other. You wouldn’t understand, the imprint doesn’t compare.”

Anger flared up from your belly and heat rushed into your cheeks, spewed from your mouth, “How dare you?!” 

“How dare I?” She snipped, “You weren’t even invited tonight. Me and Edward are getting married and we’ll still be married long after you’ve turned to dust. Our bond means that he’ll turn me and we’ll be together forever. The imprint means that you’re going to be stuck here in this depressing little town forever, never able to leave because of Embry. Good luck with life.” 

Her words sucker punched you and for a moment you gaped at her. It was like the wind had been knocked from you, you supposed because a part of you recognised the lace of truth in her words and it scared you. 

What happened to your plans for life now that you had the imprint to work around?


Embry calling your name brought the wind back in your lungs and you turned to the tree line to face Paul, Leah and your boyfriend. Embry held his hand out to you, “Come on beautiful, she’s not worth it.”
Taking in a shaky, drunken breath you stepped away from Bella and towards Embry’s out stretched hand. Of course, Bella demanded the last word, “That’s right, leave. Go to your mongrel boyfriend.”

You spun, swung your arm back and punched her straight in the nose.
 Bella yowled, her hands flew to her face and she crumpled to the floor whining.
“Talk about my wolf again bitch and I’ll rearrange your face.” You snapped in alcohol fuelled fury.

You stormed away from her pathetic whimpering towards your friends. Embry moved to take your hand but you dodged him and looped your arm with Paul so you could lean on him as you walked. Embry let his hand fall and swallowed hard, both of you knew that Bella’s venomous words had wound into your consciousness.

Everyone could see that something wasn’t right between you and Embry since the party and the pack were worried. When Sam had finally accepted his life as a wolf and alpha, he knew that he’d also have to deal with teenage drama that he thought he’d gotten to leave behind. He never expected his teenage charges to imprint so young, so he didn’t have a plan for when an imprint wanted to move away to college.
“It’s been her plan as long as I can remember.” Jacob mumbled, his words were wiped away by the sea wind.
Paul lay flat on his back on the beach, “She used to tell me that she’d threaten college boys with her big brother and that I’d have to go up to beat them up.”

Sam scowled, “That might be but separating you and your imprint will hurt you both. She has to stay.”Embry let out a wistful sigh, “Well everyone thanks for being no help at all.” He stood and stomped off down the beach.
Sam groaned and rubbed his face with his large hand, “One of you has to talk to her.”
Jacob ran his hand through his hair and shot Paul a look, “I’ll take him, you take Y/N.”

Paul lifted his legs before jumping to stand from being laid down, “Big brother to the rescue again.”

“Paul I told you I’m not in the mood.” You snapped at him. Ignoring you, as he always did, Paul took your phone and book from your hand, placed them on your desk and picked you up by the waist before dropping you both down on your bed. He perched you on his knee like he was Santa and you were and eager child, you glared at his cheeky smile.

“Now, tell big bro what bothering you.” He patted your knee as he asked you.
You narrowed your eyes at him and pinched the back of his hand making him yelp, “I feel the need to point out, yet again, that you’re not really my brother.”

He held his hand over his heart and dramatically whined, “That hurt. Now come on, we all know that you’ve not been right since you KO’d that fang banger.”

You sighed and fell back so you were against his chest, he wrapped his arms around you, his favourite ‘big brother cuddle mode’.
“What are me and Embry going to do? I’ve already started to look for colleges and I love him but does that mean that I give up on my future career? I know that I’ll have to make sacrifices for the pack and Embry will always have a job at the garage but you know that I’ve always wanted to go into further education.” You sighed again as he rubbed your back, “I know now that I’m always going to come back to Forks and La Push for Embry and whatever life we can have together. I do whatever the pack asks me to, when they ask me too, can’t I at least have the career that I want?”

Paul sighed and held you closer to him, he kissed the top of your head and mumbled, “Okay, so my plan was to come in here and convince you to give up this kind of thing for the sake of the pack but you’re not a wolf and you’re not stuck like we are. I don’t know what to say Y/N but you need to talk to Embry, avoiding each other won’t help.”
“You’re right.” You said.
You didn’t need to look at him to know that he was grinning, “Aren’t I always? I miss the days when you just had a crush on Jacob. That was when things were simple.”
“It was more simple back then,” you agreed, “But I don’t miss it, not when I have something real with Embry.”

It was that night that Embry appeared in your bedroom doorway, he lent against the frame with his hands behind his back, “Can I come in? We need to talk.”
Your stomach dropped but you tried to give him a grin, “I thought that we were pretending that nothing was wrong?”

Embry offered a humorous chuckle and shook his head, his hair moving, “Yeah, that’s not working so much for me and don’t forget, I get vibes about how you feel.”
You swallowed hard and moved things from your bed so that he could come and join you sat on it. He pulled a full plastic bag from behind his back and laid it on your bed before sitting across you and taking your hands in his warm ones.

He ran his thumb across the back your hand, “I know that you had your future all plans before I came in like a wrecking ball,” You went to interrupt him but he stopped you, “Let me finish, please. Every time you’ve told me about your plans I’m been so proud of you but also super scared because I didn’t want to face that you could one day leave me. I still don’t want too.”

He let go of your hands before picking up the plastic bag and pulling out a bunch of paperwork before continuing, “Okay so, I know that this isn’t a solid solution but I thought maybe this could be a jump off point for us finding something that works for us. I did some research and all of these are close to the packs territory, you know, just in case Sam orders me to stay here with the pack.”

He passed you the paperwork and tentatively you took them from him before turning them over. 

College prospectus. 

About ten of them in all. Your hand flew to your mouth and you felt tears spring in your eyes. Embry panicked, “No no, please baby. I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I’m sorry.”
You shook your head, “No Embry, no, you didn’t upset me. This, all the planning and thought you put in to this means so much to me.”

Putting the brochures to one side was the one warning that Embry had before you launched yourself at him, you lips pushing against his as you landed in his lap. He kissed you back earnestly, grinning against your lips as he did. And that’s how you spent the next few hours, locked in loving embrace and smiling about your time today and eventually planning for your future.


The pack didn’t see you for a few days.
“Well you guys look a look happier.” Quil quipped when you resurfaced; he was sat on Emily and Sam’s front porch.
“What gave it away?” Embry called up to them as he carried you bridal style up to the house. You squealed playfully and kicked your legs as he jogged towards the house.
Leah grinned and elbowed Cade, “Now I don’t have to beat him up.”
“Again.” Seth added and the pack laughed.
Embry leaned down to whisper to you, “Between us, I’d rather face the newborns again than her pissed off.”
“That’s my girl.” Cade grinned and wrapped his arm around Leah’s waist making the pack laugh again. 

Embry didn’t put you down as he chose a seat and dropped himself down into it with you still in his arms.
“We have a plan.” You announced happily.
“Let’s hear it.” Sam grumbled.
Embry started, “We may have found a solution.”
You continued, “So, Embry found all these colleges not too far out of the packs territories. I found one that I like.”
“Not only does it have incredible reviews but the course that Y/N wants to do offers a special program where there could only be a couple of classes a week actually at the college and the rest of the time she’ll be with a partnering company doing the actual job.”

“We’ve already checked and there’s company in Port Angeles partnered with the college.”

“So theoretically, Y/N could stay in La Push with me – I mean us, and just commute to the classes.”
“And Embry won’t have to leave the pack. I’ve applied and I’ve just got to wait and see if they’ll take me.” You summarised and in the pause you took for breath Embry gave you a quick soft kiss.

The look of relief from the pack was evident and Sam came over to clap Embry on the shoulder in a moment of pride. Embry gave him a grin and you smiled at the exchange. You knew that they avoided the subject of their heritage, that they could share a father as well as a pack.
“Ugh look at them, full of love.” Paul groaned.
“It’s disgusting.” Jared agreed and Kim rewarded him with an elbow to the ribs.Surrounded by the laughter and love of the pack, your family, the stress of the last few days washed away but, as usual, something had to ruin it. Sam stood and the pack followed his gaze to where Jacob paced in wolf form.
“What’s the matter with him?” You asked.
Seth mumbled, “I think I know, we got an invitation to Bella’s wedding this morning.”The pack hushed and you winced, “Poor Jake.”                          

Embry kissed you’re the side of your head, happier than ever to have you in his life, especially knowing that Jacob was about to cause some major drama in his life.

 Hope you guys liked it <3

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Imagine doing a photoshoot with Jared about an upcoming movie and him being a dork. Your interaction makes people assume only one thing.

“Jared!” your squeals and giggled were heard all around the studio as you chased after your best friend - crush and he ran away from you.

“You’re not gonna catch me, (Y/n). Not before all the food is gone!” Jared said with a wide grin, his laughter warming your heart in the same your angry face, combined with a pout made his own skip a beat. Yeah, not what a best friend should feel.

“Jared Padalecki! I swear to Chuck, come back right here and get this photoshoot done or so help me!” 

“Oh really?” he ate more of the food. Correction: your food. Because that was so your plate and he wouldn’t let you have a break and eat it in peace.

“What are you gonna do about it (Y/n/n)?” he asked with a smirk and you gave him a playful glare.

“I’ll show you!” you exclaimed and he squeaked when you went after him.

“Uh should we tell them that you are… taking photos or what?” the photographers assistant asked with a frowned and he shrugged.

“Nah” he shook his head, checking on the photos with a smirk “They have chemistry, more so than any other couple we’ve seen. The magazine editors said they would like some backstage stuff and these photos will definitely rock.

“Couple?” the make-up artist asked “I thought they were just, you know, friends.”

“Hm” he shrugged “Maybe-” he fixed his camera for more photos “But if they keep going like this, won’t be surprised if we get a wedding invitation soon.” he chuckled as he went back to taking photos.


“What’s been the hardest adjustment, coming to Carolina?” “…no more Swedish meatballs, eh?”

Lipstick - Kang Daniel Requested Scenario


Genre: fluffy, steamy



“Bye Daniel! Bye Y/N!” Minhyun shouted.

I poked my head out the doorway of Daniel’s bedroom, “where are you going?”

“Me and Jaehwan are going to Nu'est’s dorm,” Minhyun said.

“Okay, who else is here?” I asked.

“No one, it’s just you two,” Minhyun said, going to put his shoes on.

Jaehwan poked his head round the corner, “keep it PG you two.”

“Jaehwan!” Daniel shouted, scolding him from where he lay on his bed.

Jaehwan laughed before I heard the front door close and both Minhyun and Jaehwan were gone.

I sighed, walking over to Daniel and flopping on top of his bare torso.

Daniel breathed out a laugh and put his hand on the top of my head.

“What do you want to do Shorty?” he asked, stroking my hair.

I looked up at him from where I lay on his chest and shrugged, “I don’t know. There is nothing to do here.”

“We have each other,” Daniel said.

I chuckled, going back to looking at the wall before Daniel lifted me up so I was looking at him, my head right above his.

He smiled and I shook my head.

“Daniel!” I whisper yelled, “do you have any idea how many cameras there are here?!”

“They’re off today, that’s why everyone left because no one can see them leave,” Daniel whispered back, kissing my forehead, “it’s fine.”

He put me on my back and hovered over me, gently kissing my lips over and over again.

“Daniel,” I moaned, putting my hand on his chest.

“What?” he asked, “do you not want to? Shorty, you’ve got to tell me if you don’t want to.”

I smiled up at him biting my lip.

He laughed, coming in for yet another kiss, “I knew it.”

I giggled as he kisses all around my lips before giving me one long kiss on my lips. But this kiss definitely wasn’t playful like the rest had been.

I kissed back, Daniel occasionally biting my lip.

I bit his lip back and I felt him smirk before pulling back breathlessly.

“You’re better than I thought shorty,” he smirked.

I smacked his chest, pouting playfully.

Daniel laughed, kissing me again, softly but with hunger.

“Shorty,” Daniel called, snapping me out of my daydream as I stared at his lips.

I smiled, reached forehead and kissing his lips again, letting my hands run freely through his hair as his cold hands slid up my t-shirt, resting on my waist.

I gasped, feeling the coldness on me and Daniel smirked, sliding his tongue inside my mouth as I gasped.

I did the same, feeling all around his mouth before he pulled away again.

“I can’t believe this,” Daniel said.

“What?!” I asked, panicked.

“You’re so much more skilled than I thought,” Daniel said.

I shrugged, quickly pecking him on the lips again.

“I may have more experience than you think,” I smiled.

Daniel raised his eyebrows.

I laughed as he leaned in once again, kissing me, biting my lip, sliding his tongue in my mouth, his hand roaming all over my torso, stopping more than once inside my bra.

“Hyung?!” a voice came from just outside Daniel’s doorway.

I gasped, shoving Daniel down next to me and burying my head in his neck.

“Ah, there you are,” Daehwi said, standing in the doorway with Jinyoung.

“What do you need?” Daniel asked.

“We’re hungry and don’t have any money,” Daehwi explained.

“You want me to make you food?” Daniel asked.

They nodded innocently, making Daniel sigh.

“You’re helping,” Daniel said, nudging me, “I don’t know how to cook.”

I laughed as Daniel stood up and I followed him.

“Thank you!” Daehwi exclaimed, skipping to the kitchen.

“Um, hyung?” Jinyoung said.

Daniel nodded as I grasped his hand.

“You’ve got a little something, just like, there,” Jinyoung said, motioning all around his mouth.

I turned Daniel so his was looking at me before starting to laugh.

At his bright red mouth.

“What?! What?!” Daniel exclaimed.

I laughed, “lipstick.”


jeon jeongguk | 1,304 words | friends with benefits au / fluff
↳ “i like that sound.”

author’s note: this was also based on a dream i had over the summer… heh (((: feel free to check out the other drabbles in this series here!

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Report Card (Part 3) Final

Summary: When your parents packed up and left town, the core four decided to take one last look into your past before saying goodbye forever.

A/N: I’m so glad you guys liked this. I didn’t expect it to be a series but I’m digging it. So be ready for major feelings! Also, if the text is slanted, it’s a flashback.

Warnings: High emotional level

The snow was dense and packed heavy on the ground, but it was a thin sheet. When everyone’s feet stepped onto your old house’s yard, the snow made a hard crunching sound. The moving truck left last night, and the sun was just rising. A purple and red sky was slowly emerging over the trees, and the snow glistened.

Jughead was in the front of Archie, Veronica and Betty. They slowly trailed behind to your house door. Jughead raised his hand to knock, and then let out a choked laugh. He’d been in denial this whole time. He brought his shaking hand to the handle and slowly pushed it open. The tan carpet on the ground looked dirty, and imprints of all the furniture was left. The holes from the couch and chair, the coffee table legs, the full set for the TV. 

Betty took a deep breath, finally feeling at ease in your house, yet still feeling tense. She looked over to the marble and modern kitchen, and all she heard was your laugh. The last time she heard it was New Year’s Eve.

“Okay, Betty, you need to hand me two eggs. Can you do that?”

Betty rolled her eyes and grabbed the eggs. She looked over at you, who was stressing and let out a laugh. 

“What is it, Betty Cooper?”

You said with a playful smile.

“Oh nothing, you just have some flour on your nose.”

You let out a light chuckle.

“Can you get it off?”

“I don’t know, (Y/N), my hands are full. Lemme get rid of these eggs.”

Betty brought her hands to your hair and cracked the eggs into your ponytail. You let out a piercing scream, then began laughing. You shook your hair like a dog would, and bits of egg yolk flew onto Betty. You both began laughing hysterically and you grabbed a handful of flour to throw at her. It’s easy to guess those cookies were long forgotten

“Hey Betty, we are going to the backyard. You okay?”

Jughead lightly touched Betty’s shoulder and she nodded, walking along with him. She quickly looked over and Veronica and Archie in the living room, Archie’s head on Veronica’s. 

Everyone sat in your living room, watching a horror movie, of course your choice. Betty and Jughead were spooning, but still pretty terrified. Archie and Veronica were holding each other tightly, her head in his neck, letting out shrill shrieks. Neither one of them made a move, just catching quick looks. The movie suddenly paused and you stood up, remote in hand. You used that hand to point at the two.

“Okay, you two need to date already. The sexual tension in any other situation is unbearable for all of us. You two are a match made in heaven, and all you two do is sneak little side glances at each other. If Betty and Jughead are happy- lemme repeat that. Betty moved on with her life and is happy with Jughead, who is now happy, that means you two can be happy.”

After that night, Archie and Veronica didn’t like admitting you were the one who brought their relationship together officially.

Jughead opened the back door, and slowly stepped into the backyard. Betty, Veronica and Archie followed slowly, noticing the old treehouse and tire swings everyone used to hang out in. Veronica and Jughead climbed up the tree to see what remained, which was old toys and nuts from squirrels. Archie sat in the tire swing, slowly rocking back and forth in it. Betty walked over to him and grabbed the rope holding the swing.

“Do you remember when you, me and Jughead were kids, and (Y/N) first moved into this house? How our parents welcomed the family to the neighborhood, and when we saw (Y/N), we ran into the house and-”

“And (Y/N) showed us this treehouse, where we decreed our friendship forever?”

Archie and Betty let out slight laughs, a tear slipping from her eye. Jughead stuck his head out the treehouse window and yelled down to them.

“Guys, our names are still carved into the wall!”

Betty and Archie looked at each other, then slowly headed to the makeshift ladder, after Archie fell out of the too small swing. Once they were inside the treehouse, they stared at the names. Carved into the wooden walls.

“Can you guys tell me what she was like as a kid?”

Veronica looked at everyone, eyes slowly glossing over. Jughead looked at the writing on the wall, his fingers tracing the writing.

“(Y/N) sure was… something special. Then and now.”

(Y/N) led Betty, Jughead and Archie through the house, mumbling to nobody in particular. Once they got outside, you led them up the ladder and into the new treehouse, showing them your new toys and telling stories of your imaginary friend.

“(Y/N), do you want everyone to stay over for dinner?” 

Your mom yelled from the patio. You ran to the window of the treehouse, with a bright smile on your young face.

“Can they live here, too?”

Your mom laughed and nodded, closing the door behind her. You turned around and grabbed a plastic shovel, turning to a wall and carving everyone’s name into the wall.

“From this point on, we are all best friends. We will sit together at lunch, share our secrets, and stay together until we die.”

You turned around, holding your pinky out for a promise. With giggles all around, Betty, Jughead and Archie connected pinkies, holding their promise forever.

Next time you catch someone staring at you,

stare back. It makes them incredibly uncomfortable

Growing up, I never really understood why other girls (my friends, characters on books/movies/tv shows or any other women really) would get so flustered when they recieved attention from an attractive guy. I always thought that they were overreacting - “i mean, this guy is hot but all that giggling is just too much omg i get nervous around men too, it’s not that great” (now i realize i was just uncomfortable).

But then, when i got all blushing-giggling-sttutering around a girl i just went “…so that’s what it feels like….”

Jack, from I’m Sick!! about Anti’s PAX Intro: Listening to it here is one thing, and listening to it in video is one thing, but to be there at the actual panel and to hear these like really rapturous speakers, and to hear the giggling reverberate all around the room was the coolest thing! …

*cough* Binaural Audio *cough cough*.

:D still excited by the potential (there is so much that could happen) we might see in the future.

Cuddling With Alex Summers Would Include ...

Oh this is so cute !!! I love cuddles

Originally posted by geekmarianaloz

·         Cute smushy hugs when he gets affectionate in public but doesn’t want anyone to take notice

·         Cuddling together at the side of a route you both run during training

·         Lying on Alex cuddling him on a sofa in the mansion while you watch cartoons

·         Naps with him on your shared bed, snuggling into one another with your head pressed under his into his neck where you can drift off smelling that nice cologne he wears

·         (as in the original ask) Him snoring  slightly (but even that’s adorable) when he’s got his mouth parted a little and you’re just snuggling into him, making him wrap his arms tighter around, and the kids are all around giggling and taking photos to tease you both with

·         You walking up behind Alex when he’s sitting down and cuddling him from behind, resting your head on his

·         Launching yourself at him in a hug, only for him to catch you by your thighs and pull you close, swinging you around as you hugged

·         That cute kind of walk hug you guys do when no one’s around, like when you go for a walk together and end up encased in his arms as you stroll along a path by the lake

·         Snuggling by a fire during winter, sitting between his legs and drinking hot chocolate

·         Him mumbling about your future together as you’re sitting by the fire, making you wiggle back against him, smiling

·         Hank and Charles being the only ones brave enough to tease you and him for being so cute and lovey dovey

·         Him snuggled up against you, tracing your hands with his and swaying gently side to side

·         Lying asleep on top of him, with his arms wrapped around you, and he’s just gently smiling because he loves being like this with you

·         Stroking up and down your body, tracing areas of exposed skin, when you’re still asleep in the morning but he’s been awake for hours





as always feedback is really appreciated,I love hearing about what you guys liked/ disliked and what you like to see. HEADCANNON REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!!

here we are again | john shelby

two anons wanted a continuation of these moments/john+reader having another kid so i combined them

“You’re fucking kidding me. I better be fucking dying”

You whispered against the cool tile as you perched against the bathroom wall, swallowing against the nausea.


You cracked your head up, swiping a hand over your mouth. Joe was hovering in the doorway, his pyjamas slumped around him.

“Hey baba”

“Are you ill?”

“Yeah, I think I might be”

“Should I get Pol?”


He flew off down the hallway and you heard his little feet pattering down the steps. You waited, bracing yourself back as another wave ran over you.

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We’re five. Hands
I lead you ‘round the room.
Whispers of ‘cute’ follow us
We’re inseparable.
Just us two.

Fast forward.
We are ten.
Chasing each other 'round.
Parents watch us— smiling wide.
I laugh when you fall down.

Twelve now. 
We hear the word
Whispered as we leave. 
Pay it no mind, Little Ones, 
It will only make you grieve. 

And ‘crush’ 
Is giggled all around 
I roll my eyes, 
We tease those fools
My heart seems to pound?

Sixteen, and again 
The word is here. 
This time, it’s in my mind;
You’ve changed.
It’s a year of tears 

And now, here we are, 
Eighteen, and together still.
But not how I want, Secretly
We’ve grown and learned,  
I feel my lungs burn, 
When you smile at me. 

‘Crush’ isn’t the right word anymore. 

dear you -  S.G.L

You All Said My Name (AntiSepticEye x Reader)

You sat there, staring at your computer screen. You had just finished watching Jack’s video, titled, ‘Say Goodbye’. You felt a shiver go down your spine, finally snapping out of your trance-like state. “Wow… Robin did amazing job editing that… For a second there, it felt like Anti was real,” you mumbled, running a hand through your hair. Standing up, you tossed your phone on your bed, debating on going to shower. Shrugging, you decided against it and flopped down on your bed by your phone.

You quickly plugged it in, pulling YouTube back up. You started scrolling through your subscription feed, seeing that Jack had uploaded a new episode of Subnautica, you smiled. You tapped the video, to play it, when your screen went solid green, then cut to black. You raised your eyebrows. “What the fuck? That’s never happened before…” Trying to unlock your phone, you failed. With a huff, you tossed the device back down, going back to your computer to try to watch the video again.

As soon as you clicked on the video, your computer monitor did the same thing that your phone had done – bright green, then black. You looked down at the tower, seeing that your computer was still on, just unresponsive. You turned your monitor off, then back on, only to see awful screen-tearing. You winced at it, turning it off, then back on once more. This time, the screen-tearing was gone, but everything was pixelated.

You groan, leaning forward to hit your head against the corner of your desk. When you looked back up, a small green pixel had appeared in the bottom corner. You wanted to scream. Your brand new monitor had a dead pixel. You clicked on the video nonetheless, only to have your eardrums practically blown out by a loud, almost mechanical screeching. You all but slammed your hand down on the power button on the top of your tower, trying to turn off the machine. Finally, the sound stopped and you were left staring at a blank monitor. “Fuck this. I’m going to bed.”

-Week later-

Everywhere you went, it felt like you were being watched. It had escalated to the point where you could sometimes see someone standing there, in the corner of your eye, but any time you turned to look, it was gone. You had started hearing things as well – it started with footsteps, but no one was there. Now, you could hear doors being shut in your small apartment, heavy footsteps, and occasionally you could hear a faint giggle. It felt like you were going insane. You hated being alone in your own apartment, and desperately wanted someone to stay with you constantly, but when they did, the noises and shadows still occurred, but you were the only one to notice them.

-Month later-

The only thing that had really changed were the nightmares. Two weeks in to the noises and shadows, you had started having nightmares. They were all the same. You would wake up in a small, dimly lit room, usually tied to a chair. You would feel the panic starting to bubble up in your stomach, then you would feel it – someone watching you. You’d hear the giggle again, but this time, you would hear words with the giggling. Sometimes the voice would say, “I am here now,” the tone taking on a very unstable, almost glitchy sound. Other times it would whisper, “Say goodbye” as if it was telling you to bid someone farewell, even though you knew that only you and the voice were in that small room.

Things had not gotten better since the cursed day that Jack had uploaded that video. You had been excited for it at first, finally getting a full glimpse at AntiSepticEye, but now you hated it. You wanted to blame the video for what had happened to you, but you couldn’t find it in yourself to blame the green bean that was JackSepticEye. You desperately wanted to believe that Anti was fake – just an alternate personality for the sake of interesting YouTube videos, like Dr. Schneeplestine, Chase Brody, and Jackaboy-Man. You felt like Anti WAS, in fact, a real entity, and his goal was to torture you. Part of you wondered that if, IF, Anti was real, did that mean the other personas were real too?

-Year later-

You heavily considered checking yourself into a mental institution at this point. The hallucinations had only gotten worse, as well as the dreams. Almost a month ago, the nightmare changed. Instead of the giggling and whispering sounding all around you, it had been right in front of you, and you finally saw the source of the sounds. He was hunched over a bit, at first, a dark hoodie adorning his slender figure. The hood had been pulled up so that you couldn’t see the face of your tormentor, but on the third night of seeing the figure, he removed the hood. You didn’t know what to expect, but seeing Jack was not it. His once lime hair was now an emerald green, his ocean-like blue eyes were now pitch black. His ears twisted into a delicate point at the ends, and the once-empty holes were now filled with black plugs. On his pale, slender neck, there was an open wound – a large and deep cut, that at first glance, you thought was caked with dried blood. Upon closer inspection, however, you noticed that it was a thick, black, almost gooey-looking substance. Your dream-self physically shuddered. You had woken up in a cold sweat that night, and you had decided that you needed help.

As soon as it was a decent hour, you called the therapist’s office down the road from your apartment complex, making an appointment. Refusing to drive with your lack of sleep, however, you called on your mother to take you to the appointment. It took some convincing her boss to let her have the day off, but she did so successfully. When she arrived, her worried expression made you want to vomit. You had only ever seen her this worried a few times, and each time was because of a hospital visit with either you, one of your siblings, or herself. She was happy nonetheless that you wanted to get help though.

It had felt like three hours had passed from the time that you arrived to the time that the doctor actually came out and called your name, greeting you with a kind smile and motioning for you to follow him into his office. He seemed like a kind, older man, who simply wanted to help you. It took almost an hour to explain everything what had happened to you over the past year, and the doctor nodded solemnly, promising you that he would help the best he could. He wrote you a prescription for some medicine that would help you sleep, as well as some medicine that would help reduce your paranoia. He highly recommended that you have a close friend stay with you to monitor things for the next three days.

When your mother dropped you back off at your small apartment, she insisted on coming inside. She was even more worried at what she had found. An almost empty fridge sat in your kitchen – due to your condition, you had been fired from your job, so you didn’t have the funds to restock it. Your TV, game systems, and computer sat seemingly untouched for the past year, the thick layers of dust proving her correct. She frowned, hugged you, promising that things would get better now, then she left. You pulled your phone from your pocket, calling the closest thing you had to a best friend – your brother. He denied your request to stay over for the next three days, however, as he was busy with work. You felt your heart dropped when he muttered an apology before ending the call.

-That night-

You lie still in your bed, waiting for the effects of the medication to kick in. Unsurprisingly, you were back in the small room, but things were slightly different now. There was no eerie giggling, no malicious whispering of cryptic messages. You weren’t bound the worn wooden chair in the center of the room – you were standing in front of it, facing you. You heard footsteps, but they were not heavy and threatening like before, they were soft, as if the owner was trying to sneak up on you. You quickly spun around, only to see nothing behind you. The footsteps had stopped when you had turned, leaving you in silence again.Your wary eyes studied every corner of the room, seeing nothing. When you turned back to face the chair, you almost jumped out of your skin. The man you had begun referring to Anti was now sitting in the chair, leaned forward with his elbows on his knees. The hood was pulled up again, hiding his face. His thin, bony fingers were laced together, and his leg bounced silently. Suddenly, he stopped. You heard the faint giggling again, only to have it grow louder as he leaned back, shrugging the hood off.

“You all said my name…” The sound of his voice was rough, yet it clearly gave away the instability of his being. “You all wanted more…yet here I am, and you think you can just visit the shrink and I’ll just *POOF* disappear? Is that it?!” The sound of his voice bounced off the walls as he stood quickly, the chair falling behind him. In an instant, he was in your face, his bony fingers now wrapped around your throat. He shoved you against the wall, his grip tightening. You felt the breath leave your body. He began to laugh again, this time it was not a faint giggle – it was a full on cackle full of malice. It grew louder as his grip tightened, the rough stone of the wall digging into your back as he pressed you harder against it. Darkness started to ebb in, clouding your sight of him, when he leaned forward. His face was so close to yours that you could feel the warmth of his breathe when he whispered, “Say Goodbye…”

Marines Ch47 Preview

In which there is finally more Ace It feels likes ages since I last wrote him in the actual story.

“Pops, Pops, Pops!" 

Ace thunders down the hall, uncaring of the brothers he runs over, the ones he knocks to the floor if they’re not fast enough to get out of his way. 

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