So. A dear friend @kawaii-nihon drew this after being inspired by the fic ‘Melon Fucker and the Peanut Butter Bandit’. I’ve got permission to post it here, and I had to share it with you guys. The extra creamy peanut butter. The texture on that sexy sexy melon (I’d fuck that melon). The symbolism of their hand gestures. Guys. Guys. I’m gonna fucking lose my shit over here….

You can find our lovely artist over on Ao3 under NadiaHart. (I just found a fic by her called ‘Speedos for Everyone’ and I just need a minute to myself….)

I cannot say thank you enough this is freaking adorable and I’m just going to rub my face on the screen now thnxbby<3<3<3

Tag Game *shrugs - why not?*

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Rules: Tag ten people you would like to get to know better.

How old are you? thirty-fucking-eight

What’s your current job? Currently:  barista.  I’ve worked at a veterinary hospital, been an office manager and a corporate travel agent.  It’s a weird resume.

What are you talented at? Passive aggressive grudge holding.  Is that a talent?  UM.  Talents.  Huh.  I like to write.  But I wouldn’t say that’s a talent.  I can carry a seventy pound child for extended periods of time.  That’s more like a feat of strength.  

What’s your aesthetic? I don’t understand the question.

Do you collect anything? Resentments.  Oh, and con badges,  lol.  I also have an extensive collection of Jim Shore Disney Princesses.  My aunt started that one for me.  I have an imaginary paper clip collection that I explain in detail to my children because it annoys the fuck out of them.  

What’s a topic you always talk about? Supernatural.  My kids.  My paper clip collection.  (See previous question.) My feelings.  (Lots of therapy lately.)

What’s a pet peeve of yours? I have SO MANY.  Um.  People who press the crosswalk button and/or elevator button repeatedly.  (Doesn’t go faster that way, people.)  Um.  Not using your blinker.  Not turning off your blinker.  My husband’s shoes in the middle of a walkway.  SO MANY.

Good advice to give? Try to stay in the moment.  Dwelling on the past or future tripping does you no good.  This is good advice. I just need to learn to follow it. Oh, and never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Three songs you would recommend? Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles, Pineapple Apple Pen by that one guy

Cool if you wanna but no pressure to squad:  @torn-and-frayed @chaos-and-the-calm67 @meeshw777 @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @oriona75 @chelsea072498 @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @errrrrrrrybody

Morning Doodle.

Possible conversation:

M: “So they end up using one of my solo shots in the trailer, right? And oh my GOSH! Everyone is just losing their minds because you weren’t in the shot too.”
C: “Seriously?! Hahaha!”
M: “Right?! They think you’re DEAD or something! It’s priceless! Like.. Like.. They’re just sitting there going, “DOH HO CALLIE MUST’VE DIED BECAUSE SHE LOST THE BIG SPLATFEST!!””
C: “Bahahah! I’m not dead!! Oh man why’d they use a solo shot? Our fans are so crazy sometimes!”

(And then watch she’s actually dead and in 6 months this post will be really sad.)