I think I know what littles remind me of

Remember the fairly odd parents? Well, there was an episode where these were introduced…

The Gigglepies. Disgustingly saccharine and adorable, these little fucks did everything to spread their products across the planet they arrived on. Much like littles, except they put their stuff in tags they shouldn’t touch. 

However, since this is under the guise of being cute and sweet (like littles, again), they are able to get away with it. (No word on littles using hypnotism, but you get what I mean.) Since others are convinced they’re innocent, they’ll defend them at any cost.

In the event a little is called out, the cuteness and innocence is dropped, and they go into an aggressive state, and will attack the antis involved. Many antis are CSA survivors, yet the littles have no sympathy for those who bash DD/LG. There have been instances of littles going way too far to get back at antis. This can be in the form of doxxing, suicide baiting, anon hate, submitting gore, so on and so forth. 

However, in the end, it is revealed that the Gigglepies are made of manure. You could take this literally and say that littles are full of shit, or go for a more metaphorical route. The cuteness and innocence is there to cover up the themes of simulated CSA, as well as using pedophilic terms in their kink. 

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What do you guys think?