gigglebox euphoriasm

Gigglebox Euphoriasm

Last night as I died laughing from that analogies post I was thinking all the while, “There’s no way this is actually as funny as my overtired brain believes right now. Tomorrow it will not be nearly as funny.”

Au contraire, mon cerveau. This morning at breakfast I read it to my friends Jordan and Rebecca and I could not even finish, Jordan had to read it for me. They thought it was funny but neither of them nearly had chocolate milk shoot out of their nose. And then I proceeded to laugh hysterically at anything and everything, possibly annoying millions of people around me, but careth not I.

The result? I have felt all morning like I just had a really really good laugh. (Probably because I did…) The kind that sits in your chest for a long time and turns the skies brighter (or grayer in my case; gray=great), passing smiles friendlier, the world a little better of a place. In simpler, genius-ier terms, Gigglebox Euphoriasm.

Gigglebox Euphoriasm (n): The lingering sensation of openness, cleanliness, and wholeness in one’s chest cavity, diaphragm, etc., brought on by genuine, sometimes non-stop, purely joyful laughter.

Coined by myself, use as you wish.