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Super angsty, a little sad, and definitely smutty. I worked really hard on this one, and it’s probably my longest work yet. I hope you love it!

As you were waiting for Yoongi to pick you up from the library, you ran into a boy. Literally ran into him and knocked everything out of each other’s hands.  You both apologized in sync, and as you collected your things you noticed you two were reading the same book. You were excited, and began conversation about it. It was nice to be able to talk to someone with the same understanding as you for what was happening in your stories. Yoongi didn’t like to read, and none of your friends did either. You were a lone bookworm, and it felt so nice to laugh and swoon over a common interest with someone. Especially with a book that held so much meaning to you.

“Oh, sorry, love birds.” Yoongi interrupted, “Don’t let me break up the party.” You giggled and turned to face your adorable boyfriend, but you could tell he was anything but joking. 

“We were just talking about my book, Yoongi. We’re both reading the same thing.” You said to him with a smile, trying your best to defuse the situation before it started. Yoongi rolled his eyes unamused, and you glared at him. 

“Okay? So, you want me to come back later or what?” He was really starting to piss you off, and as you reached for his hand he backed away, pushing your patience with him completely out the window. 

You looked at your new friend and apologized, “Usually he isn’t like this. I’m so sorry. Maybe I’ll see you again sometime and we can talk about the sequel, yeah?”

The apologetic farewell really made Yoongi’s blood boil, and he laughed in a way that made you shiver. “Or you can dump your boyfriend so the two of you can carry on in peace, yeah?” Him openly mocking you was enough to make you throw everything into your bag and shove past him. You made your way to the car, wiping tears from your eyes. You hated the way you cried when you were angry, it made you feel so weak.

The ride home was silent. You reached to turn the radio on, but Yoongi shut it back off nearly as soon as your finger had touched the power button. You laughed in disbelief. Why was he acting like this? What had you done so wrong? He was never mean or possessive like this, and it was making you feel worthless.

You slammed the door the moment you walked in the apartment. Yoongi was following behind you. The glaringly obvious inconvenience just further pissed him off, and he flung the door open. “Are you fucking kidding me Y/N? Was that really necessary?” 

All you could do was laugh. You were so fucking angry at him. “Was the way you treated me necessary? You completely humiliated me!” You jumped as he slammed the door harder than you had, “MIN FUCKING YOONGI!” you screamed, as you threw your things on to the couch and shot him a hurt look, “Do you not trust me? Do you just see me as some pathetic maechunbu?! Why are you being like this?” Suddenly your demeanor dropped and you felt like sobbing, but managed to hold your ground.

Yoongi just laughed at you. “Maechunbu? Please, Y/N. You’re so stuck in your fantasy land that you barely even leave the house. Get over yourself.” You picked up a mug from the table and chucked it at him.

“Fuck you, Yoongi!” He dodged the mug, but it distracted him enough from you to storm off to the bathroom and lock yourself in. You slumped on to the floor and began sobbing. You heard your bedroom door slam, and began crying even harder. You had no clue why he would be acting so downright nasty. You covered your mouth to quiet your sobs, and listened to the abrupt banging and clattering of things being thrown around your room before everything fell silent.

Minutes passed, and finally you had calmed yourself down. You checked the mirror, and ran the water warm to rinse the makeup from your face. As you dried your face and hands off, Yoongi strummed his fingers against the door. “Jagi.” He paused, probably waiting for an answer. “Are you okay? Please come out.” You stepped towards the door, but stayed silent. Tears were stinging in your eyes again, and you inhaled slowly. “Jagi, please let me talk to you.” He sounded really upset, and you unlocked the door but didn’t open it. 

You slouched against the wall and slid down to sit on the floor, “Come in,” you said hesitantly. Yoongi opened the door slowly, and slumped down in front of you, sitting against the tub for support. He wasn’t making eye contact with you, but you were unsure how you would feel looking into his eyes anyway. He was really upset though, and it almost made you feel guilty. You reminded yourself he started this, and sighed, “Yoongi. What did I do that was so wrong?”

He was quick to look at you, “It’s not you.” He looked away and took a deep breath. “It has nothing to do with you.”

“Then what is it? I have never seen you this way before. You have never made me feel so terrible. Why are you acting like this?” The tears slowly escaped your eyes once more. 

“I was jealous.” He looked at you and noticed the tears. Bringing his thumb to your cheeks to wipe them he stared into your eyes, but you looked towards the floor, “Jagi-yah… please don’t cry. I love you. I love you so much. I just get so jealous.” He moved the hair from your face before lifting your chin so you would look at him. “I know I’m always stuck in my work, and you’re stuck here with your books. I’m terrified that one day you’re going to wake up and realize that this isn’t the life you want. That I’m not the person you want.” He started speaking so quickly and glancing you over as if he was trying to memorize every piece of you in case you suddenly disappeared “You deserve so much more than I can ever give you, and I feel like I’m holding you back, but I’m too selfish to let you go. My life would be meaningless without you, but I feel like you’re wasting yours with me. I don’t deserve you.”

You grabbed his face with both hands and looked straight into his eyes, “Min Yoongi, listen to me! You are the only man I want for the rest of my life. I love you, and I love our life! You are more than enough for me!” You kissed him, but he didn’t really kiss you back. “Baby. I’m serious. Do you hear me? You are not holding me back from anything. If I didn’t want to be here with you, I wouldn’t be. You know how stubborn I am.”

He laughed slightly, and grabbed your hands, bringing them to his lips. He looked at you again as he apologized, “I just saw you laughing and enjoying someone else’s company and all I could think was that you were realizing that someone else could make you happier, and I overreacted. I was just so afraid of losing you. I’m so sorry I behaved that way.”

You grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him into you for a kiss. He brushed his nose against yours, and breathed you in slightly before pressing his lips to yours. His tongue slid delicately into your mouth, dancing with yours. Your fists still clung to his shirt, and you pulled him in harder, as if your mouths could get any more connected than they already were.

“I fucking love you, Y/N,” he breathed between kisses and catching breaths. “I love you so fucking much.”

You smiled against his lips, “Show me how much you love me, Min Yoongi.” He moaned in return and stood up before swiftly pulling you to your feet. You wrapped your arms around his neck and you guys stumbled into the hallway, only breaking your rough kisses to help each other shed clothing. Yoongi’s legs met the bed first. He fell back, pulling you on top of him, as you both laughed a little bit. He kissed down your jaw, and nipped at your collarbone, pulling a gasp from your lungs. Your body tingled, and you rolled your hips against his. He growled and flipped you onto your back.

You squealed as his hands roamed your body with precision. Your body was a maze that he could stay trapped in for the rest of his life. He kissed his way down your chest, and brought your nipple into his mouth. He sucked and twirled his tongue against it before rolling it between his teeth. You moaned and grabbed ahold of his hair. As his mouth worked relentlessly at your breast, his hand slid down your side until it met your thigh. He tickled you slightly, but in a way that made goosebumps cover the skin, and a knot build tightly in your stomach.

You shrieked as he wasted no time to push his middle finger deep inside of you, he sighed against your chest, as he kissed his way up to your ear. “How are you so wet already, Jagi?” His whisper drew another whimper from your body. He curled his finger into you slowly, before pulling it out completely. It was quickly replaced, accompanied by his index finger and your legs trembled.

“Oh fuck, baby! Harder!” Moans were escaping your mouth rapidly as he pumped knuckle-deep inside of you, curling and turning his fingers into you as your hips bucked into his hand. He was so good with his fingers. It was ridiculous how quickly he could finger-fuck you to your peak and throw you aggressively off of it. His hands left you a trembling mess beneath his body.

He purred against your skin as he felt you tighten harshly on his fingers and scream his name in your orgasm, “I love when you scream my name like that,” He smirked. You let a giggle escape through your panting, and Yoongi waited patiently for your breathing to steady. He traced your collarbone with his fingers, and kissed his way up your forearm delicately. “You’re so fucking beautiful.” His lips made his way up your shoulder, and to your neck. He took his time sucking small berries into your skin before he kissed you.

With a drawn-out sigh, you roughly pushed him over and straddled him. “Let me show you how fucking beautiful you are, Min Yoongi.” He bit his lip, grasped firmly to the back of your thighs and guided himself inside of you. You took your time sliding down on top of him, and smirked at the way his breath caught in his throat. The two of you didn’t break eye contact as you swiveled your hips slowly on top of him. His grip on your thighs tightened, and you couldn’t help but bite your lip. You ran your hands up your body and began to tug lightly at your nipples. Yoongi grunted, and replaced your hands with his.

He ran his thumb lightly over your erect nipple. “Fuck,” was all he could mumble under his breath. You started bouncing slowly on top of him but as his hips bucked upwards your pace quickened. Yoongi brought his hands down to your hips and began guiding them at the pace he wanted. You threw your head back as moans began flooding from you once more. “Jagi, I’m right there.” His sighs and heavy breathing turned into deep, flowing moans, and you felt your body tightening against him as you began to unravel once more.

“Cum for me, baby,” he growled against your skin. 

You had no choice but to let the orgasm wash over you, reveling in the fact that your climaxes happened at the same time—a rare but welcome event. You both screamed and held tight to each other, letting the calm take you as the climax subsided.

He kissed your temple firmly as you laid next to him, “Yoongi, you are all I need in this life. Please don’t ever think that what we have is something I don’t want. I want you, your late nights at the studio, and being woken up by your sweet kisses at 3 am, ushering me to go to bed with you because I fell asleep reading on the sofa. I want quick lunch breaks between practices, and cheesy phone sex when you’re thousands of miles away. I want everything that we have.”

Yoongi smiled, and pulled you in tighter, kissing you once more. “I love you so much, Y/N, but there is something else I want, too” You faced him, slightly confused. “I think we should get a cat.” 

You beamed at the thought and kissed him all over his face, “That’s the sweetest thing you’ve said to me all day!” You laughed and kiss him once more, “I love you, too, Min Yoongi.”

Ikon x Mistletoe pt. 2

(Bobby, Chanwoo, Yunhyeong, Junhoe)

Part 1: Hanbin, Jinhwan, Donghyuk

This is so late. I apologize but it’s been so hectic because I got jury duty -____-

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  • Totally looking forward to Christmas party
    • She has to let me kiss her in front of people now.
    • *Sudden realization* Wait, do people even do mistletoe in Korea?
    • No matter, I’ll bring it myself
    • Laugh like a maniac at his evil plan
  • Proceed to get 10 different bundles of mistletoe
    • Just for safe measure, let’s leave this everywhere.
  • The day of, he calls you over early on purpose to help prepping the party.
  • Smugly giggles at you but refuses to say why
    • Baby, can you come here for a second?
    • What is it Jiwon? Why are you standing so still? You never stand still.
    • Come here!
    • Plant the biggest kiss on your lips the second you’re within reach.
    • What the hell?
    • Mistletoe. *giggle like a mad person, point at mistletoe precariously hang on the door frame.*
  • I need help with the cake!
    • Don’t mess it up Jiwon. I’m not going to get you another one if you do, the line is murder right now.
    • I know, that’s why I need you *Trying so hard not to laugh*
    • What are you doing Jiwon, where’s the cake?
    • Cupping your face so you can’t run away. Lands the biggest peck on your lips then cheeks.
    • Bunny smile beams at you brightly afterward when you roll your eyes.
    • Hehe, mistletoe *points at mistletoe, then run away.*
  • Honey, where did you leave my phone?
    • It’s in the living room
    • Where is it? *Snickering because he’s holding it in his hand*
    • Ugh, Jiwon i swear you’re 3 years old. What the hell, you’re holding it.
    • Envelopes your whole body while machine gun pecking the crap out of you.
    • Stop fighting and let me love you. MISTLETOE, you have to let me kiss you.
  • Totally overdressed for the party
  • Watches your every step in case your within 1 foot vicinity of a mistletoe
  • Rocket over the second you are. Kiss you on your lips, doesn’t even care about who you’re with. Or that you were in the middle of drinking your soda.
    • JIWON!
    • hehe, mistletoe!
    • Runs away before you can hit him
  • Finally the party end and you both retreat back to his room to rest.
  • You were so done with his crazy antics but at the same time happy because face it, who wouldn’t be when he’s so loving and cute.
  • You were in the middle of lecturing him after finding out about his crazy plan when he stood there, grinning like an idiot, Bunny teeth, eye smile, the whole shebang.
    • Oh my god. Don’t tell me. In here too?
    • Still smiling, nodding gently.
    • Damn it, Jiwon. Fine, go ahead.
  • Pulls you onto the bed, arms caging your head, features soften back alluringly. No more playful Jiwon.
  • You know I only did that because I’m completely head over heel for you right? *sultrily whispers*
  • Making you blush and fluster like the first time he asked you on a date from his intense gaze.
  • Leaning into a passionate, gentle French kiss. Doesn’t let you go for another hour before both of you falling asleep, you safely in his arms.

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  • Not particularly feeling up for Christmas.
  • You both agreed to a mutual break up just a few months back.
  • Thought he was over it but something about Christmas brought out the blue in him.
  • Doesn’t know what to do with himself since he always had someone to spend Christmas with.
    • All of Ikon noticed and hatched a plan to get him to feel better.
    • Let’s take him on a Christmas date.
    • Doesn’t want to but agree.
    • At least it’ll distract him.
    • Impossible to say no to 6 relentless guys anyways.
  • Plan totally fails because there’re couples everywhere.
    • It’s okay, hyung. I’ll just go home and clean my room.
    • Spent hours cleaning up since he hasn’t done so in months, not since you left.
    • No reason to clean when there’s no one to impress.
  • Found a box he hasn’t seen in awhile.
  • Open to find his little trinkets from the happy days.
  • Tears breaching, threatening to fall as he go through the contents.
    • The matching bracelets with initials.
      • He had gotten this just before the break up.
    • The necklace and necktie you got for his parents
      • He been holding onto because you were in the process of moving and doesn’t want them to get lost.
    • Plane tickets.
      • He wanted to fly you out for their concert but it never happened for obvious reason.
    • Thick stack of handwritten letters.
      • One for every day he was away from you.
      • Never got a chance to give it to you
    • The mistletoe from a few Christmas ago
      • Bobby taught him what a mistletoe was so he made you one.
      • Used it every chance he get that year.
    • Your couple rings.
      • This done him in as the promise you both had made each other rings out so clearly in his mind.
  • Ran out of the house with the box.
  • Doesn’t care about the cold, he could only think of getting to you.
  • Nearly broke your front door knocking.
  • The second your face appears, he stood there blubbering like a kid while reciting the promise
    • I, Chanwoo, promise to be understanding, to be patient, to always be there, and to always love you…
    • How could we have given up so easily, baby?
    • Please be mine again…
  • A few silent tears fall as the seconds tick by and you still haven’t move one inch.
  • Hands you the box, explaining the letters.
    • Read them, shred them, burn them… whatever you want to do with them.
    • Promise me you’ll take care of yourself.
  • Turn away because he doesn’t want to cry in front of you.
  • Chanwoo ah!
    • Nearly faint when he turns around to see you hold up the mistletoe, smiling.
    • Nearly broke you from his bear hug.
    • Places kiss anywhere and everywhere.
  • Spent the rest of the day inside holding you close, abusing the power of the mistletoe.

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  • Worries to the max about what to do with Christmas.
    • Haven’t been together long enough to do a trip like Donghyuk.
    • Doesn’t know every single details about your interest from being together barely 3 months.
    • Keep doubting himself over every gift he pick out.
    • Do I buy material things or meaningful things?
    • Why is Christmas so hard?
  • Practically dying because he’s scare of letting you down.
  • Found out from your best friend you’re not a big Christmas person
    • How could anyone not like Christmas?
  • On a mission to find out why you dislike Christmas.
    • Pissed you off unintentionally from pressing a touchy issue.
    • Angry at first because you’re being irrational
    • What’s so hard about it huh? What don’t you like about it? The weather? The crowd?
  • When you blew up, he’d feel guilty for making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Hug you super tight despite you putting up a big fight.
  • I’m sorry, baby. I shouldn’t have done that. Tell me when you’re ready.
  • Found out you got cheated on last Christmas.
    • Nearly kill himself over being so insensitive when about your heartbreak.
    • I’m so so so so sorry,baby. I thought it was some silly reason…
    • Feel so guilty he broke down crying because he hurt you, because you got hurt, because he couldn’t protect you.
      • You’re funny, Yunhyeong. I didn’t even know you then.
  • On another mission!
    • Make Christmas as painless for you as possible.
  • Pick you up Christmas eve for the party at the dorm.
  • Stay by your side the whole time
    • I can go to the bathroom by myself, you know.
    • I know… Just in case.
  • Send you home later that night without giving any hint about what he had plan for tomorrow.
    • Don’t worry, we’re not doing anything you’re uncomfortable with.
  • Next morning you woke up from the smell of breakfast.
    • Yunhyeong in an apron cooking for you *hot*
    • Good morning, love!
    • How the hell did you get in?
    • Don’t worry, I have my way. *seductive wink*
    • Force feed you.
  • Set up a countless pillows and blanket on top of a soft fuzzy rug in front of the fire place.
    • I know you’re not overly fond of Christmas so I thought we can spend it inside, just us.
    • I know it’s nothing fancy but I thought as long as we have each other, who care what’s going on with the world.
  • Pulls out a big box of DVDs
    • I didn’t know if you hate Christmas movie too so I got everything.
  • Spent the rest of the day making gingerbread house and Christmas movies marathon.
    • Insisting that he has the better house
    • Sabotage yours
    • You sabotage his
    • Frosting fight
    • Get frosting on your cheeks on purpose ;)
  • Finally clean up and settle down to not really watch movie
    • Sit there with you in his arm
    • Staring at you instead of the movie
    • Yunhyeong, I’m not in the movie.
    • What?
  • Nervous to the max about something
    • super jumpy
    • sweaty palm
    • sweaty in general
    • stutter and stammer whenever you say something
  • Finally fessed up there’s something he wanted to do but since it’s Christmas theme, he got scared.
    • It’s fine, baby. I know you’re not my ex. Just because he messed up doesn’t mean you get all the consequences.
  • Pulls out mistletoe he hid in the corner of the room
    • I never got to do this before and I always wanted to do it with someone that’s special to my heart.
  • Shares with you the most intense, loving kiss of your life.
    • Merry Christmas, baby. I promise you’ll never go through another sad Christmas, ever again.

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  • Totally not liking the hoard of people the holiday brings out
    • why are there so many people, don’t they have work or something?
    • Annoys you to the max complaining about leaving the house because he doesn’t wanna deal with the crowd.
    • Can we not leave the house till like after Christmas?
    • We don’t need to eat.
    • You want me to go outside, like the snowing, storming outside?
  • Turn down all the plan you made for Christmas
    • Presents are over rated
    • Nah, they won’t miss us at the party
    • You want me to go shopping in a zombie apocalypse… uh how about no.
  • Totally doesn’t notice your struggle with getting everyone presents.
  • Absolutely no help at home either because he’s still jet lagged from coming back from the tour recently.
  • Spent most of the week in bed, on the couch, then in bed again.
  • You don’t blame him, touring is hard in general but you were getting frustrated.
  • Nagged you for not cleaning up the kitchen because now he can’t make himself food.
    • You know what, June?
    • What? *retorts sassily, oblivious of your rage*
    • You clean the damn house yourself.
    • You buy then wrap the presents for everyone yourself.
    • I’m done.
  • Doesn’t understand why you got mad then stormed off.
    • Whatever, she’ll come back in a bit.
    • Got worry as dusk settles in and you weren’t back.
    • Oh no, it’s really starting to snow out.
  • Wander around the house to find his phone.
    • Notices the ginormous piles of presents, neatly labeled for both his and yours friends and family.
    • Notices the Christmas tree beaming brilliantly in the corner of the living room.
    • Notices the fridge is full of food prepped for the party tomorrow night.
  • Sudden guilt washes over
  • Blames himself
    • You’re an ass June, your lazy ass left her to do all the holiday shit on her own
    • No wonder she’s angry.
  • Went to get change to go find you
  • Notices the pair of ticket you got for the winter festival for 2 days ago.
    • Feels even more guilty because he turned you down for sleep.
  • You came back late that night to find the house completely dark.
    • Baby, come here. *Calls you from the dinning room*
  • You jaw drop in awe.
  • Table decked out in decoration for a romantic dinner.
    • Candles, flowers, wine, the whole shebang.
    • He walks out from the other room, in a suit, holding a big bouquet of roses.
  • Give you no time to react before walking over, holding something above your head then presses a big kiss onto your lips.
    • I’m so sorry for being a jerk.
    • Forgive me. If only I had known you planned a date for us. I’m so stupid.
    • This totally doesn’t make up for anything but I hope it makes you feel even just a tiny bit better.
  • Totally swoons you.
    • Is that a mistletoe you got there, Koo Junhoe?
    • Don’t tease me, I can get the dinner together I can take it away just as fast.
    • Ugh, you sassy ass.
  • No, YOUR sassy ass. Love you.

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Toxic Love

Part Three (2,226 words)

Part [1] [2]

Pairings: ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel, JaredxGen

Warnings: Jealously, cheating

Summary: Thing’s take an interesting turn at Jensen’s surprise party and the appearance of your gift leaves you feeling guilty.

“Jared!” He jumped when you called his name and you could see in his face that he was debating turning around and running back out when he saw the checklist in your hands. “Finally!”

“Hello to you too.” Jared rolled his eyes mockingly earning him a playful smack on the shoulder with your clipboard. After a moment the two of you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Sorry, this party planning stuff is just hell of lot more stressful than I thought it would be.” You sighed as your eyes skimmed the piece of paper in front of you for the hundredth time that day. You’d always been a perfectionist, and when it came to organising things like this everything little detail had to be perfect and up to your exact standards.

“Is all this really necessary?” He pointed towards various sections of the restaurant where you’d hung steamers, balloons and a number of different decorations, the band was already setting up ready to come back later and he could hear the kitchen team rushing about preparing tonight’s food.

“It’s J’s birthday, he deserves a great party.” Okay maybe you’d gone slight over the top but since he’d been off with you on set a few weeks ago he’d become more cold and distant. Your conversations with him now were practically none existent and when you did speak it was brief and over in a matter of seconds. You weren’t exactly sure what was wrong, and you didn’t dare ask, all you knew was that you were missing your friend and you were hoping this would cheer him up.

“Okay okay.” Jared held his hands up in defence knowing better not to argue with you. He could just about muffle a laugh as you shouted over his shoulder at Misha for not hanging a banner straight.

“So you know the plan?” You asked turning back at him, your eyes giving him a warning look.

“Keep Jensen entertained until I bring him here at 7.“ He rolled his eyes. You’d gone through the list with him so many times he could probably resight it perfectly, hell he could even do it backwards.

“And Gen is still coming?” You added, ticking off various boxes with a pen you’d retrieved from your hair.

“Her and the boys are on the way to my hotel now, they’re ridiculously excited to see their Uncle Jenny.”

“And Danneel?” You raised an eyebrow at him. Other than the surprise party, Danneel and the adorable JJ were your main birthday present for Jensen. You could only assume that missing them had been solely the reason for Jensen’s insufferable mood swings and the idea of flying them out had been planned in your head for weeks.

“I’ve arranged for a driver to pick her up once her flight lands at 5, he’s taking her and JJ back to their hotel to get ready and then bringing her here.” Jared reeled off his own mini checklist, hoping he hadn’t missed anything you’d asked him to do out.

“I’m impressed Padalecki.” You smirked, unable to resist the urge to high five him.

“I’m upset that you even doubted me Y/L/N.” He mockingly frown at you, faking some sort of shocked expression before the two of you burst out in another round of laughter.

“Now shoo, I have a job to do.” You playfully pushed Jared back towards the exit, reminding him that if he messed up even the smallest part of your plan you’d have his head on a stick. Of course, thanks to your undoubtedly irritating nagged, Jared had managed to successfully carry out his role and take Jensen for a quiet birthday drink not far from the restaurant before allowing himself to be dragged back to the car and leaving Jensen think they were both turning in for the night.

“This isn’t the way to our hotel?” Jensen’s eyes narrowed questioningly at his best friend beside him as the driver took a left rather than the intended right.

“I know, that’s not where we’re going.” Jared gave a small shrug as a pointed towards the end of the street.

“Why are we here?” Jensen remained clueless as his eyes darted between the giant man next to him and his favourite restaurant in town.

“No reason.”


“Look it wasn’t my idea so don’t get mad at me.” He quickly cut Jensen off, he knew you’d kill him if you told him the full story but he couldn’t exactly think of another way to get Jensen to enter the building without a massive protest.

“What wasn’t you’re idea?” The questions continued and Jared shook his head playfully, a chuckle escaping his lips

“You’ll see.” He reached for the door handle before stopping still, his face deadly serious. “Just act surprised, or she’ll kill me.”

Jensen said nothing as he allowed Jared to lead him in side, a million ideas rushing though his head at the thought of who ‘she’ might be. He was about to ask what the hell was going on when a chorus of ‘surprise’ made him jump so high he could have sworn his head almost hit the roof.

“Uncle Jenny, uncle Jenny!” Tom squealed happy as he ran towards Jensen, his arms open wide.

“Hey buddy!” Jensen couldn’t stop the grin that appeared on his face as he scooped Tom up in his arms and spun him around.

“Happy Birthday!” Genevieve smiled politely as she followed closely behind her son, an excited Shep in her arms who quickly reached out for his daddy.

“Thank you.” Jensen beamed in between lightly tickling Tom, assuming Gen had been the ‘she’ Jared had referred too. “You planned all this?”

“Like I said, wasn’t me.” Jared shook his head again as he laugh at how clueless his friend seemed to be as he pointed toward you a few feet away from them.

“Excuse me.” Jensen mumbled as he handed Tom back to Gen and began walking towards you. You’d decided to give him space at first, sure you’d planned the whole thing but he had family and friends that wanted to see him just as much as you so you’d just have to wait in line.

Now that Jared had pointed you out, Jensen wasn’t sure how he hadn’t noticed you in the first place. You’d chosen a red dress for the night, one that loosely clung to your curves and made its way down floor with a slit on one side. Simple yet elegant. Jensen was in complete awe of you, he knew there was other people in the room, people important to him, people he’d known all his life yet all he wanted to do was be with you. It was almost as if you had some sort of white halo around you, making him see you and only you.

“Y/N?” He cleared his throat to distract your attention from Misha who had just finished telling a joke.

“Jensen hey! Happy birthday!” You were surprised to seem him here next to you with so many other people there to greet but it made you smile wider as you pulled him into a hug.

“I can’t believe you did all this for me.” He mumbled against your hair, his hands resting on your hips probably a little too long, not that you minded.

“Don’t be silly you deserve it.” You laughed lightly as you pulled back, glad to see somethings that resembled the old Jensen.

“Still, thank you.” He smiled again as his hand lingered just that little longer on your hip before he removed it all together.

“Now stop wasting your time on me and go mingle!” You playfully shoved him towards a group of waiting people and he left chuckling, the widest grin on his face.

That was the last time you saw Jensen for almost an hour and as the time for your surprise crept just that little bit closer you began to panic that things were about to start going horrifically wrong. How could you possibly have a birthday surprise without the birthday boy?

“Have you seen Jensen?” Your eyes scanned the room for the millionth time as you nudged Jared’s arm.

“Not for awhile.”

“Danneel and JJ will be here any minute this can not be happening.” You felt your chest tighten and your breathing become harsher. This could not be happening right now. You did not do all this planning for Jensen to just disappear before the most important part.

“I saw him heading out back 20 minutes ago if that helps?” Noticing your anxiety, Gen pointed towards a corridor that lead to a series of private function rooms.

“Thank you!” You rushed your words of gratitude and quickly gave her hand a light squeeze before you rushed off in the direction she’s given you. “Jensen?”

“In here.” He called out his response and you followed his voice to eventually find him slumped on a table, an almost empty whiskey bottle at his side.

“What are you doing back here?” You couldn’t help but laugh as you slowly made your way towards him, even if you were furious that he’d almost ruined everything.

“Need sometime to myself.” He shrugged his shoulders as his words came out in a slur making it obvious that he’d had a little bit too much to drink.

“C'mon we have to get you back in there, can’t have a party without the birthday boy.” You encouraged him go sling an arm other your shoulder as you placed yours around his back. Lifting someone of Jensen’s build certainly wasn’t the easiest task.

“You’re so pretty.” With a smirk on his lips Jensen managed to somehow turn in your arms as you continued to support him up. His green eyes bore down into yours, momentarily paralysing you to that spot as his hand came up to took a stay curl behind your ear.

“J…” You swallowed back the lump that had formed in your throat, the heat rising from within you from the lasting touch of his finger tips that stayed on your cheek a little longer than they should have.

“Even cuter when you blush.” He added, you skin inevitably turning an even brighter shade of red as he chuckled.

“You’re drunk.” You sighed tearing your eyes away from him as you attempted to make your way to the door.

“You know what I want for my birthday?” He voice was a low seductive whisper and his face was so close to yours your felt the warm of his whiskey infused breath on your cheek.

“What?” Your voice was a whisper too but the tone was very different from Jensen’s and you were surprised you could even manage to get the word out despite your heart thumbing against your chest.

“You.” As soon as he uttered the word it was as if the whole world stopped. The green orbs stared down at you and the room became so silent you could have heard a pin drop as the tension began to grow. It continued to grow, the air around you both becoming heavy and hot before Jensen finally snapped, his face closing the small gap and his lips crushing to yours.

It was like you’d taken one big gasp of air and couldn’t quite let it out again. Jensen’s lips where intoxicating and you were sure nothing would ever feel this great again. You’d seen all these big on screen kisses where sparks were flying and characters were suddenly transported to clouded nine, but you’d never believed in that kind of stuff. Well until now. This was it for you. You were sure you’d never be able to forget how soft Jensen’s hand felt again your cheek or how your heart flipped at the way his tongue traced your bottom lip as he pulled you in closer.

The kiss for you was simply breathe taking and he on the other hand, couldn’t quite believe what was happening.

You were soon interrupted by rapid knocking at the door you’d closed behind you just moments before and Jensen found himself stumbling back wards a few feet as you shoved him away from you. The two of you stared at each other wide eyed for a few seconds before you turned away and began instantly fixing you hair, a sight that made Jensen feel like you’d punched him straight in the gut. Because even though you only looked at him for brief moment, he saw the flash in your eyes, you regretted the whole thing.

He wanted to reach out to you, to tell you that it was okay, that he wanted this, wanted it more than anything in the world and to him it wasn’t a mistake. But it was if things were moving in slow motion, he couldn’t quite move fast enough to grasp you let alone find the words to form a reasonable sentence. And then it was too late, the door was swinging up, a figure quickly emerging into the room and a high pitched squeal of the word surprise speed everything back up again.

“Danneel?” Jensen managed to choke his wife’s name out as he stood frozen to the spot, the shock taking over, the affect of it sobering him instantly.

“Happy Birthday baby!” She smiled as she swung her arms around his neck pulling him slightly down to her height. It took a minute or so for Jensen to realise that she was really there before he eventually returned the hug, his arms wrapping loosely around her waist. Out of the corner of his eye Jensen saw you quietly slip out of the room with out so much of a goodbye and he felt his heart sink.

He had to fix this, and fast.

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If you befriend...
  • Aries: You receive, unexpected jogging, laughing until your stomach hurts, shared lunches, the very best hugs, passion.
  • Taurus: You receive, homemade brownies, really genuine smiles, listening ears, video game playing, patience.
  • Gemini: You receive, free car rides, small talk, many books, mix CDs, giggle fits, open honesty, party invites.
  • Cancer: You receive, lots of hugs, maybe even kisses, borrowed jackets, kindness, hot chocolate movie nights.
  • Leo: You receive, style advice, life advice, friendship bracelets, free Starbucks, late night phone calls, joy.
  • Virgo: You receive, loyalty, someone whose never late, inside jokes, wonderful listening, wisdom, intelligence.
  • Libra: You receive, morning hikes, style help, charisma, lots of laughter, adventures, solid friendship, goofy faces.
  • Scorpio: You receive, love, reassuring stares, lots of cheering on, generosity, concerts, sleepless nights.
  • Sagittarius: You receive, sporadic trips, random coffee dates, the best sleepovers, start gazing, really great jokes.
  • Capricorn: You receive, bagels and coffee, classy outings, really meaningful conversations, a new taste in music, talent.
  • Aquarius: You receive, random gifts, so many jokes, the best nights out, optimism, honesty, ambition, lots of trust.
  • Pisces: You receive, imagination, cloud gazing, ideas, lots of small conversation about silly things, very sweet gazes, many meaningful hugs.
Dating Tyler Joseph would include
  • a LOT of late night texts from him
  • even after you went to bed, he’d blow up your phone with nice texts for you to wake up to
  • emoji wars
  • incredibly clingy hugs and cuddles (but in a good way)
  • the option to dominate him a lot
  • him randomly bring you a coffee or something to work to make your day a little better
  • hanging out with him and josh!
  • helping him through sundays
  • cheering him up when he’s having a very existential, depressed time
  • him being like a little lost puppy when you guys were separated
  • serenading you with ‘can’t help falling in love’ just because he can
  • mini drunken serenades dedicated to you
  • lots of karaoke sessions where he encouraged you whether you were really confident or really shy about your voice
  • making him giggle a lot
  • late night parties where he holds you on his lap and sings softly next to your ear
Pothead Gets Petrified

So I’ve been introducing my party of newbie players to different bits of gameplay over the past few weeks and this week I decided to introduce them to status effects by having them fight some Spectators (mini beholders) one of which I let have a petrifying ray for shits and giggles. Our party consists of a barbarian (guest character), a human paladin, a dragonborn sorcerer, a half-elven rogue, and a cat folk monk named Shaggy who has made a life as a “herbalist” and is often seen “sampling” them. They’d just killed one of the Spectators and the other went for a revenge shot. It happens as follows.

Spectator 1: *Dies* Death gurgle….

Spectator 2: You! Lets see how you like this you mangy cat! *fires his petrifying beam at our monk*

DM (Me): Alright make a Dexterity Saving throw

*the monk fails pretty miserably*

DM: You all watch in horror as Shaggy is petrified from the feet up.

Sorcerer OOC: Oh god this is too ironic.

Monk OOC: As I turn into a statue I laugh and say “Always knew I’d die stoned.” *gets petrified with a mad grin on his face.

The rest of the group is dying laughing and continue to fight on, the monk making his second saving throw next turn to resist prolonged petrification.

Monk now unpetrified: DO IT AGAIN!!!

HSS characters a summary 

Koh: Let’s punch him! Kick him HE SHALL BURN! They will all face my wrath! 

Wes: I always have a plan -slips away to his own personal batcave- 

Nishan: -nerd nerd nerd- (fears crazy stuff like robo ghosts taking over Canda) 

Sakura: Will literally fight anyone! 

Julian: Tough football player with the heart of a butterfly 

Ezra: Who? 

Mia: The ice cold queen whose not just another pretty face. 

Katherine: Why don’t we just all be friends! 

Payton: Planning some sort of party or giggling about some turtle wearing a bonnet

Kallie: Using a wide range of vocabular words. Also very shy.

Autumn: Where are the ducks? 

Max: Just that stereotypical bully from any High School movie 

The MC: Literally runs the school without him or her everyone would be dead. Also I’m convinced the MC is the schools principal. 

Imagine you, being in a long distance relationship with Loki, as he often travels between worlds with his brother Thor as required. On Halloween Loki decides to surprise you and visits you at your work place in Stark Tower. Instead of you working, he finds you dressed as a Queen (with your own personal flair of course) next to Stark, who is coincidentally dressed as a king. Without noticing anything else Loki strides over to the two you and demands to know what is going on. You giggle at his obvious jealousy and point out all the other party goers and then proceed to explain that Stark had hosted a costume party for the holiday. Loki takes this information humbly and apologizes (if grudgingly) to Stark and then proceeded to look over your outfit. 

“So you have dressed as a queen for this holiday? Well, almost.” He then smirks devilishly as he flicks his wrist towards you and transforms your dress from the rather simple (but cute) design to a complex and stunning layered gown with lace that seems to disappear into your skin leaving behind only the shiny swirls. The long back flows along the ground but the front is just above your knees. The sweetheart neckline fits snugly and lace swirls up to the decorative collar on your neck. And of course, the dress is a deep forest green highlighted with golds and black.

Imagine that Loki then transforms himself to match you so the two of you are king and queen for Halloween.

so my little brother is 14 years old, and is turning 15 tomorrow

his birthday is 4/20

he has no idea why all our cousins (and myself) giggle at birthday parties when i say im going to blaze it(the cake candles). even his friends are in on this they showed up 3 years ago to his party and they go “Hahaha hey pedro happy 420″ and he replied “Yea thanks thats my birthday” to which they all apparently silently simultaneously agreed to not tell him anything and are also waiting for him to figure it out on his own

He’s a freshman in high school this year and has SOMEHOW still managed to not figure this out. I wonder how he will be told tomorrow  

That's unusual

So we’re standing in a house with two ways to go. The rest of the group not caring where we went except the rogue the halfling and I, a ranger. We’re arguing which door to go through when my ranger said something that made the whole party giggle.
Rogue: I say we go through the left door
Ranger: what he said, I trust the rogue!
The girl sitting next to me: well that’s not something you hear often