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being ceo!calum's best friend when he was younger and, despite your suspicions, he doesn't forget you when he hits billionaire status. So you're there, his closest friend, dancing around the party while giggling. And calum is just in awe because you're not like the other girls dressed up in fine jewelry and expensive dresses, you're wearing the same dress you wore to graduation with a fake diamond necklace. And he realizes in that moment that he can't imagine being with anyone but you.

shiit :(((

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Dipper giggled and put a party hat on his lovers head. "So today's my birthday. I was thinking cake?"

Mordecai chuckled, pulling Dipper close. “Whatever you want, babe. It’s your day~” He leaned down, gently kissing the brunette before he pulled away with a smile. “If we want cake, I can go get one. Better yet, we can make one together!”

Late night thank you for...

Aries: Taking me out on adventures. With you, people get an adrenaline rush
Gemini: always brightening up every room you walk in. You know how to beautifully formulate your words.
Taurus: Sharing your food with me, especially your Trader Joe’s snacks. You motivate people to become the best they can be!
Cancer: All the giggles and dance parties. You have so much love to spread.
Leo: Fighting for what is just and standing up for others. Everyone admires you and respects you. You are on point.
Virgo: Taking care of everyone and finishing up my math homework before 12am. You are one of the most intelligent people I have met and you know how to have so much fun!
Libra: All the late night heart-to-heart convos at Taco Bell. Heart-to-heart convos become so deep with you.  
Scorpio: Letting me vent to you. You are the best listener and you are very reassuring.
Sagitarrius: being such a goofball. You always know where to go to have fun! I think everyone should go on a night out with you!
Capricorn: your compassion and helping people who don’t have as much as you. You are very talented and crafty.
Aquarius: all the feminist talks and for being very open minded. Also, you are super artsy.
Pisces: always being down to try something new and thinking about others before you.

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8. “You can take that negative attitude to your own room, missy,” Jordan tells her. She pouts and crawls over to him, holding onto his arm as she pulls herself up. “Aw, give Daddy a hug,” he grins. “Dada!” she giggles. Sophia joins the party and gives him a hug too, causing a big smile to break out on his face. “Be gentle with Daddy,” you say softly. “We being good, Mama,” Sophia says. “That’s my girl. So what do you want to do today?” you ask.

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Oh I bet he does *giggles* Awe babe, I'm so glad you're here.. *hugs you again* -S

I’m so glad we’re here. I’m so excited for the party! *giggles,hugs back,loves her like she’s my sister*

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"i think thats perfect and she will be good at it" he smiles and nods

I smile and pick up my phone and call her. The next week she comes over and starts the mural of Winnie the Pooh and a honey jar sitting beside an oak tree with Piglet. After a few days, she’s done th mural and I pay her. “We need so much for the room” I tell James when I hear the doorbell ring. I see the girls and they take me into one of their cars an drive me somewhere.

“Where are we going?” I ask them.

“Your bachelorette party.” Vero giggles.

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Elliot: "We can invite Aido's friends over to a party and I can call Alice over. She'd love to see Echo again." He answered before gently kissing Breanna's lips.

Breanna blushed and kissed him back. “Sure but be warned Aido’s friends are a bit wild with parties.” she giggled.

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"And we can have hot chocolate parties!" He giggled, "That should be a thing. With marshmallows and sprinkles and whipped cream." He made a happy sound, "Grandpa makes really yummy hot chocolate, so he is invited."

Carlos smiled. “Yeah – everybody loves Dad– er, Grandad’s hot chocolate.” Man, he was probably going to have to get used to that. Teaching the kid who ‘dad’ was, who ‘mom’ was, and who ‘grandpa’ was… god, it’s so weird! It wouldn’t be like introducing them, it would literally be TEACHING who these people were!