Imagine you, being in a long distance relationship with Loki, as he often travels between worlds with his brother Thor as required. On Halloween Loki decides to surprise you and visits you at your work place in Stark Tower. Instead of you working, he finds you dressed as a Queen (with your own personal flair of course) next to Stark, who is coincidentally dressed as a king. Without noticing anything else Loki strides over to the two you and demands to know what is going on. You giggle at his obvious jealousy and point out all the other party goers and then proceed to explain that Stark had hosted a costume party for the holiday. Loki takes this information humbly and apologizes (if grudgingly) to Stark and then proceeded to look over your outfit. 

“So you have dressed as a queen for this holiday? Well, almost.” He then smirks devilishly as he flicks his wrist towards you and transforms your dress from the rather simple (but cute) design to a complex and stunning layered gown with lace that seems to disappear into your skin leaving behind only the shiny swirls. The long back flows along the ground but the front is just above your knees. The sweetheart neckline fits snugly and lace swirls up to the decorative collar on your neck. And of course, the dress is a deep forest green highlighted with golds and black.

Imagine that Loki then transforms himself to match you so the two of you are king and queen for Halloween.

Pothead Gets Petrified

So I’ve been introducing my party of newbie players to different bits of gameplay over the past few weeks and this week I decided to introduce them to status effects by having them fight some Spectators (mini beholders) one of which I let have a petrifying ray for shits and giggles. Our party consists of a barbarian (guest character), a human paladin, a dragonborn sorcerer, a half-elven rogue, and a cat folk monk named Shaggy who has made a life as a “herbalist” and is often seen “sampling” them. They’d just killed one of the Spectators and the other went for a revenge shot. It happens as follows.

Spectator 1: *Dies* Death gurgle….

Spectator 2: You! Lets see how you like this you mangy cat! *fires his petrifying beam at our monk*

DM (Me): Alright make a Dexterity Saving throw

*the monk fails pretty miserably*

DM: You all watch in horror as Shaggy is petrified from the feet up.

Sorcerer OOC: Oh god this is too ironic.

Monk OOC: As I turn into a statue I laugh and say “Always knew I’d die stoned.” *gets petrified with a mad grin on his face.

The rest of the group is dying laughing and continue to fight on, the monk making his second saving throw next turn to resist prolonged petrification.

Monk now unpetrified: DO IT AGAIN!!!

but imagine harry and louis very drunk and dancing together…… “throwing some crazy shapes” at a party and giggling at each other…… grinding on each other at the club…… twirling each other in their living room…… slow dancing at their wedding after a few glasses of wine and getting a little too handsy……


Scooby Doo Lost Mysteries by ibtravart

“Don’t Forget The Phantom Fisherman”- The gang tries to solve the mystery of a July 4th celebration phantom, who haunts the festivities by leaving cryptic notes.

“Scooby-Doo and the Malpractice Malice”- Scooby and the gang investigate a small town’s legend of a doctor gone mad. Will they get a clean bill of health or flatline?

“Scooby-Doo and the Consumer Affair Scare”- The gang gets locked in a shopping mall overnight, where they find shopping can cost you an arm and a leg!

“Scooby-Doo and the Slumber Blunder”- The gang’s sleepover party is threatened when an uninvited guest pays a visit. Will they count sheep or sleep with the fishes?

can you imagine Phil and Dan rushing home after the radio show to get dressed and quickly decorate the house for the Oscar party, both giggling and getting really excited to watch an award show because they are both really big dorks but thats okay because thats why we like them-

okay I’ll stop now

coffee-your-teapot  asked:

Something weird happened to me today and I thought it'd be an interesting prompt. Could you do some sterek involving a bachelorette party treasure hunt? Like stiles has to look for something twilight related and gets an actual wolf, ie Derek. :)

It would totally be Scott and Allison who decided to do a cute, combined bachelor-bachelorette-slash-pre-wedding-shower party with no strippers or anything, completely derailing Stiles’ totally awesome Vegas road trip he had planned, but whatever. 

They’re at one of the first of many (tasteful and stylish, not a stripper in sight) bars that the entire group is hitting up tonight according to Lydia’s incredibly precise party plans. She’s got a treasure hunt planned, and is explaining the rules (“Ladies vs. gents, everyone!”) while Allison giggles, wearing her veiled party hat and Scott makes adoring eyes at her. 

Stiles is determined not to let Scott or any of the other groomsmen down, he can’t believe the girls are already checking so many things off their lists. The guys aren’t having as much luck. 

“Okay, next one is…you have to find someone who likes Twilight without saying the words vampire or Twilight,” Danny says, eyeing the list. 

“Right,” Stiles says, heading towards the bar. He asks the first girl he sees, “Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

“Uh…” she says, giving him a confused look and turning away. 

Stiles tries again with another guy who just plain ignores him in favor of ordering another beer, and Stiles is about to give up and move on to the next item on the list when a voice speaks up behind him.

“I’m a Team Jacob fan, myself." 

Stiles turns around and whoa he was not expecting a hot bearded stranger to come into his life at this very moment, but seize the day and all that. Stiles tries not to gape a little at the gorgeous green-gray eyes and the cheekbones on the man. 

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Dating Tyler Joseph would include
  • a LOT of late night texts from him
  • even after you went to bed, he’d blow up your phone with nice texts for you to wake up to
  • emoji wars
  • incredibly clingy hugs and cuddles (but in a good way)
  • the option to dominate him a lot
  • him randomly bring you a coffee or something to work to make your day a little better
  • hanging out with him and josh!
  • helping him through sundays
  • cheering him up when he’s having a very existential, depressed time
  • him being like a little lost puppy when you guys were separated
  • serenading you with ‘can’t help falling in love’ just because he can
  • mini drunken serenades dedicated to you
  • lots of karaoke sessions where he encouraged you whether you were really confident or really shy about your voice
  • making him giggle a lot
  • late night parties where he holds you on his lap and sings softly next to your ear