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  • in this soulmate! au, whatever you write appears on their skin and vice versa
  • and you and your soulmate have just never had a conversation for some reason, it might be because they’re just really busy, but it’s okay, because at least you don’t have dicks all over you
  • but after your teen years of waiting for your soulmate to write something on their skin, you’re an adult and have become a professional photographer
  • and being a photographer is so fun!!
  • you get to take photos of people, nature, everything, and it’s just so subtly artistic and creative
  • but one day, your boss asks you to take photos of some models at another studio far from your own, because for whatever reason they needed a different studio than yours
  • rollover to the day were you have to photograph these models, the previous day you had run out of some necessary item like milk, so you quickly rush to write it down on your palm, so you don’t forget later on, when you’re trying to get home from the studio
  • as you set up your equipment you were told the models getting ready, and as soon as they walked in hOT DIDDLEY DAMN
  • usually you wouldn’t be this intimidated by your models beauty, but these three were just so attractive
  • and of course you meet them, and they’re names are wonwoo, mingyu and jun, and they’re under pledis entertainment, aged 20 - 21
  • some young fine men
  • but aNYWAYS
  • they take a few solo shots, starting with mingyu, and they weren’t rude like some other models you worked with, but they were laid-back and friendly, so it was quick to finish the solo shots,
  • but while you were doing you’re job, you realised at one point your reminder written on your hand had rubbed off again, so you rewrite it just incase you forget
  • and they’ve changed outfits and gotten their hair and make up fixed
  • not that they need it
  • and you’re directing positions perfecting lighting all that jazz until the one of the make up artists is like, ‘hey jun, you gotta rub off the milk,’
  • and his like, ‘oh my soulmate must’ve rewritten it, i can just cover it,’
  • so the makeup artist covers it with some foundation, and you’re standing there dumb-founded because holy cOw jun could be your soulmate
  • so they again cover it with make-up because that’s easier than erasing with water or wipes and you continue to have your photoshoot 
  • after the photographing is done for the day, and the models have left, you buy your milk and head home
  • testing out your theory that jun is your soulmate, you test it out by writing ‘jun?’ on you arm, to you get the reply, ‘yes?’
  • after an hour of talking to each other, he says, or writes, ‘you still haven’t introduced yourself,’
  • knowing you’ll see him the next day, you write, ‘you’ll find out,’
  • because of this you end up with scribbles all over you the next day
  • so you’re back photographing mingyu, wonwoo and jun, and you’re photographing wonwoo, when he starts to mumble something to you, you ask him to speak louder and hear him say, “you have ‘i love jun’ written on you forehead,”
  • turning to jun, giggling he says, ‘i knew it!!’ and everyone else in the studio is either really confused or too busy to notice what’s going on
  • bUT after the photographing is done, jun asks you out to dinner somewhere
  • he takes you somewhere lowkey, like those 50s looking diners and you eat there and wOW you’re soulmate is so lame,  but so cute
  • you two joke around in the diner until it closes and even then when you’ve left each other, you play pictionary on your arms until dawn to see jun left you a little message to encourage you through the day

hello everyone, it’s been a while since i’ve written here, i’ve been a bit busy with school and my personal blog, so i wrote another soulmate! au since i’ve been writing a lot on my personal recently and i thought i might as well write one here for all you guys, so hope you enjoy

-admin jola🌱🍑

Best Friend confesses Series: WOOZI

This is part two of a new series of Seventeen imagines. Feel free to message me and say who you want to see confessing next.

You know Woozi never meant to say it. But you still spent the whole evening yesterday replaying the Seventeen live interview video about a hundred times and trying to work out what the strange feeling in your chest was when you heard his words.

There is was, your best friend, your delightful, interesting, intelligent, stoic yet adorable best friend, sitting there with his newly re-dyed pink hair and his serious, focused face. Telling the interviewer that the inspiration for his latest song came from some night walks around the city with his girlfriend. 

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Wait, she understands? (College! AU)

Jun x reader (ft. Minghao)

synopsis: Jun and Minghao were having a conversation in Chinese and indirectly told you that Jun has a crush on you -without knowing that you had Chinese lessons since the age of 6. “(Chinese to English translations are in the brackets)”

word count: 1329

genre: fluff fluffy fluff // College! AU

It was unusual for the library to be this packed during school hours: sounds of doorsteps shuffling across the floor, students whispering to each other, padded bangs of books closing, and the dull beeping sound of books being borrowed. Nobody ever care that this place existed before, why is there suddenly so many people today? You thought as your gaze wandered around the library hall, searching for your friend who asked you to join her in the library to finish some homework.

Grabbing your shoulder from behind, your friend had already spotted you, she called “Y/N! Hey, we’re sitting over there.” She greeted you while pointing towards the table around the corner, with only two empty seats. “Ugh, the library is so packed today. All because of that new foreign kid.”


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anonymous asked:

everyone always talks about rfa and babies, but what about rfa and toddlers? i honestly think that toddlers would be more difficult than babies but i'm not a parent, who knows lol

Oh anonny, anything dealing with the Mystic Messenger crew and their children I always go overboard and this request is no exception! These turned out ridiculously long so I’m sorry to everyone in advance! I also want to thank everyone for the name suggestions for the kids, I sincerely liked all of the suggestions and the help is greatly appreciated! Anyways, I loved writing this one so I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yours and Yoosung’s son Byul was quite a handful to say the least
  • He was a bundle of energy since the day he was born and it was especially shown through his toddler years
  • Byul would run around the house shouting gibberish and when you told Yoosung to discipline his child, he tried but never succeeded as he thought he was a bad father
  • You needed some girl time so you and Jaehee planned a day trip together leaving Byul in the hand’s of Yoosung
  • The second you said your goodbyes to your husband and son, Byul ran to the master bedroom, jumping wildly on the bed
  • “Byul calm down! Just because mommy isn’t here doesn’t mean you can act crazy! You’re going to get hurt!” Yoosung said as he tried to control his crazy son
  • But Byel ended up falling off the bed, crying his little eyes out as Yoosung went into panicked doctor mode
  • After making sure Byul didn’t have any injuries, he told his son in a firm voice that he had to listen to him to which Byul nodded and wrapped his small arms around Yoosung’s neck
  • Yoosung smiled and gently carried his son to his computer chair, sitting him down on his lap and started playing LOLOL - Byul’s eyes widened in wonder and every time Yoosung would beat a monster, Byul’s tiny hands would fly up in the air as he’d exclaim “Daddy’s the best!”
  • Yoosung’s heart soared as he and his son spent the rest of the night playing video games as his son cheered for him
  • You came home, expecting to see the house in ruins, but instead saw Yoosung and Byul laying in bed together surrounded by pillows and stuffed animals
  • From then on, Yoosung became a more strict but still loving parent to Byul, who was still a ball of energy but loved watching his father play video games or reading him bedtime stories with animals in them
  • Yoosung smiled at you, thinking that maybe he really could be a good father to Byul


  • Yours and Zen’s son Jun-Ho was a mini looking Zen but with none of his personality
  • Jun-Ho was an extremely shy and anxious toddler, hating the limelight and attention that he received by being a famous actor’s son
  • Even though Jun-Ho was shy, when it was just you, Zen, and himself he’d become a screamer
  • If Zen tried telling him ‘no’ then Jun-Ho would scream at the top of his little lungs and Jun-Ho’s singing and screaming voice was awful
  • Your son would wake up from his sleep because of a nightmare, screaming while doing so, resulting in a lot of sleepless nights for Zen
  • Zen would lay in bed with his boy as his son would curl into his father’s embrace as Zen said “It’s alright Jun-Ho, daddy’s here. I’ll protect you from the nightmares so don’t worry okay? I’ll even sing to you until you fall asleep.”
  • Jun-Ho was also extremely clingy to both you and Zen, he’d typically need to have one of you by his side or he’d become an anxious crying mess
  • But Zen realized that his son loved dressing up in both your’s and Zen’s clothing, often giggling when he’d see Jun-Hon wearing one of his leather jackets paired with your skirt
  • Zen could see the happiness in Jun-Ho’s eyes when he’d dress up so Zen started to encourage his boy and would even dress up with him at times with
  • Jun-Ho would say “Daddy looks good!” When dressing Zen up and the silver man had to admit, for a toddler his son really knew how fashion worked
  • No matter how shy or clingy your son was, Zen would always make sure that Jun-Ho would feel love from him as he tried to be the best father that he could


  • Your’s and Jaehee’s daughter Min-Ji was a good mix of the two of your’s personality with a huge temper mixed in
  • If Min-Ji didn’t get what she wanted, she would throw a huge temper tantrum causing both you and Jaehee major headaches
  • Min-Ji also had a habit pulling people’s hair, with Jaehee sometimes wishing that she would have kept her hair shorter
  • But Jaehee already had to take care of the RFA boys on her own before, since they’re basically toddlers themselves, so dealing with her little daughter wouldn’t be a big deal
  • Jaehee was always firm but kind towards Min-Ji, scorning her when needed but also showing her plenty of love
  • “It wasn’t very nice to pull mommy’s hair now was it Min-Ji. You should go apologize to her and if you’re truly sorry, then we can do something fun together.” Jaehee would strictly tell her daughter
  • Since your birthday was coming up, Jaehee decided that for apologizing to you, Min-Ji could help her bake a cake
  • Jaehee noticed how much fun her daughter had while making the cake and how calm she was, realizing that maybe baking was her passion
  • She let Min-Ji decorate the cake once it was baked, Jaehee giggled at her messy creation as her daughter exclaimed “Mommy will love it!”
  • You walked into the kitchen, startling the two girls, and complimented Min-Jo’s decorating, giving Jaehee a quick kiss as you noted that she finally found something to calm your daughter down
  • Jaehee lifted Min-Ji into the air and held her close to her as she thought being a mother to Min-Ji was the best feeling in the world


  • Your’s and Jumin’s daughter Nari was the definition of beauty, grace, and sass
  • Nari was typically a good toddler and was very calm, except when it came to Elizabeth the Third
  • Your daughter was obsessed with cats, making Jumin one proud father, but that meant she’d never let Elizabeth out of her sight
  • As she got older, she would take Elizabeth with her everywhere and she ended up ignoring you and Jumin
  • Jumin wanted to spend time with his three favorite girls but Nari seemed to never want to be around him, making Jumin concerned
  • Nari was also a fan of arts and crafts and one day accidentally spilled red paint on Elizabeth’s fur
  • When Jumin went over to clean Elizabeth, Nari looked at him in fear as she started crying, making Jumin realize that she was intimidated by him and that he wasn’t being a good father
  • After cleaning up Elizabeth, Jumin sat down with Nari, who was cuddling her Elizabeth look-a-like plushie, as he apologized to her
  • “I know that I haven’t been around lately to spend time with you and your mother and for that, I’m sorry Nari. Why don’t me, you, your mother, and Elizabeth spend the night together okay? I don’t say it enough it I love you my little Sapphire.” Jumin said as he sat his little girl on his lap with her smiling at her nickname
  • From then on, Jumin cut his work hours down to spend more time with his family, which usually ended up being Nari drawing pictures for Jumin to hang up everywhere
  • You and Jumin would tuck Nari into bed every night with Elizabeth at her side, with Jumin determined to become the best father that he could be


  • Your’s and Seven’s child Sae-yoon was surprisingly a good boy, until you weren’t around
  • Sae-yoon was a huge mama’s boy, he’d constantly be by your side making Seven slightly jealous
  • But when it was just Seven and Sae-yoon, the toddler loved making a mess of things for Seven to clean up after
  • Sae-yoon would smack Seven’s computer screens, tangle the wires, and spill his fruit juice all over his father’s electronics
  • Seven isn’t very good at disciplining Sae-yoon, he doesn’t want to end up like his own parents but you encourage Seven that some firm words were sometimes needed as a father
  • Much to Seven’s shock, every time he’d try to show his son something on the computer, Sae-yoon would yell and throw his little fists at the screen
  • He even tried to make his son some homemade meals but Seven was stunned when his son threw a bag of Honey Buddy Chips at his father
  • Seven was about to give up until he saw his son in his bed, frustrated as he tried to read a storybook to himself
  • Sae-yoon was about to start crying until Seven walked in, laying down next to his son and took the book from him as he dramatically read the story as his son giggled
  • “I see that you’re more interested in books then computer Sae-yoon and that’s alright! I’m still going to teach you about computers when you’re older but for now, you’re going to hear all kinds of crazy stories from me, the great 707 to you, my little 505!” Seven told his son as he lifted him in the air, both boys laughing
  • Every night you would tuck your son into bed and listen to Seven’s insane stories, acting out all of the parts and usually ending up tickling his son at the end to tire him out and Sae-yoon would always say “Daddy tells the best stories!“
  • Seven, tired himself from the crazy story-telling, would thank you for supporting him as he promised that he’d be the greatest father to his son
ONE LAST TIME {all of the guys, fluff one shot}

Author’s Note: This was a request from an anon and I really enjoyed writing it. It may be a bit choppy, but I still thought it was cute. 

Walking into the BigHit dance studio, Hobi took in a deep breath.

Smell that kids? That is the smell of hardwork! He exclaimed to his two children. A boy and a girl, both under the age of 5, as they looked up at their mother. Looking around herself, Hobi’s wife laughed.

I wonder if your signature is still in here. She mentioned and Hobi ran to the corner of the room with a feeling of hope in his chest. BTS had parted ways as a group a decade prior and although all of the guys got together from time to time, in the past few years, they mainly emailed and texted.

For Hobi, it was strange to be back in his old stomping grounds. He was now a choreographer for many of the popular groups and when he had freetime, he spent it with his kids. All of the guys were at his wedding, they even stood as his groomsmen, and when his son was born, the hyung line was able to come and meet the infant. But as time passed, the guys got more and more busy. Hobi had recently come back from training the latest boy band while they were on tour, when Jimin sent out an invitation to the guys.

BigHit is closing our old studio/practice building. I think we should go explore one last time before they leave. – JM

Hobi was keen to the idea and added bringing their families along. All of the guys agreed and now Hobi was looking around the practice room for a signature.

What you looking for, hyung? A familiar voice called out from behind him. Hobi smiled and looked at the doorway to see Jimin and his wife standing there. Jimin left his wife’s side as Hobi and him hugged. It’s been a while! I saw your choreography with that new group. … Honey, what’s their name again? Jimin turned. Hobi looked and waved at Jimin’s wife, who gave him a small bow. She had a baby sleeping in the nook of her arm as she walked up to her husband. Hobi’s eyes got wide as he looked down at the baby.

I didn’t realize you had a baby! Hobi exclaimed, but Hobi’s wife stopped him.

Sweetie, I told you about it months ago, his name is Jung Wook, remember? She murmured as Hobi’s daughter walked up to Jimin’s wife.

He’s so cute! She said and Jimin laughed.

Thank you, Ji Su. He said and Ji Su’s cheeks tinted pink. Ji Su and Hobi’s wife began conversing with Jimin’s wife as Ji Hun, Hobi’s son, jumped on the dance mats that were strewn about. Turning back to Hobi, Jimin asked. Did you hear that Namjoon hyung is coming back from the States? He’s teaching out there at the moment. Hobi nodded. He and Namjoon had kept in touch, Namjoon had gone to the States to scout for new rappers, but ended up meeting his wife and settling down. Hobi and his family had flown out there a couple times, but it was hard with everyone’s schedules.

Yea, he’s very excited to tell his kids about how amazing of a leader he was. Hobi and Jimin chuckled. Oh, I heard you and Tae stayed in touch. How’s the movie star doing? Hobi chuckled as he asked. Jimin and Tae were still best friends and spent a lot of time working together. Tae had even introduced Jimin to some producers and Jimin was now working on his own movie deals. But Hobi was right to say that Tae was a movie star, after his success in multiple dramas, Tae started to pop up in movies and then finally he began being cast as the lead.

Eh, he’s alright. He’s upset that the latest movie made him miss his baby girl’s birth. Jimin shrugged.

How many does he have again? Hobi asked, but the door flung open and Tae came rushing in with four children in toe and one little girl swaddled in her mother’s arms.

Jimin laughed and held up 5 fingers for Hobi, as Hobi’s eyes almost fell out of his head.

HYUNG! HOW ARE YOU?! Tae screamed in a booming voice and his kids ran around the room. Hobi laughed and gave Tae a hug.

I’m great, but look at you! Five kids! Hobi tried to wrap his head around it as Tae nodded.

OH! You haven’t met all of them! Mi Jin, Mi Sun! He exclaimed and two little girls ran hand in hand. These are my eldest, they’re twins. He said and looked at the girls. Can you tell Hobi hyung how old you are? He asked and the little girls nodded enthusiastically.

6! They said in unison and Jimin nodded.

Hello, girls! He exclaimed and the girls smiled widely at Jimin, running over to give him a hug.

Min Jun. Tae called out and a little boy holding a blanket came walking up. He was the opposite of his father, shy and cautious, he bowed deeply towards Hobi. Hobi smiled and gave him a little bow, messing up his hair the little boy giggled. Min Jun, how old are you? He asked and the little boy held up 3 fingers. Hobi nodded and clapped his hands a little. Can you go get your little brother? Tae asked and the little boy nodded. Walking over to his 18-month old brother, Min Jun held out his hand. This is Min Sung, and he’s only a year and a half. Tae told Hobi as Hobi watched the child waddle up to him. Min Sung bowed, but midbow found something on the floor that was interesting and lost all focus on Hobi, kneeling down on the ground, Min Sung examined the speck that had caught his attention. This loss of attention made Hobi laugh at the similarity between the boy and his father. Looking over at Tae, the guy was now smiling at the baby that his wife was calmly holding in her arms.

Tae? Hobi called out and Tae looked at him a bit startled.

Oh! Right! Finally, this is my daughter, Mi Na! He exclaimed and his wife shook her head and held a finger up to his lips.

She’s finally asleep. She whispered and Hobi nodded knowingly. He looked between the two of them and saw the bags under their eyes, he remembered when his kids were small and how difficult it was to get a full night’s sleep.

Hello. Yoongi’s voice echoed through the room as he and Jin walked into the practice room.

Hyungs! Tae screamed and his wife smacked him on the chest. Jin chuckled as he put his arm around his wife’s shoulders. She was holding a little girl’s hand and Jin went over and picked up the little girl.

Jae Eun, can you say hello? He asked and the little girl, while still in her father’s arms, tried to bow, causing a small wave a laughter from the wives and husbands alike. All of the wives hugged and smiled, talking quietly as they recounted various things that had happened throughout the past couple of months. Yoongi rolled his eyes as his wife walked right over to the group of women, following her was his 2 daughters.

Women. He murmured and his daughters both turned around and stuck their tongues out at him. All of the guys had to laugh at the encounter because only Yoongi’s daughters would be so bold. They wore beanies with their dresses and black converse. Yoongi shrugged. They decided their own outfits today, I can’t help it. He chuckled along with his group mates.

Are they the same age? Tae asked as his twin girls ran around him in circles.

No, no, A Ra is a year older, she’s the one in the pink dress, and A Yeon is the one in the white dress. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at the two girls, who were now talking to Ji Su. Who’s little one is that? He asked and Hobi stepped forward.

That’s my little girl, Ji Su, she’s 4. He answered and Ji Su called out.

Four and a half, appa! She corrected her father, who smiled and let out a laugh.

Ah, I’m sorry, sweetheart. 4 and a half. He said and Yoongi laughed.

A Ra is 5 and a half, she corrects me all the time. The two of them shared a laugh as Jimin looked at his watch.

Where are Namjoon and Jungkook? They are both flying in together, but they said they would be here by now. Jimin mentioned and Tae laughed.

Ah! Always worrying about Jungkook, our little maknae is now a massive solo artist! Give the guy a break. Tae responded and Jimin smacked his arm.

Did someone say amazing massive solo artist? Jungkook called out and Yoongi rolled his eyes.

I only heard the maknae part. Yoongi responded as he smiled at the youngest member of the group, which in turn Yoongi received a small glare.

I’m not the maknae anymore, hyung. Jungkook replied, but Yoongi just shrugged.

Your birthday would say otherwise. He stated and Tae laughed loudly.

So, where’s the wife? Tae asked and Jungkook rolled his eyes.

I told you all, heavily pregnant and on bed rest.

You left your wife all alone?! Jimin exclaimed in disgust, but Jimin’s wife called out.

Jimin, don’t start trouble. She said and Jimin nodded.

Yea, hyung, don’t start trouble. Her parents are with her. Jungkook mockingly told him and Jimin shoved the younger member. But, I did bring my older son. Heon Woo? He called and the little boy waddled in, running towards his father with a smile. The messy black hair and beautiful doe eyes resembled Jungkook’s, as the youngest member knelt down and picked up the happy little boy.

Namjoon walked in with his 2 kids as he lectured the duo.

Now, appa was an amazing leader who took a group of unruly and unprepared guys and made them one of the greatest groups in the world. The gullible toddlers looked at their father in awe as Jin yelled out.

Hey! We were not unruly and unprepared, Mr. God of Destruction! Namjoon looked at the eldest member with wide eyes. Yoongi joined in.

Yea! Hey, Yu Na, Yu Min, want to see a video of your dad break a wall? Yoongi asked the two and pulled out his phone. Yu Na, the little girl, watched in amazement as her young father accidentally put his foot into a wall. Yu Min turned around and laughed as Namjoon looked at the older two members with anger.

I’m trying to show my kids how amazing I am. He said and Namjoon’s wife came to the guys defense.

It’s amazing how easily you put a hole in that wall. She murmured and hugged the two members. How are you, Jin oppa? How’s Jae Eun? Namjoon stared as his wife began changing the subject and his kids ran off.

It’s crazy that they’re tearing this place down. Jungkook mentioned to his elders as he looked around the room. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears happened in these rooms, the floors and walls held so many stories of anguish and triumph for the group of seven guys that stood there. Now they wore different clothes, their hair was naturally colored, their faces etched with a few new wrinkles. However, these rooms were where they all became family, the awards and success were just a reward, but the true accomplishment was how close they all became.

All seven of them swapped stories of their lives now, but they also reminisced on the good old times. Remember the time Yoongi’s hair looked like hay? Jin laughingly asked. Oh my god, remember how Tae thought it was a good idea to tell everyone Jungkook was thinking of quitting the band? Jimin asked and the stories just kept coming.

The group was mismatched and unruly, that’s for sure. But even after all this time, they were able to come together and talk like nothing had changed. The wives all spoke to one another about their children, watching on as the group of kids all 6 and under, played and laughed. In a weird way, time had stopped for them in that moment. They were able to come together in the place where it had all began one last time.

A McDonald’s Date (Seventeen Reaction)

baby-baby-boo requested:  Hi! I really love your content, and I wish your brother well in the army! Can I have a seventeen reaction to you going to McDonald’s together and when they ask you want you want, you say a happy meal, and when they ask why, you say “because I’m a lot eater and they have the perfect amount of food!”? Thank you in advance!

Hey! I’m glad you enjoy my content, I work very hard on it! I understand there are many mistakes and I’m not the best at this kind of thing but I try so damn hard and I’m actually amazed at the attention it’s gotten. It’s incredible, I can’t thank you enough for your love and support! I also appreciate your comment about my brother. We’ve had a lot of problems with him as far as behavior goes and things like that so we’re nervous and excited for him. He shipped to his company yesterday on his birthday (yay him!) So now he starts basic training at this point. I won’t bore you with all of the information lmao you’re here for a Seventeen reaction! (I did see your other request and I’m working on it as well as many other older ones but I figure getting the new requests out first would be easier? Don’t worry, I did not over look you in any way, I’m getting to it lovely!) I hope this one makes you as happy as my other ones! You can always request again or just message me for fun. :) ~ A


“Pabo, that’s not enough food for someone your age.” 

Would really just be concerned about the amount of food in the happy meal and would order extra for you even though you told him not to. 

“We can fight about it later, eat.”

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He’d laugh and shake his head.

“Whatever child.”

Then you’d fire back with “I’m a child, that makes you a pervert so keep on with it old man.”

Which would result in a pouty Jeonghan, a happy meal and banana milk. 

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“If the toy is cool I’m keeping it”

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Dramatically rolls his eyes at you.

“Do we have to go to the park too baby? Yah! I knew you were younger than me but I didn’t know you acted like it.” Is just messin’ with you and buys whatever you want with a big obvious pout after you said “At least I don’t look like a fourteen year old who’s out with his big sister because he got good grades. By the way, milk won’t help you at this point.” 

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Giggles at you and shakes your head afterwards.

“Goofy girl. We should get some ice cream after we have lunch.” 

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Orders more food and sneaks it into the little box when you weren’t looking.

“What do you wanna do after this?”

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“You’re too cute.”

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“Do you want anything else, baby?”

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Giggles and enjoys his food with you

“You better eat those damn apples, too.” 

Throws french fries at you 

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Is an awkward mess the entire time ordering, especially when he has to say “And a Happy Meal” would then die from embarrassment 

“You’re SO lucky I love you.” He mumbles, sitting down with you. 

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“Yah! Why’d you pinch me?! You damn woman, why are you rude to me?” tickles you until you apologize for being snarky when all he asked was if you wanted some more food.

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Eats your apples whilst playing with your hand.

“You want another one so I can steal your apples again?” 

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He would just laugh and get your food without anything else to say.

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Languages of Love- Minghao Fluff

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Request: Hiii can i request an imagine where minghao has a crush on reader aaaanndd junhao is talking abt reader in chinese while reader is in front of them, but turns out reader understood chinese perfectly aaannddd after that reader and minghao started talking and bonding hehe

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1113

Member/Group: Minghao of SEVENTEEN

 Sometimes, people that speak multiple languages can get a bit mixed up between the two or end up saying something they don’t know that others can understand. You, being someone who originally spoke English and a few other languages, knew this well. Ever since you were young, you had loved the idea of being able to communicate with everybody you came across. By the time you were only 9, you had learned Spanish and German fluently. The only language you had never been able to master was Korean, which of course made living there much harder. As you were good friends with the up-and-coming members of the group SEVENTEEN, you preferred to speak to them in Japanese and English instead of Korean, because at least then you knew that they would be able to get the main idea you were attempting to get across. 

 Your lack in stability in Korean had caused the Chinese members of SEVENTEEN to take quite a liking to you. They perfectly understood the struggle of being in a country where you had to try ten times as hard to understand anything, and this had only encouraged the three of you to begin a study group. Three times a week, you would all meet at a local cafe and practice communicating in Korean, but it usually would end up you attempting to teach them bits and pieces of English and them trying to teach you Chinese. What they didn’t know was that you had actually become quite fluent in Chinese over the past few years, but you just couldn’t help but enjoy watching the two boys get so excited over ‘teaching’ you a new language. Not only had they managed to make you laugh as they did so, they had also made you realize that you were quite in love with your paddle haired friend, Minghao. 

 The only person you had told was Joshua, mostly because he spoke English and it was easier to vent that way, but also because you knew that he would never think about telling anybody your well kept secret. He also had become a good friend on your travels across the globe, and he was also one of the only people you could trust to talk about anything and everything. (cough cough priest Joshua coming through cough cough.)

 Your eyes shot open as the blaring alarm finally caught you from the deep sleep you had been immersed in. Peering over your mountain of sheets, you were able to see the time. 10:27 am.

 “Oh shit! I’m going to be late!” You ran around your small apartment like a lunatic, trying your best to piece together a decent outfit while simultaneously completing your morning routine. By the time you had actually managed to slip on your sneakers and get out the door, your phone had rang with several alarms to remind you to leave so you wouldn’t miss your bus. 11:05 am.

 “Aha! Just in time to catch the bus!” You waved happily to your neighbor as you skipped out of the apartment building. The streets of Seoul were not yet even close to being busy, so could actually take your time to look at the freshly  bloomed flowers on your way to the bus stop. 

 The entrance to the cafe was not difficult to find, but before you decided to walk up the the aged mahogany door, you looked through the window. Minghao and Jun were sitting at your usual booth, both drinking what looked to be tea. The expressions on their faces seemed to be more serious than you expected, and Minghao looked more concerned than ever before. You decided not to draw attention to yourself as you walked into the warm room that smelled of ground coffee and cakes. You slipped down against the large wall the was the backing of the booth, and you were about to leap up and surprise them when you heard your name leave Minghao’s mouth.

(Special little thing here- just pretend they are speaking chinese so that nobody in the room can understand what they are saying… or so they think)

 “Yes, Jun. I am one hundred percent sure that I am in love with (Y/N). Overtime I look at her, I just feel so… warm. Like I am at home with my family. She just makes me so comfortable.” Jun nodded and tilted his head.

 “Well, I don’t blame you for having a crush on her. She is very pretty, and just your type. You should tell her how you feel instead of just worrying about whether or not she is going to reciprocate your feelings. I bet you she feels the same way.” As he finished his sentence, you quietly slipped into the booth and made sure that they were unaware of your eaves dropping.

 “Hey, if you guys need to finish your conversation you can go ahead. I won’t mind.” The perfect plan to show him you felt the same way popped into your head.

 Once again, they began to speak to each other in Chinese, completely unaware that you understood every single word that you were saying.

 “I don’t know Jun, I just don’t think that she loves me like I love her. I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have!” You saw your chance, and you took it.

 “Minghao, maybe if you had just decided to ask me you would know that I happen to feel the same way towards you, idiot!” His eyes grew large when he heard you speak his native tongue, and Jun had to bite down on his hand to keep himself from laughing at his friend’s misfortune.

 “You know what, I am just gonna go back to the dorms. Why don’t you two lovebirds just stay here and get to know each other a little better?” Minghao’s face was beat red, and you just giggled and nodded at Jun. He walked off, and you returned your gaze to the boy sitting across from you.

  Shakily, he scratched the back of his neck and let out an awkward laugh. “So you knew how to speak Chinese the whole time?”

 “Hao, I’ve spoken it since I entered Junior High. I just never told you because it was so cute to see how excited you got when you thought that you were teaching me something I had never learned before.” He nodded at your words and took another sip of his beverage.

 “How about we get out of here, and we can go on a real date?”

 “I’d like that very much, Minghao.”

Seventeen Greetings: Jun

Jun: Hi everyone! I’m Jun.

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//is interrupted by Svt giggling in the background//

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Jun: //Continues talking// I’m a Chinese member and a lead dancer on the Performance Team. I can also do martial arts that looks painful-

//is interrupted again by Svt members//

Jun: //thinks to himself// I don’t get enough lines to deal with this…

Tuesday Boy | Junhui

Summary: A popcorn and a drink weren’t enough to keep the Tuesday Boy company.

If you take the 07.56 train to Seongdong-gu, scurry past its sliding doors and cease before the sun-drenched, spread out streets, you would catch a glimpse of an Aporia hippia with kaleidoscopic wings fluttering no more than a little over your eyelashes. The thick furred German Shepherd now tethered to a post would flash its canines at you before softening its growl. If you turn left after the first green public bin ahead of the entrance, you would come across the hotdog stall where people would both patiently and peevishly line up in front of.

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Like a Family- Katsuki Bakugou x Reader

A/N) This was inspired by a scene from the movie Storks

GENDER NEUTRAL! I like all my reader insert works to be gender neutral unless requested otherwise. 

Not a request


   Katsuki Bakugou was not a baby kind of guy. He doubted that he’d ever have one of his own. Besides, his job barely give him enough time to take care of himself, let alone a baby. Y/N was a baby kind of person. They hadn’t always dreamed of being a parent, but after marrying Katsuki, they began to crave another kind of love. It started when Y/N and Katsuki’s dear friend Eijirou Kirishima and his wife had requested for the couple to watch their children for the night. 

 The night had gone smoothly, despite a couple tantrums here and there, and had ended with the two adults laying on the couch with the three children in their arms watching a movie. And as Y/N watched their husband run his fingers through his god-daughter’s hair teasingly while poking her brother’s belly, all with a small smile on his face, while the small boy in their lap giggled at Katsuki’s remarks, Y/N fell in love again.

So it wasn’t hard to believe that Y/N wasn’t too upset when they had to bring a baby home for some time. A fight had broken out between heroes and villains, resulting in a few civilian casualties. One couple had left behind their baby girl, and Y/N had offered to take care of the child until a proper home was found for her. Katsuki begrudgingly agreed, and prepared their home for the baby.

It had been a couple of days since the couple brought the baby girl into their home, who they had decided to call Jun, and things had been running pretty smoothly.

“We’re a pretty good team,” Y/N told Katsuki while making a bottle for Jun.

“I could have told you that dumbass,” Katsuki snarkily replied while steadying the baby on his hip.

Jun was a pretty content baby. At least, until it was time to sleep.

“Oh my god, her eyes could not be more open,” Y/N yawned. It was almost two in the morning and Jun had yet to sleep. “Her nap was too long today… again.”

Katsuki rested his hands on the cradle, “Okay, okay, grab that end.”

The two rocked the cradle slowly, and Jun started to settle down.

“It’s like we’re a family!” Y/N exclaimed in a whisper.

“We are NOT a fucking family! We are just two people trying to put our damb baby to sleep,” Katsuki hissed. He looked at Jun’s round brown eyes. “Close close close close close close,” he repeatedly whispered.

Y/N groaned, “please please close!”

Katsuki turned to Y/N, “I think they’re closed!”

“No, look, I still see eyeballs.”

“Fuck… can we- can we manually close them?“

“What? No-“

He tried lowering her eyelids gently with his fingers, but they kept opening again. Jun giggled at his failed attempt.

“Give me- give me the fucking eye glue!”

“The what?” Y/N laughed.

“You know! For gluing eyes shut!”

“No, we don’t have any,” Y/N kept giggling as Katsuki tried to keep Jun’s eyes closed.

“I think they’re gonna stick,” he said hopefully, but Jun’s eyes snapped open with a giggle.

“Ugh, what if she never goes to sleep?” Y/N groaned.

“Alright, you know what? I fuckin’ got her. I got her, just go to bed,” Katsuki told his spouse, despite being just as tired as they were.


“You go to bed,” he told them.

“No, I don’t wanna go to bed if you’re gonna be up, I’ll feel bad,” Y/N responded.

“I know, but if I go to bed then I’m gonna feel fuckin’ guilty and I just-“

“NO! No! What I’m saying is, listen to me-“

“You just go to bed, damb it,” he said again.

“You go to bed, I’ll take her,” Y/N insisted.

“Alright,” Katsuki said. “I will go to bed for fuck’s sake.”

He laid down in their queen sized bed and started to doze off.

Y/N threw one of Jun’s pacifiers straight at his face, “I can’t believe you went to bed!”

“You just said it was okay for me to go to bed!” he sighed,”…Okay.”

“Can’t we just rock her in our arms,” Y/N whined.

“Okay, just hand me our baby.”

“You called her our baby.”

“I don’t fuckin’ care.”

 Maybe Katsuki was a baby kind of guy.

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Boyfriend does my makeup youtuber au with Jun please

Sorry for the delay! This was such a cute request, hope you like how I wrote it! ^^

“You want me to do what?” your boyfriend asked in disbelief, lips stretched into a wide yet confused smile and arms crossed by his chest as he stood next to the chair you were sitting on. You grinned.

“Do my makeup! It’s for Youtube,” you said cheerfully, pointing at the laptop you had open, your Youtube channel showing Jun all of your videos and your grand amount of subscribers. He inspected the screen for a while before turning back to you, one eyebrow quirked.

“Is this one of those challenges, like that cinnamon one?” he asked, still curious and unsure, and you thought for a while before shrugging.

“Kinda, but not at all,” you laughed, and he snickered, too. At last, he gave you a meaningful nod.


You were just about to start setting everything up, when Jun cleared his throat. “So… what do I do? It’ll be filmed and all, so…”

“I don’t know, do my makeup and… just be yourself,” you answered, heart warm because of how adorable he looked, all unsure and kind of nervous despite loving being on camera. His face lit up at your words and he leaned down to kiss you gently.

“Like this?” he asked a bit cockily, grinning when your eyes fluttered open with your lips still puckered, ready for the kiss to continue.

Swallowing, you shook your head. “M-maybe a bit less kissing on-cam.”

Once you had gotten your camera and make-up collection ready, you and Jun sat down on the edge of your bed and started filming. He was stiff at first, practically pouting at the camera while waving his hand with a low “Hi everyone, I’m Jun, Y/N’s wonderful boyfriend.”

You explained what the challenge was about, both to Jun and everyone who would be watching your video later, and he nodded in understanding when he finally got the whole picture, chuckling to himself. “So you trust your face with me?”

Turning to look at him, you giggled and held his hand for a moment. “Of course.”

He stood up and looked down at your makeup, all spread on your desk and ready for Jun to use. Taking a small stick, he turned to you with a small frown. “What’s this?”

“A highlighter,” you said, slightly amused, and laughed when Jun just shook his head and muttered that you probably wouldn’t be needing it. When he spent another few moments just staring at everything in his disposal, you chuckled. “Do you have any idea what I wear daily?”

Jun’s eyes widened for a fraction of a second, and even though he gave you (and the camera) a very confident “Of course I do,” you knew he had little to no clue.

Keeping his confidence, though, Jun took a bottle of foundation that seemed like it had been used a lot and reached for a brush he could recall seeing you apply it with, all the while taking glances at you to make sure he was on the right track.

“He has no idea,” you mouthed to the camera in amusement, laughing when Jun squinted his eyes at you as he sat down.

“I’d like to remind you that I’m the one with your precious makeup,” he joked while taking off the cap of your foundation, and froze for a moment as he tried to think of how to proceed. You giggled quietly, but it soon turned into a bubbly laughr when Jun began taking the foundation over your face, pumping thin streaks of it here and there.

“Alright,” you said with a nod when he took the bottle away, and without saying anything, Jun took a gentle hold of your jaw and took the brush to your forehead.

“I have no idea how this will end,” he said with a grin, amusedly watching the foundation spread around your face, changing your skin tone ever-so-slightly. You watched his lips part when he focused hard enough, trying to make sure everything was nice and smooth, and you giggled at both that and how the brush tickled your skin a little.

After the foundation was done and Jun had added the smallest bit of shading under your cheekbones and seemed satisfied, he picked up a powder and started patting it around your face.

“You seem like you know how this goes,” you stated in amusement while Jun made sure the powder was everywhere. He grinned as he put it away.

“I see you do this almost every morning, so,” he chuckled and turned to look at the remaining makeup. “Any wishes?”

You appeared thoughtful for a while before grinning playfully. “Just do whatever you feel would look good on me. Go wild.”

All you got was a nod before Jun started thinking, picking out a bit of this and that, comparing shades and occasionally taking a look at your face; whenever he did that, you could see the corners of his mouth tugging upwards.

“Okay, this is what I’ll use,” Jun huffed and carried some makeup from the desk to the bed, showing them to the camera one by one. “Alright, so there’s some mascara, eye shadow, a really nice lipstick and… this thing that Y/N uses for her eyebrows.”

“An eyebrow pen,” you said with a giggle, at which Jun shook his head.

“But you have eyebrows even without…” he mumbled to himself while taking the cap off the eyebrow pen and moving his eyes between it and your eyebrows, thinking about how to proceed. You looked at him expectantly and finally closed your eyes when Jun brought the pen to your left eyebrow, taking it lightly over it one time after another, drawing out the lines and filling in, trying to remember how he had seen you do it on occasion. “It’s basically the same, but… more defined?”

You nodded. “Exactly.”

From there on he moved on to eyeshadow - at first he got too much on your eyelids so he got the excess off with his thumbs with such gentleness that your heart felt warm and you smiled so widely that you could already tell it would look stupid on camera, at least in your own eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Jun laughed when the eyeshadow was finally done; there wasn’t too little or too much of it anymore, and it was your most used shade, too. You shook your head as a sign that it was nothing.

You looked at the makeup next to you and giggled when Jun took the mascara into his hand. “Oh, this will be interesting.”

Jun quirked one of his eyebrows while rolling the brush part open. “How so?”

“That needs a lot of focus,” you said, eyes big and meaningful, but Jun just laughed and shook his head.

“Nah, it’s easy.”

As it turned out, it was a lot tougher than he had initially thought. You kept getting the mascara on your cheek and eyelid, and he tended to also go too close to your eye which had you blinking, and while you laughed heartily, Jun tried to hold back his own snorts as he tried to get it off with his thumbs and cotton swabs, all of his teeth showing with the grin he was unable to erase from his face.

“I’m trying, okay,” he laughed, and you burst out in an even louder laughter.

“Didn’t you say that this would be easy? Do I even look presentable anymore?” you asked amusedly and squinted your eyes when Jun just gave you a hasty nod, as if avoiding the topic,  and put the mascara away.

Even applying lipstick proved out to be a bit of a challenge for Jun, as he seemed to go outside of your lips continuously, but you were thankful he didn’t get any on your teeth, at least.

“Okay, do the smacking thing with your lips,” Jun said after putting the lipstick away, and smiled to himself when you did as asked. “And now if I just…”

He leaned closer and rubbed the areas above your upper lip and below your lower lip with his thumbs, getting away the last bits of lipstick he had not been able to remove earlier. You looked at his focused face and his plump upper lip carefully, your heart continuing its steady beating but feeling stronger as it did so, warming you up and making you smile.

Jun looked at you proudly after he had handed you a mirror and you were looking at yourself through it, your expression growing more and more impressed when you inspected different parts of your face.

“It’s surprisingly good, actually,” you said in awe, turning your head from side to side and melting into a smile. “I was expecting it to look awful, but…”

“Impressive, right?” Jun asked with a smug grin and turned to the camera while pointing at you a little. “Can you guys believe I’m dating someone as good-looking as Y/N?”

You nudged him while laughing, the mirror now lying behind you on the bed. “It looks really natural. Thank you.”

At that, Jun gave you a fond smile. “You look gorgeous without any, too, so…”

You were just about to hug him when he continued.

“…and someone as handsome as me deserves someone as hot as you by their side.”

Squinting, you let your hands fall down again, and Jun laughed loudly.

“I’m kidding! I love you for a million reasons and most of those are because of the inner you.”

With your cheeks heating up a little, you pursed your lips. “…I might edit this out.”

In the end, you didn’t, though, and instead had a small compilation of Jun’s best moments at the end of your video. There were surprisingly many of them, most of them being just Jun making weird faces when he focused hard enough or when he was confused with the makeup - or when he was getting too cheesy to be true with you.

Your favorites were the clips where he stole quick glances at you, and similarly Jun loved the parts where you were looking at him with a smile visible in your eyes, too.

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Seventeen Scenario: Red Strings (Jun)

Note: Requested by @seventeenthirtthe8! Thank you for letting me write this ^^ This was really interesting to learn! Ah, I didn’t quite make it as mystical and magical because I had already made one like that for this other Chinese legend that was requested and thought that maybe you’d all appreciate a change so I hope you enjoy this~ If you want me to rewrite, I totally can.

- Admin Mochi ✨

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The living room is soundless as you lay in the arms of your fiancé, both of you simply enjoying each other’s company in the dim room. Jun lazily turns his head and places a kiss on your forehead, making you peer up at him.

“I love you.” He whispers, staring straight into your eyes, a small smile adorning his lips. His own brown orbs burned with so much truth, you couldn’t deny his statement.

You smile back and respond in a voice that’s as soft as the mood you both were in. “I love you too.”

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Those little Turn-On's (Performance Unit):

Seventeens little turn on’s (Performance Unit):


Hands, Hands, Hands.
He thought you had the softest hands in the world. You were always careful and gentle in everything you did, from washing the dishes to folding up the laundry. You loved to sit and play with his hands and he would happily let you. The8 also loved it when you would gently place your hand on his thigh when you two were sat alone together.

Your giggle.
You didn’t actually giggle very often, only when he or someone else complimented you. It embarrassed you when you received compliments so he just gave you them all the time just to hear that pretty little giggle of yours…

Speaking in your native language.
Hearing you speak in your first language amazed him, he would sit and watch as you spoke to your family back home on the phone. He was captivated by the sound of your voice even though he had absolutely no idea what you were saying. ‘You sound sexy…’ he would say and you’d just shrug his comments off, but he wasn’t that easy to shake off. 'Y/N tell me that you love me in that language…’ He would beg whilst placing kisses on your face.

That scent…
You owned an extensive collection of perfumes, particularly vanilla, Caramel and coconut scents, which Hoshi loved. You had one that smelled like just baked cookies and it drove him mad. 'You’ve got that perfume on haven’t you Y/N…’ he would say into your ear as soon as he caught a whiff of it. 'You smell so good!’ He would mumbled into your neck while placing small kisses on your jaw and breathing in your scent.

Follow My Heart ~fluff~

Request: Hello I would like to request a scenario with Vernon where you Two have been dating for a long time and then he proposes in this super romantic fluffy way? THANK YOU SO MUCH~

You are walking down the aisle next to your father in your white, long, beautiful wedding dress with your veil caressing your face and flowers in your hands. The wedding song playing and all your friends and family were watching with smiles planted on their faces. Though, right at the end of the aisle was your most special loved one. Hansol Vernon Chwe. 

It’s been a very long six years since you have been dating your boyfriend Vernon. He’s been very busy considering he was a famous kpop idol for so many fangirls and fanboys, but he tried to take every chance he has just to be with you. Even though it was hard not being with him most of the time you were still the happiest girl in the world especially when you would talk to him whether he was visiting you after a long week of practicing or months after touring and even just the text he sends you or when he takes the time to facetime with you. He’d often send you chocolates and stuffed bears just so that you feel his love while he was gone for quite some time. It was hard for both of you but it was almost time for his vacation and you were waiting for his arrival.

X. Your marked on your seventeen calendar that you had in support for Vernon and his group. “Three more days,” you whispered to yourself. They have to stay in Seoul for a little bit then the boys were going on a vacation in which Vernon wanted to spend time with you. You sighed as you put down your marker.

You turn to clock and saw it was already 7:09. “Shit” you mumbled quickly gathering your things and putting on your shoes before you left your house for work. 

                                                ~Once work ends~

“Y/N~~~~~!!” Your friend, Andrea, yelled running to you. She panted as she stopped right in front of you. You were about to leave the building but she was able to quickly catch up. 

“What is it Andrea?” You asked raising an eyebrow waiting for an answer. She panted then she gave you this serious look. The look she gave when she really needed something.

“Let’” she said grabbing your hand, dragging you to her car.

“W-wait let’s take my car instead. I’ll drive you back so you can get yours later” you suggested. 

“There’s no time come on!!,” Andrea put you on the passenger seat and then she got into the drivers seat starting the car. She looked at you,” Seatbelt?”

You nodded putting it on. Right at the ‘click’ she started driving to the mall. 

“Turn on some music” she said yet still focusing on the road. You turned on the radio and changed it to a ‘good’ station. Andrea made a weird face at the radio,” What the hell is this american music? Put on some of your boyfriends music.” She said handing you her phone.

You chuckled at her and did so putting the aux cord and playing “Boom Boom.”

Both you and her were jamming to the song. “ EVERYDAY BOOM BOOM NAE TTAEMUNE BOOM BOOM” but once the song ended you guys were drowned in your on laughs. You guys settled down and listened to Adore U. 

Andrea smiled and asked,” So when is Vernon coming back? Aren’t they almost done with their tour?” 

“Yeah. He said he’ll be here in three days. I can’t wait” You said grinning to yourself thinking of seeing Vernon after such a long time.

Andrea nodded and giggled,” I wonder if Jun is staying in Seoul.. Ugh he’s so cute. ” You chuckled,” Why don’t you just ask him out? I’m sure the fans will support your relationship” Andrea gasped,” Oh hecckkkk no. Plus I don’t think he even likes me.” “You never know” You said rolling your eyes playfully at her.

You finally arrived at the mall. Honestly, you just thought it was just another day when Andrea wanted to go get some clothes to impress some boy but really it isn’t like that. Although it was odd that she was in such a hurry.

She parked her car then looked at you,” Let’s go. Hurry up” She grabbed her bag and waited for you outside of her car. You got out and then you both went into the mall.

“So where are we going?” you asked looking around. “Let’s go to a store where they sell pretty dresses. I know the perfect one” Andrea said smiling linking her arm with yours and going to a nice dress store.

Andrea searched through the dresses quickly as if she was in such a hurry which was very unlike her since she always took her time even if the mall was going to close in a minute. This time she acted like the mall was going to close on her. 

She held up a very pretty dress in front of you and a huge smirk formed on her face and handed it to you,” Here try it on” “But-” “GO!” She pushed to the fitting room before you had the chance to speak and waited outside on her phone texting someone.

“How does it look?” You said slowly coming out. Andrea look at you and gasped,” Omg! It looks so beautiful! Come on!” She grabbed your clothes and your bag and went up to the cashier. “Andrea? My clothes..”

Andrea looked at you and gave you a wink before paying for your dress. Then you both hurriedly left the mall and headed somewhere.

“Uhm.. Andrea.. What’s going on?” You asked nervously looking at her as she drove. “Shhhhhhhh just wait til we’re there oh and put these on” She replied handing you a pair of heels.

A few minutes later she arrived at the park. It was the park where you met Vernon.


“Andrea come here!!” You said waving her over. She quickly skated over to you,” Yeeess?” “You know how to use roller skates right?” You asked putting on the pair of skates you were borrowing from Andrea. “Well duuhh…” she said chuckling. “Help me?”

Andrea chuckled and helped you up as you were trying to carefully skate without falling. Andrea held your arms skating backwards trying helping you skate. 

“You think you’ve got it?” she asked slowly letting you go. You nervously nodded,” I-I think so” you said trying to skate on your own which worked well.

“I’m doing it!!” Andrea chuckled clapping her hands,” Good job Y/N!!! Trying skating around the park I’ll be behind you let me get our bags. Just go on ahead” She said walking to get both of your belongings. 

You carefully skated around..until there was a little kid that ran in front of you making you swerve and then you starting going downhill. You had no control as you were going down which made you panic and scream. “Andrea!!!!!” You screamed for help. 

Andrea looked for you and saw you screaming and hurriedly followed. 

Before she could arrive you widened your eyes as you were going to run into someone,” Watch ouuuuttt-” 

Suddenly both you and the stranger were on the floor, you on top of him. 

“Y/N!! Are you okay!! Omg I’m so sorry. Are you guys alright?” Andrea said worriedly helping you up first. 

“Vernon!! Gwenchana (Are you okay?) ??” Jun said rushing over.

You looked at him with wide eyes realizing the position you were both in,” I’m so sorry!!” You said sincerely and made sure he wasn’t hurt. 

Andrea looked at you, “Are you okay? I’m going to get some ice and band-aids” 

”I’m fine..” but then you suddenly lost your balance and prepared to faceplant but you were caught by a pair of strong arms that were wrapped around you waist. 

“Hey there. Be careful,” The boy said chuckled. He had a sweet voice rung through your ears making your cheeks turn into bright red. You looked up and took a good look at him. He was really cute and his kind smile was making you blush even more,” S-Sorry. Are you okay? I should’ve been careful” 

“Calm down Calm down. I’m alright. Are you? Oh no your leg. Sit down on this bench” He said helping you to the nearby bench making sure you don’t fall. You looked at your knee and saw blood making you sigh.

“I’m gonna go with her friend hold up” Jun said following after Andrea leaving Vernon and you alone. 

He looked at you,” Man that must’ve hurt. Your friend and my friend will be here soon” He said reassuringly kneeling down in front of you to take off your skates. 

“You don’t have to I’m fine. I’m so sorry” You said which just made him laugh,” Shhh It’s fine. I’m Vernon by the way. Y/N right?”


“Here I’ll see you later” Andrea said smiling handing you a red envelope that said,”Open me.” You read it saying,” Follow my heart” You looked up confused looking for Andrea but she was gone. 

“This girl seriously..” You said and looked in front of you and saw a heart made out of rose petals with a piece of paper in front of it saying, “It’s been almost seven years since we’ve started dating.”

There was an arrow pointing to the next heart so you walked over to it and it said,” I want to spend the rest of my life with you”

You were confused considering Vernon “hasn’t” arrived yet.

But you decided to continue following the hearts and read each one that had special messages written making your heart beat faster and faster. 

Once there were no more flower hearts to follow you looked around and saw The8 in a tux giving you a bouquet of your favorite flowers,” This way, My lady” He said leading you somewhere and ahead you saw something bright.

You rose your eyebrow holding the flowers following him and then as you kept walking you saw 6 other members in a tux holding signs. Jun’s sign said,” Y/N” Jeonghan had one saying,”Will”. S.Coups held the next one saying,” You” Mingyu’s said,”Marry” as you passed each one your heart was beating faster and faster. Woozi held the one saying,” Me” and next time him was Joshua holding the question mark. 

At the end was a big heart made of lit candles with Vernon in the middle kneeling on his knee holding a small box with rings in it. 

You gasped with tears forming and you ran to Vernon attacking him in a tight hug repeatedly saying,” Yes” He smiled and wrapped his arms around you tightly.

All of the members including Andrea jumped out of nowhere and cheered happily.

Vernon cupped your face giving you a soft kiss holding you closely to him , both of you melting into the moment. The moment both of you were wanting to cherish forever.

You both break the kiss and Vernon put the ring on your finger and looked deep into your eyes with sincere love. “I love you Y/N” He said giving you another kiss with meaning and passion. 

Then you both turn to everyone that was cheering and smiled at them holding Vernons hand that your hand ever fitted so perfectly into. You grinned looking at Andrea and Jun standing next to each other and chuckled,”THE ONES THAT ARE NEXT IS ANDREA AND JUN!!” Every cheered cheering for the four but the two looked at each other with wide eyes but red faces making every one laugh. 

Vernon smiled laughing and he looked at you,” Damn you’re so beautiful tonight” 

okay @squeezy-bangtan-booty here is your scenario I really hope you enjoyed it even though it might be super cheesy..and bad and very cliche… haha but I enjoyed writing it!! :D Thank you for your request!! <3

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Moon Junhui has 10 letters. So does "True Visual". We know what this means Mingyu 😂😂 ((lets be honest though, theyre all visuals.)) -marshmallow anon

jun: //giggles// you have a lot of sense marshmallow anon ;)

mingyu: //joking// im offended

svt: svt is a group with good looking people~ //dabs//

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Adored by Him || Jun || Oneshot

Word Count: 1198

Genre: angst, oneshot

Summary: Based off of this song

“I don’t want to go shopping with you and Jun,” you said, frowning at your roommate.

Eunseo frowned at you, leaning against the doorway, “What do you have against my boyfriend?”

“Nothing,” you sighed, turning back to your laptop, your fingers tapping rapidly on the keys.

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Seventeen Jealous of your new Puppy - Request

A/N: Hello, thank you so much for requesting, I hope you request again! Good idea btw :D, creative. 


I can see S.coups just giving the saddest pout to you when your fawning over your adorable puppy as he’ll stare at you sadly, causing you to ask what’s wrong. 

“Nothing– that puppy sure needs lots of attention from you, doesn’t it, hmph.” S.coups would say as he would cross his arms childishly as you would just laugh at how cute he was. 


“Jeonghan-ah, I got a new puppy, look! It’s so adorable, I never found something as cute as this guy!” you would say, causing Jeonghan to stare at you, more like glaring but whatever, only for you not to pay attention as your too busy chasing the dog around playfully. 

“Yah, who’s the dog here.” Jeonghan would mutter, causing you to glare at him, only for him to add, “What’s so special about that dog, I’m way better than it but how does it get to you more than I do….” causing you to slowly smile. 


Honestly can’t see him getting the least bit jealous of you around a dog but maybe if you ignored him while he was trying to talk to you for awhile, he would get jealous. You would hear him sadly whining to himself as you would ask what’s wrong, only to hear a firm, “Nothing.” causing you to ask if he was jealous or not. 

“Jealous over a dog? Psh, he’s cool but I’m cooler… right?” Joshua would say, causing you to giggle and agree. 


I can actually see Jun getting genuinely jealous over the puppy. Ten minutes after you pronounce the fact that you had a new puppy, you would be petting it, sometimes even giving subtle kisses, and saying cute things to it until Jun would actually be bold enough to say something. 

“Yah, how do you manage to make your own boyfriend jealous over a dog?” 


As a literal kitten, I can also see him acting like Jun, but a less bolder than Jun as I can see he’s not the type to do what Jun did. When you said that you got a new puppy, he saw how you specially treated him so dearly that he began to grow jealous, wanting that attention too. 

“Hey Y/N, do you prefer kittens or puppies?” Hoshi would ask as you would ask him why he was asking that. 

“I don’t know, it’s kind of like– meorthepuppybecauseI’mfeelingleftoutY/N~” Hoshi would say in one, causing you to ask what he said, only for him to say “nothing~” causing you to find out he was jealous later on. 


The two of you are more introverts outside but extroverts around each other. After telling Wonwoo that you had a new puppy, he’d definitely be excited to hear the news but slowly regret his excitement when he sees that you didn’t even notice he was there. He would be extremely quiet throughout the time until you finally asked what’s up after hanging out with your dog, trying to get close with it. 

“Nothing, feeling a little… left out…” Wonwoo would slowly answer, only to regret it when you would tease him about how he was jealous. 


I can see Woozi being like Joshua, someone who isn’t really jealous over this kind of stuff. Let’s just say that you weren’t helping him with his songs because you were busy playing with your adorable puppy who wouldn’t stop licking you. You would hear Woozi mutter a, “How come a puppy can get her attention but her own boyfriend can’t.” causing you to smile, paying more attention to Woozi. 


This bright sunflower would probably be in between being jealous and not being jealous. When you were too busy talking to your dog cutely while petting it and feeding it, Dk would slowly pull the puppy away from you, causing you to stare at him. 

“I’m sorry but I have to take the interference away from our relationship.” he would put the dog on a tiny mattress you bought for it at the store as it stayed there, causing him to give his bright smile, “Done!” 


You were probably wondering whether or not you should buy a puppy as you had your boyfriend, Mingyu, who was already a literal puppy. When you bought one, you would see Mingyu giving jealous stares and sad ones added to it, with lots of sulking and pouting. After awhile, you would settle your dog down and giving Mingyu his limelight, something he was waiting for as he would just give you the happiest smile when you turned to him.


He’s a literal cutiepie becoming jealous the minute you said you got a new puppy. He would act just like Mingyu, pouting adorably to you so you could look at him. After awhile you would ask if he was jealous of the puppy as he would always be trying to get your attention while you took care of your puppy.

“I mean who wouldn’t be jealous of a girl paying more attention to a dog than her own lover.” causing you to blush as you gave him a hug, apologizing cutely to him. 


Booyonce would strike after seeing that the puppy was grabbing your attention more than his amusing and funny self. He would grab your attention as he would then boldly say to you, 

“Are you kimbap kidding me? Pick your amazing sassy boyfriend or that puppy you just got.” as you would laugh as he would begin to rap whatever he heard Vernon practicing yesterday, already grabbing your attention compared to the rest of the members. 

me when someone pronounces the name of my bias wrong and tries to correct me on it 


This kiddo would be making a random rap just to grab your attention, anything to get you to notice him waving his hand around you, wanting to talk to you. He thought your puppy was cute but he was there, your boyfriend. He would actually pull the joke that he hated the most that you teased him about. 

“Y/N… Kidney function is not a.. r-right, i-it’s a-a—” 

“IT’S A PRIVILEGE!” you would yell and laugh as he would be red in embarrassment seeing that he had to use that joke to grab your attention back to him, which it did work.

that hair flip making him extra fab bro 


You know this smol guy would be very much jealous over the fact that you bought something that is smol like him. When you create your own conversation in your own world with your new puppy trying to get it to warm up to you more, Dino would be very sad and it would be very visible. You’d look up for a second, only to see Dino giving the most saddest look to you, causing you to feel bad. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you would ask Dino. 

“I don’t know… I feel like you like that puppy more than me.” Dino would slowly say, causing you to laugh. 

“So… you’re jealous over my new puppy?” you would ask, causing Dino to deny everything, causing even more laughter from you. 

Seventeen Reaction to You Going Through a Rough Break-Up

Warning: a situation like this could be really triggering, so if you’ve ever been through something like this and you are easily triggered, do NOT read this!

A/N: What even are these GIFS? Okay, i never had a boyfriend so i don’t know how it feels to be heartbroken, neither do i have a great friend who would help me during a situation like that, but i think this could be accurate:) BTW THIS IS MY FIRST POST ON THIS BLOG!!

make a request or check out the master list! [ gifs do NOT belong to me ]

-Admin Leyla

S.Coups/Seungcheol (contains violence) Your boyfriend slapped you across the face once more. “You little whore.” He yelled, but suddenly was pulled away from you. Seungcheol’s figure appeared behind him. “Get away now!” Seungcheol yelled. You backed away nervously. Your now ex-boyfriend ran away from him. Seungcheol looked at you and held open his strong arms. You fell into them quickly and began to sob. “Shh.” Seungcheol said and began to rock you back and forth. “Everything’s going to be okay.” He hushed and lifted your chin. The tears were flowing from your eyes like a waterfall. “I’ll always be here for you.” Seungcheol said and kissed your swollen cheek. “Thanks Seungcheol.” You muttered and let it all out.

Jeonghan You met up with Jeonghan to do some shopping. You wanted to forget everything that happened the previous night. “What about this shirt?” he asks, holding it up to himself. “Yeah. That’s nice,” you mumble. He puts the shirt back on the rack and walks over to you, “You haven’t bought a single thing. Something’s up.” Your laugh was dry, “I’m fine. Really.” You two walk out of the store. “Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?” he asks again. “He broke up with me. Guess I wasn’t good enough,” you shrug, fighting back the tears. He puts his arm around your shoulders, pulling you in closer beside him, “Don’t say that. You’re better than good enough. I knew he was a jerk. If I ever see him I think I’d have to kill him,” he slightly chuckles. You give him a half smile, feeling better that he was there for you.

Joshua “Josh”, You knocked on the door and sobbed. You saw the door open and Joshua looked down at your tear stained face. He’ll simply opened his arms and you fell right into them. “How long was this going on?” Joshua asked as you took another bite of your ice cream. He had one arms wrapped around you. “Apparently a few months.” You said and wiped away another tear. Joshua turned so that he was facing you and wiped away another tear. “No more crying [Y/N]. He’s not worth it and you’re too beautiful to cry.” Joshua said and kissed where he wiped away the tear. “You’re the best Josh.” You said and smiled. You fell back into his arms.

Jun/Junhui It was two days after your boyfriend broke up with you and your best friend Jun wanted you to get out of the house, so he took you shopping. You and Jun were waiting in line talking when you turned around and saw your ex-boyfriend with another girl. “Junhui.” You said letting the tears flow out of your eyes. He turned around and saw him. “Asshole.” Jun said and wrapped his arms around you. You began to sob into Jun’s shirt. “ [Y/N], he’s not worth all of these tears.” He whispered and began to stroke your hair. “I just can’t believe he already has another girlfriend.” You said through your heavy sobs. “Screw him. He doesn’t even match.” Jun exclaimed as he held you tighter in his arms. You let out a small laugh. Jun giggled. “I knew I could make you laugh.” He said and kissed your forehead softly.

Hoshi/Soonyoung You were over at the Seventeen’s dorm in Soonyoung’s room, playing video games with him to get your mind off of things. “How are you and (your ex-boyfriend’s name) doing? You haven’t been talking about him which is highly unusual,” he jokes, eyes still focused on the screen. You can feel your eyes start to water. “ [Y/N]?” he looks over at you, seeing your heartbroken face, “Are you okay?” You bite down on your lower lip, giving him a sad smile, “Me and him broke up last week. It’s not a big deal.” You swallow the thick lump at the back of your throat. He scoots himself next you to, “Do you wanna talk about it?” You shake your head, letting the tears spill out of your eyes. He wraps you up in his arms, “I’ll be here when you need to talk or not to talk. Everything will be okay. You have me.”

Wonwoo He noticed how quiet you were around him and the rest of the boys. He knew that you just laughed along with everyone else so you could cover up for whatever reason. “Let’s go for a quick walk, yeah?” he nudges your side, grinning as he stands up. “Yeah. Sure.” you reply plainly. It was silent for a bit. No one said anything to each other. “What’s going on [Y/N]? I know you’re keeping something for me,” he asks, stopping in his steps. You look back at him and shrug, “Nothing.” He lets out a loud sigh. “You can tell me anything. You know that right?” You slowly nod, tears welling up your eyes, “He broke up with me for (a girl’s name).” Tears started to stream down your face like a waterfall. “He’s stupid and selfish. He didn’t deserve you. Come here,” he says, cradling you in his arms.

Woozi/Jihoon The boys invited you to tonight’s concert. You watched the first third of the concert on the side of the stage, but you end up sitting in the bathroom. You thought going to their concert would make you feel better, but that didn’t work out as you had hoped. “She’s been in there for half an hour,” a stage manager whispers to Jihoon. ”[Y/N]? Please come out,” he knocks on the door. Your head darts up at the sound of his voice. “In a second!” you quickly wipe your eyes with the sleeve of your shirt. You open the door with your eyes still red and puffy. He immediately pulls you into his arms, “What’s wrong?” “He—broke up—with me. I—I don’t know—why,” you cry in between words, “I’m sorry. You—should get back—on stage.” He gives you an encouraging smile, “They can wait for another 5 minutes.”

DK/Seokmin “C’mon [Y/N]! Please come out with us! The boys specifically asked me over here to tell you to come with us!” he begs, trying to drag you out by your arm. You shake his grip off of you. You glare at him, “What’s wrong with staying home? I don’t feel like going out okay?” You throw your hands up in the air and return back to the couch. He lets out a frustrated sigh, “What’s wrong with you? What happened to having fun and living your life? You’re drifting away from us. From me.” You felt guilty for snapping at him. “I broke up with (your ex-boyfriend’s name). He hated me being with you guys. But you guys are my best friends. I couldn’t give that up for one guy,” you croak. He encircles his arms around you, letting you stain his shirt, “How about I bring the guys over? We can have a movie night. It’ll be fun yeah?”

Mingyu “[Y/N], please stop crying.” Mingyu said as he held you tighter in his arms. “I can’t.” You sobbed taking in a sharp breath. “Please stop because I don’t like to see you cry. You’re just too beautiful.” Mingyu said and began to wipe your tears. “I just can’t picture myself with anyone else.” You said while sighing. “Okay I can’t take this anymore. I have to go take care of this.” Mingyu said and began to get up. “Please don’t. Just stay here with me please.” You say with innocence. The anger fell from his eyes. “Anything for you.” Mingyu said and cuddled with you for the rest of the night.

The8/Minghao “Minghao, how would you react if a girl tells you they love you?” you ask him. “I don’t know… Probably tell her I feel the same way, if I mean it,” he answers. You sigh and look at the night scene. The bench you’re sitting on suddenly feels cold against your butt. “Minghao.. I broke up with my boyfriend… I guess now my ex,” you say. Minghao is silent and you feel the seconds tick on your watch. “[Y/N], you’re crying,” He notes. “What?” you croak as you wipe a tear. “Are you alright?” he asks slowly. “No…” you reply. “Just let the tears out… It’s better to cry it out than hold it in,” he tells you. You break out into tears. “I’m… sorry,” you say through sobs. “Don’t be. He says as he wraps his arms around you.

Seungkwan “That stupid prick!” you scream and barge into Seungkwan’s room. “Why hello. I’m fine, thank you for asking,” He teases. “Oh, well hello. How are you this fine afternoon? Happy?” you say sarcastically. “[Y/N]… What’s wrong?” Seungkwan asks. “We… we broke up,” you mutter quietly. It takes him a while before he gets what you’re talking about. “I’m sorry,” he whispers and you break out into a fit of sobs. You lie face down on his bed and cry into his pillow. Just then, you feel a hand rubbing circles on your back. “Shh… Don’t cry…” he whispers. Once you’ve calmed down, you sit up. “Thanks dude.”

Vernon/Hansol Why would he do this to me?” You sobbed to your best friend Hansol. He was holding you tight in his arms as he stroked your hair. “Everything will be okay (Y/N) I promise.” He said soothingly as you ruined Vernon’s brand new shirt. “Am I not good enough for him?” You asked looking into his eyes. His eyes filled with sadness looked down at you. “Don’t you ever say that about yourself. He just lost someone who is amazing. I can promise you by tomorrow he will regret breaking your heart.” He said and laid you in his chest. “Thanks Hansol.” You said and rested peacefully in his arms.

Dino/Chan You came back from school feeling like shit because your boyfriend broke up with you and told you that you were a bet, that hurt a lot to find out that the one you thought that loved you didn’t even loved you and you were just a bet, was it easy for him to do that to you? You entered the house and kept thinking about it until you bumped someone and you fell to the ground and started crying. Chan was shocked, he thought that you hurt yourself, “Are you okay? Where does it hurt?” You pointed to your heart and said, ”My heart hurts me. Chan, my heart.. and it’s hard to fix it.” "What happened? Tell me.” ”You know my ex boyfriend he broke up with me, I was a bet.. a simple bet for him and I’m the stupid one who thought that he loved me.” You said looking at the floor. ”Oh, you know that you’re a beautiful girl and nice and fun to hang out with and of course like me, funny and charming.” He said with a smile and you laughed at him, ”He’s the one who lost because he will regret it later on when he sees you with another boy” he continued as you looked at him, “Yeah you’re right I shouldn’t care about him.”


You smiled softly at the 3 year old in your arms and kissed his forehead softly. He looked just like his father, and not your boyfriend. 

The little boy in your arms was your son, Jin, you and your ex-boyfriend, Jun’s son. At first, Jun was thrilled to be a father. He’d spoil you and give you lots of love, but that stopped when he suddenly had to leave to China. It happened a few months after your son had turned a year old. 

You waited for him to come back. Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months… He lied. He told you he’d come back in less than a week, but he lied. When you called him and texted him, he wouldn’t respond. You were heart-broken, stressed, and tired. 

But a year ago, when your baby had just turned two, your good friend, Jeonghan surprised you and your son with a home-made cake and gave the little boy tons of gifts. At first, you were shocked but then the sight of your giggling son hugging the man made your heart swell. 

That night, after tucking Jin in bed, Jeonghan comforted you by hugging you for the longest time ever, telling you how stressful and tired you must’ve been and how he is willing to help. 

And that’s how you and Jeonghan ended up falling in-love with each other. 


You yawned and furrowed your brows, slowly sitting up and squinting at Jeonghan, who was at the door and smiling at you with Jin in his arms. 

“Hey love, breakfast is ready,” Jeonghan spoke softly. 

You blinked slowly and nodded, smiling as he just smiled back and walked out, leaving you to plop back down in bed and sigh. 

After a few minutes of lying down, you got out of bed and washed up. Then, you walked downstairs and found Jeonghan sitting in front of Jin, who was on a high chair, and was feeding him. You smiled and walk over quietly. 

Hugging Jeonghan’s shoulders from behind, you kissed his cheek and smiled. He chuckled softly under his breath and continued to feed Jin. 

“Go eat, Y/N,” Jeonghan glanced at you with a smile. 

You nodded and sat down beside him at the table. Taking out your phone, you browsed through it while nibbling on your food. 

I’m Sorry 

From : Jun ♥ 

Sent : 9:47 A.M.

Widening your eyes, you dropped your phone on the table and suddenly started tearing up. 

“No, no… That’s not real… What… It’s so sudden…” You whispered with wide, teary eyes. 

Immediately, Jeonghan turned to you, holding your hands and staring at you worriedly, “babe? What’s wrong?” 

You stared at Jeonghan with wide eyes and whispered, “I…” 

Furrowing his brows, Jeonghan grabbed your phone and opened it, staring at it with a blank expression. 


Looking over at Jin, the boy was pouting, “why is mommy crying?” 

Silence filled the air as Jeonghan was still staring at the screen blankly. You sniffed and bit your lip lightly. 

“He’s Jin’s father, right?” Jeonghan asked softly, “you were with him before me and… you rarely mentioned him to me.” 

You stared at Jeonghan before whispering, “yes.” 

He sighed and closed the phone before smiling at you, making you confused. 

“That doesn’t matter anymore, right? I’m Jin’s dad now,” Jeonghan smiled softly, looking over at the toddler, who was confused but smiling at Jeonghan. 

You softened and nodded, “of course.” 

I’m back from China

From: Jun ♥

Sent: 12:14 P.M.

If It’s not too much to ask for, can we talk? Please? At the old park we used to go to? We went to one right? 

From: Jun ♥ 

Sent: 12:21 P.M. 

Gulping, you glanced over at Jeonghan’s sleeping figure beside Jin’s on your bed and nibbled on your lip. Taking out a sticky note, you wrote that you were going out for a jog before sticking it on Jeonghan’s hand. 

Quickly changing your clothes, you shakily walked outside and began walking to the park that you and Jun used to go to. He always loved walking with you and bringing Jin along in a stroller. 

Stopping at the bench that you and Jun always rested on, you slowly sat down and took a deep breath, gulping. 

“Hello? Y/N?” 

Tearing up immediately, you shot your head up and found Jun, with lighter hair and a slightly more lean figure. You froze in your seat. 

“Jun?” You choked out, tears rolling down before he looked at you in surprise. 

“Don’t cry, don’t cry!” Jun spoke, his accent more thick than how you remembered. He immediately sat next to you and began wiping your tears, making you cry even more. 

“Jun… why now?” 

Slowing his actions, he stared at you and whispered, “because I finally remember everything.” 

Slowly holding onto his wrists, you stared at him, “…what are you talking about?” 

“I got into an accident in China.” 

Immediately, you widened your eyes. 

Jun never meant to leave you. He never meant to leave Jin. 

Staring at him with a broken expression, you choked out, “can I… can I just…” 

Jun’s eyes glistened before he pulled you into a tight embrace, “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I really am.” 

Immediately, you hugged him, placing a hand behind his head like you did before, but freezing when you felt a scar. Something you never felt before. 

“Please Y/N, let me make it up to you and our son. I promise to not–” 

“I have a boyfriend, Jun.” 

Immediately, he froze. Slowly pulling away, he nervously smiled, “w-what?” 

“I have a boyfriend,” you whispered softly, smiling apologetically at him, “I… I know it’s–”

“But… Aren’t we still together? I mean I never told you we–” Jun started.

“How can I tell when you disappeared for more than a year?” You whispered, sighing and caressing his cheek, “I’m sorry Jun– I really am, but I’ve moved on.” 

Jun stared at you sadly before forcing a smile, “n-no, I understand but…” 

He paused and bit his lip nervously. 

“What is it?” You asked softly, pulling away and staring at him. 

“I can… Still visit Jin right?” He whispered, nervously chewing his lip. 

“Of course,” you widened your eyes, “you’re his father.” 

“But he doesn’t know that, right? He thinks he doesn’t have a dad, right?” 

You paused and gulped, “well… Jeonghan is a fatherly figure to him… And he is my boyfriend so…” 

“So Jin thinks Jeonghan is his dad, huh?” Jun ended softly, his expression saddening as each word left your mouth. 

You stared at him and whispered, “sorry… it’s just that… I didn’t know that you’d come back.” 

Jun smiled softly, “I understand… And I’m sorry again–” 

“It’s fine, Jun. You were in an accident, there was nothing you could do.” 

Jun stared at you before whispering, “can I at least… hug you… again?” 

You smiled, “of course,” you whispered tearfully, watching as he leaned in. 

His arms wrapped around you as he tried his hardest to fight back the tears that he was holding in. 

You slowly opened the door and stepped in, letting Jun in as well. He looked around with teary eyes and bit his lip. Memories flooded in his mind. 

“Y/N? How was the–” 

You looked up and found Jeonghan staring at the man behind you. Nervously smiling, you watched as your toddler stumbled over, getting shy when he glanced at Jun. 

Jun stared at Jin with wide eyes as he froze. 

It was his son. 

His son that, even at a young age, looked exactly like him. 

You crouched down and picked up Jin, turning around and looking at Jun, who was still frozen. Jin hugged your neck and hid his face with a shy smile. 

“Baby, it’s okay,” you cooed, making Jun soften and lean over. 

“Hey there, little guy,” Jun whispered, tearing up. 

Jin stared at him with big eyes before breaking out into a wide smile when Jun showed his pearly whites. Immediately, your son stretched his arms out and Jun happily took him into his arms. 

Smiling, you nodded and patted Jun’s shoulder before slowly walking over to Jeonghan, who was silently watching the bittersweet view. 

“Are you gonna kick me out now?” Jeonghan muttered. 

You blinked with wide eyes before pulling Jeonghan into the kitchen. You looked at him and watched as he avoided your eyes. 

“Jeonghan, don’t say things like that,” you whispered, reaching up and cupping his cheek. Immediately, he looked at you with his doe eyes. 

“How can I not? The real dad’s back and its like the family is complete now, so the replacement can go now–” 

“Jeonghan, stop.” 

Jeonghan sighed and looked at you sadly, “Y/N…” 

“I love you, Jeonghan,” you whispered, hugging him and shook your head, “please don’t doubt my love. I’m not gonna kick you out or abandon you just because Jun’s back.” 

Jeonghan looked at you sadly, “but it feels like… I don’t know… I’m scared, Y/N. If you loved Jun, you probably might fall back in love with him.” 

You stared at him and softened, “Jeonghan, don’t worry.” 

He looked at you and pressed his forehead against yours, pulling you closer to him as your noses brushed against each other’s. 

“Jun is still my friend. He’s the father of my child. But he’s not my lover.” 

Jeonghan nodded softly and slowly closed the distance between you two, pressing his lips against yours softly, hugging your waist. You responded but pulled away when you heard a shriek of laughter. 

“Hey! Come back here!” 

Immediately, Jin came running in and crashing himself against your thighs, screaming in laughter as Jun came running in. 

“Mommy! Daddy’s a scary monster!” 

You widened your eyes and looked at Jun. 

“Wait, Jinnie, did you call him dad?” 

Jin looked up at you and nodded cutely, looking over at Jeonghan, “I have two daddies!” 

You blinked before smiling softly and chuckling. 

Jeonghan and Jun smiled and glanced at each other awkwardly. You picked up Jin and kissed his cheek. 

“You’ll know more once you’ve grown up, okay?” you whispered softly, making Jin giggle. You looked at Jun and smiled. 

“Thank you.” 

want a sequel or alternate endings? ex. ending only with jun/jeonghan? request!! 

JUN ENDING (click here)