Now when I think of Blink 182 I think back to my teenage years just hanging around, listening to music, thinking the whole world was against me and that my future was going to be great.

Well jump at least 10 years ahead and this is will you take you to about the reality of now, the world was not against me then, everything was not as dramatic as I thought and I should have realised the awesome freedom I had before the world of working came along. So seeing Blink 182 brought some nostaglia having seen them years ago at Reading Festival. So it was nice to see Blink 182 again but it is for what it was then, I still like them but it’s not where my tastes are today and so I wouldn’t be bothered to see them again.

So the first support were Twin Atlantic, the couple of friends I was with were excited to see them as they really like them. I thought they were alright, there was nothing particular special that stuck out about them, but they could play and I found myself bopping along so all good.

Next up were the All American Rejects – again I had seen them about 8 years ago when they were smaller and had enjoyed them even if I was surrounded by snogging 16 year olds. Well as the years have gone by they have become a bit more well known but I wouldn’t say they were the biggest band or anything. However their lead singer apparently thinks they are. I was enjoying their set, I knew a couple of songs so sung along and in general they are a band you bop along to in the car. But about half way through their set, their lead singer start insulting those of us in seating. And I don’t mean HAHA insulting, although I was gut laughing because who insults their crowd, gotta be mental. So he starts telling us we’re cheap ass bastards and that he hopes our arse’s are comfy. That being at a rock show is about standing for hours with your feet aching to see the band you want to see. Now I agree, that I would rather be in standing, that’s where I want to be for the atmosphere of the gig, but there are only so many standing tickets and I would rather have a seating ticket than no ticket. Also it can be handy if you are not bothered about the supports. So then having bigged up the people in standing he starts referring to us in seating again, again talking about us resting away, then says, “DO you even know who you came to see”. Well I am still laughing but I am also pissed. Do I know who I came to see, Yes I fucking do and it wasn’t you. Yeah that’s a great way to encourage people to like your band, to insult half of the people who are there and currently watching you! Needless to say, everytime I think about it, it irks me, because I understand that it can be hard with the people in seating sat down, so encourage them to stand up, get involved, not insult them and make our they are not as good to be there or don’t care. Anyway it tainted the rest of their set because all I could think was, What a dick. You can be sure I won’t be bothered with them again. We also think he might have been drunk as he spent the last song laying in the middle of the stage singing.

So then we had who everyone had been waiting for Blink 182 come on and they certainly gave what people wanted. They played old and new songs covering all of their hits, Whats My Age Again, Rock Show, Miss You, All the Small Things. As you can be sure they’re the one’s we were loving. That’s not to say the new song’s weren’t good, they had their beats but I realise this is not where my love is anymore and so I guess that’s why I haven’t bothered checking the new stuff out so much. But I might still do it. The standing crowd were loving it and they knew the words to pretty much every song. A real mixture of ages as well. Blink 182 had good energy, Mark Hoppus was all over the stage, rocking with Travis, moving from one side to other to interact with the crowd. There was of course the usual crass comments inbetween songs which is what they are known for. This was slightly stranger when we could see their kids sitting by the drums and at different sides of the stage.

For what we would consider the encore, Mark and Tom appeared in the middle of the crowd by the sound desk with acoustic guitars and told of how special it was to come back and have old fans and new fans. It was nice and it meant that people near the back got to see them up close.

As they finished up Travis appeared on the main stage to do some amazing drumming to beats and to really show his skills. Being a drummer at heart, I love watching people drum so seeing him play was a pleasure although I wished I was closer to see better. However being sideways to the stage, did allow a different view.

And then of course everyone came back on stage for a final song with confetti and thanks. Overall a fun gig and it was great to see crowdsurfing had made a comeback. I don’t know if it was just a London thing, but all the gigs I go to, especially the large venues, its all no crowdsurfing, there are signs saying don’t do it, you will be kicked out and so you don’t get people crowdsurfing. However they had set up for it at the LG Arena, they had barriers and a walkway to get you back to the crowd and so people were taking advantage of it. And that made me happy.

So my overall opinion, see Blink 182 they are great fun, but don’t give All American Rejects your time of day, because they don’t deserve it!

@whynotppl @jameelajamil @sophmorg: #WhyNotPeople #WhyNotLaunch | A big #ThankYou to the #lovely #JameelaJamil and the entire team for an #incredible Launch event of Why Not People last night. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I had an utterly #amazing time!

I SO look foward to working with you all to push Why Not People further and make sure everyone has access to #live #music from now on. Let’s do this! Take care and speak soon. #ONWARDSandUPWARDS.

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@whynotppl @jameelajamil @sophmorg: #WhyNotPeople #WhyNotLaunch | YES, did happen! HERE I AM with the #lovely #JameelaJamil after the Why Not People Launch event last night. 😊 She was hosting the event and is the founding driving force behind Why Not People. Cheers Jemeela for creating this #fantastic organisation and an #AWESOME night!

I very much look foward to working with you to push Why Not People further and make sure everyone has access to #live #music from now on. Let’s do this! Take care and speak soon. #ONWARDSandUPWARDS. X

#London #2015 #events #create #creative #creativity #livemusic #giggage #accesslivemusic #accesstolivemusic #disability #NewAdventures #AdventureIsCalling #IAmNOTInspiringIAmJUSTLivingMyLife #LoveLife #OpenMinded #PositiveThoughts (at Troxy Hall London)

@whynotppl @jameelajamil @sophmorg: #WhyNotPeople #WhyNotLaunch | From last night – at the Why Not People Launch event with Divya Daryanani (Managing Director of Why Not People). Cheers Divya for the invite and an #amazing night!

Take care and speak soon. 😃 #London #2015 #events #ONWARDSandUPWARDS #create #creative #creativity #live #music #livemusic #giggage #accesslivemusic #accesstolivemusic #disability #NewAdventures #AdventureIsCalling #IAmNOTInspiringIAmJUSTLivingMyLife #LoveLife #OpenMinded #PositiveThoughts (at Troxy Hall London)


Ok as I am sure you have already guessed from my previous post I have alot of love for Frank Turner. And not just cos I think he is awesome but I really enjoy his music and he puts on a fantastic show and finally getting him to see him in a small venue (We were ¾ from the front) totally made my week (as did getting to meet him afterward and get a hug). I apologise in advance about the pictures, the lights were frustratingly shining in our faces and I was told off by security for using my flash.

But to the gig. First up was Jim Lockley and the Solemn Sun who are an upcoming band from Cheltenham. They have a real Mumford and Sons feel to them and they were giving their all on stage. We very much enjoyed them and they certainly were great at getting the crowd involved clapping along.

Next up was Tim Barry who was from Virginia (not far from where my family live) and was very interesting although the stories in his song were quite scary (one was about a friend who killed his sisters husband cos he was a cheater!). He had a country element about him (especially the stories) and although it was just him and his guitar he was very entertaining.

Then of course was who we had all come for Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls. And it was everything I could hope for. There were all my favourites from the most recent album (Peggy Sang the Blues, I am Disappeared, Eulogy) as well as older songs such as Substitute, Long live the Queen and The Road and on to songs they haven’t played since 2008 such as I knew Prufrock before he got famous. They have been busy recording a new album and we were treated to I want to Dance (which was also played at Wembley) being used to see which city has the best dancers (I skanked my way through it) and Polaroid Picture which talks about things changing including the Astoria closing (That was my favourite venue in London for gigs) and about things changing so capture it now, got me all emotional. They have got me excited for the new album.

I think one of the best things about the show was the atmoshpere, Frank Turner is very inclusive of fans new and old, with everyone seeming to have a great time and be in it together. We were right near the front so mainly with people who knew all the words but the main thing is I saw everyone having a great time and dancing their feet off.

And as you can see we stayed after and met Frank which was great, he was so nice and friendly to all the people waiting and it was nice to just have chat with him.

Tribes - We were Children

So I am off to see these guys play tonight at Cardiff Uni. I am going with a friend and apart from a quick listen this morning I know none of their music but what I am hearing sounds good and so think this evening will be a good night :)


So as you will have gathered from my post on the day I was very excited to see Biffy Clyro. Well it had been a while since they toured having been busy recording the new album, which I personally love, it has some brilliant songs on it. I know some who like old biffy don’t like new biffy but I have enjoyed them throughout their progression although Questions and Answers as a song irks me :)

So we got in to see some of City & Colour and they played well but an arena venue was just so big for them, their sound got lost. It is a shame because the couple of songs I had heard before the gig were good but it just didn’t feel right and they sound did not come across as it should and it certainly did get the audience like it should have done.

Then it was Biffy time. Well after half an hour it was Biffy time and as it got closer I got more and more antsy. Its hard to explain, but there is just something about Biffy that I love so much and everytime I see them live, it is epic. Of all the Biffy gigs I have seen, none have ever sucked and I have never been disappointed. I have had slight disappointments with the crowd for not knowing/being into the old stuff but with age, I have learnt their experience doesn’t impact mine and hopefully by seeing Biffy, they will seek out the old stuff too. Anyway I was like an impatient person, twitching my leg, excitment all too much.

They started with Different People which is a track I love off the new album and I think a good opener. I expected the crowd to go mental but they didn’t as much as I though but we were about a 3rd from the front at this point so we just moved our way through the crowd to where we could see people into it. They covered a great range of songs, of course with a good amount off the new album but intermingled with old ones such as Justboy, Who’s got a match and one of my ultimate favourites Glitter and Trauma. In fact when it started I screetched, heard the guy next to me say "yes glitter and trauma" at which point we both turned to eachother, woo’d and hugged eachother and I mean proper hugged. No I didn’t not know him and to me this is one of the things I love about people who really love a band - they are just so happy to share that with people. 

As you can see from the photo’s there was the usual toplessness (I am never complaining about that) and from all the sweat they were giving it their all. The stage ws beautiful, they had bits that came out at the edge of the stage and we were right by the right hand bit (5 from front) so we got to see both James and Simon when they came out at different times. The stage at times looked like a tree, at times looked like a spine and at the end looked like a heart. It worked brilliantly with different songs and the screens were great, worked beautifully with the set and I bet for the people at the back, great to be able to see the band.

They played for two hours doing the obligatory, encore as such, but seeing as that meant that they end the first main set with The Captain and the encore with Mountains, I’m not complaining. All in all one of the best nights of my life, two hours of pure joy where I got to go mental to all the songs I loved, jumping in a heated, sweaty, adrenalin filled crowd who were all sharing in the same thing I was. Nights like that just make me feel alive.


Frank Turner - I want to Dance

So I will of course put a proper review of last nights gig up but a quick gush to say it was fucking amazing (including this song which is being used to see which city has the best dancers) and we stayed afterwards and got to meet him. Yes he is lovely and having played a few new songs (one of which is about the London Astoria closing which was my most favourite London venue) we had a quick chat about the closing Astoria gig he did which was apparently an odd atmosphere due to it being a mix of bands as well as people breaking stuff after the show.

Anyway it made me very happy and so enjoy this song and have a dance around your living room!

Muse - Hysteria

So this weekend I am off to see Muse in London (super excited) which should be good depending on how much new stuff they play (which seeing as its the new album, will probably be loads). I haven’t all of the music off the new album, about ¾ songs and I am in the hmmmm camp as I am not sure, it all sounds a bit like something else and I am missing the epic drums that I had come to love from Muse.

Either way I know I shall have a good time because they shall play many tracks I know and love plus I’ll be with friends :)


Now with the recent album release from Muse I have been a bit hesitant about what their live gig would be like. In general I assumed the old songs would be good and therefore that would make it worthwhile even if the new stuff was not that great. I have seen Muse a couple of times in the last few years and they have been brilliant each time. But I had never gone into those gigs not that enthralled by the songs.
Needless to say, Muse knocked it out of the park. The new songs sounded brilliant live, maybe because they had a bit more about them, maybe the atmosphere added to it (the stage show was good), maybe I was just being more open, either way I had a fantastic time.
Joy Formidable were the support who I enjoyed, although when they go off on all the guitar solo stuff as such I think it goes on a bit long but there songs are nice and this evening gig was much more the right atmosphere for them than mid afternoon at Reading Festival. I am going to check them out on CD to see whether they are for me and give them that chance.
Now we had been discussing Muse and their ego’s before the gig as a friend knew someone who worked backstage at glasto when Muse played and said they were dicks. However in a live show, some ego is helpful to get the band talking to the crowd and pull everyone in. And I think Muse achieved it. We were in standing and when Muse came on, there were only a few scattered people in little groups who were standing. Yes their set started with some songs from the new album so less to draw people in but they sounded good. The sound in the o2 is top notch and even if you are at the back (like us) it still sounds brilliant. Matt Bellamy wasn’t overly chatty but he was friendly when he spoke, he was nice to the crowd and encouraging during songs, pulling people in for clapping, giving it all for guitar starts like in plug in baby on the front platform and punching his arm in the air for Uprising. So if part of it was due to ego, well it certainly worked.
As you can see from the pics, you could see the stage from 360 degrees and there were some people seated round the back. I am glad we were front because I think you could see more however during the end of the set Dom’s drums revolved and there was a walkway round the back of the stage screens which both Matt and Chris walked/ran around at different points during the set so you certainly got to see them up close. But you would not have been able to see the brilliant laser affectes so well which reached our into the audience and the roof. These really worked with the songs as did the tv screen images. Near the end of the set (before the encore), the screens lowered down and built a pyramid around the band (who rushed off for a clothes change) and showed people being chased by fluctuating ground (in theme with new album 2nd law), this was great to watch before Muse came back for their final song (before the encore). Matt’s piano came through the floor for different songs and had a lightup back with different lights for different keys - very cool!
I saw many a person leave when they waved goodbye even though Dom had changed clothes and the big lights hadn’t come on so clearly this was not the end (I never understand people leaving then, come on, you must know its going to continue).
Overall it was a good mixed set, quite a few new songs (Madness sounded really good live and I definately took the lyrics in more, having them on the screens helped with that) but mainly to the beginning intermixed with known songs before hitting into the belters like Supermassive Black Hole, Plug in baby and New Born (which was chosen by an electronic roulette wheel on the screens so it could have been stockholm syndrome - or could it?). We even got a track from Showbiz which i thought for sure they wouldn’t play anything from.

Not all the expected songs were played, there was no feeling good but as could be expected they ended on Knights of cyndonia which got pretty much the last of the seated people standing (the amount of people standing increased as more of the big hits came on) and left us all leaving on a high.
Did I hear everything I want to - No but did I have a fantastic time and leave exstatic - absolutely. And I look forward to hopefully seeing them live again the future because you get everything, good music and a good show.

@thecatempire @andreyatriana: #Latergram | The #talented and #lovely #AndreyaTriana who was supporting #TheCatEmpire at the #RoyalAlbertHall was #incredible yet again on Sunday night!!! I’m so happy that she’s finally starting to get the recognition she deserves and I love seeing her in mainstream media too!! Enough said.
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