Usama Canon : Soul in the City KL Tour, 24 to 26 April 2013

Modern day youth are struggling…struggling with acquiring knowledge of the deen, real understanding of it in its meaning and spirit as well as its practices. To make matter worse the little that they get are not presented in a way that they can relate to the ever challenging world they live in. Aspects of modern life such as social practices, capitalism, globalization, virtual community and culture, etc. are challenging Muslim youths like never before. The absence of meaning and spiritual insight in the way religious knowledge has been delivered creates confusion and misunderstanding. With a quick to judge and condemn community many young people feels disconnected and disillusioned by the community. Thus, they abandoned the community together with the deen. They feel disenchantment towards the deen and many have said they are neither inspired nor motivated by the deen and how it relates to the world they live in.

Hence, this tour through its contemporary concept and an excellent speaker who is a subject matter expert with a youth friendly approach aspires to bring back relativity of the deen in its practices, meaning, universal human values and spiritual understanding for the modern day youth. It is hope that this will revive the hearts of the young and transform them into seeking further understanding of the beauty of the deen that they maybe those who carry the deen in practice and in spirit for the benefit of their community.

About Usama:

Sidi Usama Canon embraced Islam in 1996 and was an early student of Shaykh Hamza Yusuf before continuing his study of the traditional Islamic sciences with some of the foremost scholars across Africa and the Middle East. He is the founding director of the Ta’leef Collective a non-profit organisation based in California providing healthy, culturally relevant understanding of Islam to Muslim youth who find themselves alienated from the religion. A popular and engaging speaker, his primary area of concern is the youth and ensuring that religion remains both accessible and relevant to them. Always conducting his talks with both humility and humour, he marries a knowledge of the traditional sciences of Islam with an engagement with the day to day concerns of the average Muslim, ensuring his talks and lessons are both relevant and grounded in deep spirituality. His talks are not to be missed.


All programs are free.

1. Date/Time: Wednesday 24 April 2013, 8pm

Event: Talk - “Engaging the Youth: Pulling Them Close, Without Losing Them”

Venue: Al Wariseen Trust - No 3A-2, 3A-3, 8 Setiawangsa, Jalan Setiawangsa 13, Taman Setiawangsa, 54200 Kuala Lumpur

2. Date/Time: Thursday 25 April 2013, 8pm

Event: Dialogue - “The Walking Dead”

Venue: IIUM - Main Auditorium, International Islamic University, Gombak

3. Date/Time: Friday 26 April 2013, 8pm

Event: “Keeping The Deen Tight” - Wayward Son Movie Screening and Dialogue

Venue: Petaling Street Art Community Center - 3rd Floor, No. 8 Jalan Panggong, Kuala Lumpur (Near Petaling Street)