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i visited a friend in uni today @ 9 in the goddamn morning and watched with my own two real life eyes as her half-asleep roommate put a funnel in a ¾ full bottle of vodka and then dropped a fuckton of instant coffee in it, shook the shit out of it, and put it in her purse. i fully believe that this drink will allow her to conquer her day in not only this dimension, but also the 6 closest parallel ones, and pray her body can keep up with her unstoppable spirit. rock on you beautiful bitch, rock on

Ran, known as the queen of the sea, it is the primordial Nordic Goddess of the oceans and seas. Ran was revered as the queen of waves and mermaids, admired by her beauty, her musical talent and her power of seduction. She was a protector of the girls and single women and also the patron saint of drowning men, being considered also a goddess of death.
She is characterized as a gigantic and beautiful woman, and scented with long hair, wearing necklaces of gold and precious stones. Ran was mother of nine beautiful daughters known as the maidens of the waves.
The Ancient Norse believed that all those who died in the sea were not admitted in Valhalla; instead, they were taken to the kingdom of Ran. If the dead carried gold with them, they would be treated with perks by the goddess, and for that, the sailors always put coins and gold nuggets in your pockets before they traveled. In those days, many of their ships in their sterns an image of Ran carved in wood, as a form of protection and reverence to the goddess.
It is said that Ran allowed the dead in the sea to watch to their funerals. If the family of the dead saw his ghost during the burial, it that was a sign that he was fine, in the care of Ran.

Swastika Slut: Ultimate Conversion Therapy

A splash of cold water hit Emma in the face, waking her up. She spluttered, the chilly liquid dripping off of her soaked, dark hair and dainty features, and looked up through blurred eyes at the one who had awoken her.

“A-Alice?” she stammered in surprise. She didn’t know why she recognized her ex girlfriend. Months ago, when Alice was dragged off to America, she was a rather sharp looking, dark haired feminist lesbian like Emma herself was. Standing before her was a statuesque, blonde woman with gigantic fake tits, wearing a businesslike scarlet jacket and skirt with a white blouse underneath, and stockings and slutty heels adorned her legs and feet.

The woman before her smirked, her collagen enhanced lips glistening ruby red in the light cast by the single bulb above them. Emma began to take in her surroundings. She was in a concrete cell, kneeling and completely naked on its floor. Until she awoke, the only thing keeping her upright was a set of chains suspended from the ceiling that ended in cuffs around her wrists. Behind Alice was a massive screen that filled the whole wall. There were many scuff marks across its blank surface, but no cracks. She began to twist her head around to look behind her when a slap across her face brought her attention back to Alice.

“That’s right, Emma. Eyes on me. What I have to say is very important, so you better listen.”

“Alice, I-”

SLAP! The blow ripped across Emma’s face, splitting her lower lip, which began to tremble. She could taste her own blood as tears filled her eyes. She returned her gaze to Alice, her wide brown eyes filled with grief and terror.

Alice flashed her a grin. It was not a nice grin. Her teeth somehow shone with malice. “First lesson, little cunt. You do not speak unless asked to. Every time you try to speak without permission you will be punished even more severely. Nod if you understand, but for your own sake, do NOT speak.”

Emma knew better than to test Alice’s resolve, and obediently nodded. Satisfied, her transformed ex girlfriend began circling her. Emma continued staring ahead, too afraid to do something new to upset her captor.

“As you’ve probably figured out, you’re a prisoner here in this cell. I can’t tell you when you will be released. That will depend entirely on you, how well you behave, how completely you respond to rehabilitation.”

By this point Alice was completely behind Emma, and leaned down to speak next to her ear. “If you wish to survive and be released, you will have to learn to obey every single command I or anyone else gives you. No exceptions. No forgiveness if you fuck up. Even I shudder to think of what will be done to that sweet little body of yours if you fuck up.”

Alice let those words hang in the air before straightening up, her heels clicking on the concrete surface as she continued her walk around Emma’s naked body. Emma shivered with the breeze caused by Alice’s circling, her nipples hardening in the cool air.

“If you respond well enough to rehabilitation, you will be physically reconditioned and retrained, and put to a final battery of tests. If you succeed those, you shall be released to the care of a designated handler, who will help you properly acclimate to your new life.”

All of this sounded so confusing and overwhelming to Emma, who still had not begun to process her situation. However, she was beginning to understand the basics: obey or suffer, maybe die. Emma didn’t want to die. Suffering wasn’t a compelling option either.

Alice stopped in front of Emma, reaching down with a hand clad in a white glove and tilting Emma’s chin up. The blonde bent down, and kissed Emma softly on the lips. The effect was electric, and Emma moaned and melted a little despite herself. It lasted for only a second, however, before Alice abruptly broke the kiss off, straightened up, and walked around Emma and toward the unseen exit to the cell.

“Your rehabilitation starts now, little cunt. Enjoy!”

Emma heard the clang of a cell door shutting behind her, and the light bulb above her head clicked off. She heard a whirring noise between her legs and looked down. Two hidden panels opened in the floor, and out of them stalks arose. One rose just beneath her chin, and before it reached its final position and pressed against the bottom of her jaw, she could see that it was a cushioned brace to force her to look straight ahead at the screen. Two actuating arms extended from the sides of the brace and reached in, grabbing her eyelids and forcing them wide open.

By this point she could no longer see what the second stalk was, but she could take an educated guess since it was rising up between her spread legs, and soon her suspicions were confirmed when she felt a vibrating sensation press against her clit. Emma moaned despite herself, completely unprepared to defend against sexual pleasure as a conditioning technique. Her movement was limited by the chains on her wrists and the brace under her chin, but she still managed to squirm against the oh so pleasant sensation of the vibrator which whirred and buzzed against her sex.

At the same time as the vibrator’s first contact with Emma’s clit, the giant screen in front of her flickered to life and images began filling her captive vision. She was unsurprised by this point to see that the screen was playing hardcore, heterosexual porn. Emma moaned again and since she couldn’t close her eyes or turn her head, she tried to glance away from the screen instead. However, the screen enveloped her entire field of view, and she couldn’t keep her focus off the center for long without her eyes screaming in pain.

Helpless to resist, Emma’s eyes returned to the center of the screen, and thus hours of watching endless hardcore sex between men and women began. Every time Emma’s eyelids twitched with the urge to blink, sensors in the arms keeping her lids open detected the pressure and gently squirted fluid into her eyes to keep them moist. The scenes changed every twenty minutes, a new scene of slutty women giving their fuckholes to strong men with hard cocks playing each time, a cornucopia of fucking and sucking and slapping and filthy talk filling her eyes and ears without pause or mercy.

Despite her total lack of interest in men, watching so much porn while being stimulated at her clit eventually overwhelmed Emma’s instincts, and she began to hump the vibrator with the limited movement afforded her. However, every time her movements indicated she was about to cum, the vibrator retracted off her clit and she was left squirming and trying to grind her cunt against empty air. When Emma would moan in frustration and relax again, the vibrator moved back in to continue its stimulation.

The fuck parade finally ended after five hours of keeping Emma on the edge. The screen flickered off, the stalks retracted for good, and the lightbulb turned on over Emma’s head, revealing a quivering mess with a puddle of piss and cunt juice between her legs. Exhausted from the continuous ministrations, Emma passed out, and was only barely aware of two orderlies entering the cell to clean her up and make her drink a nutrient mix meant to nourish and rehydrate her. After that the chains were loosened and Emma was lowered onto a sleeping mat on the floor,where she stayed for several hours more.

The next several days played out like this, with Emma’s cunt mercilessly teased by the vibrating stalk and pure heterosexual sex played before her unwilling eyes and ears. What Emma couldn’t hope to notice in her increasingly desperate state was that by the fifth day of this pattern, the stalk would stop vibrating for increasing lengths of time, and simply stay there as an inert object. The reason Emma didn’t notice this was that by the fifth day, after only a few minutes of watching men fucking women Emma had begun to hump the vibrating stalk, desperately fucking her cunt against it as she watched the porn she previously could not stand.

On the seventh day the stalk did not vibrate at all, and Emma gladly and continually thrust her clit against it, screaming in pleasure as she watched women like her pummeled in all of their holes, cum and piss spraying over their bodies, and sloppily smiling and licking at the bodily fluids that men had blessed them with. On this last, seventh day, the stalk did not withdraw whenever Emma was close to orgasm, and with gratitude coursing through her mind, the poor girl came countless times, her fuck juice dribbling down the stalk to the floor below. It was 8 hours before Emma passed out from exhaustion, and the screen flickered off as the orderlies entered the cell to clean her up and feed her.

On the beginning of the eighth day, Emma was awoken by the clanging of her cell door. She groggily opened her eyes and looked up at Alice, who stood there smiling down at her with a chiseled, beefy man standing next to her. While Alice wore her previous attire, the man wore nothing but a robe.

“Hello, little cunt,” Alice purred. “Your conditioning has gone very well. Today you will get what you clearly wanted during yesterday’s session-a real, live cock. This here is Jonathan. Do what comes natural.”

With that Alice turned and exited the cell, leaving Emma and Jonathan alone. Emma turned her gaze to the powerful looking blonde man in front of her, who opened up his robe and let it fall to the ground.

Emma gasped. Beneath the robe stood a perfect specimen of a man, muscles rippling under every inch of his skin. Standing out proudly between his legs was a cock-a seven inch long, two inch thick throbbing, glistening manhood. Emma couldn’t tear her eyes away. It was the first cock she had ever seen in person. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

It was beautiful.

Emma’s mouth watered, and her cunt instantly soaked with juice. She moaned and crawled forward, slurping Jonathan’s manhood into her drooling mouth. After a week of constant porn, giving a blowjob was practically instinct to Emma. She slobbered, sucked, licked and worshipped Jonathan’s cock, moaning and sighing as she tasted and felt it on her tongue, in her mouth, across her face when she rubbed against it like catnip.  

Emma quite simply couldn’t tear herself away. She was addicted. She NEEDED this cock, needed to keep tasting and worshipping it. And as Jonathan began to gasp and moan in turn, his stonelike expression breaking into obvious arousal, Emma doubled her efforts, feeling another craving surface- a craving for this man’s cum.

Soon her craving was satisfied, and Jonathan groaned as he squirted jet after jet of milky white seed into Emma’s hungry mouth. In the back of her mind, she vaguely realized that the taste of Jonathan’s cum closely matched the taste of the nutrient mixture she’d been force fed all weak when she’d been at her hungriest and most in need of nourishment. That could not have been accidental, and yet Emma did not care, for she loved the taste, loved Jonathan’s cum, and loved his cock.

After he was done cumming, Jonathan picked up his robe and put it back on, and left the cell without a word. Emma wasn’t left alone for long, however. Soon another, equally powerful looking man entered the room, shucked his robe, and without a word of protest from Emma, turned her around, pushed her to all fours, then knelt and rammed his eight inch cock into Emma’s glistening, soaking cunt.

Emma screamed with the penetration, her soaking fuckhole easily stretching in its aroused state to accommodate this new stud’s fuckstick, and within seconds Emma was fucking back against his cock, screaming for him to fuck his nasty little whore, to punish her cunt, to fill her with his cum. And as much as Emma begged and cried and moaned her encouragement, the second stud still managed to last thirty full minutes pounding her grasping twat into oblivion before he finally groaned and buried himself inside her, squeezing her tits and throbbing as his cum jetted up against her cervix.

Emma’s legs gave out and she was only held up by the strength of the man breeding her as his orgasm triggered her own, and she screamed out her climax at the top of her lungs, unable and unwilling to hold back her desire. Once again, after the stud was done cumming, he simply pulled out, got up and left Emma as a broken mess lying on the floor.

Every hour for the rest of the day, two new studs came in and gave their cum to Emma, one in her mouth, one in her cunt. Emma was honestly disappointed when the last stud left and the two orderlies came in, helping her clean up and feed. This time she was conscious enough to take the bottle of nutrient fluid and happily gulping it down, its taste giving her one last happy reminder of the multiple cumloads she’d taken throughout the day. Afterward, Emma settled down for a deep, peaceful sleep, mewling a bit as she dreamed of endless cocks to serve.

But her conditioning was far from over.

The next day Emma woke to the orderlies placing her back in the middle of the floor. The chains tightened, her legs were forced apart, and the stalks rose into place as the screen flickered to life. This time, however, the porn was different.

The first several scenes played out the same as last week, to be sure, and Emma happily mewled and humped the vibrator stalk as it stood inert against her cunt. Then, after a couple of hours, the scene shifted to a new couple, and Emma took a few seconds to realize what was different about this pair. The man was Asian and the woman was white.

Emma continued happily humping away, since a woman was getting stuffed with cock, but as she did she began to notice a different kind of heat from normal was rising between her legs. She couldn’t look down to see, but the sizzling told her that the vibrator stalk between her legs was getting hotter, and hotter, until Emma was squirming and screaming trying to get her cunt off of it and away from the heat. It was unbearable, the heat singing her sensitive cunt flesh, and just when the Asian man began cumming in the white woman, the arms holding her eyelids open extended sub arms that pressed against her temples and began delivering painful electric shocks.

Emma’s screams echoed against the walls of the cell. She sobbed and cried and tried to escape the pain as she watched the porn scene conclude, but the torture only stopped when the screen switched to a white man fucking a white woman. At this point the heat instantly faded and the vibrator cooled instead, and began gently buzzing against her clit. The shock pads pressed against her temples began to move and gently massage them instead, and despite herself Emma began relaxing and humping to the porn scenes again.

Her pleasure was not to last, however, Four porn scenes later, the scene now consisted of a white man fucking a Hispanic woman, and again the torture resumed. And again, when the scene ended the therapeutic cycle began, and Emma’s pain faded with the memory of the interracial fuck session.

The rest of the day, and indeed the rest of the week, played out like this, with Emma experiencing the heights of pleasure and relaxation when she was shown white on white porn,and being tortured mercilessly through scenes depicting every possible scene involving a combination of races including one or no white sex partners.

This time, on the eighth day, the first man Alice brought into the room with her was black, and she laughed out loud when Emma recoiled in horror from the naked man, crawling as far away as her chains could take her. Once her revulsion was made clear, the black man was removed and Emma was rewarded with two white studs instead. The pattern was repeated throughout the day, with Emma’s reactions to nonwhite partners tested before her reactions of terror and hatred were rewarded with white cock. At the end of the day, Emma showered in the stall in the corner of the cell and gulped down the nutrient mix the orderlies provided her. She lay down and fell asleep, her feelings mixed but overall happy that she’d gotten to serve so many white cocks.

But her conditioning was still not over.

This week the daily porn sessions were constantly flickering and interrupted by short clips of people going about their normal days. Every time white people fucked or were shown doing normal things, the pleasure kept Emma on the edge of orgasm. Every time non white or homosexual people were displayed, the torture returned. It was a neverending cycle of pleasure and torture, pleasure and torture. The week ended with Emma being given chances to hold normal conversations with several men and women. Most were white and straight, but a few weren’t.

The contrast in Emma’s reactions was telling. Every white, straight man and woman she spoke to or fucked was treated with friendliness, respect, or outright worship. She even had a threesome with a beautiful blonde man and woman, both of whom made her cum several times before both women knelt before the man and accepted his cum, smiling up at him as the jets of milky semen squirted onto their bodies.

However, once again she reacted with terror, revulsion and hatred as black, Asian, Arabic and Hispanic men and women tried to talk to her, to fuck her, to interact in any way with her. She kicked, screamed, slapped, spat and threw fits whenever they entered her cell, and continued to do so until each one left.

The next day her porn sessions renewed, only this time there was far more flickering and far more alternation between pleasure and torture. The first few days were similar to the first, except words kept flashing up on the screen. Words associated with the races and orientations displayed. Straight white men and women were showered with positive adjectives: “strong,” “important,” “desirable,” “hot,” “sexy,” “admirable,” “successful.” “White.” Over and over again, “White.” By the end of the day “White” was always capitalized.

The words were far different for non whites and homosexuals, however. The slurs were most common. “Spic, wetback,” “gook, chink,” “nigger,” “monkey,” “sand nigger,” “towelhead,” “kike,” “faggot,” “dyke,” all flashed across the screen multiple times as their respective demographic was displayed. Other words like “criminal,” “murderer,” “rapist,” “pedophile,” “greed,” “lust,” “servile,” “weak,” “stupid,” all flashed on screen as well, playing to the most toxic stereotypes for every group. The torture resumed every time this happened.

The fourth day saw quite a change, however. This time, there was no visual comparison between white, straight men and women and homosexuals and people of color. Instead, while white, straight men and women were shown fucking and being successful, people of color and homosexuals were shown being beaten, subjugated, denied, destroyed, raped, and murder, and all throughout the fourth and fifth and sixth days the vibrator buzzed joyously at Emma’s engorged clit, through all of the positivity shown for white, straight men and women, and all of the brutality and hatred and evil shown toward non whites and queers.

On the sixth day Emma was once again allowed to cum nonstop, and on the seventh day the porn changed again. The images and words associated with nonwhites and queers grew more evil and violent, while the vibrator increased in intensity as white people were flashed on screen. This time all of the white people were different as well. This time every time white people were shown words like “Aryan” and “Nazi” and “Glorious” and “Master Race” popped up along with the usual “White.” And all throughout the swastika, the SS thunderbolts, the skulls, the Iron Eagle, the ranks of Nazi soldiers, the torture and subjugation of lesser peoples were all shown back to back to back to back in a neverending flood of imagery burrowing its way deep into Emma’s skull. By the time the ninth day was over, Emma had orgasmed nearly nonstop for hours on end as her brainwashing and conditioning completed.

Emma was too exhausted to move for an entire day, and before she regained the strength to wake up, she was artificially put under for a series of procedures. Her tendons in her ankles were shortened in order to make wearing high heels feel far more natural than flats. Her breasts were augmented to E cup tits. Her lips were injected with a healthy amount of collagen, and her hair and eyes were treated with pigmentation to turn them blonde and blue, respectively. All throughout this procedure auditory conditioning continued to be delivered to her via headphones, and Emma came several times while under anesthesia on the operating table.

It was a few weeks before Emma was brought out of her coma and woke up in a clean white hospital room. Alice was standing at the foot of her bed, smiling. This time, it was much closer to the lover’s smile she barely remembered from months ago.

“Hello, my darling cunt,” Alice said warmly. “I’m so glad to see you awake. How do you feel?”

Emma smiled back, looking down briefly at her enlarged tits, feeling her cock cushion lips, and flexing her newly restricted ankles. “I feel fucking great,” she said. “I can’t thank you enough for putting me through this.”

Alice drew closer, caressing Emma’s cheek with a soft, manicured hand. “The pleasure was all mine, my lovely bird,” she purred. “In fact, I’m a little jealous. I only got phase one of the conditioning. I simply like being a rich trophy wife. You, however, you’re the gorgeous final product of phase 2. Instead of being a simple trophy wife, you’re-”

“-A proud, White, Nazi breeding cunt,” Emma finished, then giggled. Conditioning her to crave pregnancy and Nazi children to raise was easy enough to cover with the auditory subliminals while she’d been operated on. With Alice’s help, Emma gingerly swung her legs out of the hospital bed, then rolled on a pair of dark stockings provided to her by her smiling ex girlfriend. Next came the garter belt, thong panties, and a push up bra to accentuate Emma’s new tits.

Once her lingerie was on, Alice helped Emma slide a black, ass length, nearly skintight skirt up over her waist, after which her ex held her steady while she stepped into 6 ½ inch platform stilettos. Next came a sheer white blouse, over which a black, leather jacket was buttoned. The outfit was finished off with a belt buckled by the iron eagle, a red swastika armband over one sleeve of the jacket, and a saucer hat with the SS skull adorning the crown. Emma couldn’t help but admire herself and get wet as she saw herself in the mirror.

After getting dressed, Alice led Emma out of the room and down the hallway, where the hospital setting soon changed to a prison one. Both walked crisply into an observation room where Jonathan stood at attention. The opposite side of the room was a single glass panel, to which a guardrail was attached. On the other side of the glass stood a few white skinned people-jews, faggots and fucking dykes, Emma snarled- as well as a smattering of gooks, spics and niggers. They were all trapped in a chamber with nozzles sprouting down from the ceiling. Emma noticed a button placed between the guardrail and the glass in the center of the panel. She walked over to examine it.

She barely heard Jonathan step up behind her before his big hands reached under her skirt and yanked her thong down below her knees. Emma moaned and thrust her ass back, offering her already soaking cunt to him. As her first ever stud rammed his throbbing cock into her dripping breeding hole, Emma slammed her hand down on the button, and screamed in ecstasy as she heard faint hissing emanating from the nozzles in the gas chamber on the other side.

“Yes! Yes! Die you fucking queers! Die, you fucking dykes! Choke on gas, you fucking Jews and niggers! Die screaming, you spics and gooks! Oh! Oh yes! Fuck my Nazi cunt! Fuck your Nazi slut, you fucking Aryan God! Fuck my White Nazi breeding cunt full of your superior sperm! Knock me up with White children so we can breed these queers and niggers and Jews out of existence! Yes! Yes! Fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!!!”

And cum Emma did, her screams of ecstasy echoing against the screams of agony and terror as she gassed her inferiors, her Nazi cunt greedily milking her Aryan lover of all of his ample cum.

Emma the lesbian, feminist communist was dead. Emma the Swastika Slut was born.

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@ the anon who mentioned that Grasper g/t thing: What about a momswap g/t au of some kind? Where smol, young Greg meets and falls for tol jasper?

Oh gosh, so instead of Rose Greg meets this gigantic orange woman who’s angry, loud, down to fight literally anything and practically made of muscle and he’s just like


that’s the one for me

that’s the giant woman i’m gonna marry

TBH same, Greg, same..

Disney announced today the development of a new animation called Gigantic, based on the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale. Though very few details were given so far, we know the movie will feature a whole world of giants hidden within the clouds. The lovely 60-foot tall girl depicted above is called Inma and will accompain Jack throughout the story.