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Hi! Space mom anon here! ^-^ I hope 2017 is treating you good so far! Anyways, I wanted to see if you could whip up some headcanons for how the Paladins +Allura would react if they asked their friend or s/o (whichever one sounds better for you!) a question that showed genuine concern (subtle things like "are you sure you're okay?" or something of the sort) when the reader is upset and they reply sarcastically because that's their defensive mechanism? Have a good day/afternoon/night! ^-^

Omg this is so late my dude I’m so sorry >-<

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Shiro: Look okay so here’s the guy that is supposed to lead a team of large, fighting robots that form one gigantic robot against another robot and it’s just…well…things tend to fall passed him. He always asks, don’t get him wrong, but he feels like he trusts them enough to not simply lie about their emotions when they’re upset- and it’s even more saddening to him when he thinks that you can’t trust him to tell how you feel. 

It wasn’t until long after did he see you break down crying did he get the full truth. And he never hated you or blamed you for it- but he made absolutely sure to pay attention to such a casual question from now on. He loved you too much as a friend/partner to just ignore that. 

Keith: It almost…hurts him, the way you dodged the question. He was the king of pretending everything was perfectly fine, so don’t believe that even for a second you could get passed him.

It makes him wonder to himself as to why you would keep things like this away from him. I mean, you trusted him enough to speak these things to him, right?

But then again, he supposed that there was a point where you kept things to you and for him, to him. 

It doesn’t mean he gets pangs of pain whenever he sees you try and fake him out though. 

Hunk: Is, unfortunately, completely and utterly oblivious to it. He figures that if you’re upset, you’re upset, and you’ll come to him if there’s an issue- but he does, constantly ask if you are okay, or upset, or whatever it may be. 

It’s only when Shiro or Lance actually point it out to him, does he realize that you are feeling this way, and you haven’t been telling him. 

He doesn’t confront you until days after, he feels so terrible about it. 

Pidge: Can instantly tell and calls you on your bullshit immediately. Look, you’re not getting anything past them, so don’t even try. They won’t leave you alone until you tell them what is wrong, and they try their hardest to help you fix it. They care about you that much.  

It’s a shame that Pidge knows just how to deal with such things, and how they’re able to tell so easily at their age.

You try not think about that, however. 

Lance: Will only notice how you feel when you constantly start to repeat yourself with the same thing. The same monotone laughter, the same-old-same-old “I’m fine” it just… doesn’t cut it for Lance. He wants to know what’s wrong, he wants to know so he can help you-

but if you don’t want him to help you, you should just come out and say it. 

He just can’t stand seeing you suffer like this- it drives him bloody mad.

Allura: Doesn’t quite get it at first, either. Human intonations are different, so how should she know that you’re upset besides when you cry? You haven’t cried. You just brush it off with a smile, and Allura just assumes that you’re being really joyful. 

But alas, one day, she catches you. The very apparent and obvious tears in your eyes, though a smile on your lips could tell anyone- alien or regardless- that something was wrong-

as it turns out, rarely were things ever fine.  






Keith had managed to get to the lions and looked back to say something to Lance before noticing he wasn’t there and was about to run back when Blue stopped him. “Blue! Don’t you dare! I’m not going to leave that idiot! Let me go!” He said while trying to get around the gigantic robotic cat but was scooped up by Red who took off with Keith despite his protests.

Together, the tools can summon Activitron, a gigantic spectral robot that will appear every chapter to defeat a monster that will inevitably grow bigger when it’s about to lose. Ed is the robot’s right arm, Isabel its left, Mr. Spender is the legs, Isaac is its crippling self-doubt, and Max is the head, which has a detachable hat-shaped escape pod.
—  Zack Morrison

Probably the more disastrous result than saving the world from a supervillain is saving it from itself – something we love to see the hero do in countless dystopian revolutionary films like V For VendettaAvatar, Snowpiercer, The Matrix, Surrogates, and hell … let’s throw in Spaceballs – the film where a planet of Assholes try to steal the air from another planet.

What a fucking movie. For those who haven’t seen it (you goddamn disgraces), the heroes blow up the villains’ gigantic robot space maid before she’s able to steal the air – effectively leaving an entire other society of men, women, and children to slowly suffocate to death on planet Spaceball.

This is the exact same situation in Avatar – the heroes defiantly send the humans back to an Earth plagued by dwindling resources. Again, the dying planet is being represented by total dicks, but the idea that two groups of people can’t peacefully solve the death of trillions shouldn’t be seen through some victorious lens. No one wins at the end of that film.

6 Off-Screen Tragedies That Follow Happy Movie Endings  

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! {Sentence Starters}
  • "Keep in mind that there are those who get hurt and those who try to heal the hurt ones."
  • "Sorry, sorry. I'm easily distracted."
  • "It is our duty to support all of you as best as we can, so that you can go all out without any worries."
  • "If I don't defeat you, I can't die in peace!"
  • "That was so touching! To want to be a gigantic robot!"
  • "How can a man protect another if he can't even protect himself?"
  • "You won't know if you don't give it a try."
  • "Shut Up! Why do you think we're fighting?"
  • "You shouldn't think about family stuff too much. My house is far more complicated and messy."
  • "You should just do as you please, like you always do."
  • "I consider everything that happened to be precious moments of my life."
  • "If you think you can solve it, then go ahead!"
  • "Alright! My ULTIMATE power is emerging!"
  • "If you can no longer believe in the person you love, then test ____ until you are satisfied."
  • "I got ran over a few times on my way here!"
  • "Congratulations, your chance at beating me has increased from zero percent to- zero percent."
  • "Don't you ever spare a thought for the environmental crisis?"
  • "Money is not the most important thing. Love is."
  • "Pride is not something you can surrender."
  • "You know, I've been thinking, your head isn't really screwed on right."
  • "Isn't it embarrassing? Being so rough on kids?"
  • "I did not come here to save you. I came here to thank you."
  • "Perhaps you and I are the same kind of person."

Wip of a scene from a story i’m writing, set in an AU where Mettaton is actually a part of The core- sort of like Glados??
It’s not fully planned out yet, but hopefully I’ll have some of the story finished soon-ish!

Also I’m really scared to shade this in case I mess it up haha..

Uh, stuff about the AU below…

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Let it here be recorded… Nathaniel Northwest, famous in his native Gravity Falls for standing in the park and hitting himself with a large boating oar until he blacked out, was chosen to become the patsy mayor of Gravity Falls. Northwest spoke in a series of grunts and screams and often yelled his trademark phrase: “I am going to eat this entire oak tree because I am a powerful wizard!”

The fabled founder of Gravity falls was, in fact, a fraud. His last moments on Earth were spent choking on a giant piece of bark, attempting to live out his beautiful dream. He was hated by everyone that knew him. He will not be missed.

Other hidden historical truths include:

Thomas Jefferson was actually just two kids in an overcoat standing on each other’s shoulders. The current and forever President of the United States is actually Santa Claus. Under the reign of Mr. Claus, America is not a democracy, but a jollyocracy. The statues in Mount Rushmore are actually gigantic presidential -faced robots that will be called into action when America needs them the most. An enormous, evil, time-devouring baby from another dimension is frozen in an Antarctic glacier. Fortunately glaciers never melt so we should be fine. Writing jokes for cartoons is more important than sleep. If you recite the pledge of Allegiance backwards, you’ll gain secret wizard powers! (This one is true kids! Try it at home!)

This is my favorite Gravity falls episode


Ska is not ded.

I have SO many feelings and thoughts for When It Rains

It was such a great episode! I loved every bit of it! 

I really enjoyed the character development of Peridot, and her budding relationship with Steven. It feels like it wasn’t long ago, Peridot tried to smash Steven with her gigantic robotic hands during their first encounter at the Kindergarten. Now, here she is helping and disclosing vital information about the cluster. 

I can’t believe there is an enormous forced gem fusion lying dormant under the earth! It makes so much sense now! I’m not much for theories (because I’m very picky about the theories I read, and I prefer to analyze character development since it’s what I’m more familiar with), but it seems a handful of people were correct! 

Either way, I really loved the episode. It was funny to hear Peridot question Steven about his parents (especially after the short animation, How Are Gems Made?). 

“I came from my mom and my dad.”

“…Are those some kind of rocks or another planet?”

HA! But, ahh, my favorite scenes were Peridot stepping out into the rain and her confrontation with the Crystal Gems at the end. I’m so excited to see Peridot and Pearl create a new pair of robotic limbs for her! MY BODY ISN’T READY, BUT HNNGH… BRING ON THE FEELS!!!

(Also, no wonder why Peridot needed an escort like Jasper… Peridot trying to open the latch is me tbh. LAUGHS.)