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Colourless [ pt.4 ]

who?: Wanna One’s Park Woojin 

genre: 🌺🌸 

type: scenario, short series 

word count: 1.6K

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• soulmate! AU
• you live in a colourless world and you will until you meet your soulmate, they’re supposed to brighten up your life
• one day, you can finally see in colour but….he can’t

I never thought that Colourless was going to be such a popular series. Some of you guys messaged us to update it 😂 Y'all cute, I see you so…here we go. The fourth instalment of Colourless. Tumblr messed up my original format above, if you’re wondering.

- Admin L 

Latte or vanilla bean frappe? Chocolate or strawberry smoothie? 

You wanted to cry, standing in the line for a taste of On Cloud Nine’s - the best and only sugar filled cafe on campus -wonderful treats.

It had become a tradition of some sort, every week, one of the clique members would do the snack run. This - particularly hectic - week, to get things off your mind, you volunteered. At least this would take your thoughts off certain matters for a short yet refreshing time. 

The crushed piece of paper had messy scribbles of your friends’ orders, crumpled because of your nerves and the dilemma you were facing. 

Coffee or smoothie? That’s the first question I should be asking myself.

You were tempted to rip out a good chunk of your hair in frustration. Both drinks were equally delicious, just thinking about them was enough to make your mouth water. Both were your fixed picks, but maybe it was time to try something new.

Coffee, smoothie, or should I get an iced tea?

You wrinkled your nose at the thought of ice.

What a great idea, a crushed ice drink in this miserably wet and cold weather.

Worry began to build up when you snaked up the queue and finally, there was only one girl ahead of you. Your mind still had not been made up. The pastel walls and soft, neon sign decor did nothing to calm your nerves. From one corner, the pink flamingo statue seemed to be judging you.

“Hi! Welcome to On Cloud Nine, how can I help-“

“I’ll have one of whatever she’s having,” you blurted out without thinking. “And, um, one butterfly pea tea uh, warmed…, a banana and almond muffin and one…Thai milk tea with…seventy-five percent sugar, no ice, e-exactly two teaspoons of milk…and one cinnamon stick?”

Your face turned bright red after reading out that ridiculous order in public. Whatever concoction you ordered was really questionable, you were mentally re-evaluating your choice of friends. In that moment, you wanted nothing more than for the ground to swallow you up.

Surprisingly, the barista had complied and added precisely one whole stick of cinnamon in the tea. It puzzled you as cinnamon in Thai milk tea did not sound exactly…fitting.

Your drink was one that was much more appetising, God bless the girl in front of you who ordered hot chocolate with extra marshmallows. One sip was all it took to make you feel warm and fuzzy.

Hot chocolate was energising, soulful, truly a comfort food.

Just as you were packing to leave and head back to your friends, a rush of cool Autumn breeze filled the small coffee house, causing your body to unintentionally shiver.

However, the real reason that a shocking bolt spread down your back was not because of the weather, but because of who entered On Cloud Nine.

You could say you were on cloud negative nine or so, mood dampened by a downpour.

A clique stepped into the store. Not just your own clique but another group of friends trailed behind.

A familiar pair of hazel eyes bore into the sides of your face, you refused to turn your head to meet his gaze.

You pursed your lips, guard raised but dread and puzzlement flooded you.

Sensing your obvious shock and confusion, Elkie stepped forward to squeeze your hand encouragingly. She also took the bag of snacks away from you to settle into a nearby booth.

You nearly missed the words that emitted from Woojin’s mouth since he said them in such a small voice as if he too was dreading this meeting. Yet, there was some sort of underlying, camouflaged hope and anticipation in his tone.

“We need to talk.” 

Oh, the irony.

Despite the glittered splashed walls and fairyland decor in On Cloud Nine, the atmosphere felt like one in a horror movie, or better yet, it felt as if this scene took place in a dystopian planet, foreign from the one you knew.

You took a long sip of your hot cocoa, savouring the heat and bitterness of the dark chocolate, in a twisted way, it resembled your mood. The warmth stung your tongue, the bitter aftertaste of the eighty-five percent cocoa chocolate only increased the tension, yet, you welcomed it.

Maybe it was some sort of indicator to make sure you were alive, that this was reality and not some nightmare.

You knew you had been putting off meeting Woojin for the longest time but there was no other way around this sticky situation.

Bae Jinyoung - a classmate from chemistry - was experiencing one right across your booth. He visibly winced as Lee Daehwi attempted to rip the gigantic rainbow swirled lollipop off the edge of his best friend’s  boyfriend’s  fringe.

Such a sweet romance.

You sighed dreamily, wishing the same for you - even if your somewhat non-existent love life claimed otherwise.

“Let’s set the record straight.” Jiwoo finally broke the choking silence. “Woojin, please explain your side of the story.”

In reply, the dancer shrugged. “I don’t know what’s happening myself.”

“She wants to know if you can see colours,” Im Youngmin elaborated, trying to keep his friend’s calmness intact.

“I can’t.”

The verbal confirmation shot into your heart and made it shatter into a billion crystal fragments like glass. Your grip on your mug tightened, sending a wave of déjà vu crashing over you.

I can’t smash this mug, I’ll have to pay for it. Besides, hot chocolate is much better tasting than coffee.

“Do you recognise… Y/N as your soulmate?” Elkie posed the other question, her lips pressed into a tight pout. She drummed her fingers on the table out of worry.

Woojin’s jaw worked to form an answer but no words were projected.

“I-I…I would if I could confirm it.”

A shift was sensed in his mood, his eyes darkened, his tone deepened and the loudness of his charming voice increased.

“How do I know you’re not playing with me right now?” He hissed, face reddening with fury. “You know this is a sensitive subject for me. Stop playing games with me!”

A few curious glares were sent in his general direction but he did not exactly pay them any mind.

Woojin rarely showed his temper, it came as a huge shock, but you expected him to flare up anyway. In his shoes, you would too. A part of you pitied him, he was really missing out on a great person for a soulmate.

“It’s fine. It’s whatever. Let’s go,” you beckoned, setting your mug back on the table and standing up to leave.

Jiwoo caught your elbow before you could even take a step out of your seat. She let out an annoyed huff before tenderly shoving you into your chair again.

“Listen,” she said in a low tone. “I’m not leaving until we settle this today.”

Woojin opened his mouth to oppose but he quickly clamped it shut from the stares his hyungs shot him.

“We can stay here until the cafe closes, I really don’t mind.” Jiwoo tapped her pen to her bottom lip, raising a brow, scanning for even the smallest sign of opposition.

A sigh left Woojin’s mouth, he looked apologetic and defeated. “You know I wanted to talk,” he whispered meekly. “But I don’t think I can.”

“That’s why we’re here,” Donghyun said matter-of-factly. “We’re here to facilitate the…discussion.”

Youngmin nodded encouragingly, ruffling Woojin’s hair. “We know not much talking would occur if it was just both of you.”

“Yeah,” Jiwoo giggled, suddenly regaining her bubbly personality. “More like a lot more lip-locking!”

Her joke elicited laughs, be it embarrassed ones from yourself and your soulmate or amusing ones from your friends. The atmosphere loosened up, it felt like a fresh start.

“So, hi. My name is Park Woojin, what’s yours?” 

“So 6pm? I’ll meet you outside your dorm block?” you confirmed, heart nearly racing out of your chest.

Woojin nodded in reply, pushing his chair out as he stood. “I’ll see you then.” He appeared cool and collected but the second he thought you were no longer able to see him, he jumped and yelled in excitement.

A date was the last thing he expected, probably not an activity he would have wanted to engage in when he thought about it but somehow, Woojin was anticipating tomorrow evening. He felt energising electricity zap him all over, much like when he was dancing to his favourite songs.

Maybe it’s just the soulmate pull…

Perhaps it was only that factor that attracted him but either way, Woojin was finally excited about action in his depressingly almost non-existent love life - he was never really enthusiastic about dating after Naomi anyway.

Knowing he had a date set up brought a new feeling, a feeling that was oddly pleasant. One that was filled with hope, that things would work out, that he would solve this puzzle.

Blame all the sugar in On Cloud Nine for Woojin’s mood switch and sudden hype. His mood definitely took a turn, for better or for worse was the question. He was a tad bit afraid as it had been a long while since he had gone on a date. Then, there was all that joy that was bubbling.

You were not Naomi.

You were a different person, someone he could get to know. Someone who he could potentially learn to trust, who he could enjoy times together.

You were a person that could hold his future.

And of course, someone who could make his universe burst into colour for the very first time.