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tfw u find out you’ve somehow become the keeper of rich and rob’s gigantic cutout heads


Meet Graham, a sculpture created by artist Patricia Piccinini in collaboration with a a leading trauma surgeon and a crash investigation expert, for a new Australian road safety campaign.

Graham is designed to survive a fatal car crash that any other normal human would not. His gigantic helmet-like head, the lack of a neck, his hoof-like feet, as well as other unnatural features reflect a human body evolved to sustain the forces involved in auto collisions.

Day 266 - Sazandora | サザンドラ | Hydreigon

During evolution, both brains of Dihead (Zweilous) merge to one gigantic head, leaving both heads to merge with its front legs. All special attacks are spread evenly throughout all three heads.

(P.S. New Pokémon drawing every single day.)

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Sheik had no idea where he was. His vision was still dark, suggesting that he had been rendered unconscious and had hit his head, and he had done this quite recently. He couldn’t even begin to think of where he was. All he knew was that there was a gigantic pounding in his head and his senses were at an all time low. He tried to remember what all had transpired before he arrived at… wherever it was that he was at. The Shadow Temple. That was the last thing he remembered. In the absence of a Hero, Sheik had been sent to awaken the power of the Sages. He’d gotten so close to awakening the Sage of Shadow…

He remembered the Phantom Shadow Beast. The fight with Bongo Bongo had been long, and he’d sustained more than a few injuries from it. He’d been so close to defeating it when a giant hand hovered over him before it had slammed down and then… nothing. There was quite a bit time missing from his memory, and that was the worst possible thing that could have happened to him.


Scratch that.

He didn’t feel any connection to his magic. His throat felt heavier than usual. A collar? A collar that cut off his magic. That was the worst possible thing that could happen to him. It meant his face was likely exposed or that someone had placed it on him before rearranging his cowl. Goddesses damn it all. He kept as quiet as he possibly could since he didn’t want the owner of said collar to know that he was awake just yet.


Easily the most horrific thing I have ever seen in my life. You’re thinking “yeah, sure, you’ve said that before.”, but seriously, I have never meant it more than this. I mean that is TRULY disturbingly cute. You couldn’t find something cuter in the universe if you were offered a million dollars to find it. Don’t you just hate how these pictures make you feel? It hurts, it’s like someone is twisting your guts around with a gigantic fork, your  head is going to explode & your eyes will pop out of your skull. You know it does. This is how it makes me feel:

Eight Reasons to Hate Jack Zimmermann

(10 - things you said that made me feel like shit)

(why would you DO this to me anon. So I found a way to make it not angst. Because I AM MIGHTY. This falls more within the spirit than the letter of the prompt….)

He joked about it on his vlog: “Reason #17 to hate Jack Zimmermann.” But Bitty really could make a list. All the things, little and big, that annoy him about the gigantic weirdo who heads up the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team. He could even use citations: “Zimmermann J. ‘Get your mind back in the game, Bittle.’ Spoken aloud to Bittle E, March 20, 2014.” Perhaps, he thinks idly, he could submit it as his senior thesis:

Eight Reasons to Hate Jack Zimmermann: A Chronology

by Eric R. Bittle

Inability to call Bitty by his nickname.

Jack has no problem referring to Ransom and Holster or Shitty by their nicknames. But Bitty’s always “Bittle,” and it’s starting to get really annoying. “Bitty” is the new kid in the clubhouse, accepted and maybe even adored for his people skills and his pie-making prowess. Bitty’s gotten drunk with the guys, he’s stayed up all night having philosophical discussions about pop culture, he’s told he’s got great speed and soft hands. But Bittle? Bittle is just a fuckup. Bittle has no redeeming value whatsoever. Bittle gets looked at by those cold blue eyes and told to get with the program or quit. And while Bitty wants to stay on the team and be one of the guys forever, Bittle might as well take the first train home.

Insane emphasis on nutrition.

Bitty brought a pecan pie to meet the team for the first time. A pecan pie! Beautifully baked, the product of all his love and excitement for this new world he was joining. And what did Jack Zimmermann, Team Captain do? Watch with a scowl on his face as his teammates defiled that pie, as though he wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near it if it weren’t for his duties as captain. And then, at the first team breakfast Bitty’s courageous enough to attend, Jack fixes Bitty with those soul-dead eyes and tells him to eat more protein. Like Bitty hasn’t been trying to bulk up ever since he quit figure skating! Does Jack really think he just hasn’t bothered to try? No, you know what, never mind, that’s exactly what Jack thinks. Because in Jack’s eyes, Bitty can do nothing right. Not even eat. Bitty can only imagine the little gremlins in that boy’s mind, prodding him with pitchforks and screaming: You can’t trust a piemaker! They eat evil things like sugar!

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Size Matters (But Not to the Animators)

So, the gigantic gorilla-juaguar-head-thing comes to life and scares the natives. Yup, this is a Scooby-Doo plot, alright.

And just look at it! It’s bloody ENORMOUS!

It must be 20 feet tall and 2,000 pounds, easily. Maybe some sort of mech suit? Robotic construct piloted by this episode’s troublemaker?

Oh, and here we go, the inevitable “we got him” moment. Turns out, Jaguaros have the same weakness as Bumbles, and the aliens from Signs.

Oops. Poor guy fell off the waterfall. Well, I’m sure the thousands of pounds of advanced machinery that made that creature possible have crushed his-

…wait, what the heck? They’re saying it was just a COSTUME?

Seriously? He just wore a mask and a gorilla suit, and that allowed him to be 20 feet tall and as broad as an elephant?

…oh yeah, and the back of the platform they were sitting on disappeared. But… that kinda seems insignificant, now.

You know, I’m starting to get the sneaking suspicion that this show wasn’t very well thought-out.

Naughty Student- Luke Hemmings

You would rather die than sit were you sitting, not only were you in the most boring class you had (Maths) but you had to be seated behind Jenkins whose head is wider than you future. You couldn’t simply see the board, Mr. Hemmings walked in he’s without doubt the hottest man you’ve ever met his hair and god that lip ring are teachers even allowed piercings. You were trying to focus on his back muscles but fucking Jenkins head was in the way. ‘Jenkins can you move you head’ you whispered moving your head to see around him ‘eugh just sit somewhere else’ he sneered. You started to get really infuriated at him all year he’s been a pain in the ass an now he’s telling you to move. ‘FUCK OFF JENKINS’ you yelled at him tossing you pen at his head.

‘Y/N DETETION AFTER CLASS’ he yelled as the class sniggered around you.

Fucking great now gigantic head got me detention, but in all sense it was great; you get to tease Hemmings you smirked making out a plan in your head. The bell rung for the last period fuck yeah you can go home, you smirk turns into a frown when you realise you have to meet Mr. Hemmings in his office. ‘Fuck’ you whispered trying to get through the crowd of reeking teenagers. You undo a button on your shirt, jerk your skirt up and fix your hair before you stride in. ‘Sir I’m here’ You said walking in, he held a breath in when he saw you his eyes drifted down your legs then back up. ‘Uh take a seat at the front ‘You smirked sitting directly across from him.

‘What do you want me to do sir?’ You said innocently, he blinked twice at you before answering ‘Do chapter 7.3 questions 1-9 thanks’. You purposely removed a piece of paper from your book to throw out. You got up and walked around your desk towards his were the bin was placed and purposely dropped in next to it so you had to bend down and pick it up. You looked up at Mr. Hemmings seeing that his eyes were fixed at your ass and his face got really red ‘Uh-h take a seat’  ‘Anything for you’ you whispered his eyes fell on your boobs and he licked his lips before he got back to his work’


It’s been 20 minutes since you last teased him and you got an idea and quickly finished the task he made you do.  You walked up to his table ‘Mr. Hemmings I’m stuck on question 9’ You smirked siting on his table your eyes fixed on his bulging boner. He noticed you stare and slammed your body onto his desk ‘You think it’s funny don’t you’ He whispered in your ear ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about sir’ you lied ‘You little liar, your such a slut’ You moaned as he nibbled at your ear ‘I’m your slut though Sir’ you moaned through his kisses ‘Yes you are and because you’ve been a bad girl you need to get punished’ ‘I’ve been a very bad girl Sir’ you moaned ‘You deserve 5 slaps, now sit on my lap. You lightly laid on his lap he pushed your dress up seeing the thong you chose to wear to school, ‘Fuck Y/N your mine’ he moaned as he slapped your as ‘AWH’ you screamed. He did this 3 more times until you started to get up ‘What do you think you’re doing’ he exclaimed grabbing your waist ‘This’ you said as he straddled his bludge fucking yourself on him ‘Eugh princess don’t’ He groaned in your ear. You removed his shirt noticing his tattoos ‘A piercing and a tattoo sir you need to get punished’ he moaned sucking on his jaw as you removed your shirt. He unclasped your bra and attacked your tits ‘Oh Sir’ you screeched not expecting his cold fingers that were fiddling with your nipples. ‘Keep is down Y/N don’t want to get caught do we now princess’ ‘No sir’

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