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Hello. I have a little question for you: If you guys are ever able to obtain enough DNA to make a Giganotosaurus, how well would you think a name like Hercules would fit?

Hello anon! A few things I’m going to say here. First off, Hercules would be a wonderful  name for a Giganotosaurus! Thank you for the suggestion! But, sadly and secondly, We aren’t planning on recreating any here at Huxley anytime soon. Simply put, our Rex’s enjoy their spotlight and title of largest land-carnivores and we wouldn’t take the attention away from them (and of course, building an entire new segment for a Giganotosaurus family would be hell for management). Thirdly, I would like to point out that besides point #2, there isn’t anything stopping us. You see, you asked if we were ever able to obtain Giganotosaurus DNA. That’s not how it works here at Huxley. I’m sure we’ve mentioned this before, but just in case we haven’t, at Huxley we don’t actually have authentic, real Prehistoric DNA. that’s… impossible, for most species (besides Dodo’s, etc.) DNA before the Pleistocene is too degraded to even consider using for research, let alone cloning. What we do is take modern DNA, and through our INCREDIBLY talented Geneticists, form it into the most scientifically accurate shape we can (from our current Palaeontological Knowledge).  If we wanted a Giganotosaurus that badly, we sure could add one to our animal friends. Anyways, that got a little off-topic… Thanks for asking! I hope you continue to find our establishment interesting.



Seeing everyone make their  Pokemon variations I just wanted to make some of my own so bad! So I jumped on the Bandwagon with the mighty Tyrantrum!

Had the idea of making it into a few iconic theropods (even though a few of these aren’t too related lol).
Before you ask, I didn’t make Spinosaurus because it strays farther away from Tyrantrum’s design than what I preferred. The only reason I didn’t make Allosaurus was because of time constraints).

Jurassic Park: Animal Bios #19 - Indominus

Meet InGen’s first genetic hybrid; an abominable mashup of different animals that turned out too dangerous for their own good: the Indominus rex.

In 2012, seven years after Jurassic World had opened to the public, visitor attendance had begun to drop. Jurassic World’s investors, worried by this development, had asked for something “bigger and better” to get guest attendance and satisfaction up. Dr. Henry Wu, Jurassic World’s lead geneticist, was approached by the park owner, Simon Masrani, to build something bigger and scarier… with more teeth. By 2015, the newest “dinosaur” attraction of Jurassic World was announced, and coined the Indominus rex. As soon as the Indominus was announced, ticket sales to the park skyrocketed. However, in December of the same year, InGen realized too late that they had gone in way over their heads…

DIET: Carnivorous
TEMPORAL RANGE: Quaternary; present day
LOCATION: Isla Nublar, Jurassic World
HEIGHT: 18ft (5.5m)
LENGTH: 50ft (15m)
WEIGHT: 12t (24,000lbs)


The Indominus is made up of genetic material from Giganotosaurus, Rugops, Majungasaurus, Carnotaurus, Velociraptor, Tyrannosaurus, Cuttlefish, Green Tree Frog, and possibly some unnamed species of snake. Two were cloned initially, to ensure that one would be viable and survive. Shortly after the infant Indominus hatched, one was cannibalized by the other. The remaining animal was transported to its paddock on Isla Nublar, where it spent its life until the events of Jurassic World. It ended up growing even larger than expected; which is very large, seeing as it was made to be bigger than a Tyrannosaurus.

APPEARANCE: Whitish-grey in colour throughout the body, but her camouflage abilities allow her to change colour at will. The neck, back, and tail are all covered in bony osteoderms, as a result of abelisaurid DNA. Very long arms with dexterous, long-fingered hands. A facultative quadruped, the Indominus was mainly bipedal, but would stand on all four of her legs if she so desired. Her sheer size likely comes from a mixture of Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus DNA.
BEHAVIOR: Extremely aggressive, violent, and unpredictable; true to her name. As Velociraptor DNA had been included in her genetic structure, she grew to be much more intelligent than anticipated. She posessed behavioral traits that could even be considered cruel by human standards, even killing for the sake of killing. She was also able to modulate her infrared output as a result of her tree frog DNA, allowing her to avoid thermal sensing technology.

Jurassic World (2015)

Some time in 2015, the Indominus was officially announced as an upcoming attraction - a never-before-seen thrill of a dinosaur. By December, Simon Masrani arrived in Jurassic World to see the new hybrid, and visited its paddock with the senior asset manager, Claire Dearing. Immediately after entering the paddock viewing area, Masrani noticed a cracked window, after which Dearing reluctantly admitted that the animal had tried to break the glass at some point. While obscured mostly by foliage, Masrani noted that the Indominus was white - unusual for one of their animals. When Masrani noticed her staring at him from the bushes, Dearing noted that she could sense thermal radiation, a trait found commonly in snakes. Unsure of how safe the paddock was, Masrani told Dearing to send Owen Grady to inspect it, as his Velociraptors commonly tried to escape their enclosure, and he had to be constantly smarter than them. When Dearing returned with Grady, he commented that the animal may not be fully functional, as it had been raised in captivity with no kind of positive reinforcement other than food. When Dearing told a paddock supervisor, Nick, to lower a steer into the paddock, however, the Indominus did not appear. When prompted, the computers showed that no thermal signatures were detected in the paddock, and Grady noticed several claw marks on the paddock walls, implying the animal had escaped. Immediately Dearing got a hold of control room employee Lowery Cruthers, and asked him to get the coordinates on the Indominus, as a tracking implant had been placed in her back as a precaution. Confused, Cruthers relayed that the hybrid was still in her cage. Dearing was equally confused by this information, until Cruthers pointed out with some alarm that there were people in the paddock; Grady, Nick, and an asset handler, Ellis, had entered the enclosure to inspect the claw marks. Suddenly in a panic, Dearing ordered them to inform the people to leave the enclosure immediately. Frantically, Vivian Krill, another control room employee, notified Grady and co. that the Indominus was still in the paddock. The three immediately started running back toward the viewing area, but once Nick caught a glimpse of the Indominus coming their way, he ran in the opposite direction and overrode the large rear entrance door to the enclosure. Just then, the hybrid suddenly stomped into view, blocking Grady and Ellis’ path. She gave chase to the humans, and reached out and grabbed Ellis, whose pained screams could be heard by the control room as he was ripped apart and devoured by the ravenous creature. Nick had already exited the paddock in a panic, and Grady narrowly escaped the now closing door, activated by Masrani. The Indominus barely got to the opening in time, and forced her way out. By the time she had fully exited the paddock, Owen had taken refuge underneath a construction crane, and Nick in front of a truck. Eventually picking up Nick’s scent, the Indominus violently flipped the truck over, and promptly devoured him. Terrified, Grady thought quickly and used his knife to cut the fuel line to the crane and rubbed the gasoline into his clothes. The Indominus approached the crane and leaned down on all fours, sniffing for Owen. Adequately masked by the gasoline, she did not pick up his scent, and let out a final indignant roar before retreating into the jungle, in the direction of Main Street, where the most thermal signatures were. Soon after, Krill attempted to alert the park of the escaped asset, but Masrani stopped her, expressing his desire for the Indominus to be captured quietly by the Asset Containment Unit. Soon afterwards, ACU, led by Katashi Hamada, arrived at the location of the hybrid’s tracking implant beacon. Hamada found a piece of the Indominus’ flesh on the ground – with her tracking implant still attached. Upon Masrani’s confusion at this development, Grady explained that she had clawed out the implant – that she had remembered where they had put it in. While Hamada observed the tracker and deactivated it, the Indominus emerged from the foliage, her body slowly turning from green to white, and the humans all realized at once that she could camouflage. She immediately picked up Hamada while the rest of ACU shot her with tranquilizers and electric nonlethal weapons, to no avail. Surprised by the sudden projectiles, the Indominus dropped Hamada and stepped on him, killing him. In the subsequent struggle, she killed at least four other ACU officers, and injured several others. In the utter shock of all the deaths that had just occurred, Grady told Masrani that he needed to evacuate the island, but Dearing refused, only willing to close the north end of the resort. Angered, Grady stormed from the control room, but not before suggesting to Masrani that he should have a word with Jurassic World’s geneticists. Shortly after, the Indominus wandered towards the Gyrosphere attraction, where Zach and Gray Mitchell had ventured into a gap in a fence against the prompting of the Gyrosphere’s interface, which had told them to immediately return to the park. The Indominus snuck up behind the boys while they viewed four Ankylosaurus, and when they noticed her reflection in the glass, she roared, slamming into the Gyrosphere. This sent the boys spinning, ricocheting off the armor of the startled Ankylosaurus. In the chaos, one of the Ankylosaurus stood its ground, flinging its tail menacingly at the hybrid, and in the process accidentally hit the Gyrosphere, which cracked and flipped upside down. The Ankylosaurus got one good hit in – a club to the Indominus’ face, which it was unfazed by. Zach and Gray watched helplessly as the Indominus quickly learned that the Ankylosaurus could not be harmed from above. She flipped the helpless herbivore upside down, grabbed its head in her jaws, and broke its neck. Just then, Zach’s phone, which had dropped to the top end of the Gyrosphere, began to vibrate. Reaching desperately to turn it off, Zach had his attention drawn by Gray to a giant red eye peering in at them; the noise had caught the attention of the Indominus as well. Slowly, she rolled the Gyrosphere halfway upright, smashed one of her claws into the glass, and rolled the boys upright, facing her. She looked in for a moment, and then opened her huge jaws, sinking her teeth into the glass of the Gyrosphere. She picked up the screaming boys and began to slam the vehicle into the ground, trying to break it open. Zach, thinking quickly, unfastened him and Gray’s seatbelts, sending them falling to the ground. When the Indominus picked up the Gyrosphere to slam it into the ground again, the two boys ran for their lives out of the jungle, the Indominus let out a menacing roar and started pursuing them. She burst through the trees and chased them to the edge of a waterfall, which the boys jumped off of, narrowly avoiding her jaws. She stayed at the edge for a few more seconds, waiting for Zach and Gray to resurface. When they didn’t, she let out a roar of disappointment and retreated in the opposite direction, towards the Gyrosphere Valley. There, the Indominus attacked and killed five Apatosaurus, and fatally wounded another, but did not eat the carcasses. Soon afterwards she was attracted to the old Jurassic Park visitor center by the sound of one of the old Jeeps being started by the Mitchell boys. By the time she arrived at the parking garage, the boys were gone, but Owen and Claire had just arrived. Just as Grady was about to attempt to start one of the cars, he heard her footsteps approaching. Both of them immediately hid in front of the car, while the Indominus stepped forward slowly, her snout dangerously close to the two humans. After pushing a bit on the side of the Jeep, she walked away slowly, appearing to leave. Thinking she was gone, Grady and Dearing both let out a sigh of relief, and the Indominus suddenly broke through the roof of the garage. Grady and Dearing immediately fled from the visitor center, pursued closely by the hybrid. She broke through the crumbling wall of the old building and into the main atrium, and roared after them. Noticing the sound of a helicopter, she began to run in the direction of Main Street again. The helicopter, with Masrani piloting it, pursued the animal, one of the onboard soldiers shooting at her. She led her pursuers to the Jurassic World Aviary, where she smashed through the glass with her head. Once inside, she began roaring at the pterosaurs inside, scaring a few of them out of the enclosure. The escaped pterosaurs immediately attacked the helicopter, killing the two soldiers. A Pteranodon then got caught in the helicopter’s main rotors, and it spun out of control, smashing through the roof of the Aviary. The demolished helicopter fell to the ground, exploding on contact, killing Masrani in the process. The Indominus ran from the explosion, exiting the aviary and disappearing into the jungle. Later, Vic Hoskins of InGen took over the control room and begun execution of his plan to use Grady’s four Velociraptors to hunt down and kill the Indominus. Forced into going along with the plan, Owen, Barry, Claire, and the Mitchell boys followed the lead of the four raptors – Blue, Delta, Charlie, and Echo – Who led them to the location of the Indominus by following the scent of her tracker. Once the Velociraptors located her, the hybrid emerged from the trees, Owen, Barry, and the mercenaries watching from a distance. However, instead of attacking the Indominus, they started to communicate. After Barry pointed this out, Grady realized that the geneticists had used Velociraptor DNA in the Indominus’ genetic makeup. Under the command of the Indominus, the raptors turned on the humans and began to attack. One mercenary fired a rocket at the hybrid’s feet, knocking her over. She then fled once again into the jungle. During the Velociraptor attack, she made her way to Main Street in the park. Later, she emerged from behind the buildings to the sight of Blue, Delta, and Echo surrounding Grady, Dearing, and the Mitchell boys. Seeing that Blue was hesitant to attack Owen, she communicated with the raptor, who glanced at Owen, then snarled menacingly back at her. Enraged, the Indominus roared back and slapped Blue into the side of a building, knocking her unconscious. Grady then whistled for Echo and Delta to attack the hybrid. During the following struggle, Grady shot continuously at the Indominus with his rifle while the two raptors clawed and bit at her. She eventually got a hold of Echo, throwing her into a grill and incinerating her. Soon afterwards, she caught Delta in her jaws and threw her out of sight. While she was distracted, Owen ran back to where the Mitchell boys were hiding and hid with them. The Indominus quickly sniffed them out and attacked, cornering them into one of the shops. Reaching her massive claws into the building, she managed to get a hold of Gray’s satchel strap, pulling him towards her. Zach managed to unclip the strap just in time, but she kept groping at them. Just then, a flare hit her in the neck, and she turned her head to see Claire running from the entrance to the T. rex Kingdom. Rexy, Jurassic World’s massive resident Tyrannosaurus, released by Lowery under Claire’s orders during the struggle, burst into view, smashing through a Spinosaurus skeleton. Catching sight of the territorial invader, Rexy roared menacingly at the Indominus. Intimidated by the sudden appearance of the similar-in-size carnivore, the Indominus roared back, her full attention on the T. rex. The two predators sized each other up for a couple seconds, and then Rexy lunged at the hybrid, immediately getting a hold of her neck. Struggling to free herself, the Indominus eventually shook herself out of Rexy’s grasp, and grasped her head with her claws, slamming the giant animal to the ground. Having gained the upper ground, the Indominus took hold of Rexy’s neck in her jaws, and pulled her to the building Grady and the Mitchell boys were hiding in, slamming Rexy’s head into it. The Indominus crawled up to the T. rex, pinned her neck down with her claws, and was about to deal the killing blow before she was distracted by a sudden raptor call. She looked up to see Blue, conscious again, and running at her, claws and teeth bared. Blue jumped on to the Indominus’ body, scratching and biting her. While the Indominus tried to shake Blue off of her, Rexy had gotten back on her feet and got a hold of the hybrid’s neck again. Rexy slammed the Indominus into one of Main Street’s buildings, and resumed biting and pushing her, all while Blue was doing the same. Overwhelmed, the Indominus was unable to get any blows in, and was slammed into yet another building. Rexy grabbed her by her head and spun her around, while Blue jumped on her face. Just as the Indominus flung Blue off of her, Rexy gave one final push, throwing her to the edge of the Jurassic World Lagoon, breaking part of the electric fence in the process. Rexy and Blue stood together, cornering the Indominus as she slowly got to her feet. She let out one final roar of rage to the two opposing carnivores, and the giant aquatic Mosasaurus jumped out of the lagoon and beached itself on land, capturing the Indominus by the neck in its huge jaws. Letting out a few pained shrieks, the Indominus was dragged into the water to be devoured by the Mosasaurus.