:Tissoplastic giganotosaurus:
A shorter let alone smaller version of the giganotosaurus, this tisso theropod uses its forearms in a pseudo prowl for a more silent approach when stalking prey.
Equipped with uncontested night-vision, an anticoagulant laced bite and a hyper sensitive nose to track fleeing prey, this tisso is an unshakable hunter. Though that’s all assuming you’re too big for it to simply steal-away.


Say what you will about The Isle, but you gotta commend it for its commitment to making amazing environments with amazing looking creatures. It’s coming along nicely, and even though it has its frustrating moments, it keeps bringing me back.

OCs from the other day! @llamakoernchens is the native american dude, mine is the cowtomboy ♥♥

We watched Spirit and Jurrassic Park and this rolled out of our mind :D

This thing already has a complete story line (since Korny is with me right now we could make it all up in one night) and now we´re working on what would happen in “the second part” of the story (:


Seeing everyone make their  Pokemon variations I just wanted to make some of my own so bad! So I jumped on the Bandwagon with the mighty Tyrantrum!

Had the idea of making it into a few iconic theropods (even though a few of these aren’t too related lol).
Before you ask, I didn’t make Spinosaurus because it strays farther away from Tyrantrum’s design than what I preferred. The only reason I didn’t make Allosaurus was because of time constraints).

Some time ago on Ark, my husband John (BaconRaider) and I tamed our first Giganotosaurus (no small feat, for those who don’t know) and brought him back to our base. The next day, he was nowhere to be found, along with our two Doedicuruses, Cookies and Biscoff. I don’t know how much trouble a Giga and two Doeds can get in to, as we never found any of them again, but we assume that Cookies and Biscoff managed to rope the Giga into some nefarious underworld dealings somewhere on the island, perhaps selling bootleg Mind Wipes. We didn’t even have time to name the Giga.

is-a-velociraptor  asked:

If T. rex and Giganotosaurus had a hotdog eating contest, who would win?

According to this paper (1), Tyrannosaurus opened it’s mouth at an absolute maximum angle of 80°. Since I can’t find any biomechanical analysis on Giganotosaurus gape angles, I’m going to assume a similar gape to Allosaurus, its closest analyzed relative (90°). (Fig 8 from above paper)

Using the below image from Scott Hartman (2), I measured the length of Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus jaws using the scale bar provided.

This provided me with a jaw length estimate of 1.585 m and 1.506 m for Giganotosaurus (upper and lower jaws respectively). Measurements of 1.475 m and 1.401 m were taken from the Tyrannosaurus upper and lower jaws. Now time for some trig (fuck why am i doing this i hate math)

And that becomes…

Which leads to a total gape of 2.186 meters for Giganotosaurus and 1.849 meters for Tyrannosaurus. While this is useful to figuring out how many hot dogs they could eat, it doesn’t account for jaw width. Using Scott Hartman’s comparison again, a width for Tyrannosaurus was found to be 0.469 m, while a width for Giganotosaurus was found to be 0.406 m. Multiplying the length and width of each animals jaws, we come to a value of 0.867 m^2 for Tyrannosaurus and a value of 0.888 m^2 for Giganotosaurus.

So it’s very close, but Giganotosaurus had a slightly larger mouth, and by my estimates could eat more hot dogs. That said there are numerous sources of error and without knowing how fast either animal could eat, this is the closest approximation of the truth my lazy ass felt like putting out.

1:  Lautenschlager S. R. Soc. open sci. 2015 2 150495; DOI: 10.1098/rsos.150495. Published 4 November 2015