No but now I kind of want to make that happen?
Like take a drink for every horror movie reference or homage paid.

I was talking about preparing myself for the two minutes of fear induced panic attack I was going to have while waiting for the zombie redneck torture family to rise and attack. Then they did and I remembered they aren’t graphic enough to scare me. They’re just gross bloody grey people.
Actually the zombies later in the elevator hallway full of blood are what really got me. Even though they’re only on screen for like 6 seconds. Luckily Sigourney Weaver was there to distract me.

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But you never leave the house in general… *shrug*

i guess i meant i’m not leaving my bed. or maybe the futon, that way i can be closer to the kitchen. less stairs.
but like if someone showed up like “hey i have a cake and a pizza and some more mtn dew for you if you just stop reading the thing and hang out with me” i would prob just make hissing noises and chain the door and go back to the futon in the living room. 
but 60k is only like 100~pages so i’ll prob be done in the evening and watch doctor who on time while i make grumpy noises and shaking my head. 

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grumpy cat must be your spirit animal now

grumpy cat is my spirit animal 5evr.
actually its a mix between bobby hill and lumpy space princess with a little grumpy cat.

gigan91 replied to your postim grumpy today. and i dont know why and…

I’ll trade you a cheeseburger for one of them tasty looking brownies.

cheeseburgers is so good why would you give one of them up.
i ate so many brownies omfg i swear