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Cosimo the Fair || Bradley James

He really was as beautiful as an angel. Perhaps I ought to have made him a little less beautiful, thought Fenoglio. He almost looks unreal.

A faint flush had risen to Cosimo’s face. Anger made him even more handsome.

I’ve never done a picspam before, and we all know how I am with colors, but I just can’t get this idea out of my head. Any critique would be greatly appreciated!

Random Song/Pairing/Graphic

Thorki: Mariah Carey - Rainbow (Interlude)

I know there is a rainbow
For me to follow
To get beyond my sorrow
Thunder precedes the sunlight
So I’ll be alright
If I can find that
Rainbow’s end
I will be alright
If I can find that
Rainbow’’s end

Kirk and Spock -> Vacation AU

Kirk and Spock’s first REAL vacation as a couple—not a few days off on the ship, not shore leave, but honest to god don’t-have-to-look-at-the-enterprise-for-two-weeks vacation—is spent inside this dinky-ass shuttle that Kirk rented on a whim thats the future equivalent of an RV camper.


This both did and didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I am VERY VERY PLEASED with my linework and how the flat colors don’t completely destroy everything (I feel I should note how Trolleys was a huge influence for me here), but oh my god.



I seriously can’t figure out how they work and fuck it, fuck it all I just have floating heads deal with it.

Also I am far too lazy for a background.

Also I felt I could’ve been more…“bondage"y but smut is a line I am afraid to cross. Although, I’m getting there. I’m so, so getting there.

Besides that, it was made with LOTS OF LOVE so I hope you like it, Sailor Moon Anon =]

Anatomically Correct Colin:

SO one of the best things about Colin Morgan, of course, is that he defies all logic and is completely anatomically incorrect. 

Exhibit A: Normal Person.

  • Tops of ears line up with eyes, bottom of ears line up with bottom of nose
  • The space between both eyes is one eye in length
  • The space from the chin to the top of the eyebrows is equal to the top of the head from the eyebrows

So what does Colin do?

  • His ears are like, two inches higher than a regular person, not to mention wider
  • Bottom-half of his face is longer than the top, EVEN WITH HIS POOFY HAIR
  • Eyes are about half an eye apart

And not that Colin, in all his perfection, needs fixing, but I did it anyway:

…woah. He really looks like Benedict, doesn’t he?


Because I said so, motherfucker.

Genre Swap →  Merlin as a Modern AU Exorcist Film

Merlin and his little brother Mordred move into a new town to escape the scandal of the murder of their parents. Everything seems like it’s slowly going back to normal until weird things start happening to Mordred’s babysitter, Morgana. Despite Merlin’s protest, Morgana’s superstitious girlfriend Gwen immediately suspects Mordred. Gwen knows more than Merlin thinks, and knows exactly how to stop him. If only Merlin would let her get close enough…