The Ladies of Saga Fancasting

» Back in Viking days, I guess the word “saga” originally described an epic narrative that followed the adventures of one specific family, sometimes across generations. That definitely sums up our story in four letters.  –Brian K Vaughan

Alana → Freema Agyman

The Stalk → Lucy Liu

Izabel → Molly Quinn

Gwendolyn → Naomie Harris

Random Song/Pairing/Graphic

Thorki: Mariah Carey - Rainbow (Interlude)

I know there is a rainbow
For me to follow
To get beyond my sorrow
Thunder precedes the sunlight
So I’ll be alright
If I can find that
Rainbow’s end
I will be alright
If I can find that
Rainbow’’s end

Inkheart Dreamcast

Cosimo the Fair || Bradley James

He really was as beautiful as an angel. Perhaps I ought to have made him a little less beautiful, thought Fenoglio. He almost looks unreal.

A faint flush had risen to Cosimo’s face. Anger made him even more handsome.

I’ve never done a picspam before, and we all know how I am with colors, but I just can’t get this idea out of my head. Any critique would be greatly appreciated!


This both did and didn’t turn out how I wanted it to. I am VERY VERY PLEASED with my linework and how the flat colors don’t completely destroy everything (I feel I should note how Trolleys was a huge influence for me here), but oh my god.



I seriously can’t figure out how they work and fuck it, fuck it all I just have floating heads deal with it.

Also I am far too lazy for a background.

Also I felt I could’ve been more…“bondage"y but smut is a line I am afraid to cross. Although, I’m getting there. I’m so, so getting there.

Besides that, it was made with LOTS OF LOVE so I hope you like it, Sailor Moon Anon =]

Anatomically Correct Colin:

SO one of the best things about Colin Morgan, of course, is that he defies all logic and is completely anatomically incorrect. 

Exhibit A: Normal Person.

  • Tops of ears line up with eyes, bottom of ears line up with bottom of nose
  • The space between both eyes is one eye in length
  • The space from the chin to the top of the eyebrows is equal to the top of the head from the eyebrows

So what does Colin do?

  • His ears are like, two inches higher than a regular person, not to mention wider
  • Bottom-half of his face is longer than the top, EVEN WITH HIS POOFY HAIR
  • Eyes are about half an eye apart

And not that Colin, in all his perfection, needs fixing, but I did it anyway:

…woah. He really looks like Benedict, doesn’t he?