Okay guys, seriously. This deserves to be posted now, and not be in my Queue.

As of Feburary 7th, 2012, Leviathan, B&M’s first GigaCoaster, was completed! Well, the track at least! I am personally EXTREMELY excited about this coaster, being a huge fan of the B&M designs. It is currently still on schedule for opening in May. I will not be able to ride this coaster during the 2012 season sadly, due to my current plans to move. I do hope to be able to come back out east in future years to take a summer long journey around the great parks the east coast has to offer.

Anywho! Leviathan is rooted in Canada’s Wonderland. It has a first hill of 306 ft, a length of 5,486 ft and a top speed (reached at the bottom of the first hill, slowly decreasing in speed) of 96 mph. The lift is a single chain lift and is an out and back coaster. It has no inversions, the first hill is 80° and the ride lasts 3:28 minutes.


As this rollercoaster reviewer, Robb Alvey, mentions towards the end of this video: Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion craps all over Millenium force.

Just like the seagulls. 

EDIT: I forgot to mention that Intimidator 305 had to be altered early into it’s first season because it was making people black out. As it is, you just loose a majority of your vision, “greying out”.

I am doing some very late & heavy #springcleaning & stumbled upon this: When I was in college for architecture (2011) I would spend more time dreaming up coaster layouts like this poorly drawn #gigacoaster instead of designing buildings. BUT what’s really interesting in this particular design is an element I drew up properly called “inverted air” (2nd photo). The track would rise up after the 305ft 88degree plummet, twist 180degrees, invert the train at the apex of the hill, then as they’re stalled upside down, it would head back down twisting another 180degrees to flip the passengers upright. WELL ISNT THAT ODD that #RMC would invent the same element on a coaster for @sfgreat_america on the worlds tallest dropping, steepest & fastest wooden roller coaster, #Goliath opening this summer of 2014?! This now very real element as mentioned, is called the “inverted zero g stall” or simply the “inverted stall” & will thrill riders this summer at Great America. I obviously was ahead of my time & really mad at myself that I didn’t do this dreaming for a living. #craziness 📐✏️🎢

Theme Parks and Travel Polls: What's the Best Disney Park in the USA?

Hello Everyone! Today, I have for you the results of the latest Theme Parks and Travel Poll, What is your favorite gigacoaster? and the latest poll, which will last until May 1st at 12am. To start, the results for the first April 2015 poll are below:

5th Place-Steel Dragon 2000 with 0 votes.

4th Place-Leviathan with 0 votes.

3rd Place-Intimidator 305 with 1 vote.

2nd Place-Fury 325 with 2 votes.

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