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did anyone else forget i draw in the time it’s been since i last drew?!
h ah… it’s been so loong…. but I’m literally a couple of days away from finishing this semester (finally!) so I’ll have time to actually draw some good stuff. in the mean time i coloured in this lumpy keef sketch i doodled on my to do list….. take him..

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Hello! I really love your writing and was wondering if you could you do something where Blackwatch Gabriel Reyes catches his s/o doodling him in between missions and they're very embarrassed because they normally don't let people see them draw but Gabe compliments the doodle and fluff ensues? Thanks!

Have some cute and teasing Blackwatch Gabe and his team~! Because if you know military guys, they’re all assholes to each other.

You were sitting against the bleachers in Overwatch’s gym, heart pounding as you struggled to cool down from your workout. A few other Blackwatch members were running back and forth over the floor as they played basketball, every one of them taking the down time between calls to relax and have some kind of fun. You watched the teams, twirling a pencil around in your hand as your eyes settled on the face of your partner. Gabe.

You glanced down at the blank notepad in your hand lap. Stretching your legs out in front of you, you placed it on the floor to stretch your aching muscles and to sketch. His broad jaw was as familiar to your pencil as it was to your fingers, wide and scarred from past battles. One scar was from him nicking the same spot every time he shaved, but he would never admit it to anyone. His large nose sloped down with a knot in the bridge from being broken too many times. His eyes were set deep in his face, underneath a strong brow and even stronger eyebrows, with a continuously mischievous twinkle in his eye, no matter how serious he looked. You frowned as you leaned up on your forearms, staring at the doodle. It was one think you could never get right, his eyes; you never could capture the emotion just right.

A drop of sweat rolled off your nose and splattered across the middle of the page, smearing lead in a small puddle. You scoffed at your own mistake.

“Ever consider that open forensic sketch artist gig?”

You bolted upright at the voice, the crown of your head connecting painfully with that broad and familiar jaw. Gabe made a sound of surprise as he stumbled back, earning a handful of snickers from the teams on the court. You rubbed your head and glared at him. “Warn me next time, you ass!” you shouted.

“You’re the one that clocked me?” he said back, rubbing his chin. A drop of blood was pooling in the corner of his mouth.

“With my head,” you ground out. You moved bent your knees, groaning at the ache in the back of your legs, and reached for your sketchpad. Gabe swept it up before you could. “Give it back!”

“Hey, I’m serious, you’re really good,” he praised. He pawed through your book over the various other doodles inside, holding it above your head when you tried to take it back.

“C’mon, Gabe!” you whined. He looked down at you. Gabe flipped it closed in a smooth motion and set the sketchpad on top of your head. He was smiling. You tugged the sketchpad over your face to hide your blush.

“Fraternization is frowned upon in Blackwatch,” McCree teased from the court. Genji snorted next to him.

Gabe pushed your sketchpad down and placed a sweaty and bloody smooch against your cheek. You squealed in disgust.


“Gabriel!” shouted every man on the court. Gabe turned towards them with a grin and a shrug.


Gig poster I recently finished up for a South African music event called Gravity (as if you didn’t already guess that). Had too much fun working on this - I have a soft spot for spacey/sci-fi stuff!


Errr so I wanted to do some portraits for practice and I had an idea for a little zine and got carried away buying paper and glitter pens and stuff. I was going to save them for like ‘special print only’ … but I’ve not put much online in months so I changed my mind and I’ll be posting 1 a day or something throughout the week.

So yeah … new little something to launch at Thought Bubble … unless I catch my sisters cough and don’t get finished in time to go to the photocopier. :S