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Ok but haggar tho


Okay, ever since it was revealed that Haggar was altean 
*Insert allura’s surprised face too* - I have been so damn curious as to what she would look like;; so doodled some ideas? 
(Lowkey reminds me of Prince Lotor uh-oh)

If I’m honest from all the bad dudes in Voltron, Haggar is one of the many who has caught all of my interest. What’s her backstory? Why is an Altean whose home was destroyed by the very man she is serving, with him?

But there’s no doubt I have some sort of theories or ideas? 
I’m sure we can all agree that she has some sick ass powers; which led me to think:
1. Being Banished: What if back in Altea, Haggar was someone who was wise beyond her years and began dwelling in some sort of dark magic or even was trying to find a way to get quintessence faster for Altea (The whole stripping planets of it gig as seen in the show)- but King Alfor caught wind of it and told her to stop but she didn’t then was banished. Hence how she probably agreed to just destroy Altea with Zarkon.

2. Haggar ran away with Zarkon? I don’t know if you guys saw it but the scene where you see Zarkon unconscious: 

You see Haggar standing by his side and watching over him, not to mention this specific scene

I ain’t gonna lie, this kind of hurt my heart- Maybe its a stretch but.. From what I see it almost looks like she’s in Love with Zarkon??? I don’t know those don’t look like yellow eyes of just a mere Servant and Master, thing-o.
Maybe, when the Black Lion was being made she was present and had met Zarkon. Just falling head over heels for the Ex-Black Paladin.Only quiznaking thing is, Zarkon just whispered sweet nothings into Haggar’s ear after he found out about her skills and powers. Leading to her following him. So it’s just an unrequited love ))’: 
That or, she was just like *sigh* “useless” nEXT.

3. Possible spy???? Seems like another big stretch seeing that she practically was ready to kill Allura..but it looks kinda like she’s been brainwashed?? After all her Altean marks, had turned into just lines like how here eyes are Yellow, like a Galran? Even using her shape shifting abilities that Altean’s are known for?

4. Mother of Lotor (PFFF): Kay this seems like just me making up a damn AU in my head LMAO- it’s just the drawings I drew of an Altean Haggar just reminded me of Prince Lotor. After all /cough I do ship Zarkon and Haggar (gtgtgtgtgtgtg)  

I haven’t really come up with more but there’s no doubt that Haggar’s backstory is really interesting. There must be a bunch of things she knows- what was she like on Altea? She has worm-holed *finger guns* her way into my heart. I like Haggar. Mysterious Haggar. 

OT4: events - August/September 2017 *


1) “Harry Styles at BBC” is recorded on 30.08.17 and aired in November.

2) The Jonathan Ross Show is recorded on 31.08.17 and aired on 02.09.17 at 21:30 (BST).

3) Liam is going to perform “Strip that down” at Voxi’s launch gig, you can watch it live from 20:30 (BST) on 31.08.17.

* is going to be updated


“Ex Porn Star “Jessie Rogers” Exposes Shocking Abuses of the Porn Industry and Tells Her Story”

“Hi everyone. Today I’m going to explain pornography and share my story with you. I’m currently 20 years old, and I retired from the “adult” industry in 2012, just a few months after I turned 19.

To give a little background about me, I was born in Brazil but I grew up in San Francisco. My parents got divorced when I was 10, and my dad moved back to Brazil at the time.

I didn’t actually start having sex until I was 16, and at that time I was only having sex with my ex-boyfriend, whom I had been with for almost a year. I wasn’t promiscuous or anything like that, but I did go through a lot of damage as a teenager.

The pastor from my church molested me when I was 12, and I got raped by an older man when I was 15. I haven’t told people these things publicly because they’re so personal, and I never thought it was really necessary until now. Also, from getting to know so many different “porn stars,” their childhood stories are fairly similar.

How I got into the porn industry is actually a funny story because I didn’t intend to become a porn star, but I do think that on a subconscious level I attracted that negativity into my life.

So I was searching for jobs on Craigslist, and on one of the ads it said: “Make $20,000 - $30,000 a month modeling.” I had a lot of modeling experience which I had made money off of, but never that much. So, it looked appealing to me, to say the least.

Long story short, I met up with an agent when I was actually 17, and they explained to me that it’s not regular modeling, it’s porn. And they booked me solid from the day after my 18th birthday, until just a few months after that. I wasn’t really thinking about what I was getting myself into, I just wanted the money, and the validation that people in porn gave me.

Since I did live in L.A. after getting into the industry, I hung out with a lot of people in the adult industry, and their stories were always the same, and negative. None of them liked doing what they were doing. They were just doing it for the money, and they dreamed of getting out – doing something else and having a normal life, like being married with kids. This wasn’t just female performers – the male performers and the directors as well.

Almost all, if not all the girls, go to their shoots high on something, whether it’s painkillers, weed, ecstasy or cocaine. So that’s why when people watch it, it looks like the performers are having a blast, but in reality they’re just disassociated and don’t even want to be there.

This drug thing was actually pretty foreign to me, because I had never done drugs before getting into the adult industry. And even though people in the adult industry offered me drugs several times, I kept saying “no,” with the exception of smoking and alcohol. I did however start turning to alcohol, and after being in the industry for a few months, I did develop an alcohol problem. But after I quit porn I also quit drinking, and I’ve been completely sober for one year and four months.

What I quickly realized was that the porn industry is kind of like a “cover up” to run prostitution rings, where the agents who are actually pimps make even more money sending their “girls” out to those type of gigs. And it’s also like a cycle of porn, escorting, stripping, and webcamming. I did a little bit of webcamming, but I refused to do the others. It just wasn’t appealing to me.

My former roommate Leilani (who was also in the porn industry) and I kept talking about quitting, every time we would hang out. She actually quit too. She’s engaged, and is about to have a baby now.

But what happened around the time that I was thinking about quitting, was: 1) a veteran male performer who was in the industry for over 8 years, caught syphilis and faked his test, worked knowing that he had syphilis, and transmitted it to other performers. And 2) I won’t go into much detail about this because it was so traumatizing, but I was actually hanging out with another veteran male performer off camera, who I knew was sadistic, but what he did to me the night that I “woke up,” I was definitely not expecting.

Long story short, he kept beating me, banging my head on his wooden floor, to the point where my face and my head was bleeding. He choked me out to the point of me passing out twice, and when he would stick my head in his toilet, he would not let me come up for air when I tried. So I thought I was going to die that night.

Through the course of my porn career I had to go to the emergency room several times. I had several instances where I would cry on set, because things had been so painful. But none of them like this one – to the point where I would actually be woken up.

As I drove home that night, I was so distressed from what had just happened, but I didn’t feel bad for myself. What was really going on inside my head, was, “What the hell am I doing in this environment? If I died today, would I have done good for myself, for society, or for the world? Is this is really how I want to be remembered? Why am I disrespecting my body, and allowing others to disrespect me?”

And it was like the the light bulb switched on in my head that night. I woke up, I decided to quit the industry and re-create my life, my identity, and the rest is history. A few months after I quit, I started getting messages on my YouTube channel from girls telling me they want to commit suicide. After watching my videos and hearing my story, they said it helped them feel better, and not go through with it.

I also got emails from guys who were dealing with porn addiction, and they told me that seeing my change inspired them to let go of that negativity in their lives as well. And there were a few random emails from guys not knowing how to talk to girls in real life, because their only relationship with a woman had sadly been on a computer screen.

It doesn’t take a psychiatrist to figure out that porn not only affects the lives of the people working in it, but also the lives of the people watching it, and in turn the lives of the people who are surrounded by people that watch it – whether they consciously realize it or not. There have been several rape reports of men admitting they watched porn or were porn addicts.

So, I tell my story not for people to feel bad for me. Trust me, I don’t want your pity. I just want you to understand that nothing positive comes out of that industry on either side of the screen.

Some people think that they are doing nothing wrong by watching porn, but in reality they are supporting filmed prostitution that influences individuals to degrade, beat, rape, and sometimes even kill other individuals.

I’m thankful not only to be able to live the life that I want now, but simply to be alive, unlike ex-porn star Taylor Summers – rest in peace – who was killed during a BDSM “shoot.” (And several other victims as well.) It was also really hard for me to accept the fact that porn films I did will be forever on the Internet.

Everything I do on the Internet – from live-streaming video games on Twitch TV, to blogging on YouTube – I used the name “Jessie Rogers,” because I didn’t want my real name out there. But I had to accept the fact companies are forever going to be marketing my films under that name. And using that name publicly is going to continue to attract the “weirdos.” So I decided to change my name on all my social media accounts.

The only reason why I keep them going and haven’t deleted them, which I wanted to, is because I have such supportive, loyal, and loving followers – who love me as a human being, and want me to continue to be able to interact with them.

So it’s not easy. It’s been a year and a half since I got out of the industry, and I was still waking up to companies tagging me in pictures, saying things like, “Jessie Rogers with a big black c*ck,” or angry masturbators, who would watch one of my scenes on a porn site, and think it’s okay to call me names on my accounts, ignorantly unaware that I retired in 2012.

It’s annoying, and I’m definitely over it. I changed, and it was still haunting me. But the fact of the matter is that porn is not a “fantasy.” It’s real human beings with feelings doing real acts. Thank you.”

Cameron Liddell super rough smut ;)

(Probably the kinkiest thing I’ve ever written, EXTREME smut warning!!)

“Oh fuck, Cameron! Harder!” You moaned out. You were in Cameron & yours hotel room getting one last good fuck in before cramped bunk sex on tour. He was behind you thrusting in hard & fast, your hair balled up in his fist as he grabbed your ass tightly with the other. You were so close when he stopped & pulled you to his chest, still fully penetrating you.
“Not yet baby,” he breathed into your neck as he kissed & bit over your sensitive skin, making you wince with pleasure. He grabbed at your breasts & pinched your sensitive nipples.
“..please…?” You breathed out.
“Please what?” He questioned as he ever so slowly began to thrust.
“Mm, please fuck me.” You answered. He obliged & threw your face back to the pillows as he mercilessly pounded into you, making you shout out his name. He filled your tightness up with his seed & collapsed next you on the bed.
“That’s one for the books,” he commented as he reached to the night stand to spark up a cigarette.
You rolled over & he put his arm around you resting your head on his chest.
“Can’t wait for cramped bus sex for the next 3 months.” You said sarcastically as he passed you the cigarette.
After the two of you finished the smoke you snuggled up to sleep, the next day you were leaving for tour & had to get up really early.

• • •
“So (y/n) you sure you’re ready to take on tour life with the sex beast that is Cameron James Liddell? I’m warning ya, he’s fond of abuse in the bedroom!” Ben asked with mock concern.
“Don’t scare her off mate! I’ll just have to teach Cam to be gentle.” Danny winked as he opened a beer.
“I’m sure we’ll do just fine.” Cam answered with a smirk, they had no idea just how rough you liked it & how much you loved it when Cameron took control & made you his play thing. You laughed & rolled your eyes as Cameron put his arm around you & pulled you to him, closing the gap between you on the couch.
“So we’re headed to Vegas, strip clubs after the gig tonight gentlemen?” James said as he popped into the front lounge. The boys agreed, except for Cameron.
“We’ll just stay in, watch a movie or something.” He said.
“Innocent little couples night in, you can braid each others hair & tell secrets.” James mocked in a high pitched voice.
“Fuck off!” Cameron said as he threw an empty beer can at him. The rest of the ride was filled with jokes & fun. You couldn’t wait to have the bus to yourselves, maybe last night wasn’t the last time you’d have fully, filthy sex after all.
After the gig the boys got themselves together & were pre-gaming in the bus, throwing back beers & relaxing before heading out to the strip clubs.
“It’s a shame Cam’s staying home to watch the notebook.” Sam said as he finished another beer.
“You guys are dicks! You giggled, you’d had a couple vodka drinks & were feeling kinda loose.
"I’m shocked, I never thought our lovely little (y/n) would call us dicks. Gentlemen, to the clunge!” Ben shouted as he took a few gulps of jack & headed out the bus. The others followed as they teased the two of you on their way out.
“Finally!” Cameron spoke after the bus had cleared. You straddled him & kissed him deeply as you grinded down on his lap.
“We’ve got the bus to ourselves for awhile…” You trailed off as you kissed his neck & pulled at his hair.
Cameron pulled your shirt off & started kissing your neck & chest, his hands roaming your body. He moved your legs so they were nearly around his waist & stood with you in his arms walking you to the back lounge. He threw you down on the couch & took his shirt off. You looked up at him admiring his long lean body, ripped jeans & boots. You bit your lower lip & moved your hand up your skirt.
“No.” Cameron said firmly. He grabbed you by the back of the neck & pulled you to his jeans, you quickly undid his belt & pulled his pants & boxers down exposing his thick, hard cock. You licked from tip to shaft before bobbing down on it. He took you by the hair & guided you down deeper, hitting the back of your throat with each thrust. You moaned as you took him deeper.
“Thata girl, mm fuck!” He growled. He pulled your head back after a few moments & pushed you back on the couch.
“Won’t be needing these.” He said as he tore at your black tights putting a massive rip from the thigh to the crotch, he was pleased to discover you had no panties on.
“Look at you, cunt all wet & ready for me.” He said as he rubbed his thumb over your clit, you let out a soft moan as he licked you & stuck his tongue into you. He inserted a finger & continued licking & sucking at your clit- driving you mad. You moved your hands to your chest & started to massage your breasts.
“Ah, ah, ah” He stopped right as you started to feel your stomach tightening. He ripped your tights apart & kicked his pants the rest of the way off before flipping you over & placing your hands behind your back. He took the shredded tights & tied them around each wrist before tying them together. You could feel the fabric digging into your skin, almost cutting the circulation, the sensation filling you with desire. He flipped you over & spread your legs open, he smacked your pussy sending a sharp sting of pleasure through you.
“You like that huh slut?” He said standing over you as he circled your entrance, teasing your clit.
“Mhm, fuck me.” You gasped as you tried to wiggle toward him.
“What?” He said as he bent down toward you & kissed you, his tongue tangled with yours & you bit his lower lip as he broke the kiss.
“Please fuck me Cam-” you gasped. Suddenly he thrust into you, your walls clenching over him in pained pleasure. You balanced yourself on your balled up fists as he thrust into you, pounding harder.
“Mm Cameron-” you moaned as he grabbed your breast harshly. You could feel the tension in your stomach mounting.
“Oh god Cam I’m gonna..” You were almost at your peak.
“Not yet.” He said as he slowed down. You whined out a moan as he grabbed you by the back of your neck & pinned you between the back of the couch & his body, he gripped your arm tightly & continued thrusting, his grip getting tighter with every thrust. You were holding onto your orgasm for dear life as it fought to climb to the surface.
“Be a good girl & cum for me.” He breathed as he pulled your breast into his mouth, sucking & biting at your nipple sending shocks through your body. You could no longer hold on as the pleasure finally overwhelmed you, your body writhed & you were left gasping for breath with Cameron filling you to the brim with his hot seed. Suddenly the doors to the back lounge flung open.
“Holy shit!” James was shocked at the site of you tied up with Cameron still penetrating you.
“Fuck off!” Cameron laughed as he tried his best to cover you, he pulled out & lifted you up into his chest as he fumbled with your restraints.
“Fuck me Cameron-oh please!” Ben mocked your voice as he pretended to hump James.
“Get out so we can dress ya cunts!” Cam said as he pushed them through the door. You were kind of embarrassed as you stood & Cameron untied your hands. You looked at them to see deep purple & blue ridges in them.
“You alright love?” He asked as he kissed your back & slipped his arms around your waist.
“Kind of embarrassed but it’s ok.” You smiled. The two of you cleaned yourselves up in the bathroom & dressed, heading off to Cameron’s bunk to snuggle into sleep. He kissed you on your forehead & you kissed his chest as you nestled in & drifted off, hearing the noise of the others as you slept.
You woke up the next morning & walked to the front with Cam, you were wearing one of his shirts & a pair of shorts. You were greeted by applause from Ben & Danny.
“Fucking massive show last night, I never knew (y/n) could be that loud!” Ben laughed as he sparked a cig.
“Apparently you had a better night than us.” Danny said as he stared at the bruises at the top of your arm & wrists.
“The Notebook is one hell of a movie!” You answered with a grin.

anonymous asked:

Imagine, if you will, stripper AU. Just to see Dandy grinding and oiled up, or Kit doing the handyman strip gig. Or the fact that Donovan (for no reason in particular-cough-Magic Mike) is the favorite at the club. Kyle is probably an adorable amateur who usually helps out around the bar, and Jimmy is known for private room shows. Tristan's the nasty one who's always stripping to shit like Marilyn Manson or something. And I think James doesn't really strip so much as he runs the place.

Kit has a mechanic gig and his line’s include ‘Is your battery dead? Cause I’d love to jump you.’ and ‘ I’d love to jack you up and check out your undercarriage.’ 

Donovan truly is the favorite amongst guests and was a hit especially around 2008 when twilight was big. He was just strangely good at being a hunky vampire  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Kyle is the security guard who doesn’t say anything but whose intimidating look and sweet personality make everyone swoon. 

Jimmy is the most popular amongst the private room shows, you’ll have to book your visit months in advanced. But you can catch him alone drinking at the bar near closing time. 

Tristan is the grunge/rockstar type who strips to screamo edm. He charges you extra for lapdances but if you interest him, he’ll get high with you in the bathroom.

James is 100% the pimp who owns the place. He often eyes the customers and if he finds someone he likes, he’ll take them as his own. Certified sugar daddy.

From Kanye West’s intimate gig in Paris

With a stripped down staged compared to his Yeezus tour, Kanye is bathed in white and red lighting whilst performing at an exclusive Paris show. The rapper’s outfit is a combo of khaki sweatshirt, cargo pants and boots.

The VIP balcony, which included LVMH owner Bernard Arnault and his family; Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian West along with arm-waving model quartet of Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid and Joan Smalls.

Peep some of Tommy Ton’s photos below.  

The group had a steady gig playing strip clubs in Hamburg, but they weren’t making a whole lot of money there. After returning to Liverpool in 1961, The Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein. He liked what he heard and offered to be their manager, on one small condition: that they change everything about themselves.

Everything from the jeans (replaced by proper trousers) to the hair (matching hairdos for everyone) to the smoking/swearing/eating onstage stuff (respectively: no, no and fuck no) had to go. And definitely no more nailing condoms to walls and setting them on fire, a crucial part of their act until that point.

Epstein also came up with the idea that they had to take a synchronized bow at the end of each set.

The Beatles were not fans of these suggestions. John Lennon found the whole thing stupid and used to whip his arms around while doing the bow, a scathing form of protest that admittedly wasn’t quite as shocking as throwing a burning condom at the audience. However, the band also realized that having their way would get them nothing but more shit gigs at the same shit clubs. As Lennon himself put it, “It was a choice of making it or still eating chicken onstage.”

Of course, cutting out the “holy shit are we edgy!” gimmicks stifled their creativity so badly that of Rolling Stone magazine’s 10 best albums of all time, a mere four of them are from The Beatles.

5 Artistic Geniuses Who Only Became Great After Selling Out

NaruHina Month - Day Three

Title: Modelling
Prompt: College AU

A/N: I hate writing AUs typically. But there’s a cute, already-established, punk/college-esque AU floating around here on tumblr, so this is based on that.

Opening a single eye and peering at her clock, Hinata quickly squeezed them back shut before turning her head back toward her wall, the fabric of her pillow brushing the frustrated tears from her cheek.

Hinata didn’t cry too often. Sure, during the appropriate times she would shed a few tears–funerals, break-ups, that one time she broke her leg from falling down the stairs–but she wasn’t very prone to emotional outbursts.

Except for when she got angry; which was another thing that didn’t happen often.

But she was stuck, and she was frustrated. And when her frustration grew to a certain point, the tears would start to flow. Then she’d get angry at herself for crying over something so stupid, and then she’d only cry harder.

An embarrassingly awful cycle that Hinata was all-too used to.

It wasn’t even that big of a deal. Well, it was, but the reason she was getting so worked-up was almost too mortifying to ever admit to anyone, even her boyfriend.

But she had an art final in twenty minutes and it was worth thirty percent of her grade and no matter how badly she did not want to go, she had to.

The fact that it was a life drawing of a nude model shouldn’t have bothered her as much as it was, but at nineteen years old Hinata had never in her life seen anyone naked other than herself and her baby sister. The thought of encountering a complete stranger, and watching them undress before her only to stare at their bare, naked body for a few hours made her anxiety shoot through the roof.

“Hinata,” a knocking on her bedroom door roused her from her thoughts as she sat up in bed and rubbed her eyes.


As the door opened quietly, one of her roommates peeked in, her mousy brown eyes staring at her questioningly. A mess of wet, brown hair sat in a bun on the tippy top of her head. “Don’t you have a final in like,” she pulled her phone out of her pocket and glanced at the screen, “fifteen minutes?”

Hinata nodded, swallowing the lump in her throat as she swung her legs over the edge of her bed, quickly slipping on her sandals.

“Yeah,” she confirmed, clearing her throat when her voice came out scratchy. No doubt she looked like a mess.

“Are you okay?” Her roommate asked, opening the door a little wider and leaning her hip against the door frame. “You’ve been crying.” She stated bluntly, noting the mascara tracks on her face.

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Roxxan walked into the strip club application in hand. The crime gig was no longer paying her rent. It was time to go back to her old job. The good news was this time she could seriously hurt them if they touched too much. What she didn’t expect was to see them there.

The Death of the Superhero Dream?

I’ve been noticing a trend in some of the recent stories Nick Spenser has been telling, and it seems to be how superheroes are being crushed by the weight of reality. For example:

Superior Foes of Spider-Man portrays the life of small time Spider-Man villains.  They live out of pretty nasty apartments, they constantly bicker, and it humorously takes the glamour out of the super villain lifestyle.  All the desperate attempts to get rich come off as petty and all the alliances and relationships only exist to the benefit another until they can stab the other in the back.

Even the actual hero in the book, Mach V, comes off as oafish and is ignored quite a bit from Iron Man as being a needy nobody.

Which leads us to Ant-Man, a book about a hero whose life is pretty much in the dumps and only gets worse. While the last book dealt with supervillains, so it’s understandable that their lifestyle would be miserable, Ant-Man kinda amps it up to 11 with his misery.  The first issue has Scott living in an apartment with nothing in it.  He’s sleeping on hard floor.  He has a strain relationship with all other heroes.  Eventually he ends up living in a doll house and is running a company that has no clients.  And this is BEFORE the relaunch!

After the relaunch, his daughter Cassie even hates him.  His previous girlfriend, Darla Deering hates him.  His coworkers are tempted to work with his arch enemy.  The person funding his company is upset with him.  And throughout the book, it’s revealed that Scott is present day in jail.

As funny as the book is, there is this pretty sad feeling behind it where everything in Scott Lang’s life is going wrong and getting shittier.  All his victories are short lived and debt and money issues seem to keep closing in on him.

Which leads me into the latest Captain America issue.

Diamondback, if you didn’t know, is one of my favorite Marvel characters, and it’s been revealed that she’s now working in a strip club.

Her mercenary gig has dried up cause nobody hires a “Good guy mercenary”, and repo men took her things even though she is a hero.  And seeing how she’s a high school dropout, she could only turn to a strip club.  All of this paints a pretty bleak picture to a character who was once a pretty stable Captain America supporting cast member (in the 80′s that is)

And it started to click with me what Nick Spenser is showing, the whole Superhero universe is pretty much celebrity culture.  Whomever is popular and hip gets all the praise, attention and love.  But when the spotlight shifts, or if you aren’t hip or cool enough, you’ll fall to the wayside and the realities of debt and life start to crush down on you.  There is no more “family of superheroes” anymore, it’s “Survival of the most popular/powerful”.  It makes it seem like the only way to become a successful hero is if you don’t have to worry about money issues.

It’s actually a really interesting theme he’s creating in his books.  It’s tying in crushing reality to these once great heroes and characters and it makes it all hit home a lot more.

All I can say is that Diamondback kind of sums it up best: