gig flyers

Flyer designed by Julian Yewdall for the 101ers last gig before Joe Strummer left to join The Clash. 1976.

The design for the poster features graffiti from around West London, such as “Dynamite!” which was a phrase often used in Situationist graffiti around Notting Hill, sprayed by the group King Mob. 

“Letsagetabitarockin” was a song by The 101ers, which Strummer and co graffitied on the panelling along Great Western Road in Paddington.

It sucks! You know, it really sucks! I’m not happy about any of this! The Protomen for years and years have been so important to me. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 2007, I bought all their music, I bought their shirts, I bought their posters, I went all the way from CO to TN twice to see them play, once for the Act II release show and then again for their Queen tribute show! When they finally came to Denver for the first time I used my own money and printed gig flyers, I screen printed t-shirts by hand to give out to my friends and even gave one to KILROY. They were so important to my personal and musical development. I met friends through a mutual love of their music, friends I still have to this day. I hyped them to every person I knew. I thought they were the most talented fucking musicians and storytellers on the planet. I forgave them for their slow output, even as years passed without any news of Act III or their documentary or the covers album or their Light Up The Night music video, because I believed in them and I knew when it came out it would be worth the wait. I even considered them my friends, you know? I remember seeing them at shows and them knowing who I was just from recognizing me as a fan through the internet. I remember when I got kicked out of their first Denver show for not having my ID (good times), and Murphy came out and he gave me a MAVS vinyl to make up for the cost of my ticket. I bought a CD from Gambler once and she kept forgetting to send it to me/promising she would bring it to the next show I saw her at, and over three years I would run into her and she would have forgotten it again; at one show where she again didn’t have it she gave me a Protomen Christmas tree ornament as an apology (she eventually sent it to me packaged with a print I bought from her and Bakker from another music project of theirs). I have so many good memories, and it hurts me to think about those and then also think about everything that’s happened lately. It hurts me to hear all these stories from people who’ve been made to feel unsafe because of people who I looked up to and thought of as friends. It hurts me to see the lack of response to any of this outside of ignoring it/ridiculing it/trying to cover it up. It hurts me to not even see the most cursory of acknowledgement or apology. It hurts me to think I can’t share something that was so important to me with other people anymore because I feel like by doing so I’m endorsing toxic behavior. Someone said it recently and I can’t remember who but like what’s the point of singing the kind of music you do, if in action you leave your fans hanging and feeling unsafe and ignored and unimportant and undefended? I don’t even have a point to this post, other than it sucks, and I’m disappointed, and I know I’m not the only one.