So here’s why I think Ash and Misty do keep in touch.

First, there’s her first cameo during AG. When she gets to Hoenn in “The Princess and the Togepi” Ash, Brock and the rest of the group already know she’s coming and are waiting for her. So either Ash or Brock (or both) had to have communicated with her somehow prior to the episode.

Moreover, she also already knows who May and Max are. She addresses them by name in the dub (“You must be May and Max”); I can’t find the episode subbed or RAW so I don’t know if she says their names in the original as well, but she doesn’t act surprised to see them there.

She was expecting to meet them, so someone must have told her about them, too. Maybe she heard about them from Delia/Tracey/Professor Oak who in turn heard it from Ash, but we know from May’s reaction that someone (again, either Ash or Brock) told her and Max about Misty, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that the same someone also told Misty about May and Max, via phonecall, letter, email or whatever.

Yeah, but this was a lot of time ago. But wait! Recently, aka during the last arc of BW, we got the ending “Let’s Join Hands”. In it we see the BW group talking to their families or friends: Ash is on the phone with his mom, Cilan is emailing his brother, Iris is sending a letter to Shannon and the elder at her village, the BW rivals are having a group videochat. As this happens, we see pokéballs travelling through the world, following the same direction as the transitions from one place to another, symbolizing the messages the characters are exchanging. See:

(Such ~QUALITY~ gifs.)

Then, at the end, we get the scene with all the protagonists from every season holding hands and standing around the globe:

and right after that the very last shot: the same pokéball-messages we saw before travelling all around the world, in every direction.

What this seems to imply to me is that all the characters are keeping in touch with each other, not just the ones we saw before actually doing so. It just probably happens offscreen most of the time–after all, we don’t see every second of their life.

So in conclusion I think we can assume that Ash and Misty still hear from each other as well.


It was a typical weekend, the sun shining brightly outside as you, Dan, and Phil stayed inside in their flat having fun together like you did every week. Currently, it was morning time and you all were having your usual breakfast of cereal as you watched Delia Smith baking some of her legendary treats. Once you all had eaten your cereal and let it set in your tummies, it was time for your usual bathroom routines. It was always Dan who went first, then Phil, then you. Dan had just come back from the bathroom, and while Phil was away doing his business, you both sat together on the sofa waiting for Phil to get back. “We should try to make one of these things that Delia talks about,” you suggested. “That doesn’t sound half bad actually. You know I’ve only met one other person who I find to be just as amazing as Delia.” “Who would that be?” you asked curiously. For a moment, you could’ve sworn you saw fear in Dan’s eyes, almost as though he had just given a big secret, but he simply muttered, “Uh-uh, Phil..” “Awww, well isn’t that sweet,” you said sincerely, still a little curious about why he looked so concerned.

Seconds later, Phil came back from his little trip and just like routine, you felt your tummy rumble, telling you that it was time to take your own trip, so you got up from your seat, and headed over to the restroom. After you were done with your business, you walked back over to the living room, yawning slightly as you rubbed your eyes to keep them awake. At first, you were going to bring up the little suggestion that you had mentioned so Phil would know, but then you heard Dan whispering at Phil, “I almost gave it away,” but then you heard Phil’s voice ring in saying, “Well she couldn’t have known. You didn’t say anything.” Your curiosity had been peaked tenfold at this point as you listened just a little closer, crouching down just so you wouldn’t be seen, “Do you think you’ll ever tell her?” “I don’t know.. I’ve just.. never felt this way before. It’s scary as hell Phil, I’ll tell you, but.. something about (y/n) just makes that fear worth it.”

 As you listened from afar, the sound of Dan’s words had touched your heart like no other, making you smile like a fool from ear to ear as a bright beaming blush shined on your cheeks. So everything could seem natural, you went to go flush the toilet once more, to act as an alarm to Dan and Phil so they wouldn’t feel awkward by you coming back without them knowing, and went along pretending like you didn’t know. “Hello boys. Hey Phil I was telling Dan that we should make something of Delia’s today. What do you think?” Phil looked over to Dan with a smile that he was trying to hide, then he asked, “What do you say Dan? You and (y/n) bake, and I’ll just watch.” Dan threw Phil an annoyed glare that lasted a few brief moments before turning towards you with a pleasant smile to say, “I think that sounds great. What do you think?” “I like the sound of that,” you said sweetly, trying to hide the smile that you so desperately wanted to show.

“Okay,” you started to say, “I’ll go get all the ingredients for some brownie mix.” In all honesty, you didn’t really need to do that, but you knew they were going to start whispering again while you were gone, so when you were out of site, you hid behind the wall closest to them and heard Dan whisper angrily, “What do you think you’re doing?!” “I’m just trying to help!” Phil explained. “Well at least have the courtesy of making it subtle, Phil, I mean really.” “Alright alright, I’ll be subtle.” You could hear their footsteps start stirring around so you quietly tiptoed over to the fridge, and pretended to be looking into the fridge as you heard them say, “We’re ready!”

"Oh, you scared me!” you lied with a fake laugh, “Well let’s start then!” After some time, you guys had finished baking the brownies and were enjoying them at the table, chewing them happily. “These are so good!” you exclaimed. “Right?” Dan replied, “I love these so much.” “You know what else Dan loves?” Phil asked. At that point, Dan slowly turned his head towards Phil, throwing him a death glare that made Phil hide an embarrassed smile underneath his grimace. Just so everything would be smooth, Dan changed the topic by clearing his throat and pretending to cough saying, “My.. It’s chilly in here, I think I might be getting a cold.” Since you felt like sparing Dan the embarrassment, you went along with what he was saying and said, “I think I might be getting one too. I’ll go get us some blankets so we can warm up.”

While you went off to go get some blankets in the room, you assumed that both Dan and Phil had headed off towards the living room, waiting for you to return from your little task; but you were surprised when you had turned around to go back and found Dan standing right behind you with an awkward yet cute expression on his face. “Oh Dan, you scared me a bit.. Did you come for your blanket?” At first, all he did was stand there staring at you with the same adorable expression on his face, but then he shuffled around a bit and began to say, “No, not really. I-I just.. I’m sure you’ve noticed all the little awkward remarks Phil’s been making throughout the day, and I don’t blame you if you feel awkward about it… uuhhhh, okay I don’t really know what else to say, so I’m just gonna go back and question my existence.”

The little things Dan said made you smile like no other, but as Dan was walking away, you grabbed his hand so he wouldn’t walk away, and when he looked you deeply in the eyes, you sincerely said, “Dan, yo can tell me anything.” For a moment, Dan stared in your eyes almost as though he was trying to figure out if you were telling the truth, and once he seemed satisfied, he took a deep breathe, looked up at the sky as if this was taking all the energy he possibly had and said, “I like you.” He looked down at you to see your reaction, and when he thought it was safe to keep going, he went on to say, “I like you so much (y/n), you have no idea. I can’t get over how strongly I feel about you, and even if you don’t feel the same way, it doesn’t matter because I love you for who you are. A nice, caring, smart, brave, and selfless person who is possibly the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on, let alone got to befriend.”

Dan started to turn around so he could walk back to the living room without saying another word to you, afraid of what you were going to say next, but you grabbed his hand again like you did earlier and said, “Dan, wait..” When he looked back at you with those puppy eyes of his, you pouted your lip at how adorable he looked at that moment, but focused in on his eyes to tell him, “I feel the exact same way Dan, there’s no need to be embarrassed.” “Really?’ he asked with an astonished expression. “Yeah, I mean. Ever since I met you, there was something that had changed inside of me. It was almost as if something that I used to have left me and went over to you.. And this might sound cheesy, but I think it was my heart. You took a piece of my heart, and I honestly don’t regret a moment of it.” When you looked up to Dan who was staring at you with a blank, stunned expression you looked at him with a confused look and right when you were about to ask him if he was okay, you felt his lips crash against yours, as he gently placed his hands on the sides of your face to keep you in front of him. While the kiss only lasted a few seconds, those seconds were filled with bliss as you closed your eyes and dreamed of all the future had to offer for you two love birds, and when you opened your eyes to see Dan smiling down at you, you didn’t know which vision was better.


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