☆ We’ll always be together, won’t we?

Today is the day, a day that seems like it was many years ago, that you were born. It was the day that all your dreams were laid out in front of you; a fragile, dim, untrodden path laid with not much more than uncertainty and wild hopes—but if you searched a little harder, there were also the stars that lit the way. You trekked forward, steps on fire, hiding your own fear and uncertainty, and as you went, your fire burned brighter, and you became stars yourselves—stars that shone brighter than any ever could from the sky.

Now, we are here; a momentary pause to remember that today is the day, a day that really wasn’t so long ago after all, that you were born; and every day, we who became the stars are grateful to you who did not fear the brittle path. Let’s go together, you and us, for as many more years as there is until the end of time. We will always watch over you and light your path, so you never have to fear what’s ahead.

Thank you for being born, thank you for being VIXX. I love you.

#20160524_VIXX_4th #VIXX4thAnniversary


“Daddy, did you see me out there? I held the rings straight and only dropped them once!” Hamish’s muffled voice exclaimed as he all but ran into Sherlock, hugging him tightly with his small arms. John chuckled as he noticed Sherlock’s uncomfortable but softened expression and Hamish’s obvious excitement at seeing his father once more. 

“Good job as the ring bearer in the ceremony, Hamish,” Sherlock murmured with a small smile that was only for his son and for John, moving his arm to drape over Hamish. “If you keep being good I’ll sneak in some crime scene pictures tonight, but don’t tell your father,” Sherlock whispered with a smile as he looked down towards the boy still holding tightly at his waist.

“Sherlock? What did you just say to Hamish? Please tell me you didn’t promise him what I think you did,” John narrowed his eyes slightly as he glanced at Sherlock, who suspiciously looked guilty as he wore a sheepish grin.

“Nothing, John. I just told Hamish that you look dashing in that suit.”