2017.06.30 • #HAPPYNDAY

     Today’s Record:

To our most beautiful, caring, selfless, strong, shining leader; who always puts his group before himself, who always has a kind word, who shares everything he can with all of us. A beautiful soul, inside and out, who shoulders the burdens before all others and asks for little to nothing in return, someone who cherishes every moment with us, and thanks us endlessly for shining in the sky—when he’s the one who glitters and gleams brightest of all.

Thank you for always taking care of VIXX and ST☆RLIGHTs. Thank you for always believing in us and cheering us on to be the best we can be. Thank you for always being by our side, and I hope you know that we’ll always be by your side too.

Thank you for being born, thank you for being Cha Hakyeon. I love you!

170705  •  #HAPPYHYUKDAY 🌺

To the world’s most hyung-like maknae, who tortures his members day in and day out and never stops laughing about being a little asshole, happy birthday! From meek little mouse who cringed under the glare of a certain hyung to humongous hulk who takes said hyung into a back room and makes him beg for his life, it’s been such a pleasure to watch you grow up, to watch you become yourself.

In these last five, amazing, wondrous years, you’ve gone from a baby who wasn’t sure he belonged to a grown man who carved his place out for good, excelling at whatever you do. To have watched you improve in every aspect of yourself has been a whirlwind of happiness and pride, and to see you slowly unfold into yourself in front of ST☆RLIGHTs makes me glow with joy.

Even though you’re 23 now, you’ll always be that baby who bravely took that first step off the bungee jump into an uncertain future. I’m so impossibly proud of everything you are, and I’m so glad to be able to grow up beside you. Thank you for being born, thank you for being Han Sanghyuk. I love you!


taengsic au __    Since she was a little kid, Jessica has always dreamed of owning her own bed and breakfast hotel. Now that she finally does, she puts care into every single detail, giving it all of her attention. That is until one summer, a fresh off college Kim Taeyeon shows up, with heavy luggage and a goal to party her responsibilities away. Little did she know that in that short week, soft naturing Jessica would change her like this.