I’ll be in Belgium / Mons on 27.11 - 02.12 and this is my GIF for the GIFWALL project cruated by Jacques Urbanska…

GifWall + Transnumériques Awards

GIFWall is a traveling exhibition project launched in 2015 by Jacques Urbanska who shall curation and produced by Transcultures, Center for Digital Cultures and sound basis in Mons (Belgium) which also provides the broadcast. The GIFWall wants to show the public a series of artists using the Web and networks as raw material creation through the production and exhibition of large format animated images. Each artist selected by the GIFWall will produce a large fresco using the GIF format which will be screened in places or partner events.

To launch the project, the Spanish artist Francoise Gamma and Turkish artist Haydiroket (aka Mert Keskin) respectively have created a GIFWall for the festival “Voices of Women 2015” and “Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015”. We can find a new version of GIFWall of Haydiroket during these Transnumériques 2015.

Haydiroket is also part of Transnumériques Awards 2015