gifty speaks

Yaaaaaaay I had my first day at work! Everyone is so nice and I’ll basically be paid to draw and do 3D stuff :D

I hope I make it through my probationary period ;u;

Thanks all for wishing me luck LUV U <3

YO remember the 3D artist job i got back in September? Well my probationary period ended yesterday! It’s now my permanent job and I’m super happy about it :D

Ima make sure to kick as much ass as possible <3

Oh shit

I’ve been doing mostly 3D art for so long I’m out of practice with drawing/painting

fuck fuck shit fuck

Guys don’t let this happen, if you want to get into 3D but you don’t want your drawing skills to go to hell make SURE you draw on a strict regular basis

shit fuck shit

I’m so excited right now man, my t-shirt design will be up for sale on Qwertee tomorrow! I’ll be posting links then but omg wow I’m so stoked for this but at the same time my design feels so dwarfed compared to the other artists. Still I’m really grateful that it got through at all ;w;