This is my doggo, Walter! We put our pets’ bdays on Valentine’s Day so Walt turned 8 this week! I bought him some cute dog cookies with yogurt frosting! He loves them- I got them for his xmas gift too!!💌🎉🐶 (he took his party hat off about 30 seconds after finishing the cookie)

a gift for @puffychan for the @xmas-usukexchange2016! i decided to do the prompt of anything in the magical strike AU so have some tense angry flirting between the salaryman and the company president’s son! also i’ve always wanted to try doing this au actually so thank you for the opportunity to draw it, have a great holiday and new year!!

I have to take something off my chest, it’s real quick. For me if there weren’t any feelings of a romantic nature from Sherlock’s side no way Molly would have asked him to say IT first. No fucking way, either she would have sensed he was in danger and would bring herself to say it reluctantly. That would have probably been the end of their friendship as it were or she would have hung up, feed up of their history and bye boy bye. I know that during S1 the writers wanted to frame her as having a crush and I know unrequited love exists and is valid. But Molly is a character that sees something, honestly we have no idea how perceptive she is, what extent and how she works it out. And let’s not get started with all the scenes that play out off screen. And the ongoing ambiguities. The Unknown suggests there are reasons, sensible reasons, for Molly to see that Sherlock has something for her but she never ever pushed him, she might expect it from him -xmas gift/dinner?solve crimes?/is that your gf’s phone?- because she likes/loves Sherlock therefore he’s likable/lovable and she sees *something*, but there are boundaries and that phone-call erased the hell out of that line. *for me* she asked him because,

  1. “oh if it’s so fucking easy, go on you do it first and let’s see how effortless and simple it is to say those words” and
  2. “well now that we’re here, let me hear you say it, you go first, don’t suggest, say the words. I want to know if i’m wrong or not” and 
  3. “you are not going to be smooth and all if you knew that these words mean to you”.

That was the 11th hour, *for me* the moment of Truth, pure and simple, and she’s going to get it from him. The first time he says ILY she’s not shocked “you moron so this is how you were going to say it” because yeah *for me* she kinda knew how he felt for her and he had, although barely, passed her test. But that’s not enough. For the second time, the YLU is not only meant it’s revealed. The first one was real but the second one was different. He didn’t just love her now, he has always longed for her, longed for it, and I’m pretty sure several flashbacks went into her head, that she pondered like fanvideos. As in, all this time, after all these years, she was right? 

There is this quote, that for the life of me cannot get out of my head and I don’t really know why, I can’t work it out so I might need your help. It’s from ACD The Devil’s Foot, in which btw SH lets a murderer loose because of personal ethics.

“I have never loved. But if I did, and if the woman I had loved had met with such an end, I might act even as our lawless lion-hunter has done.” 

It’s under read more because it’s in the back of my head whenever I think about the coffin scene and I can’t make a proper connection; ugh. 


Yaaaay everyone finally got their 2016 Xmas cards so now i can post this without spoilers :D

I was really slack last year and when December came i realised i hadnt planned anything for end of year card trades (the digital ones were easy enough). These handmade A5 A6 sketchbooks/notebooks where the result of needing something that was simultaneously kind of cool but could also fit in an envelope |D I took my cue for the inside message from Field Note notebooks lol.

Made from: Kraft cardstock and sketchbook paper (luckily, i had some old sketchbooks which i…divested of most of the pages lol). Printed design with gel pen embellishments 👌🏼
Swarovski Crystal Suncatcher Hanging Xmas Ornament Butterfly Garland Car Charm Rear View Mirror Charm Red Decoration Childrens Mobile Gift
This striking red and purple butterfly suncatcher / car charm has been hand crafted from Swarovski crystal & glass beads. Each butterfly has its own character, they are one of a kind, as they are individually created by hand, making each butterfly unique. This suncatcher can be hung inside or out (though protected from the elements). It gives a great sparkle in sunlight. Place it hanging from a manzanita tree in a wedding, or a car’s rear view mirror, near a window or hanging in the middle of the room. It makes for a great gift. Keep out of reach of babies and children. MEASUREMENTS: Total Length: approx 9 ½ inches (24cm) long String length approx 7 ¾ inches (20cm) long. Butterfly Dimensions: From head: approx 1 ¼ inches (3cm) long. Wing Span: approx 1 ½ inches (4cm) wide. For more individual suncatchers of different colour schemes visit: For a mobile with the same colour scheme of Purple and Red visit: Designed & Created By the Artisan... Fernanda Created with care and attention in a smoke free environment. POSTAGE & HANDLING: The butterfly is bubble wrapped and packed in a cardboard casing. All shipping is done through standard general post. International shipping is by standard airmail, and it usually takes 2 weeks, though this does depend on each countrys customs and postage service. Please visit the policy page for more details. Expedite delivery and / or for a tracking number is available at the checkout or please contact me for pricing. Thank you for visiting MobileSuncatchers by the Artisan...