This is my doggo, Walter! We put our pets’ bdays on Valentine’s Day so Walt turned 8 this week! I bought him some cute dog cookies with yogurt frosting! He loves them- I got them for his xmas gift too!!💌🎉🐶 (he took his party hat off about 30 seconds after finishing the cookie)

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who gets Tony the books? does Steve or bucky gift them to him for xmas/bdays, is he mortified to be Gifted sth like that at a party, do the kids find them at some point?

He gets his first book from Sarah, who tells him it’s a very secret book just for omegas, and he must keep it a secret. (This is because she knows he will probably just die of embarrassment if anyone ever found out that he read erotica. This poor boy doesn’t even know it’s okay to masturbate until he’s twenty, she can’t imagine it would occur to him that because the books exist that other people might enjoy reading them too.)

Then Natasha discovers his book when she’s tidying up around his room, waiting for him to dress for a date with Steve and Bucky, and she finds it under his pillow. Tony is understandably very mortified by this but also frightened because Sarah said it was a secret and it’s not a secret anymore oh no!!!! But Natasha just raises an eyebrow at him and simply tucks it under his mattress. “This is a better place to hide things. If you tuck it under far enough, the maids won’t find it when they change your sheets.” Tony takes a moment to feel endlessly relieved that most of the maids are omegas like he is. If they’d seen his book, they’d know it was a secret, too.

But then Tony realizes how kind Natasha had been about the book. She’d even showed him a better hiding spot for it. She hadn’t been surprised when she’d peeked inside the cover. And he thinks he might actually die if he has to ask Sarah one more question about his body or sex in general. So he shyly asks Natasha if she might know where he can find more books like it. He’s a little disconcerted when she simply gives him an unreadable look and says nothing, but he knows she won’t go blabbing to anyone. He’s still embarrassed about asking though.

And then Natasha shows up the next morning and hands him a stack of books without names on the covers. “Keep these under then mattress too.” Tony blushes brightly but obeys, thanking her quietly. She offers him the smallest of smiles. “Get ready for your date.” Tony hurries into his closet to get dressed with a yelp.

(His children never find them because none of them think Tony hides anything from them. Like he tries but he’s so afraid of withholding information like Obadiah did that sometimes he blurts out inappropriate things. He… tries.

And then Peter presents as an omega and Tony’s like… do I tell him about the novels? “Do not,” Natasha orders, because she’s seen Peter furtively picking through the erotica section himself.)


Yaaaay everyone finally got their 2016 Xmas cards so now i can post this without spoilers :D

I was really slack last year and when December came i realised i hadnt planned anything for end of year card trades (the digital ones were easy enough). These handmade A5 A6 sketchbooks/notebooks where the result of needing something that was simultaneously kind of cool but could also fit in an envelope |D I took my cue for the inside message from Field Note notebooks lol.

Made from: Kraft cardstock and sketchbook paper (luckily, i had some old sketchbooks which i…divested of most of the pages lol). Printed design with gel pen embellishments 👌🏼