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Holiday Gift Idea #55

The Perfect Gift For: The person in your life who can never remember exactly how to cook their grains and legumes…or anyone who loves functional kitchen decor.

What it is: 11x14 posters that stylishly remind you how to cook your grains and legumes. No more digging through the trash for the directions on the bag people! Posters come in multiple colors to match or contrast your decor.

Where it can be found: Check out the SewIndie kitchen posters here.

Law Grad Gifts Under $20

for your fam, friends, and yoself, some reasonably priced law grad gifts because we’re all poor

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all are under twenty bucks and with 4+ stars on amazon:

lawyer cartoons 

expanding file

shot glass roulette set 

scotus magic mug

air plants are dope af

mini zen garden for your desk

open to more ideas! 

Official Secret Skeleton (or Satan or Samhain) call for participants!

[Secret Skeleton Halloween Gift Exchange
TO APPLY, email SecretSkeleton2016(at)gmail(dot)com
with the following:
Tumblr/Twitter handle
Country of Residence

If US, are you willing to ship internationally?
(Separate US and international groups will be created.) 

(Ex: anything Ghostbusters
black licorice
rooibos tea blends
Halloween patterned socks
books by Ray Bradbury
drawings of spiders
spooky zines
art of your vampire OC

and finally, your
Shipping address.

NOTE: 18+ applicants only. Sorry, but we don’t want anyone getting in trouble with parents.
Please indicate any food allergies, dietary restrictions, or if you’d prefer not to receive edible treats. Good surprises only!
Try to keep the total cost of your gift/s under $20 USD.Handmade and secondhand gifts encouraged. (Just make sure everything is in good condition and usable.)]

I think I covered everything, but feel free to let me know if anything needs clarification, or if I’m forgetting any safety considerations. Obviously, if you sign up for this, you’re aware that your mailing address will be given to a random person. Stay considerate, and respect the shipping deadline. 
Let’s make this a huge success so we can do it every year.

Process of Wrapping Christmas Presents in my house

1. Remove cat from box. 

2. Put gift in box and tape shut. 

3. Find the wrapping paper. 

4. Remove cat now sitting on top of box. 

5. Roll out paper. 

6. Move cat off of paper. 

7. Put box on paper. 

8. Move cat off paper.

9. Cut paper to size. 

10. Move cat off paper.

11. Wrap gift. 

12. Get ribbons. 

13. Move cat off of wrapped gift. 

14. Fend off cats as I cut ribbon. 

15. Put ribbons on box. 

16. Chase cats down to retrieve the rest of the ribbon. 

17. Put everything away. 

18. Move cat off of wrapped gift. 

19. Put gift under tree. 

20. Watch cat sleep on gift.

Your very own Neverending Story.

For the Millennial nostalgia whore on your list, it is almost an imperative to scoop up this Kindle/Nook case, designed to look like the fabled book. Made of leather and suede, they’re also available as iPad or Galaxy tablet cases for a wee extra fee. You will probably have to find your own Falkor though.

Cost: $6.75 within the United States. Grab one now and it’ll ship before December 18!



I recently reached over 3000 followers!!! WOOT WOOT! :D So in celebration i will be doing a giveaway!


  • 1st prize  gets their choice of 6 LUSH bath bombs OR a gift box under $40
  • Runner up gets their choice of 3 LUSH bath bombs OR a gift box under $20 


  1. Must be following me! This is for my followers so I will be checking
  2. Must have askbox open! I need a way to notify you that you won
  3. Only 1 like/1 reblog allowed per person. So you can like it and you can reblog it, i will count both of those as entries. 
  4. You must be comfortable giving me your address. It’s the only way I will be able to ship these items to you
  5. Please don’t be a giveaway blog, I will be checking for those as well
  6. I can ship anywhere LUSH can ship, BUT(!!!!) if there’s any complications with the prizes I will make sure to compensate the winners accordingly
  7. I’ll be choosing the winners with a random number generator. GOOD LUCK!


EDIT: I recently gained a LOT of followers so I’m going to be extending this giveaway till NOVEMBER 15TH, 2015. 

Make sure to reblog and like! :D