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Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.

As a tribute to Loo Brealey, a clever,strong woman and very gifted actress  who gave the Sherlock Fandom Molly Hooper

Molly got some of the most vivid interactions with the Hero, some vigorous slapping, virtual but lovely kissing, making him say sorry when he never does, and making him say I love You when, of course, he never does either

She was such a crucial element in Sherlock’ becoming a real human being 

This summary looks pretty satisfying to me as a viewer

 I was also  glad to see  that she was happy in the end, I needed this last image for her Character

As an artist I love Loo’s features, she always looks both innocent and sensual at the same time, pretty seducing mix in my opinion!

You have a good week Fandom!


you can’t believe every story you’re told

not even the ones you tell yourself

Sherlock was incredible

That episode was absolutely intense.  It was intense.  My heart was racing the whole time.  It was terrifying, it was enlightening, it was just…incredible.

I don’t know if that’s the end of the show, but if it was, it was a perfect ending, in my opinion.  They got their happy ending, and no amount of wank, no amount of ‘I can’t believe there was so much lead up and then it didn’t happen’ bollocks, no amount of ‘lazy-ass queerbaiting writers’ bullshit is going to take away from me how amazing and perfect this show is.  This show has been a gift, and if it’s over now, then I say it was a gift right to the end.

So tomorrow is The Final Problem.

I’ve seen it, so I won’t be revealing anything here. But as I think about it, and all the words from its creators and The Boss (that’s Sue), I find myself reflecting on it, as I think we all have been. I’m left with one overriding sentence in my head;

This show saved my life.

I was by no means suicidal when I first watched Sherlock. But I wasn’t in a great place. I had the love of my husband but my bubble went no further than him - I had not a single friend to call upon for a day shopping, or a cuppa and a chat. I was socially inept, lonely, desperately lacking confidence and desperately in need of something or someone to look forward to. It dawned on me, as I entered into my 30s, that my social anxieties and crippling insecurity had left me with nothing. I cried a lot back then.

And it had a knock on effect. My poor hubby would go off and do his thing and feel guilty because I couldn’t do the same. I had nothing to offer in conversation apart from what I’d done at work.

So when I ventured onto the BBC Sherlock Forum, and began engaging in episode analysis and chat, I connected with one person more than most, my darlin Bex. We DMd a lot, and it turned out she was coming to where I lived for a holiday. We met up, moved our conversation to twitter, and the rest - they say - is history.

From there blossomed a dear friendship with her and dozens of others. People (who know who they are) who I could honestly say will have my heart and friendship until my last breath.

Today, I go out - like properly out! My husband gets on with my friends and their husbands too. We go out together, or I come to London and adventures of my own. I’ve been to America to visit them & we do amazing things. I WEAR DRESSES.

Fact is, I have a life now. Social inclusion, people accept me and like me for who I am. PEOPLE LIKE ME.

To some people it might not mean much but to me, it means the world.

And all because of two men on their frankly ridiculous adventures.

If the show ended now, I would be sad, but you know what? I’d be ok. Because when I started watching it I was fledgling.

Now I can fly free on my own. What a gift. What an amazing gift.

Because it needs saying

shockingblankets has an artistic style that leaves me all but giggling. There’s something about it - it’s beautiful, really, but lighthearted without being simplistic. Just perfect for the kind of work she creates, and her work has definitely brightened more thean one day.

Thank you, SB, for the gifts you give this fandom and all who dwell within its walls.

I just don’t understand what impulse would drive someone to anonymously berate a writer for… not doing it fast enough, not writing a story they way the fan wants it written, discovering that they have more story in them than they originally thought (How DARE that writer write even MORE!!!), etc, etc, ….

Understand something, Fandom. 

Cussing out your writers to make them do what you want them to do won’t get you what you want. Instead, it will drive our writers away. 

And then, you’ll have to write your own damn stories your own damn self. 

Fanfic writers are doing it for FREE. It’s a gift. 

Please accept gifts graciously. 

Sorry for the rant. 

It’s hard to believe with Halloween past that the holiday season is upon us - but we’re starting early this year with a holiday exchange! This exchange is longer-format than the previous Exchangelock events, so now is your chance to sign up!

The Exchangelock Holiday Exchange is a 7-week exchange from November to December to get you in the holiday spirit! You can request a prompt - holiday related or not - for a gift you will receive at the end of December! You’ll have a full seven weeks through the middle of November and the whole month of December to create an awesome holiday gift for a fellow member of the Sherlock fandom!

Here’s how this exchange will work:

1. Sign up with this form! Sign-ups will close on Saturday, November 8th, at 12AM EST. If you have any questions about the form or signing up, please let us know! 

2. Match information will be sent out on November 15th through 17th. As soon as you get your match information, you can start creating your gift! 

3. We will have a check-in form on December 1st and on December 20th to see how you are progressing with your gift. Only the December 20th check-in is mandatory; this is to start assigning pinch-hitters if we need to! We’ll post more information on how that works when we get closer to the dates.

4. On December 30th, post your finished gift! Tag it with your giftee’s name and #exchangelock and we’ll reblog it to our blog!

If you sign up, please mark these dates in your calendar and follow us, and/or track the exchangelock tag! This way you can get all of our updates and exchange information! Feel free to drop us an ask if you have any questions about the exchange!

Also: we are looking for some holiday elves to help us with the matching portion of the exchange! We’re hoping for a big turnout; if you would like to assist us in matching gifts and helping to manage the exchange, please let us know!

Merry Sherlockmas and Happy Holmestice, everyone! Caroline here with some holiday fic recs, courtesy of our wonderful listeners. There are loads of other fic rec posts floating about by destinationtoast [rarepair/gen, top winter fics], mydwynter [click!], and others, but there’s no such thing as too many fic recs, is there? We all need a bit of fannish time in between all the holiday obligations, and with all the amazing advent fics out right now, it seemed right to gift this fic rec list to you, Sherlock fandom. Love and squishy cuddles, moppet.

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And for all new fics for December 2014, we’ve got this wonderful list azriona put together of Advent and Advent-related fics that might just strike your fancy.

Sherlock Inspired - I asked you to stop being dead. I heard you - A Double Sided Hand Stamped Aluminum Bracelet

“I asked you to stop being dead.” 
“I heard you”

Whether you ship Johnlock, or just love their friendship, this scene in the Season three premiere of Sherlock was amazing and so powerful, and I just had to make a bracelet to celebrate it.

Stamped here in my Typewriter font, it’s a great gift for any Sherlock fan!

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