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THE REPUBLICAN BUDGET is a massive transfer of wealth from the poorest to the richest—it’s class warfare on steroids. Trump’s budget is a gift, a tax cut for the rich, a giveaway to millionaires and billionaires, literally at the expense of social programs for women, children, the elderly, the disabled, and poor people.

Make no mistake: Republicans are trying to completely eliminate the social safety net, from Universal Healthcare to Medicaid & Medicare, and eventually Social Security.

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letterboxd is asking its community for their lists of most remarkable feature debuts. so what is your top 10 most remarkable debuts from women directors?


Also I feel like I could give like 10 answers from last year alone but I’ll try to contain myself. (J/K I CAN’T CONTAIN MYSELF, GET READY FOR THE NOVEL!)

Clip dir. Maja Milos (2012)
Imagine a more brutal version of Thirteen set in the social media era in Serbia and you have Clip, a brutal movie about a 14 year old girl who engages in a highly sexualized and often violent relationship with one of her classmates. It’s a shocking watch especially because Milos doesn’t try to protect her lead character (played by an actual 14 year old) at all and doesn’t shield her (or the audience) from the sado-masochistic behaviour she engages in in order to get attention and feel love.

My Brilliant Career dir. Gillian Armstrong (1979)
So this is like the stereotypical period piece about a plucky young woman discovering herself only it’s SO MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. A really beautiful and quietly subversive period piece that is so visually stunning and self-assured that it doesn’t feel like a first film at all. A must see.

Titus dir. Julie Taymor (1999)
When people say that a movie is like a theatre piece they usually mean it as an insult but Titus applies the “anything goes” spirit of theatre in the most fun and flamboyant way. This is a really bombastic, unforgettable visual adaptation of one of Shakespeare’s lesser known plays. Taymor mixes genres, time periods and references in a way that is intensely fresh and unique.  

Fill the Void dir. Rama Burshstein (2012)
This is a romantic drama about a young Israeli woman who is part of an Orthodox Jewish community who, after her sister dies, is prompted to consider marrying her sister’s widower so that he can remain in the family. Despite the icky sounding premise Burshtein (herself an Orthodox Jew) is intensely sympathetic to her characters and shows a total command of her camera and the tone of the movie which is just beautiful, passionate and romantic.

The Connection dir. Shirley Clarke (1961)
This is a bit of a cheat because Shirley Clarke had directed documentaries before but whatever. The Connection takes place in real time and is about a very square documentarian who is filming a movie about a bunch of jazz musicians waiting around for their drug connection so they can get high. It definitely feels very tame for the current day but considering the film takes place in a single room Clarke packs the movie full of electric energy that makes it incredibly pleasurable to watch.

The Fits dir. Anna Rose Holmer (2015)
This is just an incredible majestic film. Very spare, very artistic, very beautiful. Holmer is a genius and the movie is a gift. She does more on a budget of 150, 000 euros or whatever it was, than most directors do with millions.

Songs My Brothers Taught Me dir. Chloé Zhao (2015)
There is a whole cottage industry of low budget filmmakers who think they can be the next Malick, but I think Zhao is the only one who really gets it right. This film is set in on the Pine Ridge reservation and Zhao shoots everything at the golden hour making it look incredibly lush while never shying away from the roughness and occasional boredom of small town life.

The Governess dir. Sandra Goldbacher (1998)
I have literally no idea why this film isn’t bigger than it is and it’s really due for a critical revival. It’s a neo-victorian original tale about a young Sephardic Jewish woman who hides her identity and goes to work as a governess on the Isle of Skye. Unfortunately the only copies I’ve been able to view are of very poor quality but you can still see how beautiful it must have originally been. Also the story is incredibly rich and textured and deals with power dynamics between men and women, Jews and gentiles, science vs. art etc.  

The Babadook dir. Jennifer Kent (2014)
This is a horror movie for people who aren’t really into horror and as such it’s PERFECT. What it really is more than anything is a dark modern day fairy tale about a recently widowed woman who is having a tough time adjusting to life as a single mother to her child who is genuinely the most annoying child to ever grace the screen (really, kudos to casting, you completely understand why this woman would struggle to raise this kid).

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night dir. Ana Lily Amirpour (2014)
So good. A surprisingly wistful and romantic vampire film in which “the girl” (the vampire) skateboards in a chador, dances alone in her room, befriends a cat, and drinks the blood of a LOT of people. It’s great.

Honourable mentions: La Pointe Courte, Children of a Lesser God, The Edge of Seventeen, Sugar Cane Alley, Smithereens, Eve’s Bayou, I Like It Like That, Hester Street, A New Leaf, Chocolat.

Having a Caregiver on a Budget

I previously made a post about gifts that caregivers can give their littles for free or cheap. Now imma make a list of ideas for gifts that littles can give to their caregivers, because they deserve the same love and attention.

- Color them a picture

- Bake or cook together

- Write them a letter

- Make them a bracelet, necklace, or keychain

- Play their favorite video game together

- Give them a framed picture you together

- Sing them a song

- Make them a mix tape/playlist

- Make a collage or scrapbook for them

- Surprise them with a candle lit meal (even tea lights and cereal will work!)

- Surprise them at their work

- Impromptu stay at home movie night complete with popcorn, snacks, and cuddles

- Go star watching

- Pick them some flowers

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Hey, can I get reaper, hanzo, reinhardt and mccree receiving baked gifts from their (gender neutral) s/o?


  • Due to the constant de- and regeneration his tastebuds aren’t what they used to be. Even on the best days half of them are dead and as a result most things taste bland to him.

  • Eating becomes a chore, made more difficult by the fact that his body doesn’t register hunger like it used to and his stomach more often than not revolts at the idea of food after it just digested its own degrading parts and remade itself from scratch

  • Thus when he receives a small box filled with cookies he’s wary. He won’t be able to enjoy them, he’ll throw up and that’s not a pleasant experience at the best of times, least of all when you’re puking out your own esophagus along with everything else.

  • Part of him wants to throw them away, furious of what they represent, something so simple he can no longer take part in, dangling it before him like they’re taunting him. He doesn’t throw them out, because he knows it’d break your heart

  • He didn’t expect the taste. He didn’t expect how easy they are on the stomach and before he knows it he’s emptied the whole box, scooping up some leftover jam with his finger.

  • When you baked them for him you baked them for him, using special sweeteners that are much more intense than normal sugar and taking care to not make them too heavy. They’re light, fluffy things, hopelessly over sweetened but perfect for his own special needs.

  • He can barely believe you would put this much thought into something just for him and acts accordingly. Everytime he gets another box, lovingly decorated and filled with sweet delicacies, he reminds you he never asked for this and he doesn’t owe you anything.

  • He needs to say it, because he couldn’t begin to guess how to repay you for something he thought he lost forever

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MBTI Types as Valentine’s Day Gift-Givers

Author’s Note: OMGG NATIONAL CHOCOLATE AND MOVIES DAYYY YYAY!! … With my friends I mean looolol … I’m single AF  ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

ISFJ - After hours of pinterest, finally finishes the cutest DIY gift in the universe and makes you dinner at home even though they actually only got 3 hours of sleep last night and all ISFJs need at least 8-10 hours of sleep for normal functioning so should they really be operating a stove??? Food ends up being worthy of 3 Michelin stars
INFJ - Alternates between “wow this is actually a pretty good gift idea!” and “omg omg omg what if you don’t like it! It’s going to be the end of the worldddd no no no no noooooooooooooooo” *slowly sinking to the ground just at the thought of this*
ISFP - Receives wayyyy more affection/fan mail/love letters than normal on this day but only you get a beautiful handcrafted art thingy that was birthed while ISFP was frolicking in the woods being one with nature and petting all the woodland animals
INFP - Awwww INFPs are like little golden retrievers! Just wants to cuddle with you and make you happy with their gift! May start crying if even the slightest facial movement indicates that you’re not satisfied with their precious gift.  It might be a flower crown.  You have been warned.
INTJ - Most likely to not subscribe to a materialistic holiday like Valentine’s Day where couples lavish each other with off-putting levels of affection.  Unlikely to get you a gift unless prompted at least 1 week in advance.  Please allow 24 hours for INTJ to process your request for a Valentine’s Day gift.
ENTJ - Second most likely (wow they’re actually not 1st in something?!?! are you slipping ENTJ?) to not subscribe to the idea of Valentine’s Day.  Still takes you out to dinner and performs their role as your significant other, but manages to find a way to keep dinner and your gift under a tight budget. Bravo ENTJ ;)
ISTJ - Third most likely to not subscribe to the concept of Valentine’s Day, but since they are expected to get you a present, they will get you something useful! After many hours of contemplation, ISTJ may tell you that they love you on this day because their Tradition and Duty textbook recommended them to do so.
ISTP - Sarcastic AF Valentine’s Card Award Winner of the Year (3 years in a row).  Also gets you 10 salsa dancing lessons but you both know that you cuties will only be attending 4/10 of them because you’ll spend the other 5 weeks attending acting lessons that ISTP accidentally doublebooked
INTP - Has always known that there was something called Valentine’s Day but has never tried to participate in this satanic ritual.  In preparation for Valentine’s Day, please make sure to update the following apps on your INTP: Social Decision-Making OS, Gift-Giving Analysis Software, and Affection-Showing v3.98.
ESFJ - Gives Valentine’s to many of their friends but gives a very special gift to only you! Enjoys PDA and will give you absolutely no personal space on this day.  CAUTION: Your ESFJ will shower you with copious amounts of gifts and affection … be sure to wear a scuba suit so you don’t drown in their endless love.
ENFJ - Will make you feel like the most special person on the planet on Valentine’s Day

ESFP - Gives you the gift of A PARTYYYYY! Valentine’s Day isn’t just celebrated with your special someone, but also with 20 other people who also brought their special someones too.  May end in an orgy.  May end in an rave.  Or maybe you get 27 hours of Valentine’s Day because you flew east to west and gained 3 extra hours (?!?!?)

ENFP - Buys a ton of gifts for you but struggles to decide which one to actually give to you! Decides to stagger the gifts.  One for Valentine’s Day.  One for Christmas.   One for your bday .. oh crap .. after Valentine’s Day they forgot where they stashed all the gifts and only finds them again 3 years later.  What a nice surprise! ^^
ESTJ - Perfectly replicates the Valentine’s Day that both of you had last year plus a planned networking party at 4 p.m. just for the fun of it.  ESTJ leaves with 7 new Linkedin contacts and a phone number of a recruiter.  This same time next year, ESTJ will be making $20,000 more than last year at their new job.  
ESTP - Meets up with you to go scuba diving/ziplining/rock climbing but spends at least half of the time making out with you which leads to the both of you getting kicked out .. you spend the rest of your Valentine’s day alternating between having sex, shopping, and clubbing (occasionally having sex at the club or shopping mall) ;) ;) ;)
ENTP - Doesn’t make concrete plans with you prior to Valentine’s Day. Instead, takes you on a spontaneous trip to Europe that they literally just decided to do.  Forgets to schedule a return flight because ENTP is having too much fun spending time with you in a foreign country.

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Percy walked into his apartment and could feel his body relax as it smelled like home. It was a long day at school and he just needed a few minutes to relax. As he looked around, he noticed that Annabeth was able to clean up the breakfast dishes before going to work.

He went to their bedroom and saw that there was a new package of socks on the bed with a note. 

I noticed your socks were full of holes so I got you some new ones. -A

Percy sighed as he took the package. It was the second gift Annabeth got him in two weeks. His socks were fine, yes they had a few holes in them but they were still wearable. 

He put the socks to the floor before laying on the bed. It’s not that he hated the socks, but he hated that Annabeth was getting him gifts. Percy didn’t buy himself stuff unless he absolutely needed it. He would have worn the same pair of socks over and over again until they were completely destroyed. But having a few holes in his socks? He didn’t need eight more pairs. 

He heard the door open followed by, “Percy? Are you home?” before the door close.

“Bedroom.” Percy replied as he sat up. 

Annabeth came in and smiled at him. Her eyes found the package of socks that she bought on the ground. She looked back at him a little confused. 

“Did you not like your gift?” She asked. 

“I did, but you don’t need to buy me things, especially stuff I don’t really need.” Percy told her. 

“You needed the socks, Percy. Yours are basically ruined.” Annabeth told him. “I should know, I did your laundry.” 

“They’re still wearable.” He argued. “Don’t buy me things.”

“You can’t tell me what to do, Percy.” She said. “You needed socks and I got you some. You deserve to have some nice socks.”

“I don’t need them.” He replied. “So please stop buying me gifts for no reason.” 

Annabeth went to pick up the package of socks. She looked at the ten dollar package of socks she got for him. 

“How could you not like the gifts I get you? I got them for you because you needed them. Your undergarments are really old to the point where they’re barely wearable.”

“But that’s the point. They’re wearable.” 

“Percy, they’re just barely making it through the wash now. You needed them. And you should spend some money to buy things.”

“Annabeth, you don’t understand.” Percy looked at her. “I never could afford anything and I wore everything out until it was faded and unwearable. That’s how it was so my mom could afford for me to go to boarding schools.” 

She gently touched his shoulder. “Percy, you don’t have to worry about that as much anymore. We’re on our own and working and going to school. You got an internship next semester. They won’t let you work in some of the clothes you own.”

“It’s not just clothes, Annabeth. You got me razors, deodorant, and some of my favorite snacks.”

“That’s because I love you and care about you.” Annabeth told him. “You deserve some little gifts, especially since you need them.”

“But I don’t get you anything.” He said. “You get me all these gifts and I don’t get you anything.”

She chuckled a bit. “Percy, you give me a lot of gifts. You get me coffee when I’m studying all night. You make me breakfast every weekend while I’m still asleep. That one time you took care of me when I was really sick by watching movies with me and made me soup. You took me on a date at night to see the stars on the beach at Montauk. You give me some amazing gifts. I just want to help you out with some basic necessities.”

He looked at her. “You know I don’t pay for those things. Everything we did was on a very small budget.”

“So? Your gifts make me really happy. And I just want my gifts to make you a bit happier. Even if it’s just some necessities I notice that you need.”

Percy smiled a little bit. “Thanks Annabeth. I do appreciate your gifts. They are really helpful.” 

“You’re welcome.” She smiled back. “So, I was thinking, Chinese food tonight? I just got paid.”

“Sounds good.” 

I can't be the only one...

…who bumbles happily along watching Pitch Perfect 2, imagining that Beca & Chloe had both got each other for Secret Santa one year prior to PP2 and both thought to get the other a necklace…

The necklaces they both wear during the first 30 mins of the movie… and Beca wears while at her internship from time to time. Almost like a lucky omen. Or because, while she’s not told Chloe that she actually has an internship, wearing the necklace Chloe bought her still means that she feels as though Chloe is with her and supporting her.

And like, they both completely ignored The Bella’s Secret Santa budget of $10 and ended up spending way more money than intended on a gift for the other because they’re closer friends than they are to any of the other Bella’s. So they would’ve felt awful just getting a piece of rubbish as a Secret Santa present. But they lie to The Bella’s when it comes to unwrapping the gifts in front of each other, saying they were totally in budget, even though The Bella’s KNOW they wouldn’t have been.

And Beca will never reveal to Chloe that she maaay have spent $70 on the necklace because she knew Chloe would love it but she wouldn’t want to make things weird.

And Chloe will never reveal that she drove 2hrs away from Barden to a store that does Beca’s favourite kind of alt-girl jewellery, and spent waaay too long picking the necklace she eventually bought.

And then Beca notices that Chloe’s not worn her necklace in a while so brings it up and a distraught Chloe reveals that she’s managed to lose the necklace somewhere in her bedroom. But Beca doesn’t get mad because Chloe says something like “At least it only cost $10” and she can’t admit to her that it cost 7 times that much. So by the final scene of the movie, when swearing Emily into The Bella’s, Chloe is wearing a new necklace with a gold jigsaw piece attached to it that Beca bought her as a graduation gift/something to replace her old necklace/something to remember her by. And Beca doesn’t admit to Chloe that this necklace cost waaay more than the last. And Chloe doesn’t have the heart to tell Beca that she’d just found her first necklace while packing her bedroom up.

I mean…I can’t be the only one right??

The Outsiders Headcanons: Darry when he is in love

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

-He is not as on edge all the time, and most definitely smiles a whole lot more.

-He always surprises her with little gifts, they aren’t much due to his small budget but they are just enough to make her smile.

-He cooks for her ALL the time, every single time they’re together he’s always cooking her something new and asking her to taste test it.

-When she stays the night he makes her breakfast in bed.

-He is constantly showing off his muscles, whether it be obvious or not. Sometimes he’ll purposely flex in front of her, other times he wears shirts that will show them off.

-Although he’d never admit it to the gang, he loves cuddling. A whole lot. Every time she comes over before she even gets through the door he picks her up and brings her into the bedroom just to relax in each other’s arms for a bit.

-He doesn’t like hand holding that much, mainly because it makes his hand feel uncomfortable but she loves it so he does it all the time just to see her smile.

-He gives forehead and nose kisses all the time.

-When she’s not around he likes to talk about her at the dinner table with his brothers, as it makes for a light conversation.

-He’s really stubborn and hard-headed so he starts fights over the smallest little things but he always feels bad directly after and won’t stop apologizing until he knows for sure that she isn’t mad.

-He takes her on surprise dates all the time, just small simple ones such as a picnic or stargazing. He doesn’t like to be too fancy, he feels as if it takes away from the mood.

-He always feels like he doesn’t deserve her and that she could do better than him where he’s always working and taking care of his brothers, so that takes a toll on him at times.

-He can never get over how lucky he is to have her, and thinks it’s silly how much he’s attached to her. He wouldn’t trade it for the world, nonetheless.

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‘Crafting on a budget

I hear ya, you’re poor and can’t afford huge amounts of witchy things but you still want to work on your craft. You want to experiment and build and create. 

Depending on what you are going for in life there are many a place to start. This post leans more toward jar and satchel spell making on a budget. Because I love mixing things and testing results. Science. 

Generally you will always need bottles; which are great for potions AND charms. I use things like: 

Occasionally I use satchels, for travel spells or for gifting to others. 

If you like to wear your potion jars the necklace bits are often just as important as the jar themselves. 

Something I have found that helps boost a spell are charms. They act as sort of a focus point for said spell. A cellphone charm for tech spells or a key charm for unlocking spells. 

Want a stone chip for INSIDE your sweet new jars? 

Or some bigger stones for satchels? 

Candles spells? Or just need wax to properly seal your jars?

Generally speaking herbs or plants are a common component to any spell, but because there is such a large range of them you will have to be the one to search out what you need. Grocery stores have a great selection of dried and fresh usually, or you can hit up amazon again and get something like: 

And finally, perhaps most importantly, for a bit of extra ‘umph’ to your new necklace spell get some sparkles and glitter that noise up. Add directly to the jar so that as is bounces about it will look sweet as heck. 

A lot of this stuff is small, and great for people who want to have multiple chunks around for multiple tests and spells, but if you’re looking for more of a single spell for cheap type situation I recommend going to your local second hand store/goodwill/garage sales. A used tea cup makes just as good temporary spell holder as anything else. Plus there’s often candles or empty perfume bottles you can use. Just remember to always cleanse and clean before use. 

Love and luck to you friends. 


The holiday times are drawing near, and the gift DIYs are coming in! It’s really easy to buy someone a gift from the store, but when you’re on a budget and want to get something thoughtful, it’s more fun to DIY the gift!

Mug DIYs as a gift are super easy and awesome because everyone uses cups and you can customize it in many ways! I saw a lot of cute mug DIYs, but they either involved Oil-Based sharpies or stickers I just didn’t have the time to get! 

With a quick stop at the local dollar store and a bit of raiding through your make-up bag, you can make this really amazing, expensive-looking mug!



  • Ceramic mug (any shape or size)
  • Nail Polish - preferably 2+ colors
  • Disposable container
  • Tooth picks


  1. Fill the container with warm water - make sure it’s not filled all the way, so the water won’t spill over when you dip the cup in!
  2. Pour some of your nail polish colors in the container one at a time. (I used two, but I can see it working with more colors!)
    1. Note: for me, the nail polish got on the container, and I had to toss it out. Make sure it’s a disposable container!
  3. Use the toothpick to mix the colors into an interesting pattern one stroke at a time! (the nail polish is thick and won’t mix together if you don’t stir too much)
  4. Dip your cup into the mixture - I stayed away from dipping the top where people drink
  5. Optional - Use the toothpick to design with the clumps of nail polish on the mug or left in the container for extra customization! 
    1. Ideas - You can drag the clumps downward into a spiked design like the pink or dot them around into flowers like the blue!
  6. Let dry for 2-3 hours.

Hand wash these only! Otherwise, put on some dishwash safe Mode Podge as a sealant. 

The mug will smell like nailpolish afterwards obviously, but with a good (careful) wash, the smell should go away.

Wrap these mugs up, and now you have the coolest mug gift ever! ♥

Wrap them with hot cocoa mix (and marshmallows?!), coffee, or tea bags for those special friends!!

Budget Witch Tip

Use tie-on gift tags to attach sigils to objects that you don’t want to draw on. For example, you can use them on pretty perfume bottles that you may not want to mark permanently, or on charm bags/spell bottles that you may wish to reuse in the future. These tags are cheap, available basically everywhere this time of year, and come in all different colors for your color correspondence needs.

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The watch was a gift but I have tried to keep my EDC to a pretty tight budget without sacrificing too much in the way of quality.


Josh x Reader

Prompt: You’ve decided to do a Sidemen secret Santa with the boys for the bants, with a $50 budget, but when your gifts turns out to be the expensive DSLR camera that you’d been wanting, you go on the hunt to discover who’d purchased it for you.
Note: The last of the Christmassy imagines I promise lol. This is long but I’m v proud of it.  Day 2 of Sydneyxix’s 12 Days of Ficmas. [day 1 imagine]

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It's been several months since the Elgang had last saw their S/O. Who they thought had been killed in a lost battle. Turns out they alive. How would they react when they reunited in a allied camp or while shopping in a city?

They stand awkwardly, shopping bags in their hand as the member of the El Search Party just… stares.

“Hi?” They greet. “It’s been a while…!”

Elsword looks at them in disbelief, before asking them what they bought. The two spend the day together as if they’ve never been cut off contact, immediately acting romantic and acting like they never changed.

Aisha huffs and asks them where the heck did they go, before dragging them in a hug and telling them that she REALLY missed them… where did they go, dammit..

Rena gives a welcome back hug, glad that her S/O isn’t dead. Her S/O might experience some slight discomfort at having Rena’s chest make contact with their body…

Raven smiles. He gives his S/O a pat on the head, and congratulates them for not dying. Now he wants them to continue not dying since the war might not be over yet.

Eve looks down. Her S/O ends up petting her. She allows this, and updates their status on her profiles. She tells them to keep better contact this time, and offers a tracking device of a sort.

Chung hugs his S/O and lifts them up, twirling you around cheerfully. He’s happy that they’re safe and well. They can’t die yet, after all, they’re pretty much his marriage partner… he reminds them to motivate them to keep on living.

Ara tries not to tear up, but there are visible tears in her eyes. She trips and tackles her S/O to the floor, before laughing. She offers to tell them stories of what happened while she was with the Elgang. She also offers to pay them for the things she broke by tripping on the floor.

Elesis gives a welcome back punch. She laughs as they fall on the floor, before quickly checking if they’re alive and that she didn’t give them a concussion or anything.

Add just shrugs and waves at them. The atmosphere is awkward, as he doesn’t know what to say to them. They end up buying him sweets and cat related things to have him warm up to them again.

Lu jumps to hug her S/O. She commands Ciel to set up a tea party, and demands them to tell her what happened while she was in the war.

Ciel offers cookies and a whole dinner. He spoils his S/O, buying gifts and luxuries for them. Of course, he remembers not to go over budget for Lu’s food.

Rose tells them to stay quiet and be a good S/O. Also, they need to stalk the Elgang more.

Ain smiles and says hello to them. No, he totally did not forgot their name… totally. Alright, maybe he needs a refresher on that. But he welcomes them with unopen arms, chuckling as he keeps his arms crossed.