gifts my brother gave me

Pros of glasses: I can see

Cons of glasses: I can’t take them off if I’m wearing makeup because then I have a glasses line across my nose and cheeks


Went shopping with a friend yesterday and introduced her to the glory of paperchase and muji :D
(needless to say we both went a bit overboard with the stationery shopping, despite claiming we didn’t want to spend a lot of money… oops)


((For those who haven’t been following my personal blog, I’ve been kicked out of my abusive home, with little to no time to pack up and prepare. I’ve found a temporary place to stay at for about a week, unsure what will happen then.

I was demanded to leave the house immediately, so I’ve pretty much only have my laptop, tablet, very few change of clothing(including the ones on my back), my blanket, and some gifts handmade by friends. My brother also gave me the wii u and my scanner, but I doubt I’ll be able to use those in this current state.

Please keep signal boosting my commissions! Any amount of money was help so much right now!))

so my brothers’ wife gave me a gift card to this massage place for a free facial and it was the best thing ever in my life