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Forgive the half-assed ficlet, my dears, but my writing time has been short lately and while I would have liked to have something a bit more polished for @lecteronthelam‘s Mardi Gras event, it was not to be.  So please forgive the very rushed, rough draft of a thing which vaguely flirts with the notion of discussing New Orleans and so is maybe technically within the rules of the event.

the silver branch

(or: the one where Hannibal bakes a pie and has no chill)

Hannibal postponed his own first bite of the pie to watch Will savor his.  Watching closely, he was fairly certain he could tell when the first hint of the bourbon broke over Will’s palate.  He waited for the faint twitch of a smile, then turned to his own plate.

They ate a few bites in companionable silence before Will spoke.

“You used the good stuff.  You know it’s insane to waste that on baking, right?”

Hannibal gave that the half-second’s consideration that was all it deserved before responding: “If you can taste the difference, then it wasn’t wasted.”  Will rolled his eyes in decidedly rude fashion and popped another forkful into his mouth.  He chewed thoughtfully for a moment with a faraway look in his eyes.  

Hannibal bit back the astringent taste of jealousy long enough to ask, “Where have you gone, Will?”

A soft, noncommittal hum and another bite of pie passed before Will refocused and answered him.  “Ancient history.  I was thinking about this little café back in New Orleans.  They stayed open late and I’d stop there sometimes after my shift. Their pecan pie was the best I’d ever had, at the time.  You’d have hated it.  The whipped cream came from a can.”  

His smile was bright and nearly malicious as he punctuated that with another bite, leaving Hannibal to shudder near-imperceptibly at the thought of sprayed-on whipped cream, and at the glimpse of Will’s teeth closing around his fork.

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Introduction to the Victims

In the beginning of Rachel’s Tears, a book written by Darrell Scott and Beth Nimmo, there is an interesting dedication introducing some of the victims, telling you a little bit about who they were. Had to share this!

“We would like to dedicate this book to the loving memory of the thirteen beloved people who were the victims of the most deadly school shooting in American history. God gave them all life, but this gift was extinguished far too early.

The Teacher

Dave Sanders

Like many of the teachers and staff at Columbine, Dave risked his life to protect his students. When he heard the sound of gunshots in the school, Dave didn’t run for his life, but shouted out an alarm so others could protect themselves. Then he bravely herded all the students he could find to safety. His actions may have saved hundreds of lives that day, but his selfless sacrifice cost him his own life.

Serving at Columbine for twenty-five years, Dave was a beloved business teacher and the coach of the girls’ basketball team. He inspired his students do their best through both his life and his death. As he lay dying from his gunshot wounds, Dave asked students to hold pictures of his wife and his two daughters before his eyes. He was focusing on those images as he passed from the chaos of that day into eternity.

The Students

Cassie Bernall

Cassie’s mother wrote a book describing this young woman’s struggles with destructive beliefs and negative self esteem as well as the dramatic change she underwent that shaped the final years of her life. Her unquenchable faith in God exposed her to ridicule at school and may have contributed to her death, but her unshakable dedication has helped her become an internationally recognized symbol of Christian commitment.

Steven Curnow

A freshman student who excelled at soccer, Steven loved aviation. His dream was to join the navy and become a pilot of an F-16. He was also an avid Star Wars fan. The new Star Wars movie was scheduled to debut on May 19, 1999, and Steven was eagerly anticipating seeing it. He was a friendly young man who was known for his big smile

Corey DePooter

An amiable boy who loved America and hoped to serve his country as a marine, Corey spent part of Tuesday morning showing friends pamphlets that a military recruiter had given him. Mature beyond his years and cool and collected under pressure, Corey sought to calm nervous students who huddled with him as the killers roamed the school. Friends brought fishing tackle and gear to his funeral in memory of his love of the outdoors.

Kelly Fleming

Quiet and somewhat shy, Kelly expressed herself well on paper. She was writing the story of her life when she was killed. Her dad lovingly remarked that when they killed his daughter, they killed innocence. She was just learning to drive and wanted to get a job at a daycare center so she could save up money for a Mustang or a Corvette. She had a passion for writing and wanted to pursue that as a career.

Matthew Kechter

The night before he was killed, Matt was up until midnight talking on the phone to our son Craig, who was one of his closest friends. A friendly boy with an infectious sense of humor, Matt had hoped to land a starting spot on Columbine’s football team. The following fall, when the team won its first state title, the victory was dedicated to Matt. As committed to academics as he was to athletics, Matt died next to Craig in the library that day.

Daniel Mauser

Danny had just been named the top biology student at Columbine for the school year, but he never knew that he won the honor because he was killed in the library days before it was announced. A smart, quiet boy who excelled at forensics as well as math and science, he had received straight A’s on his last report card. He had been planning to visit France in the summer after school was out.

Daniel Rohrbough

A hardworking boy who helped out at a family business during the school year and at his grandfather’s Kansas farm in the summer, Danny used the money he made to buy gifts and presents for others and was universally hailed as unselfish and caring. A good athlete and dedicated weight lifter, Danny was killed outside Columbine. When he didn’t show up for work that afternoon, his parents grew worried, only to see his lifeless body on the cover of the next morning’s newspapers.

Isaiah Shoels

Isaiah was a friend of our son Craig. He had played cornerback on the school’s football team, where he was known for his tenacity. Small in stature but large in heart and spirit, he held his own with larger players. He was killed next to our son under a table in the library. Some of Craig’s worst memories of April 20, 1999, are of hearing racial slurs flung at Isaiah for several minutes before he was murdered. Isaiah dreamed of becoming a music executive.

John Tomlin

John and Doreen Tomlin have become some of my (Darrell) closest friends. Their son, John, was killed in the library. His Chevy truck became one of the two vehicles seen worldwide as monuments of the tragedy. Rachel’s red Acura Legend was the other, John’s open Bible on the dashboard of his truck was a testimony of his beliefs to all who saw it. He had spent time in Mexico helping build housing for the poor and doing mission work. Weeks before his death, John’s mother had asked him where he would want to be buried if anything ever happened to him. Because of that conversation, he is buried in Wisconsin where his two close childhood friends live.

Lauren Townsend

Potential valedictorian of her senior class, Lauren was a member of the National Honor Society and served as captain of the Columbine girls’ varsity volleyball team. A gifted student who had recently visited England with other members of an advanced English class, Lauren worked at an animal shelter, and she planned to study wildlife biology at college in the fall.

Kyle Velasquez

A dedicated Denver Broncos fan, Kyle was often called a “gentle giant.” Kyle manifested a simple sincerity and a kind heart. He was buried with military honors at Fort Logan National Cemetery. His dad was a U.S. Navy veteran. Kyle was working on a computer in the library when he was cruelly gunned down.

Rachel Scott

Our beautiful daughter’s unique life and deep commitment to God are explored in the following pages.

The two perpetrators of these horrible killings took their own lives that tragic day. We ask that you pray for the Klebold and Harris families, who have been subjected to their own unimaginable grief.”

Luke Skywalker Headcanons

• Soft, sweet kisses

• Knowing him since you were little

• Being his best friend

• Slow, Passionate sex

• Nose kisses

• Long, warming hugs

• Worrying about him a lot

• He tends to get really awkward and shy whenever you flirt with him in public

• Han teasing you

• Leia adoring you

• Being the dorky couple

• Fixing R2 together

• Helping him through his Jedi training the best you can

• Losing your mind after he disappears (Between ep 6 & 7)

• Luke being jealous of your friendship with Han

• Flicking his forehead whenever he says something you don’t like

• Fooling around with his lightsaber

• Comforting him after Ben dies

• Wanting to go out and look for him on Hoth, but Han forces you to stay put

• Slapping both Luke and Han after they return

• Being friends with Chewie

• Cheek kisses

• Thinking he looks really hot in his black Jedi outfit (episode 6)

• Trying to teach him how to dance

• And failing miserably

• “Luke Skywalker! You are a Jedi and you can even dance. STOP STEPPING ON MY TOES!”

• “Sorry, sweetheart”

• Many pet names

• He rambles a lot so sometimes you kiss him to shut him up

• “I was rambling again wasn’t I?”

• “Yes, you were”

• “Well, I am going to ramble way more often, because damn…”

• Him sometimes getting insecure about his robot hand and you would try to make him feel better

• “It’s just stupid (Y/n)”

• “No Luke, it is not. This hand is part of you now. I love you for you, I don’t give a damn that one of your hands is made out of metal”

• Him buying you gifts whenever the has the money

• Many ‘I love you’s

• Thinking he is the cutest thing on the planet

• Owning matching boots

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several of my relatives asked for ‘just money’ this year (worst gift ever) so i made these appropriate wrappings for them

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His got his gun, he's got his suit on

“Babe?” Matty knocked on the bathroom door. “What’s taking you so much time?” He asked impatient, I laughed. “I’m coming, just wait.” He sighed.

A couple of minutes later, I found Matty asleep in the bed. He looked so beautiful, he was wearing a suit. I’ve never seen Matty in a suit, but it definitely fits him. 

“Matty… I’m ready.” I said, touching his chest, trying to wake him up.

After I tried like 5 times more, he woke up.

With a smile on his face he told me “I tought I’d never see you in it. You look beautiful, love.” I blushed. My dress was very special, and I’ve never wanted to wear it before. It was the first gift Matty made to me.

 With the money we robbed in some bank a couple of years ago, Matty went to a little store and bought me a beautiful white dress. Because we never had money.

We never had nothing, just a house my parents left before they die in a car crash and a car Matty always had, but I’ve never knew how he got it.

It was always just us, since the day we met. He was living on the streets, and I was begging for some food in the a old restaurant, he was sleeping in the street the restaurant was. Everytime I went to the restaurant, I’d spend hours sharing the food with Matty and talking about anything. Weeks later I invited him to live with me.

We where just teenagers dreaming of having our bands, being famous and shit… 

But obviously that never happened, so we became robbers. 

And then, it just happened. We fell for each other.

We are always driving, stoping at cheap hotels in the road, or sometimes just sleeping and eating in our car. 

However, tonight was different. Today we are in Las Vegas. 

Matty knew I always dreamed of coming here, and he said his dream only consist in making me happy. So, with the money we had robbed the past week we are living now, touring in my dream place.

“Everything is so beautiful in here.” I said admiring the view as much as I can while we were walking to some restaurant. I wish I didn’t need to blink, so I’d miss anything. Matty just chuckled. “You look beautiful in white, you know? You should wear this color more often.” He said.

All our clothes were black, or grey. We had that thing in common, we hardly wear something white.

“What if we eat in here?” I asked, Matty nodded.

We ordered some food in this little restaurant, it wasn’t fancy but it was way better than the cheap hotels on the road, or eating in the car. 

“Tomorrow we can go to a casino. You know, I wanted to go since we just came.” Matty said.

“What? Tomorrow? Matty… we have to go. This is not a safe place, police is looking for us.” I whisper the last part, I was really scared. This time we went too far, Matty shoot a man in the bank, and he died.

 "You need to relax a little (Y/N)“ He said, looking concern.

Slowly, he passed his hand though the table, and gave me a little bag filled with some white powder. I smiled and went to the bathroom.

I took two lines of coke and went to our table, where Matty was waiting for me with a smile on his face, I came more relaxed… feeling too good. "You look so cool in that suit babe.” I tell Matty, he just chuckled. 

We ate in silent, when we were done, Matty spoke

“Let’s go to the hotel, we pick our things and go the fuck out of here.”  I nodded.

We got out of the restaurant and we started to walk fast, hurrying to go to the hotel. But Matty soon stoped.

“Is everything alright Matty?” I asked turning around to face him.

He was looking to some bizarre, very weird, church, one of these typical in Las Vegas.

“We should do use of your beautiful white dress and my suit.” He said, I chuckled.

“Really Matty?” He nodded.

“We don’t have too much time, we need to get out of here Matty!” I said but he grabbed my arm and pushed me to the door.

“Hello…” Matty said, soon a very fat and horrible looking man appeared, it was suppoused to be the priest.

“Hey, can I help you?” He asked, when he opened his mouth, a hard smell of alcohol filled my nose.

“We want to get married.” Matty spoke again.

“Follow me please” the priest said.

He began to talk, those typical things that are said in a wedding, well, a real wedding. And this wasn’t one so…

“We don’t have time for that shit.” I snaped, the priest nodded and Matty laughed.

“So… what’s your name?” he asked.

“Matthew Healy and (Y/N)” Matty said, as much impatient as me. We really didn’t had time.

“Okay so Matthew you can kiss the bride or something like that, I don’t know.” He said. He didn’t even ask if I acept, or if Matty acept. Well, I don’t even know how things like this work. I’ve never been in a wedding.

I closed my eyes as I saw Matty getting closer, expecting him to kiss me. But, he never did…

I heard a rue voice screaming "POLICE!“ and shoots.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Matty bleeding, and me being handcuffed.

"No!” Matty screamed and he shoot the police with the handcuffs right in the head. 

I jumped and I tried to carry Matty, somehow we managed to got out of the church and ran as faster as we could. 

“(Y/N)…” Matty whispered.

“What love?”

“I can’t… I can’t do this anymore”

“What are you saying Matty? We’re almost there. We’ll get help.”

“No… I can’t resist anymore. I had lost a lot of blood and—”

“Matt stop with your bullshit everything is going to be alright okay” I said bursting into tears, Matty almost passing out in my arms.

“I love you.”

“No! Matty!!!!” I screamed. “Matty!!!” I insisted but, it was in vain…

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Seokjin - 

He was nervous when he saw how large the gift was. He didn’t want you to spend a lot of money on him so he was scolding you softly as he opened the first box. When he saw the smaller box he was confused, but seemed to get an idea of what was going on pretty quickly. He smiled wider as he opened each box, finding it to be pretty fun. When Seokjin got to the last, small box he was chuckling quietly. He wasn’t expecting it to have anything inside, but when he saw the small velvet case that held the necklace he was suddenly very flustered. With careful fingers he opened the box and gasped at the gift. He was touched by how sweet and thoughtful it was. He promised you he would take excellent care of it.

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Yoongi -

What was he supposed to do when you handed him such a large gift? He felt his stomach tie up in knots at first, he wondered if this was you signalling him that he hadn’t been giving you good enough gifts. Then he noticed how light the box was. Yoongi looked at you with a raised eyebrow, watching your nervous fiddling cause you could just tell he was already starting to figure it out without opening it. He nodded when he began opening up each box, glad to know that once again Min Genius figured it out. He didn’t account on the last box having a locket in it, a picture of you he’d taken on your first date together inside of it. He covered his face. He didn’t want the gummy smile on his face to give away just how happy you had made him.

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Hoseok -

Startled by the large gift addressed to him sitting on the table he asked you who it was from. When you said it was a gift from you of course, he smiled and bounced over to you. He kissed each cheek loudly and then moved to open the box. He was surprised to see another box inside, then another and another. He had a moment of disappointment  because he was curious to see just what you could have gotten him that was so big, but he let go of that easily as the excitement grew. When he saw a pendant bearing your face in the smallest box he could feel a lump form in his throat. Hoseok held the small gift to his chest near his heart before he reached out and pulled you against him. How could he not tear p when being given such a sweet surprise from someone he loved so much? He swore to himself that on your birthday he was going to give you something just as thoughtful.

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Namjoon -

At first he was miffed. He’d asked you not to go overboard on his birthday. But there he was with a large gift being presented to him. He sighed, he wasn’t mad by any means but would have much preferred you to spend your money on yourself rather than him. When he felt the lightness of the box you had piqued Namjoon’s curiosity. He opened the gift with a growing dimpled smile. It made him think of those Russian nesting dolls. He set every box he took out carefully off to the side and joked that you’d given him the gift of air, how considerate! But his smile softened into something much sweeter when he saw your true gift. He opened the locket with reverent hands and traced over your picture with his thumb. He couldn’t express how he felt in words but he knew without question he was in love with you and blessed to have you.

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Jimin -  

Oh were you playing that game? He took your gift as a challenge for next year where he would surprise you with something priceless. He was stunned by the smaller box inside, and flat out shocked by the next. Jimin side-eyed you with suspicion and your innocent act didn’t help. To your shock he began to tear through each of the boxes faster and fast up until the last one. Before opening it, he held it up and tilted his head at you in challenge. When you kept your mouth close he hummed and opened it much more carefully and was very glad he did. The necklace looked so delicate and the double sided picture you on one side and him on the other made it so much more special. You won. How could ever beat that?

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Taehyung -

He wasn’t sure how he felt at first. Taehyung didn’t like people spending money on him unnecessarily. The size of the gift made him anxious about how much money you’d spent on him and told you to use that kind of money to yourself clothes. He wouldn’t touch it until you assured him that you weren’t in money problems because of him. He opened each box with growing confusion, he would be having fun though. It was like a game and had him smiling, then laughing as the boxes got smaller. He remarked on how cute they were with just made you turn into mush. When he held up the locket with the pictures holding the both of you he grew quiet, but the smile on his face and the gleam in his eye let you know that he was completely satisfied.

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Jungkook -

Was he shallow for being excited by the large present? He knew he should be scolding you for spending so much money on him but the size of the gift had his imagination running. You were glad you were recording when you saw the way Jungkook’s head cocked like a puppy when he saw the smaller box inside. He seemed to forget his earlier imaginings as he opened each box. He began to laugh because it was completely a game to him at this point. he asked you to try and time him as he opened the boxes faster and faster. When he saw the small pretty box holding the pendent he looked up at you. When you nodded he slowly opened it and felt his breath catch. He wasn’t sure what to do or say when he saw your faces looking back at him. He curled in on himself and stared at the gift in silence for a while before throwing his arms around you.

Holly Jolly Christmas Surprise.

I had been lying peacefully asleep in the guest bedroom of my parents’ home in New York until I felt four eager little hands grasping at the warm covers on top of me. “Mommyyyy.” “Wake up, wake up! It’s Christmas.”

“Oh, boys. Five more minutes. Please. I’m tired.” My eyes remained closed as I rolled over and grasped my pillow tightly under my head but Ethan and Evan weren’t having that excuse. It was Christmas morning and they had been antsy about getting to what belonged to them under the giant tree downstairs since we had arrived to New York.

“Mom, if you don’t get up now I swear you’re grounded for life!” Evan exclaimed.

I couldn’t help but laugh especially after hearing Ethan hum in agreement behind his brother. “Fine. I’m up,” I gave in.

I rolled over and faced the now brightly smiling twin boys. Even at the mere age of 5, they managed to look exactly like Erik. Those rosy cheeks, the bright eyes. Sometimes I felt as if they had all of his features and very little of mine. You would think Erik had practically spit them out and not me.

Looking at them brought me back to the realization that I had went to bed without Erik by my side and he wouldn’t be arriving to partake in the Christmas festivities with our family, not even being able to watch the boys open their presents they had been so anxiously awaiting. His game against Werder on the 23rd had made it difficult for him to be able to make the game, travel to New York and be back in time for training tomorrow.

Part of me wanted to tell him to just miss the game and skip the training session but I knew that was nearly impossible. This was his job and once again, I was faced with the disadvantages of being on the other end of a schedule like his.

I knew the boys wouldn’t be happy about not having Erik around for the holiday but it didn’t seem to hit them that he wouldn’t be here until the plane ride to New York. I just hoped I could compensate for his absence with mine and my parents as much as I could.

I got the boys to calm down and brush their teeth before they ran off to their grandparents’ room to awake them and soon enough we were all downstairs sitting amongst the brightly lit tree. Various gift bags and neatly wrapped presents stood feet tall, nearly covering every square inch of the floor. I beamed with pride at the job of Santa I had played last night: stashing all of the gifts for the boys secretly in the basement and piling them neatly under the tree at nearly 2 a.m. when I knew they were fast asleep, eating the cookies and drinking the milk they had insisted on leaving out in the kitchen for Santa. I had to admit it was fun but it would have been better to have Erik by my side as well.

“Okay. What do you want to open up first?” I asked. I sat on the floor nearest the gifts with the boys while their grandparents sat on the couch nearby, watching. I was happy to be spending Christmas with my parents as it had been two years since I had been able to come back to New York for the holiday, instead spending the past two years with Erik and his parents. I knew they were as excited to have me around as they were to have Ethan and Evan opening gifts in their home on Christmas morning.

“Can we call papa first? To say Merry Christmas?” Ethan questioned.

“Good idea.” I grabbed the iPhone out of my pocket and dialed Erik to FaceTime. I wasn’t sure if he would even be awake but I had my fingers crossed that he would answer. The boys crowded on either side of me as the three of us sat huddled together, waiting to see that familiar face on the screen.

I focused my attention to my parents as they sat smiling to each other but my attention diverted to my phone after hearing Ethan and Evan scream in unison. There on the screen was Erik, brightly smiling and waving enthusiastically at the camera.

“Merry Christmas, papa!”

“Merry Christmas, boys. Merry Christmas, baby. Where are your parents?” he questioned.

I turned the front facing camera across the room to show them on the couch as they waved to Erik smiling. “Merry Christmas, son. We miss you.”

“I miss you all too. I’m sorry I can’t be there.”

I turned the camera back to face me and the boys. “It’s okay. We won’t open your gifts for you. We’ll save them!” Ethan spoke.

“But only for a little while,” Evan interjected.

I could hear Erik’s harmonious laugh on the other end. “I don’t think Santa would appreciate you opening my gifts. Not after the hard time he had wrapping last night.” Erik looked directly at me and smirked, causing me to shake my head. Wrapping presents was definitely not a gift of mine.

“Is that a onesie you have on?” Erik questioned me but before I could answer, the boys answered for me.

“Yeah! Oma got it for her. And we got new pajamas too! See!” The boys both stood up and quickly modeled their Spiderman and Batman onesie pajamas.

“Ah those are nice. I want a pair. Where’s mine?”

“We have yours. Don’t worry,” I laughed.

“Good. Well I hope you all enjoying opening your gifts. I’m really sorry I can’t be there,” Erik frowned.

“You can’t stay on the phone while we open gifts?” Ethan pouted.

“I’m sorry, boys. I can’t. I have somewhere to be soon. But have your mommy record it for me. Ok?”

I couldn’t stand the look of disappointment on the boys’ faces, or Erik’s either, but I didn’t want them to be stuck in this mood.

“Okay. We love you,” I spoke up. “We’ll call you later today.”

“I love you all too. Have fun for me!” And with that, Erik hung up the call.

The boys still had a disheartened look on their face so I knew I had to pep them up.

“Okay. Let’s get to the first gift! I’ll record.” I opened the camera on my phone and began recording with one hand while searching for a decent sized present with Ethan and Evan’s name on it from “Santa”. “Here. Here’s the first one.” I placed a red box infront of Ethan and a blue box infront of Evan as their smiles quickly lit up and stubby fingernails quickly scratched into the wrapping paper.

I zoomed in the camera as both held up their gifts, revealing an assortment of Wii games.

“This is so cool!” they exclaimed in unison.

They went through a few more gifts before insisting on giving their “Oma” and “Opa” their gifts.

“We bought it with our own money! It’s made especially for you.” Ethan handed my dad his small box and Evan handed my mom hers.

“Oh you did? Why thank you.” My mom quickly kissed them both on their cheeks before beginning to rip open the paper on her gift. The boys giggled alongside them with excitement, waiting for the reveal.

My parents both now held similar small boxes and opened them to reveal matching Rolex watches.

“They have a special message engraved on the back of the watch,” I added.

They quickly turned over the watch to reveal their messages and read it aloud.

“Oma/Opa, with love always from Ethan & Evan.”

The boys had come up with the gift idea on their own, and with Erik’s pay. Though I had never referred to my own grandparents as anything but Grandma and Grandpa, Erik and I wanted to make sure the boys understood their German roots as well. They were young and still learning the language but it was always cute to hear them refer to my parents’ and Erik’s parents as Oma and Opa.

I could see both of my parents tear up and hug the boys. I rolled my eyes playfully at the hugs and kisses that were now being shared. “I’ll wear it every day,” my father spoke.

The doorbell oddly rang and I was taken off guard, as were my parents. “Are you two expecting someone?”

They both shook their heads no as I got up from the floor and headed down the hallway to the door. I looked through the peephole of the door but was unable to make out of a face as the individual was turned with their back towards the door but that familiar jacket was enough to give it away. I quickly pulled the door open and was greeted by a warm smile from Erik who had two large bags of gifts in his hands.

“You’re here!” I could barely contain myself as I hopped into his arms, him dropping the bags out of his hands and catching me.

“Someone missed me.” We stood like that for a few moments before I pressed my lips eagerly to his and spoke once we parted.

“What are you doing here? You said you had training and…”

He cut me off and placed me carefully to the ground, grabbing the bags once he no longer had to hold me. “I lied. Good surprise right?” he smirked.

“No!” I playfully hit his arm and then pulled him into the home. “The boys are going to be so excited to see you.”

We entered the living room and I took the bags from him knowing he would soon be attacked by Ethan and Evan. The boys immediately ran to Erik upon seeing him, each grabbing one of his legs.

“I brought more gifts. Not like you need any more,” he spoke as he looked towards the tree still full of unopened gifts. He bent down to kiss the boys’ cheeks hello and then made his way to my parents to hug them hello as well.

He unbundled his coat and tossed it to the floor for the moment and ran over to a bag, grabbing a particular gift before sitting down right beside me, the boys sitting near us as well.

“This is yours,” he smiled as he handed me the skinny, long box. “Open it,” he urged.

I quickly removed the shiny wrapping paper to reveal what looked to be a jewelry box. I put my guess on it being a necklace but was surprised to open it and find a glimmering, diamond bracelet.

“It’s always hard to know what to get you. I know you said you wanted nothing besides me being here but I didn’t think that was enough. Plus I saw you eyeing it at the store for too long. I know you wanted it.”

“It’s beautiful.” I smiled towards him as I removed the bracelet from its safe position in the box, Erik taking the opportunity to fasten it around my wrist.

“I love you, Y/N. Merry Christmas,” he spoke to me before planting a kiss on my forehead. It felt complete to have Erik here with us, being able to relax and enjoy the holiday when just 20 minutes ago, I was worried what Christmas would be like without him. But once again, the man amazed me.

“I love you too, Erik.”

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*they shrug again, blushing more* I just wish I had money to give her stuff.. like flowers, or chocolate. She's absolutely amazing.

Prince: I don’t think she’ll care if you buy her stuff, or not! If she’s a writer and an artist then I’m sure she’d love it if you made her something! Sometimes handmade things are the best gift. Time is money after all and you spend time making the items!

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⭐ tbeh it's probably Claire trying to fliRT

Send one for my Muses reaction to yours…

⭐=Buying them flowers.

“For me? Thank you so much!”

Yuuka was quick and enthusiastic in receiving the gift of flowers and a smile stuck to her lips with no signs of fading any time soon. Though Yuuka often tried to discourage others from buying her gifts and spending money on her, for it made her feel guilty, flowers were one such gift she could not find it in her heart to discourage. Flowers were beautiful and she enjoyed them– she would find a good vase to place them in and set them up by a window when she got back to her apartment!

She held them close to her chest and leaned forward to sniff the top of the bouquet before humming her approval.

“Subtle, but they smell great! And they’re so pretty– thank you!”

It did not even occur to Yuuka that the gesture may have been an act of flirtation. It honestly did not cross her mind at all.

Homura appriciated everyone coming to her birthday party, it had been a long time since she’d even thrown one at all. She wasn’t used to cake and noise however, and while it was a fun kind of novelty at first she quickly found herself uncomfortable with it all. 

Each party guest left early one-by-one, each giving Homura a hug and Madoka a reassuring pat on the shoulder. This second gesture confused Homura to no end but when she asked about it she would only receive a shy smile from Madoka in answer. 

With only her girlfriend and the music turned down the atmosphere in the apartment was a lot more enjoyable, and when Madoka fiddled with the radio and found a classical music station it wasn’t long before they’d be dancing across the floor that was covered in paper plates and cheap streamers. 

They’d pass the present table a couple of times and Homura couldn’t help but to notice there was no gift from Madoka. Just having her around was gift enough but it still made her wonder if something was wrong, was money tight in the Kaname household? 

“I did get you a present, in case you were wondering.” Madoka sounded a bit coy and shy about it, but she’d seen Homura glancing and knew what she was probably thinking. 

“It’s just that I, it’s, well…" 

She seemed so nervous, was it something she’d made herself? Homura wasn’t opposed to the idea, she’d treasure anything made by those delicate little fingers and doubly so if it was crafted with love. 

"I’m sure I’ll love it, don’t worry.” Homura would assure her, but all the same Madoka would quickly run to the nearest window and hang over the sill trying to gather the courage to actually go through with giving her present. She didn’t notice the window was right next to another, and that Homura was right beside her. 

“Come here often?” Homura would ask, trying to stifle a giggle at the way Madoka let out a little shriek when she was taken by surprise. Taking deep breaths, Madoka would walk over to the couch and reach into a small bag she’d brought with her to take out a little beige box. Keeping it hidden behind her back, she’d try to stall just a little bit longer. 

“What would you say if the present required a lot of care and responsibility? You’d have to love it forever and maybe take it out now and then." 

"Did you get me a pet?" 

"Not quite…" 

She’d drop the box on accident when trying to present it to Homura and she’d have to go chase it down as it rolled across the floor. Homura had already caught sight of the box and would try and hide the smile crossing her face and the tears starting at the corner of her eyes. 

"Just a second, hold on." 

When she finally retrieved the box, Madoka would be slightly out of breath but would happily present and open the small case to reveal a diamond ring. 

"Will you marry me?”

“Of course!”


Pairing: NaruHina

And one more tonight for sakaeguchiyuuto! Morrow wanted a fluffy NaruHina fic. I hope I fulfilled that! It was a good reason for me to go finish this one; it’s been in the works for a while.

Summary: Just because we can’t be kids again doesn’t mean we can’t act like it.

He had proclaimed it out of the blue at 10:47 at night, in the middle of the movie they were only sort of watching amidst their pile of blankets on the floor.

“Let’s have a sleepover!”

Hinata gave Naruto a strange look. “Wasn’t I going to be staying the night already? It is late…”

“Nah, nah, Hina-chan!” Oh, dear. Naruto usually only pulled out “Hina-chan” when he had something up his sleeve and would not take no for an answer. “I know you were, but I mean, let’s make it fun?”

“Isn’t it usually fun when I stay?” she teased, then laughed at the red that suddenly speckled his face.

“Well, yeah, I mean, but– Just trust me! Let’s do stupid kid stuff. Eat junk food, color, whatever. We’ve already got half of a blanket fort. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that both of us missed out on a lot of fun sleepovers in our childhood.”

She couldn’t really argue with that. Much of her life had been consumed by training and the strict Hyuuga lifestyle, and his life had never even thought to offer the opportunity. She nodded.

“Only if I get to sleep in one of your shirts.”

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School of Love|| Neal & Emma

Neal Cassidy was living in New York City. Growing up, he’d had a very privileged life. His father was a successful businessman and they’d had everything money could buy. But, Neal had lacked the one thing he’d ever wanted. His father. His father had been too busy with work and would try and buy his love with gifts and money.

Neal, meanwhile, had made a life for himself outside of all of that. He’d gone to college, determined not to get by on his father’s dime. He worked all through school, and got his degree, double majoring in both art and education. He later got his Master’s, and then decided to pursue a career as a college art professor at a New York university.

It was early Monday morning, too early in his opinion. Neal’s first class would be starting in an hour and a half. He needed coffee badly. He had stumbled out of bed, showered, dressed and driven to a local coffee shop not too far from campus.

As he walked inside, he noticed it was kind of crowded. He was in for a wait. Great. Just what he needed. As he settled into wait, his attention was drawn to a gorgeous blonde who was in front of him in line. He stood off to the side to get a better look at her. Damn. He’d seen attractive women but this one? Wow.

Now, he just had to work up the nerve to ask her out. He stood behind her in line, trying not to get impatient as the line inched forward slowly.