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These Girl Scouts rejected $100K from a transphobic donor, then raised it themselves.

The Girl Scouts of Western Washington were probably really excited to receive a $100,000 donation in the mail earlier this spring. Unfortunately, that gift came with a caveat. "Please guarantee that our gift will not be used to support transgender girls. If you can’t, please return the money.” So they did.

But instead of getting discouraged, the girls launched an Indiegogo campaign, and have raised WAY more than that original donation.

Valentines Skype Date
  • Guang-Hong: Is it chocolate?
  • Leo: No.
  • Guang-Hong: It can wait.
  • Leo: Please?
  • Guang-Hong: It's not fair if I open my gift while yours is still in the mail.
  • Leo: I'll send you chocolates if you open my valentines gift right now.
  • Guang-Hong: Deal. *Tears open package* Aw! This is adorable! I've never seen a locket with a plane on it.
  • Leo: I found it online.
  • Guang-Hong: What are coordinates on the inside?
  • Leo: Those are actually for the airport where we met for the first time.
  • Guang-Hong: This is so sweet... I feel bad. All I sent you was tea and a pair of socks that had lions on them.


Happy Easter to those who celebrate!

❛ What are your Easter plans? ❜
❛ You’re never too old to hunt some eggs! ❜
❛ I’m going to Church, mind joining me? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter my friend! ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s supposed to snow on Easter! ❜
❛ We’re coloring some eggs for Easter, want to help? ❜
❛ I’m baking some goods for Easter, mind helping me? ❜
❛ Are you supposed to boil the eggs before coloring them? ❜
❛ Hey! I got a dollar in one of my plastic eggs! ❜
❛ I never really went egg hunting, ever in my whole life. ❜
❛ So, you walk around and find eggs? That’s it? ❜
❛ Are you going to go shopping with me later? ❜
❛ How does this outfit look? I’m going to wear it for Easter. ❜
❛ Who gets drunk on Easter? ❜
Oh, Easter! Another holiday to use as an excuse to drink! ❜
❛ I drink on all holidays, especially Easter. ❜
❛ I’ve got a surprise egg for you! ❜
❛ Help me fill these eggs with candy. ❜
❛ I can’t believe it’s already Easter. ❜
❛ I never really cared much for Easter, or any holiday. ❜
❛ You didn’t come to the Easter festival today? ❜
❛ Isn’t this like for kids more than anyone? ❜
❛ A holiday to play with eggs! Sounds delightful! ❜
❛ I’m taking my child to see the Easter bunny, want to tag along? ❜
❛ I always loved getting my picture taking with the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ This egg is my egg, I’m keeping it. ❜
❛ Please don’t say you’re wearing that? ❜
❛ I made you a Easter basket. ❜
❛ I got you a Easter basket anyway. ❜
❛ Easter candy is my favorite! ❜
❛ Don’t wait up for the Easter Bunny for that one. ❜
❛ Christmas and Easter are probably the two holiest days in the Christian calendar. ❜
❛ I enjoyed watching the Easter Parade. ❜
❛ The shops are closed on Easter. ❜
❛ Are you going to that Easter thing this weekend? ❜
❛ I’m decorating for Easter, want to help out? ❜
❛ Hey, check out this cool Easter banter I’m going to hang later. ❜
❛ I have a chocolate egg just for you. ❜
❛ I love Easter and all the pastel coloring! ❜
❛ Pastel colors are Easter’s aesthetic. ❜
❛ I just love all these pastel colors! ❜
❛ Tell me, what is Easter again? ❜
❛ Ahh, Easter! Another holiday with great candy! ❜
❛ I’m so not ready for Easter yet. ❜
❛ So, doing anything fun for Easter coming up? ❜
❛ I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! ❜
❛ I always loved Easter as a child! ❜
❛ Easter is like my favorite holiday! ❜
❛ I got you a Easter card, hope you like it. ❜
❛ What should I get my boy/girlfriend for Easter? ❜
❛ I really wanted to get you something for Easter. ❜
❛ We should totally sign up to be in this Easter parade. ❜
❛ They’re handing out free candy because it’s Easter this weekend. ❜
❛ They do have Easter baskets on sale, want to get check them out? ❜
❛ There is nothing in this basket but candy? ❜
❛ I’ve got some extra Easter supplies you can use to make a basket. ❜
❛ Easter is like a arts and crafts holiday. ❜
❛ I’ve never been so excited for Easter before! ❜
❛ Why are you so excited for Easter? ❜
❛ I think this Easter will be better than my last. ❜
❛ It just feels like another day to me. ❜
❛ I can’t believe you don’t want to have some fun! ❜
❛ Did you get the basket I mailed you? ❜
❛ I mailed you gift. ❜
❛ Happy Easter! ❜
❛ I don’t really want to participate in this event. ❜
❛ Aw, you’re such a downer! Cheer up! ❜
❛ I really need your help with sitting this up. ❜
❛ I will never be able to pull this Easter party off. ❜
❛ Hey, it’s a double holiday! My birthday is this Easter! ❜
❛ So, is Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I can’t believe you’ve never went egg hunting before. ❜
❛ You have not lived until you’ve hunted for eggs like they were gold. ❜
❛ It’s a Easter costume contest, just do it with me! ❜
❛ Who wears a costume on Easter? Other than the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Plot twist, I’m the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ What’s a good book to read to kids on Easter? ❜
❛ This is the best way to go about doing it I guess. ❜
❛ I really didn’t Easter was this weekend. ❜
❛ I thought Easter had already passed. ❜
❛ Is there going to be food at this event? ❜
❛ Aw, what a cute picture of you and the Easter bunny. ❜
❛ I’ve got so many baskets to make this year. ❜
❛ I’m going to church with my family, I told you already. ❜
❛ I love this Easter day sale. I’ve been here all day. ❜
❛ All the stores are having a sale for Easter and I’m not missing it. ❜
❛ I just bought so much Easter crap. ❜
❛ I collect Easter eggs, if you were wondering why I have so many. ❜
❛ Okay, we got everything we need, now let’s get to work. ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter thing in the gym, want to go with me? ❜
❛ I never understood Easter. ❜
❛ Does the Easter bunny have a name? ❜
❛ Let’s just go shopping, that’s always helpful. ❜
❛ I really must admit, I didn’t think you could pull this off. ❜
❛ Is that a Easter bunny I see? ❜
❛ Let’s go to the petting zoo for Easter! ❜
❛ I love Easter festivals, they’re so much fun! ❜
❛ Well, for what it’s worth you make the best Easter bunny. ❜
❛ Wow, you work as the Easter bunny at the mall? ❜
❛ I’m dressing up as the Easter bunny this year for all the kids. ❜
❛ I’m just here to take pictures for my scrapbook. ❜
❛ Let’s start a Easter scrapbook! ❜
❛ So, we’re heading out early tomorrow, set your alarm. ❜
❛ Man, coloring eggs is pretty messy. ❜
❛ You should have put newspaper down before. ❜
❛ I got you a pet rabbit for Easter. ❜
❛ What’s a good Easter gift for someone? ❜
❛ Is Easter this weekend? ❜
❛ Ever notice how Easter is always on a Sunday? ❜
❛ I’m ordering pizza for Easter, I don’t care! ❜
❛ Okay, so cute these papers into shapes of eggs or rabbits. ❜
❛ I’m send you a special someone for Easter. ❜
❛ Did you ever get that Easter basket I made for you? ❜
❛ I love making Easter baskets! It’s so much fun! ❜
❛ We’re setting up a Easter theme. ❜
❛ This is a beautiful Easter play idea. We should do it. ❜
❛ Are you auditioning for the Easter play? ❜
❛ The school is having a Easter day play, you want to come? ❜
❛ It’s perfect weather for a Easter Sunday! ❜
❛ Okay, help me hide these eggs for the kiddos. ❜
❛ We have to hide all these eggs. ❜
❛ Fill the rest of those plastic eggs. ❜
❛ The eggs you found you keep. ❜
❛ There is going to be a egg hunting contest later. ❜
❛ Don’t forget to watch for the Easter bunny on TV later. ❜
❛ I’m not that into Easter this year. ❜
❛ How are you not ready for Easter? ❜
❛ Is Easter always chaotic like this? ❜
❛ I’m going to take Easter pictures with my family. ❜
❛ Easter cards are an actual thing? ❜
❛ Wait, so you had no idea it was Easter? There are posters everywhere. ❜
❛ I auditioned to be in the Easter play at school so I could skip going to church with my parents. ❜


Always Something To Get Angry About, Isn’t There: part 1,957,458 of a neverending series.

Headcanon prompt: Sam and Amir get their first child, how does the group react?

(I don’t know a lot about Muslim traditions, so I’m not going to cover that, I’m sorry)

- Babies can communicate in sign language before they can speak, and Hearth gives lessons

- Floor Nineteen babysat one time, but after a very close incident with an axe and the Breakfast Buffet to the Death, the child is kept out of Valhalla

- Blitzstone gifts a chain-mail onesie

- Magnus is the godfather

- Alex attempts to give the child a miniature clay-cutter (it’s confiscated)

- Sam becoming 10X as scary because of her child

- Amir is a cool dad who has no idea how to parent

- “Amir no you can’t feed our child felafel they can’t digest food yet”

- Samir not forcing gender roles on their child (Alex-approved! 👍 )

- Hearth teaching the child curse words

- Blitz makes a duck mobile


A little gift I grabbed for someone very dear to me arrived in the mail today. It was created with the most beautiful Labradorite crystal. The shine makes my soul so happy! (Please mind my stubby crafty hands, I was just too excited to share)

ID #69762

Name: Serena
Age: 18
Country: Ireland 

Hey everyone,
so this is my first time looking for a penpal
Looking to make friends with other people and to send letters and little gifts
I’m non-binary and pansexual
I use they/them pronouns
I am hoping to go to college later on this year to study biotechnology
I am also a small youtuber and lifestyle blogger
I love watching YouTube, my favs are MilesChronicles, Harmony Nice, Melanie Murphy, LaurDIY, Lucy Moon, Simply_Kenna and Arden Rose
I love alternative/punk/rock/indie music
my favourite music artists are Halsey, Hozier, Fall Out Boy, The Vamps, Melanie Martinez, Panic! at the disco, Demi Lovato, 5 Seconds of Summer, Arctic Monkeys.
I love Divergent series, Harry Potter and SHERLOCK!!!!
I love reading and writing short stories and poetry.
I speak fluent English and Irish and moderate Spanish.
I want to penpal so I can have another creative outlet and also make friends in the process. 

Preferences: Snail mail if possible but email is ok too!!! Any gender, sexuality, age, nationality!!! Just no homophobes or transphobes!!!

A Mother's Love

When she turned five, her parents broke the news too her.

America would offer so many possibilities there would be no reason to fear leaving their home country.

When she was 10 and her father was buried six feet under and her mothers tongue refused to speak the language despite constant nights of fighting to form the words, she had to quit school to fend for their small shack of a home.

At 13 she got her first real job at the tallest building in their city, cleaning under a man that shared in her heritage and suddenly American seemed like the place her father bragged about so many years ago.

At fifteen she’s offered false promises by a man old enough to be her grandfather, but when he talks about her home in a way she could never remember, she gives herself too him in turn for stories.

At 16 she was pregnant with a CEO’s baby, and her mother was torn over the ruined innocence of her daughter and what would become of her grandson.

At 17 she’s carrying a bundle in her arms, as she walks down to a courthouse as the father of her child uses various accessories to hide his features in case any one recognizes him.

At 18 she refuses to see her mother, the woman who scolded and cried to her in a language that was now long gone to her daughter, and she wraps her arms around her infant as if too shield him from her past, but she isn’t aware that it’s the future that will force her son too see the worst in the world.

At 23, after receiving another letter from the school about her son, she realizes that she can’t keep him trapped in a house void of love, but she can stay behind and fix it for when he gets back. She always wanted to go to summer camp as a kid.

At 27 when her son is ten, and she has the same number of bruises up and down each arm, she refuses to look her son in the eyes. She robbed him of her rich culture, and thrusted him into a new one that refused too see them, because the robes his mother wore when she was 5 still hung on her no matter how many times she tried to shed them.

At 27, her son is so full of hatred for an unforgiving world that she put him in, and she understands she can’t take that back. But that doesn’t mean she won’t try.

At 27 and a half she forgets she makes that solemn vow and it’s another summer at camp for her son.

At 27 and a half she lets a red haired man who smiles too much for her tastes take her son because theirs so much determination and love in his eyes when he gazes at Max, that she’d be damned if she didn’t let a true parent show her son what it meant to be in a house where you didn’t have to avoid eye contact in fear of getting in trouble.

Right now, she sits at her desk, writing a letter and a check too a little boy that has been her only solace in this world. To her son that has lightened her life in ways she never noticed until now. To a son she loves very much. And she knows this isn’t a good enough apology, but she knows it’s a start.

I love you Max, and I’m sorry for what I’ve done to you and I promise to fix it this time. I love you so very much.


Max wasn’t sure if he was supposed to cry or not, but he was sure staring numbly at the walls wasn’t what he was supposed to do. They had been getting ready to eat breakfast together at the dining table when David brought in the mail.

The six figure check was gifted to David in a separate envelope with a letter that promised more, along with with more promises of an upcoming visit from Max’s mother and grandmother who were both excited to see him.

David calmly took the check, still in shock from the amount of money, and set it on top the fridge, brief thoughts of planning a family camping trip with the upcoming visitors ran through his mind, but all thoughts ran clear once he turned to face Max.

Max couldn’t control the shaking that had over come him.

He had never received something that was filled with such love from either of his parents. The closest that came was the brief hug shared between his mother and him before David carried him back to Sleepy Peak.

And his father was out of the question, vague memories of him being held and a quick kiss to his temple before they left him on his first day of camp by the older man appeared from time to time, but Max couldn’t tell if he had just made up the interaction to fill that void or if his father was capable of showing that much affection to his bastard son.

David crouched next to him, laying a gentle hand on his shoulder and a top of the small fist that was clenched so tightly on the letter.

“Max?” David called, trying to draw Max out of whatever trance had fallen upon him. Max furrowed his brows as he stared hard at wall before him, his body shaking so hard he was making the chair creak.

When he heard David’s voice he let his fist open, allowing David to take the letter. David stood up, but kept his hand on Max shoulder while reading the wobbly hand writing.

“Oh, Max.” David whispered, voice so quiet Max barely caught it.

It came out as a pained wheezed, and then stronger, and Max suddenly realized he was sobbing. He touched his cheek and found his finger tips wet with tears unknown to to him had fallen.

David slowly scooped up the boy, letting Max cry hard into his shoulder fists balling up in the man’s shirt.

“I know, buddy. Shh, it’s okay Max. It’s gonna be okay.” David cooed, pacing the kitchen floor as he rubbed the boy’s back.

“Why?” Max cried, summing up so many questions into one word and David felt his chest tighten, having no answers to settle his pleas.

“It’s gonna be okay.” David made his way into the living room setting down on the couch, and Max curled up in his lap, letting the rest of the tears slip by.

“I fucking hate her!” Max spat, wiping the tears away only to be replaced by more.

David shushed him gently, running his fingers through the soft, black curls.

“Why’d she fucking stay with him? Why’d she have me? Why do I have to carry her fucking shame?” He yelled.

“You don’t have too, Max. Your not your parents, you’re not their mistakes. You’re not what they think, believe, or do. You’re you. Nothing has to change that.” David soothed, letting the words fall among the sniffling and teary eyed hiccups.

Max sniffed and took a deep breath, allowing his nerves to calm.

“Stop speaking cryptic shit like that, you sound like the quarter master.”

David laughed loudly, and both felt the mood lighten. And both were very grateful for it.

They stayed like that for most of the morning.

David held him close, thinking of mothers and marriages of his own past, and Max held on tight to David’s arm that was stroking Max’s upper arm in an attempt at comfort, wondering if moments such like these were what it mean to have a mothers love


It has arrived!!! I’m so excited to receive this thoughtful gift from the crafty and creative @andriacrowjoy . I can’t wait to travel the world and record my thoughts and adventures in this amazing scrap journal. Thank you for your sweet card and beautiful work, friend! You can be sure that I will use it well. ❤️

TGIF (m)

∟ When your gift arrives in the mail the morning of another house party, you know wearing it would only make sense. Especially since it is Hoseok’s favorite color. 

・pairing: hoseok x reader
genre: smut, romance, college au
∟warnings: semi-public sex, lingerie, exhibition kink, face fucking, spanking, dirty talk, etc.
word count: 6,575
a/n: this took 4 months but it’s finally done!

Escapades Masterlist

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Super sweet gifts from @clusterofcats way back a few weeks ago, I just never remember to post photos on my phone! Look at all this cute stuff!! :D Very excited to try these candy kits. And new school supplies! :) <3 <3 Thank you sweetie!!!! <3 I need to hit up Daiso soon and send you something for your soon to be new place. :D


hahah this is a one shot and it sucks and not formal but heYYY 

inspired by @bunny-yams’s high school au with jamilams and everything I want in life

word count: 733 oops its short

pretty sure it doesn’t have any trigger warnings, just some cussing bc i can’t write anything without throwing fuck in there this is mainly just fluff y’all 


Alex woke up in bed alone, cuddled up with some blankets. He opened his eyes groggily and rubbed the side of his face. John and Thomas had stayed the night with him, but it wasn’t like them to disappear before he woke up. 

“Johnny? Tom?” Alex sat up, not hearing either of them in the bathroom either. He pursed his lips about to get out of bed before a soft knock of the door sounded. John quickly stuck his face through the door, grinning. 

“Hey, beautiful.” John beamed, coming towards Alex and attacking his face with kisses. Alex laughed, pushing John away gently. 

“What’s going on, John? You’re being awfully sweet.” Alex teased. John put a hand over his chest in fake shock. 

“Are you saying I’m not always sweet to you?” John protested, pulling back a smile. “I’m offended.”

“John, you know-”

“IS HE AWAKE YET?” Thomas yelled, interrupting them. John laughed, kissing Alex on the cheek. 

“PLEASE SAY YES, THOMAS IS ABOUT TO BLOW UP THE GODDAMN KITCHEN.” George, Alex’s dad, shouted too. Alex giggled, staring at John wildly. 

“What do you have planned?” Alex asked. John stood up and didn’t reply. He grabbed Alex gently, picking him up and tossing him over his shoulder. Alex let out a yelp of surprise and pounded on John’s back. His laughter got in the way of anything he wanted to say. Soon, John set Alex down softly in the kitchen and moved to Thomas’s side, letting Alex turn around to see the beautiful mess that was the kitchen. 

Propped against one of the counters was a small canvas, decorated with polaroid pictures of Alex with all of his friends and family, but mainly with pictures of him and John and Thomas. Next to the canvas on the counter, was a sloppy cake that was obviously made with lots of love and a fuck-ton of patience. Alex was shocked. No one had ever done much for his birthday, except some cards in the mail, a wad of cash, and a gift from George. 

Thomas wrapped an arm around Alex, grinning and pulling him close. 

“Happy birthday, baby.” Thomas said to the blushing and beaming Alex next to him. 

“Thank you so much, Tommy.” Alex gasped out, holding back his tears of happiness. 

“Aw, you made him cry, Thomas!” John put in jokingly. Thomas rolled his eyes. 

“The canvas was your idea, idiot.” Thomas retorted, wrapping his arms completely around Alex and hugging him tight. Alex pulled away from him a few seconds later, barreling into John and hugging him forcefully. John laughed and planted a kiss on Alex’s head. 

“Happy birthday, love.” John hummed, wiping Alex’s joyful tears off his face. Alex grinned, sniffling and looking at the canvas again. There was one big picture in the middle, and Alex lost track of how long he started at it.

Alex was in the center of the photo, grinning crazily. On either side of him, John and Thomas were planting a kiss on Alex’s cheeks. He saw Christmas lights in the background, and he remembered fondly when it was taken. Christmas Eve, the first Christmas when they were all together. Alex bounced on his heels. He couldn’t wait for another Christmas like that. 

“I was thinking you could put it in the space above your desk,” Thomas said. “So when you’re writing essays deep into the night, you can look up and it and remember that we want you to get some fucking sleep.” 

John and Alex laughed together, while George tried to hold back his laughter with a muffled snort. Alex turned to George and gave him a hug too. 

“Don’t eat cake for breakfast, for the love of god,” George sighed good-heartedly. “The last thing we need is three hormonal teenagers running around the house high on cake.” 

“Got it, Dad.” Alex replied, his face flush with happiness. George said his quick goodbye and left the room to get ready for work. Alex moved back to his boyfriends, and they squished them into a tight hug.

“Love you, baby,” Thomas muttered happily. 

“I love you,” John said, drawing out the u and making Alex laugh. 

“I love you guys too,” Alex blushed. “Thank you so much for an awesome birthday. I forgot about it myself.”

“Well, that’s why you have us.” Thomas smirked, kissing Alex’s head. “Because we’ll never forget something so special.”