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Sherlock belongs to us now

Seriously, the writers essentially gave Sherlock William Scott Holmes to us. 

Moffat and Gatiss completed their part in his story, and set up each happy ending that we could want.  Now, it’s up to us all to make that happy ending into the story we all want to see.  No one’s end wasn’t real.  No lies were told.  All I Love You’s and texts and caresses gave us all exactly what we wanted and they were all as real as we want them to be.  Sherlock belongs to us now. 

Steven and Mark are finished telling the story they wanted to tell.  Now it’s our turn to continue that into whatever we wish.  Don’t talk yourself out of your happiness.  We all deserve our happy endings.


Pill popper, capsule launcher 💊💊


i like to think red’s blastoise and venusaur were a gift from blue


I’m hoping for something more like this for Daud’s activities in Dishonored 2, but I guess we will see!

When the monkey boy is his own squad

It’s @justblacksun Blacksun week day 7!
Draw the squad meme from

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one of my fav videos ever is called "behind the scenes nicklas backstrom vapor apx tv shoot" because he sings how sweet it is to be loved by you in it and i wanted to share in case youve never seen it

Thank you, anon, I have! And nearly died the first time I heard it

It is very sweet, surprised me by not being horrible, and makes me further wonder about his choices in music. On which topic, btw, some amazing sleuthing work has been done! I feel like all of this gives us soooome sense of what he plays for his teammates when it’s his turn at the speakers, haha.


Swan Mills Family - Regina and Emma giving one another what they always wanted but could never have

Quietus - Chapter 2

Sequel to Missing - a 707 x MC fan fiction

You woke up to a dark room, with the light coming from the computer screen as the sole source of light. Brushing sleep away from your eyes, you notice that Saeyoung is not at his usual spot.  You sat up on the bed, but found that you had no strength to actually get out of it.  

Sitting in the darkness, your eyes settle on the faint glow of the PC screen.  The times that you are left alone has been very rare nowadays; Saeyoung has been watching over you like a hawk, and Saeran always seemed to show up in the corner of the room when you least expect it.  There also has been a steady amount of gifts, calls and visits from other RFA members.  No matter how many times you tell them that you are fine, they can somehow see through everything.

And you hate it.

You hate being this weak.  You hate that you have somehow become a burden to everybody, and you can’t understand how you’re just so goddamn scared.  You barely leave the house alone, and the black 9mm that Saeyoung gave you somehow became your security blanket. You would keep it under your pillow at night, and the pain in Saeyoung’s eyes when he finds it does not escape you.

Saeyoung…he has been nothing but an angel.  You clutch at the blankets on your lap. You try so hard to be happy for him, to make him stop worrying…and you know he’s been losing sleep for God knows how long because you would still have these night terrors like a goddamn child.

This is not good enough.  I need to try harder.

You will yourself to get out of the bed and make an effort to at least fold the blanket neatly.  You glanced at the computer screen as you walked towards the door, and you notice something loading.  You leave the computer alone like you always do, then opened the door of your room.  

It’s bright outside; the lights in the hallway were turned on.  You allowed your eyes to adjust to the sudden brightness and you notice that the house is quiet.  

The brothers going out in the middle of the night no longer surprises you, so you made your way past Saeran’s room and went downstairs to fix something to eat.  Glancing at the window towards the garage, you did notice that one of Saeyoung’s cars was not parked, so you shrugged it off and continued towards the kitchen.

Rummaging through the fridge, you found yourself some microwaveable food.  You know that you really should cook real food, but it just feels like too much effort at the moment. Popping the container in the microwave and setting the timer, you stand and wait.

Then you hear the steady downpour of rain.  Confused, you checked your phone for today’s weather, and it appears that the temperature had gone up considerably, hence there was no snow.

After consuming your meal you checked the garage if the boys are back, but there is no sign of the car yet. Noticing the sleet seeping through the garage door, you assumed that it was raining pretty badly and your boys might just get delayed a bit more.  A part of you was worried if they had something to protect them from the rain and cold.

Sighing, you made your way up the stairs, when you heard a rattling noise.  You felt the sense of dread as you might actually know where the sound is coming from.  Saeran always keeps his windows open as he always likes being able to look at the sky while he works, and since it was considerably warmer today he may have opened the window and forgot about it.  You had a sinking feeling that his computer might be drenched.

Rushing towards his room, you open the door to see that the computer was still safe, but there is a small puddle on the floor.  You groan and immediately shut the window, but the puddle on the floor made you slip, and you instinctively grabbed onto the table, pressing some buttons on the keyboard by accident.  The screen flashed a bit, but you paid it no heed as you are too busy trying to still your heartbeat.

“Phew, that was close,” you whispered to yourself.  You stood up and carefully avoided any more wet spots, and grabbed the door mat placed just outside of Saeran’s bathroom.  You carefully placed the mat on the puddle on the floor to have it absorb the water for a while.

This is when you notice a picture on Saeran’s computer screen.  It looked like an old newspaper clipping.  Curious, you leaned over and read.

You felt your blood freeze, as if someone has doused ice over your entire body.  

“W…what is this..?”

National Intelligence Service – ID records for (MC)

Birth date: 1997/MM/DD

Gender: Female


Cause  of death: Vehicular accident

Date  of death: 1999/06/21


The Korea Times


SEOUL – Victims identified as (Father’s  name), ___ years old, and (Mother’s name), ___ years old, along with their  2-year-old daughter, (MC’s name) were declared dead on arrival in Downtown General Hospital at 7:27 this morning due to injuries sustained from a  multi-vehicle collision near Exit 24. 


It was quite unusual to rain in winter, but since they were graced with higher temperatures today, the streets below Jumin’s penthouse suite was covered in sleet, and very few people and cars dare to venture out in fear of the roads being too slippery.

Instead of the usual wine glass, Jumin held a steaming cup of coffee.  He glances at the pile of paperwork still on his desk at this hour, and he finds himself lost in thoughts.

The story of your past reminds him of an old—a very old—story from more than a decade ago. Somehow, he wants to just dismiss the idea, but a bigger part of him wants to confirm if his memory fits.

His phone’s ring tone interrupted his thoughts. Sighing, he walked over to his desk and saw Jaehee’s name on the screen. Grabbing his phone with his free hand, he taps on the green “accept” button and places the phone on his ear.

“It’s me.  What is it?”

“Mr. Han,” Jaehee spoke. “You have a package.”

Jumin’s eyebrows knot in confusion.  A package?  At this hour?

“Mr. Han..?”

He places his coffee on the desk, and runs his fingers through his hair.  “Who’s it from?”

“I…I can’t tell…”

A bad feeling started creeping from his stomach.  He closed his eyes and cleared his thoughts; he could clearly sense the difference in Jaehee’s tone.

“Jaehee.  Where are you?”

“I’m…at the entrance of the building.”

It is very obvious that Jaehee sounded flustered.  The nagging feeling was constantly eating at him.

“Get inside the building immediately and wait in the lobby. I will have the bodyguards get you.”


“Aww man!” Saeyoung groaned, staring at the rain as he and his brother stepped out of the convenience store.  Sighing, he placed the grocery bags back on the cart.

Saeran stepped out after him, quietly nibbling at a lollipop.  He expressed his distaste of the weather right after he notices that the ground before him was practically slush, scowling at the night sky.

“Well,” Saeyoung turned to his brother, “I guess we need to wait this out a bit.”

Suddenly, Saeyoung’s phone started vibrating from his pocket, which made him jump a little. Saeran curiously watched his brother fish for the phone, and looked at him in question.

“Huh, it’s Jumin,” Saeyoung muttered before picking up. “What’s up, trust fund kid?”

“C&R Building. Penthouse. Now.”


Saeyoung stared at his phone for a while; confusion painted on his face.  “What the hell?”

“What did he say?” Saeran inquired.

“C&R Building. Penthouse. Now,” Saeyoung replied, using his best imitation of Jumin’s voice.  “That spoiled brat, I’m not his assistant!”

Saeran’s eyes darkened. “Emergency.”

Saeyoung sighed, placing the phone back in his pocket and taking the grocery bags from the cart.  “Seems so.”

They groan in unison as they carefully waddled their way through slush.


A/N:  Oh goodness I have been so damn busy for the past few days T_T work is just never ending; I’m not even done with one I get another one, and another one, and another one…

Save me T_T

Hopefully I will be able to write in peace when the week ends!

Chapter 1 here!

Chapter 3 is up!


Short Disney Challenge . { Day 02 // Favorite Female Character }  | Tiana

“My Daddy never did get what he wanted. But he had what he needed; he had love. He never lost sight of what was really important and neither will I.”

Kookmin 3rd Muster:

  • They went on those lifts together. There may have been some butt touching. And some chest touching too.
  • JK hit Jimin too hard with the gourd and felt bad afterwards. Apologetic petting and hugging ensued.
  • More gentle, apologetic touching from JK when Jimin complained about it later.
  • Sexy dancing. Unfortunately, not enough grinding.
  • JK became super focused/stiff when Jimin started talking about all the gifts he received from the other members. JK should have just given him the D tbh
  • Jimin teasing Jungkook not to cry again.
  • Heart Eyes
  • JM accusing Jungkook of copying his hairstyle. JK denied it and insisted he got his hair done first.
  • Jimin aged 5 years when JK nearly fell off the segway

day three secrets/ late night rendezvous
i have this head canon where genji snuck up to hanzo’s room in their mid- late teens on certain occasions.
1.) Genji would have nightmares
2.) on Christmas eve, until twelve where they’d exchange gifts from each other
3.) when genji just wouldn’t be able to sleep and wanted to mess around (pictured here lol)

As Christians, we shouldn’t let the church push standards on us as “God’s standards.”  Our sexuality is a gift from Him - so love others, rejoice in His creation, and enjoy your sexuality through His grace and love…..   No guilt, no shame, no blindly following any human leader/minister/teacher…