gifts from dad


“Let the gifts speaks - From Dad”

A commercial for a danish electronic shop


So Marinette MAKES a hat for Adrien that is cute and perfect and she SIGNS HER NAME and it’s like a Christmas miracle right? TBH I want to squeal every time I think about it. 

but guys

friends, fandom, countrymen…





When Santa was akumatized, the hat changed back into a normal red color, without the unique snowflake pattern. BUT it still had the unique poof balls hanging from it! It’s definitely still Mari’s and we SAW Adrien give it to him. 

So Chat cataclysms it, and they get rid of the akuma, BUT Miraculous cure has ALWAYS brought back the broken akumatized items. But here we see there’s just no hat?? Why is it gone? Marinette worked so hard on this gift for Adrien, and I understand it’s the thought that counts but STILL, that hat was so cute and we know he isn’t used to getting many thoughtful gifts from his dad like that, so I’m so upset it just…disappeared???? 

When they’re all gathered and eating again, Santa has the old hat he had on in the beginning, no cute pattern or poofs! #bringbackthehat2k16


“Today is my BIRTHDAY, and I did something rather unconventional. Read more about it and see MY GIFT from Mum and Dad via link in my profile!” ~ Crusoe

#humanesociety #dachshund #ottawa @ottawahumane

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Got my wig fixed up and finally found the khakis I needed (but of course they’re not visible in these lol).

I got the sweater for Christmas as a gift from my dad!! I really love it omg. My eye doctor won’t let me get colored contacts though…I have eye issues from medicine I’m on. Anyways.

Ken Ichijouji winter outfit from Digimon Adventure 02! The middle two I’m holding Leafmon and a D-Terminal (I think that’s what they were called…?).

Happy Digimon Selfie Sunday! I took these Friday but shhhhh.

I’ll be wearing this one day at Tekko in April! Last year it snowed that weekend so like, why not lol.

Got a gift from my dad in the mail today. He turned one of my business cards into a letter opener keepsake. Even broke out the highlighter for his note, haha. :)