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Mine, My Love - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic One Shot (rqtd)

hello again :)))) i’m back with another prompt idea😏😉so i started to think that Alfie being the crazy man that he is, he would get quite jealous over anything from some to talking to Alyona for too long etc etc so me being the dirty minded person i am i was thinking along the lines of jealousy sex lol just alfie making sure his women is still his and maybeeee a little vulnerability on alfie’s side maybe like him actually thinking that she’s gonna leave him😉love ya lots -k

WARNINGS:   NSFW,   Okay Listen Up - Alyona gets herself in a spot of unwanted attention and Alfie is in a jealous rage set on reminding her who’s girl she is.  Consent is clear, but he is not kind, nor is he gentle.   Be Forewarned.  And it will be okay.

Mine, My Love

 Alfie paced the floor damn near bare, a crystal tumbler swirling its golden contents in time with his shuffled steps.   Several times his feet carried him to the bottom of the stairs, one hand on the wooden railing while his eyes lifted upward to search the hallway.   Fucking hell what was she doing up there?  Ya wash yer parts, comb yer hair and throw on same damn clothes; what’s so difficult?

Alfie Solomons was going to a party and he was in no mood.  

A tiny “woof” came from his feet and he reached down to give Boots a good scratch behind his ears. The dog leaned into his hands, nearly falling over in his attempt to get a real good scratching.  Alfie chuckled.

“A little advice Boots boy, when ya meet a nice gal doggie and are takin her out on the town, tell her the party is an hour earlier than it really is, because if you don’t yer damn sure to be fucking late, right?”

The dog sat bright eyed, head cocked listening to every word and thumping his tail upon the floor.   Alfie patted his head and then sank down into his favourite chair with an impatient groan.   Boots came and lay at his feet.

“Yeah, right that’s it ain’t it boy?  We’re in for the night now.”   His eyes once more flickered to the stair case and seeing nothing, rolled back in his head as another groan escaped.    Boots yawned and immediately went to sleep on the toes of his shiny black shoes.

Upstairs Alyona did a final check in the bathroom mirror.   She knew she was taking too long, but as it was her first party with Alfie and she really wanted to make a good impression on his business associates.  And their wives.   It had been forever since she had an evening out, and she was full of pride that it would be on Alfie’s arm.

Her hands smoothed down the front and sides of her dress, still marveling over how beautiful it was. Alfie had picked it out himself as a surprise.   The soft jersey fabric in a beautiful champagne tone was overlaid by a sequined deep eggplant purple lace.   As always, the colour no doubt chosen to compliment her ever changing hazel eyes. The square cut neckline was low enough to show off her youthful bust, but not distastefully so.  Sheer lace cap sleeves showed off her toned arms and the slender, elegant lines of her neck.  It hugged all her curves in a tight fit down to the knees, then flaring out to a full trim.   It was gorgeous and she loved it.   The final touch were champagne gloves that reached just below her elbows.   She’d never felt so elegant in her entire life.

Her eyes lifted to the mirror to check her reflection and caught the sparkle of the gold pendant necklace in the shape of a crown, encrusted with diamonds that hung from her slender neck.  A fitting gift for a gangster boss’s girl.    A final swipe of ruby lipstick across her full mouth and she was ready.   Her high heels tapped an echo throughout the huge hall entrance as she glided down the stairs, hoping for a dramatic entry.   Nothing.


She stood before the chair where he had fallen asleep, head tipped back to the ceiling.   Glancing over to where Boots had snuck up on the couch while his master obliviously snored.   “You, get down now!”

Boots raised his head and looked to Alfie.  Hearing no command, he rested his chin on his paws, then rolled over on his back with a groaning whine.

“Dammit Boots, down!”

“Fuck what … who?”   Alfie startled in the chair.   His eyes wildly searching about the room until they landed on her and widened; lips pursing in appreciation.   His gaze roamed over the trim figure in the cocktail dress, back up to the very visible curve of her breasts and his brow furrowed.   Damn, the ruby lips though.   Got him every time and he decided it was all completely worth the wait.  He whistled low and leaned back in his chair; gaze burning through her.

“Fuckin hell love, look at ya.”

That was as much as a compliment as one got from Alfie Solomons, and she twirled in a slow circle. “The dress is stunning Alfie.  I just love it.”

“Yeah me too love, me too. Nah we ain’t going anywhere… come here and let me feel ya in that dress.”

Alyona took a step backwards and held up her hand, “Oh no ya don’t.  Yer not using me to get out of going to this affair Alfie.”

“Ya look real fucking good sweetie, ya do.”  He crooked a finger.

Alyona raised her chin, ran a hand down the front of her dress. “Ya want this love?  Ya want to feel this right here, yeah?”

“Hell yeah, I said so didn’t I.  Quit playing and get yer perky ass over here.”

She spun on her heels and strode to the door, tossing a saucy smirk over one bare shoulder.  “If ya want a feel, ya better get out of that chair and hurry up lover.”

Alfie cursed and hauled himself out of the chair, a glance at the dog as he rushed to catch up with his far too tempting to leave the house date.

“Get off the fuckin couch Boots.”

Boots jumped down off the couch as Alfie closed the front door.   The dog waited until he heard the car driving away and hopped back up again.

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fic prompt- trying to meet the Woodsman again, Maritza wanders the woods bearing a basket of cookies. She meets a little girl in a fashionable little garrison cap named Madeline instead. She says her dad is in a business meeting nearby and could she have one of those cookies, please? They end up sharing the cookies, and then sharing a kiss. Madeline tells her that her dad is tugging her, and gives her the cap as a gift. "It'll fit right between your pretty antlers!" This girl says funny things.