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Showtime’s Penny Dreadful came to an unexpected end with the abrupt conclusion of the Season 3, but the story will continue as an ongoing comic book series from Titan Comics. The first issue will be released on April 5.

Written by the series’ co-executive producer Chris King, the comic takes place six months after the events of Penny Dreadful’s Season 3. It features art by Jesús Hervás and color by Jason Wordie.

Ethan Chandler finds himself unable to move on. As he searches desperately for meaning in a world without Vanessa, ancient words echo across the centuries, and he is called on once again to take up arms against the creatures crawling out of the night!

Penny Dreadful #1 has six variant covers to collect, with artwork from Stephen Mooney, Louie De Martinis, Shane Pierce, and Rob Davis, plus two photo covers with Billie Piper and Eva Green.

And Suddenly Ballpoint Pens Were Her New Favorite Thing

evamoans  asked:

prompt: isak taking care of even in one way or another, maybe he has food poisoning because isak decided to cook food for him in their new apartment :)

Hello there, @evamoans my dear! I’m so, SO sorry for how late this is–between a couple of trips and work being crazy, the prompts in my inbox got away from me (also, I’m the worst, which I think is well-known at this point). But I loved your prompt and couldn’t leave it unfilled, so here you go! It got way too long and way too schmoopy, OOPS. Thank you for sending it my way! Can also be found on AO3 here.

the boyfriend experience

The thing is—and Isak supposes it should come as no surprise, given the ludicrously romantic timing and circumstances of their first kiss—Even is an absolutely phenomenal boyfriend.

And it’s not just the comforting, casual touches and the unreasonably frequent cuddling and the life-altering, mind-blowing sex, either.

(Although that stuff is pretty damn good.)

(Like, seriously. He cannot over-emphasize how good it is.)

It’s the soothing backrubs, and making sure Isak eats breakfast before school, and surprising Isak with baked goods or coffee or little trinkets that remind Even of something Isak said the previous week. It’s knowing when Isak is one textbook paragraph away from studying himself to an early grave and coaxing him into taking a break with the promise of sleep or snacks or Netflix (and yes, sometimes sexual favors are on the table. Hell, sometimes they take place on the table). 

It’s knowing when to press and when to hold back, when to offer quiet support and when to take the lead. Knowing when Isak needs to be alone because he got a shitty text from his shitty father, and when he needs to talk about it, or be spooned within an inch of his life, or fuck to forget.

The point is: Even is great. Even is perfect. So perfect, in fact, that the alarming and ever-growing disparity between them, in terms of boyfriend-ing, has become impossible to ignore. Try as he might to talk himself down, Isak can’t quite stop that ugly fear from gnawing at him—the fear that Even will wake up one day and suddenly realize, fuck, why in God’s name am I doing all this work for a smelly, socially awkward slob with no money and no skills and Dorito crumbs in his bed?

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Unexpected Casualty

Word Count: 2,048

Summary: Visiting a new city through their travels across the universe, Eva, Spirit, and Aikka find themselves caught up in an unexpected scuffle.

*Author’s Note*: This title is super ominous but uhhhhhh. Lol. I……..really dropped the ball on this one, and I’m sorry it’s so late ;~; but my SUPER GOOD FRIEND @aepaex had a very special and important birthday this past Tuesday, and I finally finished this gift I was writing for her! I’m sorry it’s a little belated, but I really hope it’s still enjoyable, and I just have to say again HAPPY BELATED BDAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

Another day, another new and interesting place to explore. At least, that was Eva’s mindset when she and her entourage arrived at a new destination on a foreign planet. This time the city seemed to be a bustling hub for a variety of aliens to congregate and sell their wares, and Eva was already excited to see what this place had in store for them. Aikka had dropped she and Spirit off so they could head into the main part of the city while he found a place to dock G’dar. Spirit and Aikka were currently still her only two companions on this spontaneous journey, although she knew that in their free time Aikka was busy trying to coordinate meet ups so they could add a few more members to the group. What she didn’t know were the specific details of said plan in terms of where and when and who, but that was alright. Eva enjoyed a certain element of surprise in her travels across the cosmos, and as she strolled through the market stands that lined the streets she perused their wealth of alien wares with glee.

Spirit strolled close behind her, observing both the stands and the crowd around them. The atmosphere seemed unusually dense and chaotic, different from what Spirit had experienced in other crowded locales. Perhaps there was some underlying emotional disruption going on, or something that had happened that left an unpleasant impression on the area and its inhabitants. Spirit couldn’t put his finger on it, but he supposed that as long as nothing dangerous or disruptive happened it wasn’t a big deal. After all, he was here to enjoy whatever this place had to offer as much as Eva and Aikka. He was just as excited to discover what surprises the universe had in store throughout their interplanetary travels. Although he and Aikka had markedly more experience with such a thing than Eva, there were sectors of the universe that they’d both had yet to visit, and visiting with Eva always made things more interesting.

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Lonely Hearts

a/n: yeah this is all smut, enjoy!

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Warning: NSFW stuff like thats all this is.  this is for everyone that asked for more smut between Boomer and Claudia. So, enjoy. This is about my character Claudia and Boomer from my fic New in the Neighborhood, but you dont need to read that to enjoy this.


Capt. Boomerang X OFC [Claudia] // Suicide Squad

word count:  2,140

Lonely Hearts

It took Claudia a little while to decipher Digger’s handwriting at first. She didn’t expect he’d reply often and once she did finally receive a response, she was ecstatic. It was a scan of note paper which he had scribbled wildly across in sharpie, paying no mind to the horizontal blue lines. Once she had finally worked out what the letter said she couldn’t help but blush. He was no poet laureate, but she’d be lying if she said didn’t have a physical response to his words, ‘I can’t sleep at night. All I think about is your tight cunt around me cock, shocking and squeezing me as you cum.’

Claudia had also been having trouble sleeping, staying up thinking about him at all hours of the night. The evening before she laid awake on her mattress, staring at the opening above her bed, remembering how he’d try to sneak up on her. It was more than obvious whenever Digger was on the roof, his heavy footsteps shaking the tin sheeting as he stomped across it. Even if she had been asleep, by the time he peeked over the edge she’d be awake enough to know what he was planning. She would pull her arms in close, lying still in the center of the bed, aware of what he was going to do and humoring him anyway.

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Books I’ve Read So Far This Year

Hey, tumblr! It’s halfway through the year now (how???) and I was looking through my book list and thinking that I have read so many good books this year, so I thought I would just throw my book list as it stands under a cut, with brief notes on the books in case anyone is interested! Or wants to talk about how awesome they are. Or even wants to recommend me some based on what I’ve read!

Or just tell me what you’ve been reading, if you do not want to deal with, um. A 90-item annotated list.

It’s possible that I read too much.

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