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you know what i'm not even mad at the jonerys stuff i knew that was going to happen and this is got so i know that sh*t won't last. What really pisses me off is Jon fucking Snow thinking he has any right to bend a knee. The North is not yours to give away a courting gift. Dude you can fu*k her without giving away your family home!

I’m going to preface this reply with a note to all that I’m NOT a meta person, I’m just not bright enough. Sorry! :D Anyway…

I understand where you’re coming from Anon. It’s hard when we see characters we like or love act in a way that we think is OOC or ridiculous (man this has happened to me more times than I like to remember!).  

I haven’t watched the leaked episode, and may not even watch it when it properly airs. So I’m only going on what people are telling me, which is that: Jon bends the knee. And if I were a meta person, I might direct you to Sansa’s scene in 7x05 where the lords are clearly unimpressed with Jon… and if you want a glimmer of hope that there will be some repercussions about his actions, I think this scene gives it. I’d like to think that it won’t be plain sailing for him once the North finds out about what he’s done. That would make sense to me. And also I am 99.999999% sure that The North will be independent by the end of the show, in which case Jon won’t reallllly have given away his home. HOWEVER…

I will always argue that it’s hard to apply logic to Thrones now that’s it’s off-book. A reason why people may be angry about Jon bending the knee (and other things, I mean… I would NOT like to be an Arya fan right now, the assassination dealt to her is just… just NO NO WAY) is that each of us have a somewhat clear, logical path for our beloved characters to take in each step that takes them to towards their endgame. But unfortunately they’re in the hands of people that A) don’t agree with your headcanon path or B) just don’t care. TV shows are often made for the thrills (BATTLES! DRAGONS! COSTUMES! all of this shit I LOVE btw) and often drop the ball on characters.

There’s a lot of anger surrounding this leaked episode for a number of reasons. So I’d advise most people to watch what you still love about it and if you’re struggling to find ANYTHING that you like, maybe give it a break (hard I know when you’re involved in fandom). But one thing I do know, is that this hand wringing and wrath is not a good recipe for an enjoyable time here.

And isn’t that why we’re both here in fandom Anon? To have fun? I’d like to claw some of that back if I can.

x-men’s inherent flaw in its storytelling is that it always has mutants with useful powers telling mutants with actual curses to be proud of their powers 

“you should embrace your gifts” says Orgasm Dude, the dude with the power to give anyone an orgasm

“yeah thanks” says Will Explode If He Gets A Boner Man 

surrender, surrender, but don’t give yourself away 

(re)read Spectre: 76 by @allofthisnonsenseplease​ and couldn’t help myself but draw something inspired by it 

(…) Jack running through a training simulation, teeth bared in a death’s head snarl, eyes glowing ice blue around their pinpoint pupils, the substance of his body breaking up to flare out behind him like misty wings.

Hello, this is such a wonderful fic with amazing descriptions of what Jack would look like and if I could I would’ve drawn the quoted scene (and more) hahghgsgh I just really love the concept ;;

Besides Spectre Jack kicking ass it also has fantastic smut and ends with fluff.  👌 👌 👌



“Lost Me…”  

A redraw from November,

 A Happy birthday gift to @therealjacksepticeye ! This dude, seriously. *here comes the cheesy stuff* The first time Jack reblogged my work, you should’ve seen me (the first one was actually this “Lost me” piece! The “original” so to speak) I was jumping around the walls and screaming. You know what this gave me? Courage, a feeling of moving forward! It was a feeling of progress. This is what got me here. Drawing this latest one. It may be different in some ways of color and choice of layout, but it is still growth. Jack was a cause of this. Maybe not the only one, but a big one. Where would I be without him, I don’t know. I met a lot of my good friends because of him, joined the community, and grew with everyone. Its been amazing watching so many artists of all kinds publish work and establish their work. To anyone reading this, grow. Inspire, work, do the cliché stuff I said. Because with work of dedication, you can become who you want to be. Sean, the least I can say, is thank you. Artists of all kinds and I give the biggest of thanks. 

 this was also a mini celebration thing for hitting 400+ watchers on Deviant art ;w; seriously you guys are amazing. 

It turns out that I was mistaken and that it was Otabek who came up with most of the ‘YURI ON DARKNESS/GALAXY/TIGER’ show names (okay, Yurio definitely came up with YURI ON TIGER), and I am once again reminded that the dude who kidnapped Yuri and told him he had beautiful eyes is every bit as extra as the tiny punk.

so we know that laurent was Watching The Road but can we talk about how fast his heart was probably beating, how he couldn’t help but blush thinking about what was to come, how he wanted to smile his softest and happiest smile, the one he reserves for damen, knowing that they would be reunited soon, how he probably laughed at his own longing and impatience and that absurd giddiness before seeing damen???? take all that in, laurent of vere is so in l o v e

you guys wanna know a pet peeve of mine?

when writers make victor spend stupid money over vain things. like ok we get that he has a lot of money but i really can’t read victor as a compulsive buyer or having this insane necessity of having overly-priced cars or apartments, flaunting a bunch of luxury for no reason at all besides being extra. he seems like a pretty controlled guy to me. in my view he makes investments, buying one really expensive pair of sunglasses that he really loves, for instance, and not 8 dozens just because he can.

idk it’s just me but i really dislike it when i see writers being like “oh yeah he has TEN cars in his garage, six penthouses furnished by different designers” like lmao having more than one car is ridiculously counterproductive do you have any idea how many taxes you have to pay for a single car why would he have more than one? if he’s gonna have a nice car make him have a good one instead of name listing all expensive brands, each with their own commissioned extra detail that we all know is not???? uh??? necessary?? like i don’t get it

call me boring but my boy victor nikiforov is not stupid when it comes to his money and image, he’s smarter than you think.

Goth x Fell Goth x Palette Part 2

I finished it Senpai, finally

~10 minutes later~
I heard Palette stir as well as Gothy. I chuckled lowly and wrapped his legs around my lower stomach. He gasped and backed away a bit. Palette heard me and jolted up, not going far because of the ropes.
“W-what the heck?? Fell, what’s going on??”
“I’m so glad you’re awake, now the fun can start~”
I started nipping at his neck, making him let out a startled moan. Palette’s eyes widened at the sound of his precious Gothy. I snickered and walked up to him, untieing the blindfolded and plopping Goth down.
“You’re gonna watch me make a mess out of your little Gothy, got it? Maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you join in~”
He had a glare on his face, but I couldn’t help but notice a bump forming at the crotch of his pants. I chuckled and rubbed it a bit, making it as big as it could get. He wasn’t as big as my Palette, with the fucking Viagra he overdoses on, but he was still gonna be big inside Goth, and that’s all that matters. He let out a startled groan, moving his hips a bit. I pulled my hand away and smiled evilly.
“You ready for the show, cause it’s about to start~”
Oh stars I’m getting so turned on by this. I yanked up Goth and bit his collar bone, causing him to let out a surprised moan. I laid him down on to the floor, undoing his robe and my own, showing his bare ribs. Palette let out a failed muffled groaned at the sight of us.
“Yeah, just keep making those sounds. Moan Palette’s name, see how hot and bothered he gets~”
Palette let out a breathy noise of arousal at my words. Goth looked at him and blushed heavily before turning back to me and nodding slightly.
“You naughty boy~”
I sucked on his top ribs, right next to his birthmark.
“Ahhh Palette!”
I flipped him onto his back, gently massaging a certain spot on his back that was extremely sensitive.
“Nnngh, P-palette!”
“Yeah, moan his name just like that~ Don’t you love the way he gets so turned on from you coming undone?”
Goth was panting and letting out breathy moans while trembling a bit. I chuckled and flipped him back on to his stomach. Palette moved his hips roughly, trying to get something stimulation, but failing. I bit my lip from the sight of him. He’ll be basically an animal on Gothy when I untie him! I can’t wait for that part. I wanna hear Goth scream in pleasure. I smiled evilly and grabbed a cord of bullet vibrators, bringing out Originals soul. His eyes widened as I wrapped the wires around his soul, being specific to where I but the vibrators, making them at least graze everything single sensitive spot in his soul. I turned them on and immediately turned the dial to max. His eyes rolled to the top of his eye sockets as he screamed in pleasure. “AHHHH GOD PALETTE!!!!”
Goth was trembling immensely as tears of pleasure ran down his face. Palette looked so desperate to just wreck little Gothy, oh stars I love this~ Goth came through his soul a few seconds later, screaming Palette’s name. I smiled and decided to give Palette at least a bit of stimulation. I plopped Goth down on to his lap and bounced him up and down. Palette groaned loudly, throwing his head back a bit at the long over due pleasure. Goth got the hint a bit and rocked his hips side to side and his pelvis. I pulled him away suddenly, making Palette growl at me slightly. I clicked my tongue at him.
“Now now, you’ll get what you want eventually. Are you just upset you’re not doing this to him? That you not feeling his tight pussy around your cock as you slam into him? I told you, if you’re a good boy you’ll get your reward~”
Goth looked like he recovered from his orgasm, perfect~ I got in between his legs a bit and started fingering his dripping wet cunt. He let out helpless moans as I slipped two, then three fingers into him. I wonder if he’s a squirter, that’ll make Palette go wild, I’m sure~ I quickened my pace and felt him clench around my now four fingers inside of him.
“Yeah, that’s it, cum for me, make Palette go crazy for your pussy~” My words sent him off the edge again, making him cum and spray liquid on to my fingers, some getting on the floor around my hand. He is a squirter, who would’ve thought? I glanced at Palette to make sure he saw it.
“Palette, did you see that, or do you need an encore?~”
“I saw.. lemme just pound into him already~”
I smirked at him and decided.
“Well, you have been a good boy for me, and I’d love to see you at your most animalistic. Sure, do what you will to your little Gothy~”
Palette was fidgeting as I untied him. I stepped out of the way as Palette pounced on to Goth. He squeaked as Palette quickly pulled down his pants, revealing his throbbing dick. I teleported to behind Goth, getting him on his knees in Palette’s lap. I grabbed a dildo, roughly 7-8 inches, and about Palette’s size. I had it put right outside Goth’s ass. Palette slammed into Goth and went at a fast and rough pace. I immediately started thrusting the dildo into his tight ass, jacking myself off in the process. Palette suddenly got an evil grin on his face, and it was aimed at me.
‘Oh shit’
He summoned big slimy tentacles and wrapped them around Goth and my ribs, sensitive spot on his back, and my soul. He slid the dildo out of Goth’s ass and replaced it with a big tentacles, I think it was the biggest one he summoned. It thruster at an inhuman speed with the other one rubbing Goth’s sensitive spot and ribs. He did the same to me, making it extremely difficult to keep my moans hidden. Goth was an absolute mess, he was screaming bloody murder from all the pleasure he was feeling.
“Well, mmf, too bad, cuz when I’m done with both of you, you both won’t be able to walk for a week!”
Goth was bouncing in Palette’s lap heavily. I’ll admit, I wasn’t in the best of appearances as well. I gave up on hiding my moans and was jacking off as fast as I could. The tentacles made everything so much better~
“Mmm, Gothy you’re so tight, God you feel so good. I can’t wait to feel you squirt on to my cock.”
Goth couldn’t handle the pleasure anymore, it finally becoming too much for him. He came and squirted on to his dick with a scream so loud it left a ringing in my ears. Palette pulled out of him as soon as Goth’s orgasm faded down enough. I caught him before he fell from pure exhaustion. Me and Palette hadn’t come yet, but I was about to. My grip tightened around Goth as Palette’s tentacles made me come hard. “Ahhh!!! Palette!!!”
I slowly stroked myself through my orgasm, making me twitch uncontrollably. Palette grabbed my head and pulled it down, making my mouth face to face with his cock.
“Since you’ve been such a tease to me, how about you be the one who gets the honor of getting me off?”
I smirked naughtily and licked the shaft up to the head slowly, making him let out a low groan.
“Mm, just like that baby. Suck me off like the good little doll you can be~”
I bobbed my head up and down as he was close to cumming already. Palette let out a loud moan as he came inside my mouth and made me swallow. Hey, I wasn’t complaining, at least he tasted sweet. I licked the remains off my face and went to pick up Goth, who was basically passed out. Me and Palette carried him to the couch, well, more like I teleported us, and laid him down. He was trembling in overstimulation, panting heavily. I chuckled and cuddled next to him, both of us leaning on Palette. “Hehehe, how was that for a three way?”
“So good~”
“I loved watching you turn Goth into a mess, I’ll admit that much.”
“Heh, well don’t get used to it, because we ain’t doing this in a long while”
I mumbled as I fell asleep into my afterglow.

fanfic by creepychick420


tfw your best friend smiles at the first snowfall of the year in awe and you have to blame your sudden blush on the cold ❄️❄️❄️

Now look at what you’ve done, @tiacchi - Iwa-chan is all flustered (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)
(forever projecting my own feelings on him, as usual)