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God evening! consider this: Hunk attempting to teach Pidge how to cook. Except she's terrible at it. Five minutes in, both of them are screaming, the kitchen is on fire, fire alarms are screaming, Coran is standing on a chair, flapping a tea towel at the smoke detector. Hunk bans Pidge from the kitchen, permanantly. -Ballet Anon

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French Fry Slicer

Enjoy a healthy helping of starch in every meal by preparing yourself a tasty side dish using the french fry slicer. With one swift motion, you can turn large or whole potatoes into deliciously thick fries the whole family will drool over.

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Camera Lens Coffee Mug

Actually a coffee mug that you can drink out of. A great gift for photography enthusiasts, with an elegant look, and likely to turn heads that appreciate your style.


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Hocuspoon Spice Spoon For Food Decoration - €15

  • The HocuSpoon is the ideal solution to creating instant and professional looking detail and décor on food. With this you can amaze your friends and delight your family by easily decorating almost any foods from cappuccinos through mashed potato to crème Brûlée and much more. It’s great for kids too. The device is so simple to use that kids can add a picture to their favourite cupcakes or for the fussy eater mom or dad can put more than just a smile on a mashed potato or a favourite meal.

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A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches

When you think about the sandwich, most of us will say there’s not much you can do with it that’s out of the ordinary. Well, that’s very wrong and A Super Upsetting Cookbook About Sandwiches will show us just how wrong were are.

I woke up really early for work today and I was super tired when I came home. I laid down and just passed out. My boyfriend cooked dinner while I napped on the couch. Like, I already know he’s a good cook and whatnot but he even tried out a new recipe. It was so good and ugh. I was so touched and honestly he’s the real MVP and champion of my life and I love him.

Fifty Shades Of Chicken Cookbook

Satisfy your darkest culinary desires by reading about Miss Chicken in the Fifty Shades of Chicken cookbook. Her exploits with a wealthy, sexy and very hungry chef lead her into risque predicaments that’ll leave you feeling all hot, hungry, and bothered.

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