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A Few More Sportarobbie Headcanons

•Robbie stands up straight after being hunched over at his work desk and the most ungodly noise is produced
•Sportacus fucking screams and thinks Robbie is dying
•"What was that?! Humans aren’t supposed to make that noise!“
•Robbie looks at him then cracks his back again
•Sportacus covers his ears and just sits him back down
•"You are getting a massage and I don’t wanna hear a word about it!”
•Only Sportacus is allowed to lift Robbie

•Like, someone else picks him up and Sportacus just quietly watches like
•"That’s not how you do it. Put him down. No, stop this. You don’t lift him like that, sTOP.“
•Sportacus always hugs Robbie from behind and it scares the shit out of him

•He doesn’t just hug him, he hoists him up as well
•Sportacus shows up at Robbie’s lair with fake reindeer antlers
•"Sportacus, take those off.”
•Sportacus runs in the other direction
•"No, I shan’t! It’s Christmas!“
•Sportacus does not understand certain human things and needs Robbie to explain them

•"Why would I need a coat?”/“MAYBE BECAUSE IT’S 30 DEGREES BELOW ZERO??”

•"Humans willing ride on these rollercoasters even after eating a bunch of sugary food?“/"Humanity has its ups and downs, I’m not gonna lie.”

•"Robbie, what’s a meme?“

•These explanations always with Sportacus laying his concerned head on Robbie’s shoulder and just hugging from the side
•"Humans are weird.”
•Sportacus eats flowers


•He always knows which flower he’s about to eat, its meaning, and if it will kill him or not

•"Do you like these flowers, Sporty? I bought them for you.”/“Robbie, they’re amazing!” *Immediately bites a petal*/“spORTACUS WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.”

Did The Pixies’ write ‘Doolittle’ As A Series Of Books?

This is my new Pixies print, imagining what their album ‘Doolittle’ would have turned out like if they’d written it as a series of novels instead of songs. All the songs on the album appear as separate books (all based on those ultra-collectable Penguin Books), arranged in track order.

The print’s now available from the Standard Designs Etsy Shop. It’s goes nicely with my Surfer Rosa print too.

what the signs remind me of
  • aries: books, hugs from behind, doodles, sad music, trying not to laugh, cut up clothing
  • taurus: bruised knees, art shops, noodles, doc martens, painted skin, bubble tea
  • gemini: walks in the woods, dogs, sunday roasts, waffles, grazed knees, muddy boots
  • cancer: bloodied fists, cigarette butts, midnight trips to mcdonalds, stick n pokes, group hugs, good jaw lines
  • leo: peppermint mochas, cinnamon, forehead kisses, broken bones, freckles, arm wrestling
  • virgo: homemade gifts, pixie cuts, scary movies, broken blunts, old televisions, black coffee
  • libra: falling asleep on peoples' shoulders, daisies, scarves, cold eyes, numb fingers, dumb crushes
  • scorpio: road trips, white lies, pressed flowers, sleepy hugs, throwing knives, empty vodka bottles
  • sagittarius: metal bracelets, broken braces, tobacco stains, littered streets, gossip, long walks
  • capricorn: concert venues, warm hands, denim jackets, red hair dye, cigarette smoke, art galleries
  • aquarius: shampoo in eyes, worn down leather, piggy backs in fields, daisy chains, messy fringes, crying in bookshops
  • pisces: 5 hour phone calls, glasses, theories on the universe, fresh sandwiches, stupid dances, old songs

carrochan  asked:

So glad you're feeling better! I'm on holiday and need to sleep now, but could you tell us anything about your plans for hqbb? Also, saw some pics on the theme "Bokuto with his hair down". A few included Kuro cameos and now I want more of them 😅

i’m glad you’re on holiday and i hope you sleep well <3

mmm my plans for hqbb … it was originally supposed to be a gift fic for Pixie, so it’s kuroken with platonic kenhina … a fantasy-ish au? kenma and hinata are deities of some kind, and kuroo is human :)

bokuto with his hair down is a blessing to all

sleepover saturday!

Gift art for: Manic Pixie Nightmare Girls! Jessica’s inserted voice and protagonist! I can’t find the exact place, but I think I’ve seen “Jesska” used for the character as well.

Please, support her and her adorable face. Her comic is lighthearted, but touches on very real issues of gender and sex discrimination as a whole, not just genderfolk, though that is the strongest theme.

“Don’t be a transmysogynist folks! :D ”