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@dccwrarepairswap for @robininthelabyrinth. I wasn’t going to start posting these until tomorrow, but I have some free time, so why not?

Prompt: Leonard Snart/Iris West. You gave lots of leeway, and I kind of ran it with. Sooo… Enjoy!

Story: Reporter Iris West. Aka, Lady Lightning.

Officer Leonard Snart. Aka, Citizen Cold.

Four different relationships. Four very different dynamics. Four secrets. One is bound to come out sooner or later.

Leonard Snart/Iris West: She noticed him the moment he stepped into her favorite coffee shop, and she knows he noticed her. He’s been shyly flirting with her from day one, and she can’t help but flirt back, even as guilt scratches under her skin. If he ever knew her secret, he’d hate her.

Leonard Snart/Lady Lightning: Everyone on the force has noticed the soft spot the villainess seems to have for the beat cop, and Leonard is no exception. He can’t for the life of him figure out why she’s so kind to him, but he has to think it’s a sign. Surely there’s good in her, or she wouldn’t care for him. So he takes every opportunity to try to reason with her, to try to convince her to take a different path. She doesn’t often listen, but at least he has more success than he does as Citizen Cold.

Lady Lightning/Citizen Cold: Sworn enemies, she’s the one villain he can’t capture, and he’s the one hero she can’t defeat. Worse, she’s the one villain who can get under his skin, who can make him question everything he knows. (“What’s the point in being a hero?” She scoffs, dodging a stream of ice. “My father was one, and he died when I was a kid. Meanwhile, my mom? She was a drug addict. She couldn’t take care of herself, much less me and my brother! So what is the point?”)

Iris West/Citizen Cold: He’s far more confident flirting with her from behind his goggles, with his hero persona firmly in place. She’s far too amused by his clear crush on her, but when he grants her an exclusive interview, she sees a side of him she’s never imagined. It’s hard to hate him now, and she hates that more than she could have ever imagined.

Of course this is destined to end in disaster; secrets don’t stay secret forever, and very soon, one of them will know the truth.

Edit is mine, hope you enjoy!

Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )


Hotel Books - Changes Consume me

Happy birthday, @stilesandderek, thank you for being the most incredible friend anyone could wish for 🎈💕

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more little mother’s day greenhouse things:

  • someone asked me the price on a annual flat four pack of snapdragons today and I said “$2.09″ and they said “TWO HUNDRED AND NINE DOLLARS???”…. yeah $209 dollars for four snap dragons, carol
  • at one point a customer stopped me and said “you have a flower in your hair” and I was so delirious with heat that I asked him to get it out for me and he did
  • a woman told me to my face that “your coneflower looks like crap” like it was my personal coneflower and I was responsible for it looking like crap
  • people were driving up to the entrances of the greenhouses, parking, putting stuff in their car and driving to the next greenhouse….. possibly they paid for it idk
  • waited literally twenty minutes for the parking lot to be clear enough for me to drive the golf cart and trailer full of plants across it…. and still almost got backed into
  • my phone’s health/pedometer app constantly going nuts because it’s registering all of my fast walking everywhere as a work out so my phone says I worked out for 209 minutes today…. 22k steps boys… 10+ miles

happy birthday, seyma! @doumekism (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。